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Criminal Minded txt Criminal Minded , text ebook Criminal Minded , adobe reader Criminal Minded , chapter 2 Criminal Minded , Criminal Minded 8a7d69 Lamin Michaels Learned At His Mother S Knee The Importance Of Chasing Paper, So It S No Surprise He Gets Into The Drug Game When He S Just A Teenager When He Meets Zion, A Product Of The New York City Foster Care And Prison System, Lamin Knows That He Has Meet The Perfect Partner In Crime Together, They Build A Huge Narcotics EmpireThen, Lamin Falls Hard For A Beautiful Girl Named Lucky Lucky Makes Lamin Realize That There Is To Life Than Cash And Cash When Lamin Goes Legit With A Career In The Entertainment Industry, Zion Tries To Keep Their Business Going On Both The Street And The Boardroom It S Not Long Before Zion Becomes The Target Of A Corruption Scandal Involving Murder, Extortion And Money Laundering Once The Dirt Is Exposed, Will Lamin And Zion Be Able To Remain One Step Ahead, Or Will Their Paper Chasing Days Haunt Them Forever

About the Author: Tracy Brown

I am a storyteller, a painter of words, a writer who genuinely loves my craft.

10 thoughts on “Criminal Minded

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    It was a really good book Keeps you in suspense

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    Read this book on my way to Disneyland it had it s slow moments x fast moments x dull moments x and repetitive moments Good read though in the urban world TB is really slept on She s on my radar though I loved this story it s important to be mindful of what you ask for and when you get it don t loose it Everything was predictable imo , still worth reading, Olivia was the only character that did not develop right mentally in the book Her ASS was dumb but stayed having someone to come to her rescue wether they were family or not Lamin got too arrogant for me , Zion was a dumb , rich hothead , and a hoe Curtis damn man what a waste smh I liked Lucky and how she choose not to go backwards she was genuiley my fave If the book was a movie I would like to see these actors actresses bring the characters to life Lamin Cory Hardrick Tia mowry husband Zion Dre from power Lucky Ming lee SimmonsOlivia Saweetie Dream Jasmine tookes Curtis Hakeem from empire Lamin mom Nia Long Wally Master P lol Doug LudacrisPapa Ving Rhames Olivia ex Donovan Terrance Howard Overall good book if there s comes a sequel good if not still a good read to pass some time up

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    This book took me on a journey how I use to see the streets.I loved Zion and his love story with his best friend sister.I liked the fact that each person in this book had a story about there life put in.I was at a lost for pages as the book ended

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    I m about to keep it real If a book can keep my interest, it s a classic in my opinion Trust me, I ve thrown my share of books across the room in frustration.

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    The book Criminal Minded was about Lamin Michaels trying to get out of poverty His only way to get out was to hustle and sell drugs with his best friend Zion As soon as he falls in love with a girl he meets named lucky, they settle down and he tries to leave his dangerous life behind He becomes a video director, but it doesn t come out good in the end.

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    The book Criminal Minded is really good book that takes the reader on a journey of the street life This book kept me really entertain and had me questioning I like how the book takes readers into different character perspective and how they tell the story I recommend this book to anyone looking to read some action.

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    I want to start off by telling you guys I don t like reading but When I read this book I couldn t stop I would read it while my teachers were teaching which isn t good but that s how hooked I was on it If you are interested in heart break, romance, and thriller.

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    This book was absolutely amazing To be honest I don t like reading and when I read this book I could not stop I told all my friends to read it and most of them did and they loved it too This is by far my favorite book, it even made me cry.

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    Absolutely loved this book I cried, I laughed and I was in complete suspense throughout this book I felt like I was there watching as I turned each page Fell in love with most of the characters and would love to have a second book to update on all of the characters.

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    Very good read

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