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Shakespeare Bats Cleanup files Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, read online Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, free Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, free Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, Shakespeare Bats Cleanup b36085210 This Funny And Poignant Novel Celebrates The Power Of Writing To Help Young People Make Sense Of Their Lives And Unlock And Confront Their Problems SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL Starred Review When MVP Kevin Boland Gets The News That He Has Mono And Won T Be Seeing A Baseball Field For A While, He Suddenly Finds Himself Scrawling A Poem Down The Middle Of A Page In His Journal To Get Some Help, He Cops A Poetry Book From His Dad S Den And Before Kevin Knows It, He S Writing In Verse About Stuff Like, Will His Jock Friends Give Up On Him What S The Deal With Girlfriends Surprisingly Enough, After His Health Improves, He Keeps On Writing, About The Smart Talking Latina Girl Who Thinks Poets Are Cool, And Even About His Mother, Whose Death Is A Still Tender Loss Written In Free Verse With Examples Of Several Poetic Forms Slipped Into The Mix, Including A Sonnet, Haiku, Pastoral, And Even A Pantoum, This Funny, Poignant Story By A Master Of Dialogue Is An English Teacher S Dream Sure To Hook Poetry Lovers, Baseball Fanatics, Mono Recoverers, And Everyone In Between

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    I went to vote last night, and my polling place just happens to be at my library I ve been thinking about finding a baseball themed book since the fever has taken me yet again Go Royals , and so when I spied this on a display table, I grabbed for it like there was a run on the library and I was going to have to beat some people down for my check outs.I might have squeaked a little too because the cover was speaking to me.It was an off day last night, meaning no baseball game to watch, so I sank into the couch and filled a little time reading this book.This is a fast read, affecting, with a little touch of humor Fourteen year old Kevin, recently diagnosed and struggling with mono, finds he has a lot of time on his hands and very little energy without school, his baseball team, and the flirtations of youth to keep him busy he finds solace in journaling and poetry to help him deal with loneliness and a recent loss.There is an obvious ploy to encourage the exploration of poetry and teach a little too, and while this may have somewhat distracted from the story, it is forgiven as a worthy cause And I learned a thing or two or seven.I really enjoyed it and hope to find a copy for our home library.

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    I was not necessarily looking forward to reading this book not dreading it, but not super excited either But I was very pleasantly surprised The book does a great job on all fronts it displays multiple forms of poetry, showing that poetry, a dying art, is neither boring nor daunting, and it manages to portray the struggles of a fourteen year old baseball player with mono, whose mother has recently died, who is battling for his place on the team and in the eyes of girls, without getting overly sentimental or delving into graphic, violent emotion The protagonist of this book is smart, likable, and supremely normal He needs no outrageous circumstances or hyperbolic feelings to make him jump off the page His simple wit, frank delivery, and clever evolution are what make him real I will definitely be picking up the second installment, Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs, because I like this kid so much As a future teacher I also appreciated this book as a way to introduce poetry to students as something totally doable something they shouldn t sneer at or be afraid of You don t have to be a genius to write poetry, but the poet who wrote this novel certainly was.

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    Teacher Shakespeare Bats Cleanup is a great book for children to read who are on the fence about reading poetry This books also teaches students the differences in different types of poetry and how to write each I would love to have this book in my classroom library as a book for my students to read just for fun and also to use in a poetry lesson Student I love this book It really showed me how you can make poetry relate to anything you have going on in life It showed me how poetry can help you deal with many things in life no matter how difficult I would most definitely read it again.

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    it was a good book and he got to play the last game

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    This book is about a mvp baseball player named Kevin who has mono He has to stay home since he has mono and starts to write His dad is a famous writer and he starts to write but shows little interest The he writes the starts to like it He tells His life in his poem writings.This book takes place in the present and the setting is in kevin s house mainly his bedroom Kevins dream is to be a baseball mvp but he ends up having mono and he can t play baseball any The conflict is person vs person In the book kevin is really down about having mono The theme is to never give up Kevin has mono and has to stay home His boredom make him take on of his fathers poetry books and he really likes it As a result kevin starts to write to pass the time of the long day He writes about a girl who used to like him, baseball and his mom who had recently died Kevin has no idea that mono would lead him to expressing himself through writing and learn a lot about himself I really like this book because it is just a really good book It has all the emotions a good book should You get to see the character development of Kevin It like no book you ve ever read I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars This because like I ve said this book is amazing I would recommend this book to people who like sports baseball to be specifically If this book sounds interesting to you stop reading this and go check it out.

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    Kevin Boland, a 14 year old first baseman, is stricken with mononucleosis and is unable to go to school or play his beloved baseball His father gives him a notebook in case he feels the urge to write and shortly thereafter, Kevin finds a book about poetry and uses it to secretly write different kinds of poems in journal format, as he misses playing baseball and reflects on past life experiences The death of his mother, relationships with old girlfriends and memories of celebrating winning baseball games make up a large portion of his work until he starts to feel better and meets an interesting girl named Mira Kevin eventually begins to embrace the idea that maybe he is a poet, in addition to being a baseball player The author does an excellent job of teaching the reader about the different forms of poetry through the narrator s writings For instance, when Kevin learns what a couplet is, he explains it in his journal and offers an example I feel the book is appropriate for, and would be appreciated by, students in grades 7 11.

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    When fourteen year old Kevin Boland gets sidelined from the baseball team because of mono, his writer Dad hands him a notebook Maybe you ll feel like writing something down Before he knows it, Kevin is feverishly writing pantoums in memory of his mom, haikus about his ex the poems just keep on coming When Kevin finally returns to the dugout, his teammates balk at his new passion for poetry, but new girl in town, Mira, thinks it s kind of cool Can a skinny eighth grader pull off being a cleanup hitter and a poet funny and deep, and just in time for baseball season

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    This is a fantastic YA book listed as 12 and up I literally read it within an hour or two, so it s also great for the reluctant reader Told in the form of one or two pages poems is the story of a baseball playing boy who has mono I love the story and can t wait to bring it to my 8th grade class tomorrow I m sure it will catch the attention of those who like baseball as well as those who are attracted to thin books lol

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    Used this as a read aloud two years ago and my students loved it I think it made them appreciate poetry , and I also used it to reinforce figurative language Gonna try it again with this year a group

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    this book was funny and weird i never knew that you can write a novel including poetry in it it seems so hard along the way i enjoyed reading it because it was cool how he was talking about his ex girlfriends and what he did with them.

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