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The Janowska Road summary The Janowska Road, series The Janowska Road, book The Janowska Road, pdf The Janowska Road, The Janowska Road 8f14a4137c The Janowska Road, By Leon Weliczker Wells, Was Originally Published In And Remains One Of The Most Important Accounts Of Jewish Life During The Holocaust The Book Is The Harrowing Account Of Wells Experiences From His Sixteenth To His Twentieth Year In Lvov, Poland, From Most Of That Time Was Spent As A Prisoner In The Janowska Concentration CampWells Would Later Testify That He Was The Only Member Of His Family, Including His Parents, Six Siblings, Cousins And Uncles, Numbering In All, To Survive The Holocaust He Survived By Becoming Part Of The Death Brigade At Janowska, Whose Job It Was To Obliterate, With Bonfires And Bone Crushers, The Evidence Of The Third Reich S Guilt Thousands Upon Thousands Of Human Corpses Following The War, Wells Emigrated To The United States Leon Wells Passed Away On December At The Age Of This New Edition Includes An Introduction By Steve W Chadde, Maps, And Photographs Of Lvov And The Janowska Camp

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    Because of the nature of the story, I would normally stay away from a book like this one However, I was compelled to start it anyway From page one, I was riveted Thank goodness the author stayed away from describing the deaths of children because I couldn t handle that although, he did mention one mother and baby Instead, this author described what he saw in the mass graves The Nazis needed to excavate all the mass graves they knew existed because they didn t want outsiders to see what they had done they were covering up their sins So the Death Brigade was formed from the inmates at the concentration camp and this author was one of them Their job was very gruesome, but this group had a system designed by the Nazis and eventually they could burn 2,000 victims in under an hour.

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    This is a sad story and not the most interesting book I have read It is however very important that this story be told The horrors of the holocaust must not be forgotten.

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