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    Some books have a magnetism that prevails over style, consistency in plot or used to death narrative formulas Dragonwyck is one of them.A mix between the Gothic ambiance of Du Maurier s famous Manderley and Br nte s Byronic Mr Rochester that works phenomenally for fans of Victorian fiction.Seyton knows perfectly well what her readers expect when they enter the sinuous darkness of her novels A fair, gullible farmgirl a seductive, mysterious nobleman and an impressive mansion, quaint during the day, but gloomy and full of mysterious secrets in the nighttime when ghosts fill the hush of the damp hallways with premonitory whispers of the past.Even though the outcome of the story is predictable, I basked in the female protagonist s development towards adulthood and the blossoming of her own will Also, the escalating sense of foreboding was masterly exploited to provide context to the underlying sub plots the questioning of the feudal system, the difference between passion and obsession, lust and love, and the psychological dive into the convoluted working of irrational attraction towards dominant individuals who distort reality and manipulate feelings for their selfish purposes I won t deny that the brief appearance of Melville and Poe was a guilty pleasure, even though the scenes where they appear might easily be described as far fetched than necessary.All in all, this is the kind of novel that will provide delightful entertainment and have you turning pages till the wee hours of the night Perfect choice for a light, charming read that will leave you with the sweet taste of reading hours well spent, and wanting for

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    I read this book the first time so many years ago I really had forgotten every word of it I was pleased though that I still enjoyed it as I recall that Anya Seton was one of my favourite authors way back when.Dragonwyck is a Gothic romance set in Connecticut in a magnificent house on the banks of the Hudson I very much enjoyed the historical facts including the steam boats on the river, anti rent riots and the Astor Place massacre That last item I had never heard of before and it made interesting reading.Of course being a Gothic tale there is a beautiful but na ve young girl and a handsome but morally bereft older man oh and of course another slightly less handsome but much nicer young man to save the day All so predictable but also very nicely written and pleasurable to read I never saw the movie that was made but I can imagine a young Vincent Price playing the role of Nicholas, especially when the ghostly voices appear in the creepy Red Room.I enjoyed it all very much and have made a note to reread a few of this author s books.

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    This is not a Gothic romance novel This is a handbook concerning A a sociopathic personality, how its psychosis manifests in actions, words, and thoughts, and how with the smallest trigger, it spirals down into further depths of depravity and horror, and B the warning signs of an abusive relationship, wherein a husband boyfriend lover mocks the low intelligence of his partner, disparages any independent thought, isolates his partner from outside influences, including friends and family, before finally resorting to physical violence to exert control over his partner Is any of this really romantic I gave the book three stars for the writing, which, considering it was Seton s second novel, is remarkably mature and well paced the tension is palpable, the atmosphere evocatively limned on every page, and the chill of horror and suspicion is felt even in the happiest moments of the novel First rate writing The storyline, however, is not my cup of tea I will never be a victim and to read of someone willingly, and blindly, overlooking the warning signs from their partner, thus remaining a victim to that partner s whims, is absolutely abhorrent to me People tend to mix up psychopaths and sociopaths, for some odd reason, and I ve seen it mentioned that, were Nicholas Van Ryn to be categorized today, he d be diagnosed as a psychopath That is incorrect A psychopath has no conscience yet he also has no control he doesn t care how he appears to the larger world and has no desire to fit in Rather his psychosis manifests in ever increasing bouts of violence with no sense of planning or logic, however twisted that logic might be A sociopath, however, while still lacking a conscience, looks, acts, and seems like any other person He is a chameleon Just look at Ted Bundy, the most famous of sociopaths It s only when his twisted desires, his super sized ego is thwarted that the mask of humanity comes off and his inner demon is revealed Nicholas Van Ryn, though a fictional character, is a perfect example of this mental disorder.

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    3.5 Siempre me gust una pel cula de Vincent Price titulada Dragonwyck, una producci n del a o 1946 Soy muy fan del cine cl sico y de las historias con un toque g tico en particular, tipo Mi prima Rachel, Rebeca o Jane Eyre Donde existan relatos relacionado con mansiones embrujadas, castillos, internados o institutrices all que voy yo Y si hay algo que me gusta mucho es leer los libros en los que se basan para crear dichas adaptaciones a pantalla Llevaba mucho tiempo deseando que editaran Mi prima Rachel de du Maurier y El castillo de Dragonwyck de Anya Seton, con el primero he tenido la suerte que Alba editorial me ha complacido pero con el segundo he tenido que recurrir a una antigua edici n de 1967 para leerlo al fin Y lo he disfrutado.

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    The first time I opened Dragonwyck was incidentally the first time I was exposed to Edgar Allan Poe The novel opens with the poem Alone, and Poe is one of the characters in this quintessential gothic tale I first found this in a used book store when I was about 10 or 11, and every few years I am compelled to pick it up again, even though I know it through and through Dragonwyck is the story of Miranda Wells, a farm girl in upstate New York with dreams of a luxurious life she can never hope to attain Her days are spent reading torrid novels, avoiding the advances of the village yokels, and trying her best to keep up appearances as she helps her family toil on their land Her father is a good if overly religious and stern man, her mother perpetually weary, and her siblings see nothing wrong with the drudgery of farm life.Miranda s dream is unexpectedly realized when the Wells family receives a letter from their wealthy and distant relative, Nicholas Van Ryn, offering to take in one of the Wells girls as a companion for his daughter, Katrine Miranda leaves for Dragonwyck bursting with hope, a na ve and vain girl who is about to undertake a perilous journey.At Dragonwyck, Miranda is enchanted by her distant cousin, the handsome and of course brooding Nicholas She is exposed to many luminaries of the age at the mansion on the Hudson, including Van Buren, and finds herself embroiled in the bitter wars between tenant farmers and manor lords Being a gothic novel, of course sinister events which will change her completely begin to unfold I would venture to say that this book is not only a shining example of gothic literature the haunted mansion, the brooding hero, etc it also delves into many important issues of the mid 19th century which shaped the future of America More interestingly, it captures without sentimentality the loss of innocence and the nature of evil It s a quick read, and it s back in printso read it already

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    WowSo many feels with this book In this story you follow Miranda Wells When we first meet her she is an 18 year old farm girl living with her family when one day they receive a letter from a distant relative on her Mother s side inviting one of her family s daughters to come stay with them and assist them with their young daughter Katrine.Miranda is a young woman who wants for herself In a world where at her age she needs to be looking for suitors to settle down, her family mistakes her being bored with the local boys for her not wanting to settle down She immediately jumps at the opportunity that presents itself in the letter they receive Once in the walls of the gothic mansion Dragonwyck and upon meeting Cousin Nicholas, his wife Johanne, daughter Katrine and the crew of servants, Miranda finds herself falling for Nicholas.Again, I had so many feels with this book Miranda as a character never really fits in anywhere It starts with her family Her father feels she s too flighty, vain, and worries about worldly things, instead of focusing on farm work Her mother has Miranda s back because she was that girl until she was in a way forced into marriage and started having children Once at Dragonwyck, Miranda never fits in there The servants are cold and standoffish towards her When parties are thrown, the local girls her age don t allow her in their circle because Johanne has made it very well known she is a farm girl and not really one of them And even for a brief moment when she returns home, once again she doesn t fit in because she has been around wealthy people and has started to change I think Anya Seton did an excellent job at capturing that phase of being an 18 year old young woman during this crazy time period and not really being able to find your place The differences between class systems was shown really well in this book I felt like the character of Nicholas from the beginning is written as this handsome guy who you are just not meant to like I really liked really being able to feel engrossed in the story topics such as slavery, the upcoming President, the annexation of Texas were all topics discussed throughout the book and i just felt like it really added to the experience of plopping myself down in the time period in which this book takes place.I gave this four stars simply because about 100 pages out from the ending I felt like the book became really slow and the last 40 pages the momentum picked back up for me.Overall, this is Miranda s story and her journey and her development as a character and woman made the read worth while This book has excited me to pick up of Anya Seton s works.

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    At first, Dragonwyck reminded me of Mansfield Park the young girl summoned to live with her aristocratic relations although in this case, it s American rather than English aristocracy who trades poverty for their luxurious lifestyle But that resemblance was shattered as soon as Nicholas Van Ryn appeared He is no Sir Thomas, and certainly no Edmund Bertram Nicholas is like Maxim de Winter glamorous, unapproachable, even unfathomable to Miranda And when Miranda is introduced to Dragonwyck and the life the Van Ryn s lead, the reader is also introduced to a feudal system that seems unlikely in American history Nicholas Van Ryn presides over his tenants like a European aristocrat, and the tenants are expected to appear before him twice a year to pay rent for the farms their families have been working for generations That the system is crumbling around him is an example of the pressure Van Ryn feels to maintain his to him rightful place in the world And really, Dragonwyck is about him than any other character Miranda is the heroine of the story, but Nicholas Van Ryn is the hub around which the story orbits His character is examined most usually through Miranda s eyes but also through his own, albeit self deluding, thoughts and emotions It is inevitable, of course, that Miranda will fall in love with Nicholas, her glamorous, handsome, rich, all powerful relative, and that the reader will root for them to get together especially after we encounter Nicholas wife Johanna But what is less understandable is why Nicholas would fall in love with Miranda the naive, young farm girl who doesn t begin to understand him Eventually, of course, we realize the truth about Nicholas, their relationship and, as the author puts it, what incalculable harm to many innocent people could be done by one supreme egotist a theme that is illustrated by the river boat races that bracket Miranda s arrival and departure from Dragonwyck Ultimately, the book was not at all what I expected, and the author broke a lot of rules that romance novelists follow these days, but I enjoyed reading it I liked the character growth that Miranda shows and I was so impressed with the author s scholarship She managed to weave in several historical events that I was not familiar with and presented a picture of mid nineteenth century life that was both believable and surprising An excellent read.

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    Dragonwyck is a gothic romance in the vein of Jane Eyre, albeit set in America just before the Civil War Nicholas Van Ryn is this novel s Rochester A patroon in the dying days of feudal society, he clings to the trappings of fiefdom even when it becomes increasingly obvious that it is all going to end soon He is also handsome, brooding, mysterious, and has a fat wife Johanna he doesn t care for to boot So it s no wonder that his poor cousin Miranda falls hard for him when she comes to live with the Van Ryns, even though she s nothing than a glorified servant Johanna dies and Nicholas wastes no time in winning Miranda s hand He doesn t even have to exert himself, she s practically throwing herself at his feet Everyone else has misgivings, but Miranda is blind to his faults, even when one of his fault leads to a poor tenant s death Needless to say, a leopard doesn t change its spots, just because, probably especially because, it has now married a beautiful woman with no will power and a talent for making up agreeable fantasies about said leopard s spotty ways.And this is where Dragonwyck becomes better than normal gothic romances though Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books ever Miranda is a fool and is so blinded by wealth and the romance of the manor and her own vanity that she cannot or will not see the fear Nicholas inspires in everyone Nicholas is tall, dark and handsome, but is a sociopath who will abuse his wife on her wedding night, humiliate and isolate her There is a paper thin hero who is supposed to save the day, but gets to live because of a lucky co incidence He also makes the almost fatal mistake of letting Miranda go off on her own, when her husband just tried to kill him and he made only a half hearted attempt to bind the guy Suffice to say that Nicholas wasn t in his best mood Miranda only gets free of Nicholas because Seton changes his spots at the last minute Dragonwyck is also worse than normal gothic romances, because Miranda is never someone you root for, and Nicholas is never charming My copy had an afterword written by Philippa Gregory, where she tries to make the case that the way the book is written, the readers are as repulsed by Johanna as Nicholas and Miranda are and cheer when Johanna dies and Miranda and Nicholas get married After I read that, I wondered if Gregory and I read the same book At no point did I feel that Nicholas was anything less than the asshole he was, and at no point did I think that Miranda was anything but a willfully blind and greedy child Johanna aroused nothing but sympathy in me, because how else was she supposed to treat a vapid airhead trying to steal her husband under her nose That she s fond of food and consequently is fat is probably only enough to repulse the most shallow of people Miranda does turn around much later, after a number of years of subjugation under Nicholas But even when her eyes are fully opened, she still lacks any insight into Nicholas psyche Her turning into a democrat and dividing up the estate between tenants came out of nowhere She never stood up to her husband regarding the tenants, and we don t get any mental chatter from her about that either I was also bothered by the number of authors that are trotted out, Feni Cooper, Herman Melville, Edgar Allen Poe for no reason whatsoever The book would not have been any different had these authors not been characters As it is, it feels an awful lot like name dropping Dragonwyck ultimately evens out in terms of quality, but I still think of it as a disappointing book.

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    Miranda Wells is too dainty and flighty to fit in with her hard working, puritanical farming family When a distant cousin invites her to act as companion to his young daughter, she leaps at the chance and soon arrives at the beautiful gothic mansion of Dragonwyck It is ruled by the autocratic Nicholas Van Ryn, who is so handsome, powerful, cultured that Miranda falls for him immediately Nicholas is haunted by his first wife, who cannot give him the son he craves, and by Miranda s beauty view spoiler After Johanna dies, he immediately proposes to Miranda And it is here that the story takes a turn, because far from a meeting of minds or a storybook ending, Miranda s triumphant wedding rapidly becomes a nightmare This is like a wonderfully dark and twisted version of Jane Eyre or Rebecca, in which the remote older gentleman the heroine falls in love with is actually a terrifying villain And yet, he is still as powerful and handsome as ever, and he s still quite attractive to the heroine, which makes the story all the horrifying Miranda is no Jane Eyre she is silly, selfish, and bends to Nicholas s every whim But she is an engrossing main character, perhaps in part because she is so unlike the smarter, wiser, less shallow heroines of better novels I was rooting for her to get what she wanted from the very first Miranda has to change in order to find happiness with the true hero of the book the selfless Dr Jeff Turner , but I never felt like this was a morality tale Actually, there is one very annoying bit after her husband brutalizes her body and spirit for years, Miranda finally breaks free of him but nearly dies in the effort She recovers, but her shining golden hair is shaven off during her fever, and she has unobtrusive brown hair ever after I ve seen this trope before, and it s bullshit every time hide spoiler

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Dragonwyck download Dragonwyck, read online Dragonwyck, kindle ebook Dragonwyck, Dragonwyck cd9b601ebf6c First Published In , Dragonwyck Was A National Bestseller That Was Made Into A Major Motion Picture Starring Gene Tierney And Vincent Price In A Classic Gothic Romance, The Story Features An Year Old Miranda Wells Who Falls Under The Spell Of A Mysterious Old Mansion And Its Equally Fascinating Master Tired Of Churning Butter, Weeding The Garden Patch, And Receiving The Dull Young Farmers Who Seek Her Hand In Marriage, Miranda Is Excited By An Invitation From The Upstate New York Estate Of Her Distant Relative, The Intriguing Nicholas Van Ryn Her Passion Is Kindled By The Icy Fire Of Nicholas, The Last Of The Van Ryns, And The Luxury Of Dragonwyck, And A Way Of Life Of Which She Has Only Dreamed Dressed In Satin And Lace, She Becomes Part Of Dragonwyck, With Its Gothic Towers, Flowering Gardens, Acres Of Tenant Farms, And Dark, Terrible Secrets This Compelling Novel Paints A Marvelous Portrait Of A Country Torn Between Freedom And Feudal Traditions A Country Divided Between The Very Wealthy And The Very Poor Poor Tenant Farmers At Dragonwyck, The European Royalty Who Visit, And American Icons Such As Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, And The Astors Are Vividly Brought To Life This Is A Heart Stopping Story Of A Remarkable Woman, Her Breathtaking Passions, And The Mystery And Terror That Await Her In The Magnificent Hallways Of Dragonwyck