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Rose Cottage pdf Rose Cottage, ebook Rose Cottage, epub Rose Cottage, doc Rose Cottage, e-pub Rose Cottage, Rose Cottage 3e078da40e8 Rose Cottage, A Tiny Thatched Dwelling In An Idyllic English Country Setting, Would Appear The Picture Of Tranquillity To Any Passerby But When Kate Herrick Returns To Her Childhood Home She Uncovers A Web Of Intrigue As Tangled As The Rambling Roses In Its Garden It Is The Summer Of Kate, Widowed In The War And Comfortably Settled In London, Travels To Rose Cottage To Retrieve Some Family Papers For Her Grandmother Curious As To The Changes And The Welcome She Ll Find, She Is Relieved When, At First Glance, Everything Seems Just As She Remembers It But She Soon Finds Disturbing Evidence Of A Break In The Papers Are Missing The Village Is Alive With Gossip Did Her Elderly Neighbors, Suspected Of Being Witches, Really See Nighttime Prowlers And Ghosts In The Cottage Garden Kate S Search For The Truth Brings Her Together With Many Childhood Friends And Neighbors, Some Suspicious Of Her Return, But Most Eager To Help It Also Leads Her Down A Trail Of Family Bitterness, Jealousy, And Revenge And Into An Exploration Of Her Own Past

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    3.5 stars Rose Cottage is a gentle, cozy mystery, written in Mary Stewart s later years when I suspect she was weary of writing about alpha heroes and heart stopping dangers I almost didn t join the Mary Stewart group s buddy read of this book, I was so convinced that I had read this years ago and was bored to tears But then I started fretting about missing the last official group read and ran down to the library to grab Rose Cottage before someone else got to it And I m glad I did Nothing about this story was familiar to me as I was reading it Either my memory is getting really bad entirely possible or I had this book mixed up in my head with The Stormy Petrel, which I still can t recommend to anyone But this was an enjoyable curl up by the fire with something cozy and relaxing type of book.The book is set in 1947, when Kate Herrick leaves London to visit her ailing grandmother, who sends her to her childhood home, Rose Cottage, to retrieve some family papers and minor heirlooms Kate never knew who her father was, and when her mother s strict religious aunt, Betsy, who is a real piece of work, moved into their home when Kate was a young child, Aunt Betsy made Kate s mother, Lillias, so unhappy that Lillias left the house and literally ran off with the gypsies Kate never saw her mother again Lillias died in a bus accident a few years later.When, a little time later, Aunt Betsy was found to be working a text in cross stitch which said THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, my grandmother, normally the gentlest of women, tore it out of her sister s hands and threw it in the fire And for once Aunt Betsy never said a word.Thankfully, Aunt Betsy has died by the time the main action in the story take place, but her mean spirited actions during her lifetime reach across the years to affect her family during this story Kate and her childhood friend, Davey Pascoe, break open a small hidden safe box in the wall of Rose Cottage to get the family papers and small treasures, only to find that it has been recently emptied by some mysterious person To add to the mystery, lights have been seen around Rose Cottage in the night, and someone has been digging around the cottage, and putting flowers on the graves of Kate s grandfather and even Aunt Betsy And a stranger has been asking about Kate s family .There s a little suspense in this book, but it s on the level of don t forget to lock the doors at night than sleep with a loaded pistol under your pillow and a Doberman next to your bed There s also some talk of ghosts and some portentous dreams, but it s pretty mild stuff As I said, a cozy mystery And there s a love interest for Kate, but he s definitely the beta hero type which fits well with the overall tone of this story, actually.Most of the action takes place in northern England and Scotland, so there are quite a few Scots and British terms used in this novel that I was unfamiliar with I amused myself for the first 50 pages by writing some of them down and looking them up For example Clootie dumplings clootie is a diminutive of the Scots word cloot or cloth The dumpling is made by wrapping the dough in a floured cloth before boiling it Who knew Clamjamphrie commotionFlitting Brit leaving one s home often to avoid creditors Lonnen laneHolystone a soft and brittle sandstone that was used to scrub ships decks and, apparently, floors and hearths of homes.That s Mary Stewart for you Always an education in some way This is a 3 1 2 star book for me It s nice and pleasant, but not really extraordinary But I m rounding up because Mary Stewart Those who love her books will understand.

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    Written very late in Ms Stewart s writing career, this charming novel is set in post World War 2 Britain Kate Herrick, widowed by war, goes to her childhood home to pack up her Grandmother s belongings, as her Grandmother has decided to stay in Scotland Slowly Kate changes back to Kathy, an illegitimate child back when this was a real stigma Gradually we find out some of the mysteries in Kathy s past and learn about her beautiful if feckless mother.This is a sweet if slight tale, well written as I have come to expect from this author I found the discussion of post war rationing fascinating and the spirit that lead to people being able to make do Even for Mary Stewart, the romance in this novel was very understated, but this book is perfect for anyone wanting to step back in time.

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    Always lovely to spend a little time with Mary Stewart She is one of my favorite authors, and while this is not one of my favorites of her books, it is sweet and soothing and a happy place to sink into I am often at a loss to say what it is that makes me love reading Stewart so much She is unique and brings to her work a kind of homecoming feeling, like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter s night and having a loving mother offer you a cup of homemade soup.Kate Henrick, formerly known as Kathy Welland, returns to her childhood home to collect a few things for her Grandmother and sort out the closing of Rose Cottage She runs into a number of old friends and neighbors, including a handsome young man with whom she shared her school years There is a minor mystery going on, a bit of the past to sort out, and a struggle for this young woman to figure out if she is Kate, the woman she has been since leaving this village, or Kathy, the woman she was when she lived here.Stewart brings her inimitable writing style to this novel, as to all her others Her descriptions of the gardens and animals alone would make the read worthwhile The burn, lapsing in whispers, is, apart from the bees, the only sound in the day Both are drowned in the sudden hear ye, hear ye preliminary whistle of a curlew, and the the sky is filled, it seems with the beautiful long, liquid call that is perhaps the loveliest, the most thrilling of all birds songs. And, there is wisdom sprinkled in among the flowing descriptions of nature and architecture Why was it that one always regretted change Things were not made to stay fixed, preserved in amber Perhaps the only acceptable amber was memory I had helped in this kitchen so many times I could remember when the table tops were above my eye level, and I shared the floor under the table with the dog, waiting, both of us, for the piece of cake or biscuit to be handed down and shared The kitchen, the heart of the house, with its warmth and its wonderful smells of baking, or the delectable smell of roasting meat, and the sizzle and spit as the joint was speared and turned in the pan The clashing of pots and dishes and the cheerful chatter of women s voices A whole world, once And now changed, and soon to be changed again And, surely, for the better One had to believe that the world was changing for the better, or else why live That, arguably, was one of the facets of what Christians called faith Only a person who has never sat is a kitchen that was the center of a family s life, helped make a Sunday dinner with a grandmother and a mother and sisters chattering all about them, or stood in a house that was full of memories but about to be sold away, could fail to understand the sentiments expressed here.Along the way, Mary Stewart throws out a few very well placed red herrings I gobbled them up , builds a sweet bit of romance, and makes you feel as if the world, no matter how topsy turvy it might seem, can be put right again Perhaps there is another key to her charm, she makes you believe in happy endings.

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    Mary Stewart Buddy Read, June, 2014 Buddy Group re read, 2018 and I m bumping the rating up a star This is a charming book, a journey back to a sweet remembered time.It s lovely to simply breath the air on a June morning on the wide spreading moorland where the bell heather is out, and bees are busy , and to be in a place where the biggest worry seems to be about the quality of one s clootie dumplings.All the village characters are there a very smart milk cart horse, Rosy, who always knows who will have a biscuit treat for her a pair of spinster sisters who know everything worth knowing about what goes on a witch who really does have The Sight There are lovely, telling details about a particular moment in time, just before village life changed forever I appreciated the matter of fact way the war s tragedies and deprivations were discussed in Rose Cottage This was just how it was and you soldiered on mustn t grumble As always, Mary Stewart s language and descriptions are a joy A gently unfolding romance, a little family mystery, a charming heroine and an unexpected leading lad all make for an easy summer afternoon s read.Content rating G Clean as a whistle.

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    I enjoyed this book, even though it was not as complex as other Stewart titles I was in need of a comfort read and Rose Cottage was the perfect choice Just enough of a mystery to puzzle over, a hint of romance that you know will eventually flourish, and a lovely English cottage Kathy Herrick used to live in Rose Cottage, and is back to supervise the packing up of various household items so they can be shipped off to her grandmother, who also used to live in the cottage but is now in Scotland Kathy is surprised at how easily she falls into the rhythms of the life she thought she had left behind after marrying a pilot who ended up being killed in the recent war.When she gets to the cottage, Kathy discovers that some of the items Gran asked for are missing Who took them and why becomes the mystery Clues are given to Kathy by the delightful ladies of Witch s Corner and my favorite scenes involved Kathy s unusual conversations with these ladies.A smooth, easy, predictable read Which is sometimes exactly what I want A bonus is that my edition is in large print so I will be able to send it to a little old lady friend so that she can read it too Cool

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    Twenty four year old widow Kate Herrick n e Kathy Welland returns to Scotland from London to see her ailing grandmother, Mary Welland Gran, who once worked for a titled family in Todhall village in the north of England, relocated to their manor in Strathbeg, Scotland, at the start of World War II She s decided to remain in Scotland for good and asks Kate to return to Todhall to pack up some of the furniture at Rose Cottage and especially important recover some cheap but sentimental jewelry and personal papers hidden in a wallpaper covered wall safe Except that the wall safe has been burgled, Kate finds Who could possibly want such worthless stuff And who s been hanging about the empty Rose Cottage Author Mary Stewart s probably best known for this cozy mystery, and it s easy to see why In exploring this current mystery, Kate stumbles on secrets from the past in this very intriguing novel I read the entire thing in one day Highly recommended.

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    What a lovely book this is Mary Stewart is such a gifted writer This tale ends in such a wonderful, happy way, I feel warm all over This is British fiction at its best The story revolves around Kate Herrick who grew up in Rose Cottage, in the English countryside near a great house Kate was raised by her sweet Gran and her prudish overly religious Aunt Betsy the latter being one hell of a cross to bear after her beautiful mother Lilias ran off with a gypsy to get away from super bitch Aunt Betsy when Kate then Kathy was only 6 In the summer of 1947, Kate leaves London where she has become a wealthy widow of a man who died in WW2 to help her Gran who now lives in Scotland and is ill Gran asks her to retrieve some personal items from Rose Cottage as the main house is about to be made into a hotel When Kate returns to the idyllic thatched little cottage, she is reunited with many people who are glad to see her but the mystery of her illegitimate birth and also the disappearance and presumed death of her mother in an accident rise up to greet her Who was the mysterious person digging in the garden Why were there fresh flowers on much hated Aunt Betsy s unmarked grave Who were the mysterious figures one old lady insists was Kate s supposedly dead Mum and her gypsy lover seen in the garden How did someone get in the house without a key and find the secret safe with Gran s personal papers and manage to steal them without the key and without breaking the box and leaving it locked afterwards The descriptions of the English countryside, the charming cottage, and the residents are simply delicious and made me long to be instantly transported to the scene With the help of Davey Pascoe, a sweet young man who is son of her godparents and who has been in love with her his entire life, Kate unlocks the mysteries and there is a very satisfying and happy ending Please don t miss out on this book It is a real treat.

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    Rose Cottage is a quiet mystery romance, not too heavy on either, with no dramatics of the sort you find in The Gabriel Hounds or Touch Not the Cat It s all fairly quiet and peaceful a restful sort of book, with only brief moments of unease, no madly evil people though one at least who is very flawed , no great tragedy, and an ending that brings everyone neatly together in a perfect reunion.Given that I d definitely choose the word gentle to describe it, and the romance is just barely there in the last half, this isn t the most pacey, exciting story It s a cosy one, of homecoming and heart healing and family, needing and wanting no heroics It s a post war story, but the war is just a shadow in the background it s a family mystery, but the important thing is not so much the mystery, the not knowing, but almost the end of the story, when people come together.This all might sound like faint praise, and it s true that Rose Cottage isn t one of my favourite of Stewart s books But it s enjoyable, and especially good if you don t want high drama, just some village life and a happy ending.Originally posted here.

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    Sweet little story with a bit of mystery This is my third Mary Stewart and this one was very different from the last two which were heavier on the mystery and action and much intense Instead of being primarily plot driven, this focused slightly on the characters I complained a bit about her lack of character development in the last two books and there was a little of that going on here I have come to the conclusion that dimensional characters and relationships are not her forte however Storytelling, mystery and atmosphere are her thing and she does it very very well She does introduce a lot of quirky characters in all three novels I have read but they are somehow hard to relate to There is always a little bit of romantic interest in each of her storylines but it lacks feeling or depth The male female dynamic is especially stiff and awkward for me The positives definitely outweigh the negatives though and I plan to read all her work.

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    I love Mary Stewart adore her books well most of them This, her last book just didn t do it for me Beautifully written with all her usual skills at depicting landscape and nature, I was disappointed Our 24 year old heroine felt like a middle aged woman and although I liked the reflection of life in a Britain still suffering from post War angst and rationing I just could not relate to the heroine in the same way I have done with all of Mary s other adventurous ladies I thought the plot a little contrived and really could not engage as I normally do However, it s important for me to say that a mediocre Mary Stewart is still streets above the usual stuff that makes it to the bookshelves today Not to my taste this time but still a well written mystery.

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