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    I absolutely devoured this book I found it engaging and very well written The reason I am giving this book 5 stars is because not only was the story engaging, but it was fast paced and I could identify with one of the main characters, Steve Like him, I was upset with Western Medicine and how I felt and sometimes do still feel dismissed It was in Eastern medicine combined with Western medicine that I found many of my issues able to be controlled One of the main things in the book when Steve does something to his doctors that many may find reprehensible is to get them to both realize that one needs to marry both types of medicine together I could not agree The only thing I found about this book that bugged me was at the end when the author describes Steve and Paul s childhood adventures in a specific location I thought this information could have been scattered throughout the book but it was not enough for me to drop a star of my rating The ending chapter was a nice ending and a surprise ending at the best I did not see it coming and honestly, many readers may not see it coming.This book is staying on my Kindle to be read again if I meet my challenge goals before the end of 2012 I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Eastern medicine and a great story about the search for truth.

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    GREAT BOOK A GREAT Thrilling Ride Intelligent writing much respect for the author s ability to craft TRUE FACTS and weave them into an exciting FICTION MYSTERY DRAMA ANYONE interested in their own personal HEALTH and who isn t , or interested in Western medicine vs Eastern Medicine.alternative preventative care acupuncturist, benefits of yoga and meditation stillness , GiGong, rebalancing the elements, energy in the body, etc..and who enjoys reading stories based on TRUE medical FACTS and complications with a fun thriller twist this is the perfect book to read Steve Benson a frank, fast thinking always interesting main character , spends 15 years of his life and money ,looking for a cure into his mysterious illness He has debilitating pain and loss of ability to have sex devastating to his psyche Trouble sleeping, chronic joint pain, etc.His coffee chocolate junkie food habit exacerbate stress Western doctors suggest pills lots of pills and often tell him he is having Pyschosomatic manifestations.Not only did Steve Benson spent 15 years searching for a cure to end his pain he wanted the doctors who missed diagnosed him to experience the pain he went through and admit they were failing their patients He was going to TEACH the DOCTORS a life lesson As the reader One cannot help but feel GOOD while Steve Benson holds two doctors hostage fantasy at its best There is tenderness in this book, too, but doled out judiciously This is a fiction book but the 15 year search for a cure was THE AUTHORS daily life Its sad its funny its moving inspiring AND.You just might wonder about your own latent trigger points and the effects they might be having on YOUR nerves in YOUR bodyIf you are like me you might find yourself looking up carotid sheath and the vagus nerve in the body And walk away with a better understanding of how metal, fire, water, wood, and earth are connected as in connected to the organs in your body And last The book has a wonderful ending

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    okay, so here s my problem i enjoyed the book but steve s a psychopath what he did to yoshida silberman is inexcusable i suppose i need to think of him as of a hannibal lecter, so i can get over my sense of moral outrage.

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    This book is extremely fascinating It deals with the idea that the medical profession, highly respected specialists specifically, feel that they are infoulable It also deals with ancient Chinese medicine, qigong and the five elements in Chinese culture It takes place in modern Czech Republic for the most part and is in part a medical story, a mystery and comment on society While it may confuse some readers who like to skim read books, if you take you time, really read it and ponder what is writen you could very well find yourself learning something new and even questioning some of the medical treatments you or your loved ones have received May even change your life style a little Very well written and highly recommended.

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    This is one of the most innovative stories that I have come across in a long time The storyline grabbed me from the very start and I couldn t put it down until I finished Chris has an amazing ability of tying personal pain and frustration into a fictitious tale, while spreading the word about Eastern Medicine vs the ever failing, over prescribing Western medical doctors He truly opened my eyes to the world around me, especially being someone who has been told that my health issues are psychosomatic Kudos Chris You are an extremely talented writer and teacher I hope it takes you far.

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    Did you like the DaVinci Code If you did, then I guarantee you ll love this book too It s truly a unique page turner that takes you on an exciting journey I thought it was equally well written and intelligent in its plot It s a must read for anyone interested in alternative medicine The fact that it s based upon true events made it even interesting.

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    I wasn t sure what to expect when I bought this book, but I knew I had to read it because I love anything having to do with Chinese medicine At first I was disappointed it was fiction, but as soon as I started reading it I found myself completely taken in by a well crafted story The God Complex is brilliantly inspiring, and it was in no way predictable full of suspense and completely thought provoking I appreciate the fact that I learned a few things okay, a lot that I didn t know about Chinese medicine, and I was happy when the book confirmed what I already know that it works I won t soon forget this story, and in fact, it s a book I ll read than once I hope to read from Chris Titus in the future, and I ll be recommending this book to the people I care about.

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    I really enjoyed this story and learned alot from it I had a health problem myself and was in the hospital for a week, because they did not what was wrong with me They would come and go and tell me this and that, and I starting feeling like they really didn t care about my well being they were just trying to find a solution so they could get me out of there Finally they sent a lady in with a paper and concluded that my condition was like Steve s all in my head So I could really relate with the pain the main character felt I really am interested in Chinese medicine now and will be doing my own research on it Thank you for a great story

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    As a person who is less than enad with traditional doctors Western medicine, I found this to be a very interesting read Which is amazing, since I never would have picked up a book claiming to be a handbook of Eastern medicine, martial arts, or acupuncture But elements of all those things were included in this thriller and I could hardly put it down This book was both informative AND entertaining I definitely would read by this author

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    The book was a little slow in places but I loved the storyline Having worked for doctors most of my adult life, there is absolutely what I call the MD, PhD, GOD syndrome This is especially true when Eastern alternative medicine is involved I would have liked a little closure pertaining to the doctors I would be interested in reading books by Chris Titus in the future.

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