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    You know how much I love Maureen Johnson In case you haven t heard me say it before, if you like teen novels, go out and read 13 Little Blue Envelopes.Maureen s novels are funny because she only has one protagonist Her main girl is always introspective, too goody goody for her own good, but kind of cool anyway Quiet, but has her noisy moments Thinks too much Is too responsible and finds her resolution by letting go and being wild.It s all the same girl The reason I don t mind so much is because the situations are all so different that if I read them far enough apart, I don t realize how they re all the same person with different names.This book is no exception May Gold is the middle, responsible sister Older sister Brooks is irresponsible and admired, younger sister Palmer is a baseball prodigy who doesn t remember to do things like eat And one year ago, while sitting in the drivers seat of the golden Firebird that he loved so much, their father had a heart attack and died.Now, a year later, the Gold family is falling apart Brooks is falling in with a bad crowd Palmer is having anxiety attacks that keep her up all night And May is shouldering most of the resonsibility for keeping the family afloat as their mother works the night shift.It s a touching book about grieving and moving on and coming together as a family, and liking the people who you can t help but love Like all of Maureen s books, the writing is excellent, and it has laugh out loud moments, and moments that bring tears to my eyes.

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    i think i liked this best, so far, of marueen johnson, though i can t quite put my finger on why i love the relationship of the sisters, and while i wish the focus wasn t so much on may, i therefore loved whenever the others came in poor brooks, i really wish she had her own story and i think i want to be palmer palmer is my hero maybe there was a bit of projective identification going on as well two of my sisters play softball one with complete passion, one just because and i m the one with the book and the grades so it s interesting that i liked the others better than may, though that does say something not surprising about me also, the scene at camden yards is just so amazingly pitch perfect, i think i ll forever love this book just because of that and that isn t even adding all the stuff with the RV the second half of the book was stronger than the first and it s a subtle finding yourself story than something like 13 little blue envelopes, but i think that s because of the structure, and also because all three sisters are finding themselves at the same time, in the absence of such a strong personality oh, palmer i heart you.

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    From the very first pages of this book, I was slightly unsure of whether I wanted to continue reading or not But I kept on, delusionally thinking it would get better But it didn t get better, it got worse I thought the relationships between the three sisters was not good, they were ignoring each other and their mother was ignorant of what was going on in her own house, expecting May to do most of the work I could definitely see why May was frazzled, and I m not really sure why she wasn t upset at her sisters There were questionable acts in this book that I did not feel were appropriate or morally sound I was glad that not too much detail was focused on these acts, but the mere fact that they were mentioned was disturbing and annoying Spoiler here And what was up with the character Pete Camper Hm Do you really expect me to believe that this kid is secretly in love with May and has been for ever so long and then goes out and starts dating her annoying coworker Nell Please that makes completely no sense If I was May I would be infuriated and it would only drive me away from him And get this, not only does he start dating the totally obnoxious character of Nell, but he also sleeps with her Multiple times And of course, Nell tells all her juicy details to May while they are working How can May even stand this What was Pete thinking Why would you want to even be friends with this kind of guy, who is ever so nice to you when you are together, but still dating and having sex with someone else He is so not worth it May deserves better, but she fools herself into thinking that she actually likes him back And you know what he does He drops Nell like a sack of potatoes and throws himself into May s arms All the while I m reading the book going, Don t touch her you flea bag You are so pond scum You don t deserve someone like her You two faced jerk I mean, seriously, how could May even stand him He s slept around with other people all the while he has been in love with her I was so disgusted with how they ended up together, I would have kicked that guy to the curb I was so annoyed with the author for letting those two end up together at the end end of spoiler Because of the content and the overall lack of morals in the book, I would not recommend I thought the author might pull off something half way decent, but by the time I got to the end, I was thoroughly annoyed and ready to write a scathing review So I did Taken from my book reviews blog

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    I confess now that I LOVE Maureen Johnson s writing Everything she writes has this incredible can t put your finger on it luminous quality, and I think it s because she allows the characters to be themselves She doesn t seek out the dramatic high point, or display the pivotal apex of the scene it s as if she shows you the bright self aware moments on either side of the drama, and because they re not the sound bite tv scene moments, they re so much real She doesn t automatically follow the A leads to B lead to C narrative flow she lets the characters jump sideways, into what they would really do.I can t emphasise this enough her characters are so ALIVE, so real They do all the dumb things you would do yourself They feel all the mixed up angst that you yourself feel, when hit by a tragedy as in May and Brooks and Palmer s case here , or when falling in love, or just during the daily life of BEING.So I loved Key to the Golden Firebird for all these reasons Because the characters were allowed to be true to themselves to be dumb, say stupid things, fall in love, live a whole life in a few short pages I will be haunted by May and Brooks and Palmer and their mother and Pete Pete for DAYS now And I will be totally fine with it about being haunted, I mean I will cherish it.Maureen Johnson You make me so happy

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    Don t be deceived by the misleadingly chick lit cover Three sisters cope with the death of their father in this teen novel set in the suburbs of Philadelphia Recurring themes baseball and softball, and the titular Pontiac Firebird This novel gets extra points for not being gratuitously depressing in fact, it s often gently comic And the characterization is moving and authentic.

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    NB I am reviewing DRUNK Man So great yet so easy to nitpick Like, Pete is so great but so unrealistically perfect Like, the different sisters don t have different personalities so much as different situations Like, doesn t the mother impact on their lives Like, what s the actual plot Like, isn t the cathartic action at the end all a bit creative writing class And yet, page by page, I loved this book, with the three sisters grief spilling out of them in different ways I laughed out loud several times, I wished the characters well I felt that the story captured well that combination of exasperation and going the extra mile that is in all family relationships I liked that the book was some stuff that happened rather than solving a big problem, and that at the end they were in the same place but in a different place and life goes on I felt that a lot of the big plot beats could have had consequences Brooks and Dave s realisation about their relationship, Palmer s careless pitch, even Mayzie s blowup at Pete that gets resolved quickly and with goodwill on both sides But something about its untidiness was charming and authentic.

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    I m either too old to have read this or I m dead inside Probably too old Hopefully too old.

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    Review by Kate Year 8Life has not been the same for the Gold sisters May, Brooks and Palmer since the sudden death of their father Their mother s depression means they are left to cope alone, especially as she works night shifts in order to support the family.The third person narrative allows insight and focus on all the different characters and makes it easier to follow along with the story Each sister has her own unique way of dealing with her grief While they are all very different personalities they support each other through this difficult time in their lives The story is emotional and gripping.May is the middle sister and against all stereotypes of the middle child she is the most dependable Hard working and organised with a part time job in order to fund college Yet, despite her hectic life she manages to look after the youngest sister, Palmer, who is crumbling under the weight of her grief May feels that is only she could pass her driving test she would be able to manage both her life and aid her sister better Enter the boy next door, Pete, who offers to help her with driving lessons Despite being neighbors all their lives May never imagined she would find herself falling for the boy next door Brookes is the oldest of the trio and an amazing softball player Brookes turns to her wacky and often barbarian boyfriend, Dave, as a means of coping with her grief However, she finds herself tangled in his web of eccentric tricks Inevitably, leaving May to pick up the pieces Dave s hold over Brookes increases as she quits the softball team turning to drink, leading to even trouble.The youngest sister, Palmer, good at sport but emotionally closed off while suffering silently from panic attacks She has a habit of snoopiong around at home, while her mother is working she comes across something that could alter the happiness of their family Cue dramatic music here you ll have to read the book to find out what she found and if it altered things for the family.The Key to the Golden Firebird is an emotional character driven story dealing with death, bereavement and grief Yet, surprisingly there were moments of humor woven through the narrative as well as the thread of hope that things will improve for the Gold family.Overall, The Key to the Golden Firebird is a captivating and lovable book laced with humor and touching incidents.Review by Nell Year 8From previous novels, The Name of the Star and The Last Little Blue Envelope New York Times bestseller, Maureen Johnson takes on a new novel called The Key to the Golden Firebird.When the father of three Gold sisters, Brooks, May and Palmer has an unexpected, fatal death, the girls are anguished A year on and everything has turned around May is the middle sister She is known as the responsible one She is doing well in school, and has an after school job to raise money for college But somehow she is still picking up the pieces Her family is broke and their house is a mess Her older sister Brooks found a boyfriend, Dave, who she is spending every minute of her free time with He is being a bad influence on her life, she quits her main devotion, softball, and now drinks all the time The youngest Palmer has become an unspoken girl and isolates herself from everyone she likes to keep to herself, and never tells anyone anything about her life She doesn t bother any and dedicates herself to pitching and watching TV The three of them can barely cope May is now trying to learn to drive, she knows it will help the family out a lot, but they just can t afford lessons The incredibly annoying neighbour, Pete, offers to teach May, and she feels like the whole universe is colluding against her The Gold sisters relationships with one another have changed irrevocably, they are all lost completely Until they find the key, the key to the Golden Firebird.The Key to the Golden Firebird is filled with relatable situations, don t be deceived by the chick lit front cover, the three sisters have to deal with death, failure, heartbreak and pressure as they try to make peace with their father s death The characters all seemed very real to me and the way they acted throughout the story all seemed very natural They were funny, engaging, moving and defiantly gripping Sometimes girlie swirls of excitement, but defiantly read worthy I would recommend this to young teens that are familiar with Maureen Johnson otherwise you may find it a bit hard to get into the story at first.

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    I really don t know how I feel about this book I wasn t too keen on the writing and I really didn t like the beginning or the first 200 pages because nothing really happened I feel like I just got to know the characters in the last 70 pages But somehow the ending really moved me May being open about how she thought her father felt about her really touched me and got me teared up a little.

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    After reading and thoroughly enjoying Suite Scarlett , I was very much looking forward to picking up Maureen Johnson s other novels, so I went for The Key to the Golden Firebird, which is very much in the same vein as Suite Scarlett Maureen Johnson has a brilliant way of showing just how complicated family dynamics can be The Key to the Golden Firebird starts with describing the heart warming, close relationship that the Gold sisters have with their father, but then he dies from a sudden heart attack I knew then that this was another Maureen Johnson novel that isn t as it first appears.

    May is desperate to learn to drive, but not because she wants an expensive car to show off to her friends her mum is working all hours to pay the bills, her sister Brooks is hardly ever there, and her younger sister Palmer is going through some issues of her own May is feeling hopeless until her neighbour Pete offers to lend a hand.

    The Key to the Golden Firebird is told through the eyes of each of the sisters and you get a real glimpse onto their world how they see their life, their relationships, the way they deal with brief, and how their personalities shine through Although I had a particular affinity for May, as we re introduced to her first, I ended up growing quite close to Brooks and Palmer It wouldn t be YA contemporary without a little bit of romance and in this charming novel we have Pete, the boy next door We go from seeing him as the enemy as he was when the Gold sisters were younger to rooting for him and May, but how does it end You ll need to brush aside your prejudices and pick up these to brilliant young adult books to see I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

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The Key to the Golden Firebird download The Key to the Golden Firebird, read online The Key to the Golden Firebird, kindle ebook The Key to the Golden Firebird, The Key to the Golden Firebird e946f642c220 The Funny Thing About Stop Signs Is That They Re Also Start SignsMayzie Is The Brainy Middle Sister, Brooks Is The Beautiful But Conflicted Oldest, And Palmer S The Quirky Baby Of The Family In Spite Of Their Differences, The Gold Sisters Have Always Been CloseWhen Their Father Dies, Everything Begins To Fall Apart Level Headed May Is Left To Fend For Herself And Somehow Learn To Drive , While Her Two Sisters Struggle With Their Own Demons But The Girls Learn That While There Are A Lot Of Rules For The Road, There Are No Rules When It Comes To The Heart Together, They Discover The Key To Moving On And It S The Key To Their Father S Pontiac Firebird