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    I ll confess I was not the biggest Nirvana fan back in the day I was of a Pearl Jam Green Day girl I mean, I liked Nirvana, but it was Ten that I played on repeat, and it was Kerplunk that I haunted CD stores in search of Nirvana was good, but I wasn t into them the way some people were I certainly did not cry when Kurt Cobain killed himself.But it seems like most people, when they get to be about my age, start to be hit with some serious nostalgia for their earlier days Whether it s panic over growing older or fondness for adolescence, I can t say All I know is that I m all about the 90s nostalgia right now, much like a lot of other people in their early 30s.So with this in mind, I read this biography of Nirvana, and I ended up really enjoying it I was so used to the whole cult of St Kurt that was constructed after he killed himself that it was interesting to get a glimpse of what the actual guy was like, to see that he was kind of an arrogant dick which is what I would expect from a rock star in his 20s who is also a drug addict who was obsessed with subcultural purity, but to also see that he was really thoughtful and smart underneath the crust of dirty hair and junkie sweat The author had his obvious biases in favor of Nirvana, which is understandable, as he ended up becoming friends with the band, and not everyone is capable of savaging their friends in print But even so, he didn t really shy away from showing Cobain and also Chris Novoselic, Courtney Love, Dave Grohl, and all of the other drummers as complex, flawed, creative people.The other interesting thing is the way the book gave context to a lot of what was going on around the Seattle music scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s Cultural moments don t just arise spontaneously they are always accompanied by shifts in society and in politics and in economics It seems as though most of the vital forms of music had their roots in wider social struggles The music doesn t even have to be overtly political for this to be true A worthwhile read for anyone who loves biographies, rock music or the 1990s.

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    Not only was the music compelling and catchy, it captured the spirit of the age This book is thorough insightful and heartbreaking I was too young to really appreciate or understand Nirvana in the early 90s It didn t help that my older brother blared them constantly and I got SO tired of hearing them all the damned time I never became a fan Now, my brother is burning me a CD with his favorite Nirvana songs How very 90s of him

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    I have pathetically idolized Kurt Cobain from both the early days of Nirvana to posthumously I own a fairly large collection of biographies on the band and the artist Included in that stack are his published journals and other writings I was present during the infamous debacle at Trees in Dallas October 19, 1991 and even wrote a short review for my university paper after calling the venue and speaking with a couple of employees of Trees, both who I knew personally The factual events of that evening are best read here to a dead idol is incomprehensible yet I have until this book Those one way conversations have seized since finished.I believed, up to this point, that I knew a lot about the life of Kurt Cobain including my bitter hatred for Courtney Love who I relegated to a loud, obnoxious gold digger While I still have disdain for her control over the music where ownership became hers after his death even though they were only married for two years Maybe she epitomizes punk rock For me, her antics, public diatribes on nothing then self deprecated bullshit deems the question of why he would stay with such a maniac Because of Frances Nope And therein lies the truth about Kurt.He was, by all accounts, a controlling narcissist like her The only difference is he had her do his dirty work She, the one with zero filter, would spew their vehement to those who stood in their way namely columnist from rock magazines, Vanity Fair, and many others who were calling them out for what they were They are, and he is, the rock and roll clich By the time Nirvana had released Nevermind Kurt was in full heroin use and the world was introduced to him in this state Brooding, fucked up, destructive, self absorbed, taking on the world who, in his mind, where all against him and Courtney He could never see the truth but preferred the drama and had a wife who would, without hesitation, blame all those who would listen as the cause, the root of their dissatisfaction The death threats came from them, not to them, and at one point a writer for a well known publication had to go into hiding They Kurt and Courtney were relentless in their pursuit to torment those who wrote stories of their world yet had agreed to the interview Of course once printed they found themselves facing the reality of who they had become and lashed out with vigor They lost custody of Frances for a short period due to publications of their drug use Whether sensationalized or not, the facts were obvious that they were having a child while using drugs They were a public figure who leveraged the media for their personal assaults and to gain notoriety by further throwing gas on the fire I am sure in their quiet moments they laughed proudly at their accomplishments battling the press only to wake up the next day to fresh pulp about them The vicious cycle never seizing.Kurt was a songwriter A good one Although he always dismisses his writing as having little personal meaning and should not be read into Point in case, he never knew Teen Spirit was a deodorant until Smells Like Teen Spirit went Platinum An ex girlfriend wrote on the wall of a condemned apartment that Kurt smells like Teen Spirit He thought the phrase was metaphorical It was deodorant His writing came quickly and with little editing Angst, death, babies, rinse, repeat He was always looking for that pop rock song to make him rich Be careful what you wish for, Kurt The conspiracy theorists who staunchly believe Courtney played a heavy hand in his death are completely mistaken I was once one as well Maybe because I just couldn t rationalize that he would off himself, a worshiped rock star, along with evidence pointing to homicide e.g no finger prints on the gun, incapacitated to pull the trigger, etc however, there is really no question that he committed suicide on a cloudy day in Seattle Hating that he was worshiped, letting down his fans since he was only a guy who wrote songs and was a heroin addict The author of Come As You Are poignantly wrote, if he had never become a rock star he then likely would have still killed himself I agree Kurt did not like people He thought everyone was stupid except himself and a handful of other musicians that were mostly obscure He had a couple of close friends and Courtney He felt the world was out to get him and that constant fear along with a heroin addiction drove him to pull the trigger When Nevermind hit the airwaves the kids, my generation, my time, needed this outlet Desperately We needed to mosh and push and kick and fight our way out of boredom Dance music had choked our rock souls and the song structures of Nevermind answered our prayers It felt good to let it out It felt good to bang our heads against the wall and revive punk rock It was the greatest timing of a record release in history Too bad Kurt couldn t have held on to that one fact timing and lived a genuine, grateful life true to his music and his fans Unfortunately, he only saw the world against him Ironically, he also didn t see Dave Grohl as a true artist Just a great drummer who rarely had an opportunity to collaborate on the songs Kurt wrote them all and took the larger pay share for that role which he fought for and won Near the end of Kurt s life Dave was in a Seattle studio recording his own music, playing all the instruments, writing all the songs and laying down the vocal tracks Dave never wanted to fight with Kurt He knew it would be futile but as brilliant as Dave is, and we know this, he was preparing for a change in his future He was the rock that kept the band solid for as long as he possibly could knowing it was teetering on the edge Neither he nor Krist ever understood the glamour of heroin Kurt claims he used heroin to help with intense stomach pain that no doctor could find a cause or cure It was very real pain though Crippling.This book is by far the most comprehensive, insightful view into the life that was Kurt Cobain and the band, Nirvana The author, Michael Azerrad, spent countless days and nights with Kurt who was a personal friend He went on many tours with the band as well He tells a true account of the life of Kurt, the band, the fans, the studio time, the drug use and struggles I only wish Kurt could have left his darkness, his hate for everyone and lived a life in the space he was perceived in The idol he once was to me has been reduced to an artist who struggled with himself, drugs, life, and left his daughter rather then fight for a world that admired him, his words and the years that would have matured and aligned with age Too bad What a loss, what a shame Kurt was cool He liked cool music He read important books and appreciated art He was smart An artist, tortured The quintessential negative creep who blew his head off at 27 Fuck I rarely listen to the albums for a few reasons I still become emotional for both the sincerity of the songs, the loss and the melancholy I feel when remembering one of the greatest times in my youth For me, the MTV Unplugged record is the best in the discography of Nirvana Kurt was at his absolute best as a musician and collaborator with his band mates Kurt designed the stage including the calla lillies that made the space look as if they were performing at a funeral Yet the songs of this album are with clarity, emotion and nervous greatness I am just this kid from a shitty little coastal town who became a rock star but the world was always against me The world was with you You were against the world.

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    My heart used to beat with the rhythm of this book I have this paperback copy which no longer has the cover pages It has deteriorated along with my teenage angst However, I still remember being fourteen, dreaming about having a guitar, screaming the lyrics and my frustration with the world and reading this book.Frankly, I do not give a damn if it has especially good writing, probably not There is something about it Soul Maybe And you can tell the guy who wrote it, actually cared about those people Also you can see, that he refused to accept the obvious truth, that the main character was screwed up There is something honest about it.And what I also appreciate is, that it guides you through a whole pack of bands and styles somewhere in galaxy far away well Seattle is pretty far Years afterwards, I have my guitar Also no talent at all I still feel inspired by the book and I will have it on my shelf until it inevitably crumbles into its own yellowy paper universe.

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    This is a detailed history of NIRVANA written by someone who s obviously a part of the scene and knows the whole background of where the band came from and what they were trying to accomplish The problem, as other reviewers have pointed out, is that this author, Michael Azerrad, is very clearly on Kurt Cobain s team, rooting for him and covering for him no matter what the facts on the ground actually look like This book was written before Cobain died and yet it s clear that every single member of his inner circle knew his story was only going to have one ending Azerrad s great failure is that he never comes to terms with Kurt s sickness, and indeed takes all of his junkie rationalizations at face value I only shoot up heroin when I m tormented by mysterious stomach pain Related to all this is the problem that Cobain s feuding with other rock stars is presented as heroic no matter what the circumstances Azerrad goes way out of the way to make Axl Rose of Guns N Roses look bad, dismissing him as a crude racist and a bully, basically echoing Cobain s attacks No explanation of why being a racist bully is worse than being a suicidal heroin addict Axl Rose comments I only dis black people when I m tormented by mysterious stomach pain One final thought I just looked up Frances Bean Cobain on Wikipedia and read an interview she gave to Rolling Stone magazine about a year ago She seems really smart and well grounded and I wish her well But I couldn t help notice that Wikipedia lists her net worth as 170 million dollars One hundred and seventy MILLION dollars That s a lot than Sam Cooke s daughters ever got from their dad More than Chuck Berry and Little Richard and Bo Diddley s kids ever got More than Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin s kids ever got More than well, you get the idea I guess Sam Cooke was wrong A change is not going to come

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    If your going to read a music bio of nirvana, this is it it goes through the life s of all the band members, including the temporary ones it has a very thorough way of explaining their lives without getting stuck on mundane and useless things it reads quite easily and teaches some really interesting things that i had no idea about it was written before Kurt Cobain killed himself, and it is based on hours upon hours of interviews and conversations the author had with nirvana while he was tagging along on tour with the band it sifts through all the rumors and myths, it tells the true story from the mind of the band members It is a really amazing story inspiring to say the least if your a fan of nirvana or a musician or an artist, this is a book you should read.

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    One of the most influential bands to ever hit mother earth is Nirvana These three weird guys managed to come out of nowhere and dominate the music scene This scene which became selective, commercial and anti artistic at the time Their album became number one even beating Michael Jackson proving that grunge, alternative and punk aren t just lousy tries to revive Rock which has been dead Proving that Rock isn t about makeup and long hair and acting macho Proving that rock is a way of expressing one s self, a way to communicate and come together , a way to fight what s bothering us socially, politically and personally They proved that people don t want the stupid pop songs that lack any meaning They showed that the youth want music that can relate to, lyrics that they can sing along with and express their frustration with some situations I started listening to Nirvana in high school and it was an instant blow of the mind The grunge pop music had so much power, the poetic lyrics that take you to different places and make you feel related and concerned with what these guys are saying, and of course the heavenly made angel voice of Kurt that tickles the core of your sole Ever since it s been a long and amazing love story I listened to their songs all the time and my most played playlist consisted only of Nirvana But in the last year I started to lose interest, was it just a fling But I started losing interest not only in the band but also in music in general, which is weird because I thought that music was my passion in life I started to listen to random songs instead of specific artist because there were no good bands but some few good songs This is where this book comes in whof Finally I thought I ll never get to reviewing the book I m not going to say that it brought my passion for music to life, or it changed my view of the world or anything But it did remind me why I liked this band so much in the first place, and it made me re listen to all these songs and have these memories again This book was recommended to me by goodreads thanks good reads and it was the right book to read about the band because it was written while Kurt was alive and with his approval The writer seems to have gotten along very well with Kurt and all the band members and relatives and even Courtney So yeah he can t make any thing up since they read what he wrote before publishing it It portrayed the personality of each band member pretty well Gave amazing insights on the life of the group Had a lot of funny situations and of course occasional tears In the end of the book not the final chapter because the final chapter was added after publishing the book Kurt ends it with plans of the future and where he ll be in ten years which is just sad The final chapter was a bit of a shock I read this book knowing that it was published while Kurt was alive so I didn t see it coming and it really made me sad I found the letter from his step uncle really heart breaking and the final fade away of the book was really poetic Come as you are was a song that Kurt wrote to someone encouraging the person to not change him herself for him It embraced the acceptance of other people no matter what And I found it a really good choice for the book title because it showed the band members not as Gods or Devils it showed them as humans with their lovely flows Great book about a really great band that I ll be stuck in their heart shaped box forever.

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    K got me doing some music biography reading, and I came across a cheap used copy of this one, so I finally got around to reading it just twenty short years after my Nirvana listening peak Probably required reading for fans It s a very thorough biography of the band from its inception until just prior to the release of In Utero My edition adds a necessary post original publication bonus chapter to discuss Kurt Cobain s death Michael Azerrad leveraged fantastic access to the band, so the story is told largely through direct quotes Kurt emerges as a complicated, contradictory guy He was tortured by fame but he needed it to do what he wanted as an artist He felt like he had to be a moody difficult punk rocker to maintain his authenticity but was compelled to write accessible music He s sympathetic for many reasons, but with a frustrating self destructive streak.I can empathize with the challenge this presents for Azerrad Kurt s inherent contradictions made him an extremely unreliable narrator Like, he d rail for pages about being falsely accused of drug use, then but oh yeah he was in and out of rehab constantly He hated attention from the press, but also was so controlling about his image he d do endless interviews to try to steer the narrative We also shouldn t forget this was a young guy, like 23 or 24 when Nevermind exploded Suddenly the whole world is asking for insight into his genius and scrutinizing his life choices At one point he says he does crazy stuff because he s a Pisces I mean, literally no one is bewildered at how Kurt Cobain became an icon than Kurt Cobain.Unfortunately the book s poor editing doesn t help sift all the conflicting information into a cohesive whole Perhaps it was rushed to publication to get it out in front of In Utero It often felt like reading a first draft, complete with occasional duplicated sentences, notebook dumps of trivial non sequitur anecdotes that don t go anywhere, and pages of out of place quotes When I realized this it reminded me that I ve been thinking lately about what music I listen to that is actually written by people older than me Which I m not sure matters or what, but is most certainly increasingly rare for me as I approach 40 But when you re a teenager all these musicians seem like wizard geniuses.

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    4.5 stars Wonderfully read by Kurt Loder.

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    And the twentysomethings are the generation that s been led to believe that they missed out on all the best times That s pretty much the definition of what we are, is punk rockers who weren t into punk rock when it was thriving, Kurt says All my life, that s been the case, because when I got into the Beatles, the Beatles had been broken up for years and I didn t know it I was real excited about going to see the Beatles and I found out they had broken up Same thing with Led Zeppelin They d been broken up for years already Shit History repeats itself.This is likely best work on Nirvana I will ever have read Released in October 1993, much of the content comes from first hand interviews with the band members, their families, and associates It s full of poignant anecdotes that make you laugh and break your heart It tells not only of the band but of the state of the music industry in the late 80s All the big studios were dominated by Baby Boomers, and so there was an entire generation of people who did not like what they were told to like It was high time for a revolution, and it just so happened that Nirvana, whose members lived in abject squalor and constantly pawned their instruments to stay afloat, were at the right place at the right moment.A lot happened in the few short years of Nirvana, and Azerrad tells the story masterfully All the complex interpersonal relationships the good and the bad are laid bare, and though Kurt Cobain is undoubtedly the biggest character, he does not overshadow everyone else Everything, from their quest for the Perfect Drummer, the tumultuous entrance of Courtney Love into their lives, and the comings and goings of other prominent Seattle groups The Melvins, Mudhoney, etc are all interwoven into the band s timeline.I also enjoyed the focus on the struggle between artistic vision and the mass market demands of the record labels The obvious example is their album Nevermind yes, the one with Smells Like Teen Spirit, but you seriously should try the rest of it , a sudden commercial success that Kurt never listened to again once it came out he hated the polished, sanitized post production sound clearly intended for a mainstream audience The final, low budget album In Utero was the antithesis to Nevermind, bringing the band back to raw, honest sound, but with new artistic flair and powerful lyrics There s so much to tell I loved this book as a Nirvana fan, and I think anyone who gives two shits about rock music or the history of music in general would like it.

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Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana download Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, read online Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, kindle ebook Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana 528999074d3e Nirvana Came Out Of Nowhere In To Sell Nearly Five Million Copies Of Their Landmark Album Nevermind, Whose Thunderous Sound And Indelible Melodies Embodied All The Confusion, Frustration, And Passion Of The Emerging Generation X Come As You Are Is The Close Up, Intimate Story Of Nirvana The Only Book With Exclusive In Depth Interviews With Bandmembers Kurt Cobain, Krist Noveselic, And Dave Grohl, As Well As Friends, Relatives, Former Bandmembers, And Associates Now Updated To Include A New Final Chapter Detailing The Last Year Of Kurt Cobain S Life, Before His Tragic Suicide In April