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    DNF I will refrain from rating this book because it s my bad after all that I even considered reading Behind the Hood. This pic depicts why I wanted to read the book Don t we all love a delectable tattooed hunk Even though YA is not my genre the blurb says SPECIAL NOTE Although some reviewers have classified this book as YA, this is not a YA read The main characters may be teenagers, but they are living in a harsh adult environment.I should have known betterstupid me I downloaded both books at the same time Baba has a major headdesk moment Behind the Hood is a prime example why YA does not work out for me There is drama drama drama drama drama drama drama drama drama and drama I think you get the gist.To top it off, Behind the Hood features plenty of very young and insanely screwed up characters who seriously need to grow up yet Also, there are way too many POVs In fact, they change from chapter to chapter It felt like hopping back and forth, up and down all the time Needless to say that I don t like that at all Well, and then there is Tama He is a criminal as well as an uber a hole who obviously believes that he is a sex god and is sporting a hard on all the time Enter Baba She says to her GR friend Lenore, please give me your gun I really like your shelf I d like to dedicate this gif to all those lovely characters of Behind the Hood. I think you need it.Bottom line Behind the Hood is an overwritten drama I really want to avoid YA books in the future.

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    5 NAIL BITING STARS Hold up, I need a drink before I can even attempt thisAlrighty then Behind the Hood is a tragic, violent and emotional tale in which chronicles the trials and tribulations of youth Gang members in South Auckland neighborhood It is NOT for the faint of heart, in fact I will probably be prescribed blood pressure medication at my next doctor s appointment The story revolves around Tama Tama, Tama, Tama. Ugh How do I begin to explain this fucktard character I know Tama is the self professed gang leader He is an arrogant, self righteous, egotistical bastard that takes what he wants and doesn t care who he hurts in the process He had me shouting the following..Tama actually has a few endearing qualities, especially when it comes to his Mamma There s a definite tell tale sign for his behavior Jayden is Tama s cousin This character took me on an emotional roller coaster One minute I was screaming..while the next I was saying..Then there s Tama s mates, Corey, Naf and Sledge. I already met these characters in previous stories I can t say much as it will spoil all the fun, but I will say, boy did they PISS ME OFF surprise me Finally we have Nike and Jesse I loved this couple, unfortunately Tama DID NOT Hold on I need another drink before I continueTheir a young married couple with a baby boy, a mountain of debt and abundance of stress Jess and Nike don t allow their struggles to interfere with their love for each other Both are willing to do anything and everything to make their marriage work Sounds peachy right Yeah, I thought so too. Their problem isn t with each other, it s you guessed it. TAMA He is OBSESSED and I mean O B S E S S E D with Jess Tama wants Jess all to himself and will stop at nothing until he has her Tama DESPISES Nike and has plans to have him permanently removed from Jess s life Beautiful GR peeps, there are characters and TONS storyline in this emotionally intense novel , but this reviewers brain is fried This was a now or never type of review for me..I hope I ve given you enough information to have you consider giving Behind the Hood a try. Don t be a wuss JUST KIDDING as this story is NOT for everyone Mrs Hansen, I think you are one hell of a storyteller Kudos to you my friend I LOVED IT special thanks to my dear friend Chippy for recommending such an amazing series MWAH

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    The main characters from BEHIND THE HOOD book 1TAMA HARRIS the biggest arsehole you will meet in any of my books He s self centered and extremely selfish He does what he wants and stuff the consequences He will piss you off so much that you will need to grip onto that ereader tight so you don t throw it at the wall Don t let him put you off book 2 He doesn t have a POV in that one Instead, the gorgeous Rata brothers and Corey take center stage in book 2 Some people loved BEHIND THE HOOD, others didn t because of Tama But most loved BEHIND THE TEARS So, again, don t let Tama put you off book 2 The hot Ratas take over.NIKE DANIELS He has a temper, but he is ultimately the good guy You should like him He s a teen father who is dedicated to his wife and baby son as well as his sister and mother He changes dramatically throughout this series He is a changed man by the time he reaches book 3, life hardening him considerably.MAIA DANIELS the 14 year old who starts this series off with her point of view She s feisty and smart mouthed, but also a nice person.JESS DANIELS Nike s wife and a complete sweetheart.Others who get a POV in Behind the Hood Mikey Thomas Tama s cousin , Jayden Tama s best friend , Leila Jayden s wife , and Annie Jayden s first love.Warning BEHIND THE HOOD has a different feel to BEHIND THE TEARS Due to the hot tattooed brothers and the cute Corey Connor, BEHIND THE TEARS book 2 is considerably popular.2 If Tama hasn t pissed you off enough and you made it to BEHIND THE TEARS, here s the cast ASH RATA The tormented head of the Rata clan He s 26 and is the one on the cover with the neck tattoo He s had a very hard life and is tormented by what his stepfather did to him ten years prior Not only is he living with the memory of that day, but he is struggling with his relationship to Beth Connor He can t talk to her due to his inner turmoil and as a result is pushing her away without realising it He s also still in love with his ex and secretly yearns for her Ash is a drug dealer who wants to quit the game.DANTE RATA Ash s second brother and the hellraiser of the family Dante is 23 and looks just like Ash, just with a tattoo around his left eye he s on Behind the Len s cover He s the town manwhore and has trouble controlling himself when it comes to women, booze, and drugs He s bipolar and lately hasn t been taking his medication He s a drug dealer like his oldest brother, but unlike Ash, he doesn t want to quit He s also in love with Ash s girlfriend, which causes a lot of trouble in this book.BETH CONNOR The woman that people either love or hate She secretly desires Dante, but knows he s no good for her, but finds it hard to resist him.SLEDGE RATA The youngest of the Rata brothers He s not bright and is rather brutish He s having trouble with his best friend, who has cancer.COREY CONNOR Beth s youngest brother and the sweetheart of this book You will fall in love with him He is the cutest thing and has the smartest, funniest mouth on him He s Sledge s best friend and is secretly in love with him, but is too afraid to tell Sledge since he thinks his best mate s homophobic If you don t get through Behind the Hood, pick Behind the Tears up at the very least to read about this cutie pie.JULIET RATA Sledge s twin sister and the unlucky in love member of this family She can t catch any breaks, her brutish looks often repelling the opposite sex except for Corey, who only finds her attractive since she looks like Sledge CHAZ GREENWOOD The Rata brothers stepfather He is probably the most hated character in this series The only point of view he gets in this book is that horrid letter at the beginning He is obsessed with Ash and escapes prison to go after him.3 BEHIND THE LENS book 3 is a direct continuation on from book 2 Book 2 and 3 are a set, since book 1 has a different feel to it due to different main characters.DANTE becomes the lead in this book.COREY gets the second most chapters from his viewpoint.BETH is also a major player along with SLEDGE.KARA a new character and Dante s ex, who wants him back You will either love or hate this alpha female She s a Croatian from Bosnia, and has a very tough outlook on life Even with a Russian Roulette gun to her head she would tell you you re a coward for being scared, then pull the trigger You won t get tougher than this bitch in stilettos.ANT Anthony A character from Graffiti Heaven He s ten years older here and hasn t grown up to be a nice person Although he doesn t get a point of view, he has a significant role in the story He s a pornographer and someone who takes what he wants without regard to others He s a despicable person and holds a huge grudge against Ash Rata.4 BEHIND THE SECRETS book 4.MAIN CHARACTERS Dante RataBeth ConnorCorey ConnorSledge RataL Llewellyn Davies from Graffiti Heaven All of the above characters currently have points of view in the book.Other characters who feature in this story Kara Jade the poor guy still wants Dante AshSaul still wants Beth Mrs Connor she has a significant part also You will finally get to see a lot of this lovely lady since she will play a major role in BEHIND THE BARS Tama yes, the prick shows his face again, but luckily he doesn t get a voice.SO, give the BEHIND THE LIVES series a chance It s extremely unique You won t have read any other series like it before.Setting South Auckland, New Zealand.P.S If you re reading the BROKEN LIVES series a spin off from BEHIND THE LIVES , don t read this series before JAGGED PILL Broken Lives 3 Once you ve read JAGGED PILL, then jump right in, you won t get any spoilers LOVE Drunk Broken Lives 4 is set after Behind the Lives Dante Rata will be 24 in LOVE STONED He s also 24 at the end of JAGGED PILL.

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    J to the H to the C What a freakin story.I couldn t put this book down once I started the first page all the way up to the end If I could have read while driving I would have And you know it s a good book when I hold in my pee for 8 hours while I m at work cause I don t want stop reading at my desk.This book was one of those types it moved fast so freakin fast I could have used cliff notes oppsssorry giving away my ageI meant Spark Notes to keep track.I think what amazed me the most about this sorry I took notes while I was at work but forgot to save them to my phone so please bear with me OkI hope you can understand the point I am trying to get across Marita used a style of writing which reminded me of The Butterfly Effect or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon hahaha I crack myself up.See it all started with one act of Tama we shall call him a hole that in effect created a domino sequence which resulted in bringing people into their lives where at one point everyone in the story was either hurt or dead because of this one act Is your head spinning yet Then we have the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where everyone in the book all has a past incident which relates back to Tama For example, when Maia is in the hospital her roommate is Stella, and Maia doesn t know her from squat..but they share Tama in common Maia is there because of a direct result of Tama Stella is there as an indirect result of Tama and that ties tangles the two girls together whew..deep breathOk.I m backWhat a tangled web we weavethat s what pops into my mind when I think of this story Marita definitely had some underlying meaning when she tangled all these lives together I think we can teach a college English course on this style of writing DI can t list the examples cause that or less gives away the whole story but that would ruin such a spectacular book being wasted You must must read this book it s not a romance, yes, it s YA but it s so mature that you forget these are teenagers.Tama shitI mean A HOLE is the leader of a gang and totally psychotic He is so impressed with his 10 inch dick that he just thinks all the ladies want to have sex with him even though they really don t He is the catalyst of this story by stabbing Maia Ughhe should be dead.Mikey Tama s cousin and secretly has a crush on Maia and feels so guilty about being with Tama when she was stabbed He has a lot of issues he has to deal with throughout the book He was my silent hero in this book.Nike and Jess they are married and Tama has a beef with Nike from years back while he also OBSESSES over Jess This just turns into a total fuckery between Nike, Tama and Jess.Sledge, Trey, Naf and Corey Tama s boys and with the future books we will learn of what makes these guys tick.Jayden Ahhh Jayden Tama s best mate You know I was soo pissed off at what Jayden didbut I still had my awww moment and was happy for him.Leila married to Jayden was having sex with Tama but was still in love with Nike She is a bitch throughout the book but saves face at the end.Ash and Dante older brothers to Sledge and Ash is friends with Nike Ash has a back story which is delicate and that is explained in Graffiti Heaven.There are other characters in this book that effect the story also but I m sorry you are just gonna have to go pick up your own copy cause my brain is fried Oh, and get thisthe ending will really fuck up your mind Cheers, Marita Hansen for a MASTERPIECE 3

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    I battled with my rating on this one The writing was good, nothing to complain about..in fact than a few times I was impressed with how Marita A Hansen was able to transport me to the world she had created What I mean by that, is the fact that I was reading about these teens young adults that lived in the hood and their dialogue was very authentic, and I felt part of the crew This author, in my opinion did a bang up job on realistically creating the lives of all these hoodlums Was the story nothing but chaos and drama Most definitely it was Having a teenager living at home, I can honestly say that this is what goes on in a lot of their lives..Now, of course, in the Hood it is intensified by 100% and don t forget to add the drugs, teen pregnancy, violence, and infidelity With all of those factors considered, you have basically been told what this book is all about That is it in a nutshell folks Did I enjoy it Well, enjoy is probably the wrong word..I was entertained let s say I use to be entertained by a Jerry Springer episode as well, and believe me..I did love watching it LOL This book actually reminded me a lot of a JS episode, and if there was ever a teen soap opera created the lives of all of the characters in this book would be the top candidates I wouldn t even know where to begin in sharing what the plot is All I can basically say is that the story revolves around the lives of several young adults pretty much between the ages of 14 24 years old There are a few characters that stick out than the others, one of them being the evil pig Tama He is the member of his little gang, and he is a jerk way beyond anything I have ever seen It amazes me how he justifies his behaviour of rape, violence, and just mainly being an asshole Yet, on the flip side to that, he is loyal to his core when it comes to his family and his bros He has such a twisted sense of values and deep down he is just an insecure boy who is acting tough In the beginning of this story he ends up stabbing a girl named Maia who has a brother that will kill to protect his family This starts a whole chain of events, that lead to Tama being on the run from the cops, as well as Maia s brother Nike I could go on and on about all of the different characters that come into play but truly I would just confuse you and myself Take my word for it, if you are interested in all sorts of drama then you definitely need to read this book There are characters who I loved Mikey being one of them And once I started reading I really had to finish the story to find out what happens to everyone Of course at the end there was a big bomb that was dropped not literally LOL and now I just have to continue on to see what will happen in the lives of these unique individuals I am actually being nice when I say unique I think I need a breather though, from the chaos of it all but I will return to the Hood, and to these people s interesting lives to catch up and see what everyone is up to Marita A Hansen is an author I have just discovered, and so far I have enjoyed what she has written They are not flowery lovey dovey books but ones that never fail to entertain and keep me on the edge of my seat As soon as I am in the mood for a good cluster f k, I will be picking up the next book in this one of a kind series I will buckle in and hang on tight, because I just know that I will be in for one hell of a ride

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    Okay, so I ve read this twice, which says one thing, I LOVED IT I tend to prefer dark stories, gritty ones that don t hold back, and this one DEFINITELY didn t hold back It was heartstopping right from the very first chapter when Maia decided to take off to a party and in the process walks past a gang of boys, the leader Tama, who s on the cover having already had MAJOR issues with her brother, and not to mention Maia had previously kicked him in the nuts for grabbing her breasts, soooo you can guess that Maia is not in a good situation So, the boys start following her and lewd suggestions leaves Tama s mouth, and with Maia being Maia, someone who can t keep her mouth shut, she insults him, and then the sprint is on, a fantastic chase scene that will leave you riveted to the pages, your heart banging away, praying that Maia gets away And from this one chapter, the outcome of this chase, a chain of events are unleashed and people are bought to their knees The gang leader goes on the run, but with plans that will cause havoc, Maia s brother Nike goes on the rampage looking to get revenge, and then you have everyone else caught up in their feud Jess Nike s wife , Leila Both Nike and Tama s ex who still holds a MAJOR flame for Nike , Jayden Tama s best friend , Mikey Tama s cousin and Maia s crush and the one who broke my heart , Maia herself, and so forth You get to see and experience these different people s lives and how this one event affects them.Now a warning, this is definitely an R18 book, because it is violent and has a number of sex scenes some smoking hot Yeah, Nike You ll want a piece of him, I know I did , some loving, some just down and dirty Tama , and one flying solo, lol, you ll get what I mean, the dirty, dirty guy So, this book isn t for wimps It delves into the rougher side of life in South Auckland, a part of New Zealand, which has a lot of issues For you Americans, it s probably the equivalent of Harlem.Yes, I ll be re reading this one again, especially certain scenes Hmmm Nike, yum.P.S.I think Luke Pasqualino would be perfect to play Nike.image Update of Jess and Nike

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    Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre YA MatureSetting New Zealand I HATE TAMA UGGGGHHHH My personal thoughts I really wish i had a slang dictonary for some of these New Zealand colloqualisms, because at times i was slightly lost but i still managed to keep up First off this book is a hard read but i knew this goin into it Yet still i cringed at certain places during my reading Behind the Hood is told in 1st person by various characters through out the book The story evolves around each person and they are easily woven together to make a cohesive story plot It starts off with a 14 yr old girl named Maia being chased by a gang of mates then attacked at knife point by Tama an 18yr old male gang leader When Nike Maia s 18yr old brother finds out SHIT hits the fan I found Tama to be completely deranged and delusional and as you read on you can see why he is the way he is I never wanted a character to burn in hell so bad in my life Kudos to Marita A.Hansen for pulling out those feelings in me Other character POV S include Jess Nike s wife , Leila Nike s ex , Jayden Tama s best mate , Mikey Tama s cousin and Maia s crush and a few other characters Lives are forever changed as you go on a journey with these young teens leading up to an explosive ending The very last line in this book TOOK MY BREATH AWAY literally.My ThoughtsI like the way the author told this story Each chapter from a different characters POV, weaving the stories and connecting each character was brilliant So you get one story starting off with Maia s attack and the ripple effect that occurs from it in the lives of each character.My RatingsCharacters Likable except for TamaWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Intense, Raw and at times hard to readOverall I loved it Book Summary from GoodreadsIn this South Auckland neighbourhood where gang culture, drink, drugs, sex and violence is already a way of life, a vicious attack on a teenage girl sparks a ripple effect of revenge and fury Live the carnage through multiple viewpoints as the tale unfolds to a bloody climax NOT for the fainthearted.

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    Five can I get a hell yeah Stars How in the world can I put this amazing story into words..Its almost impossible The story revolves around a single incident that intertwines the lives of a few okay alot of people..but Mrs.Hansen manages to pull it off flawlessly This story pulled me in from the beginning..its raw..its gritty and not for the faint of heart So you ve been warned Behind the Hood starts off with 14yr Maia..who s walking home and ends up being chased by a gang of boys..lead by Tamati..or Tama as he s called by his friends..the results of that chase sets this rollercoaster ride into motion For me it was a ride filled withA few Ultimate WTF moments Followed by a large amount of..I even got a chuckle or two in..This book had it all..I really loved it..and Im glad I strapped in and took the ride Thank You Mrs.Hansen

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    An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Marita A Hansen s Behind the Hood is a realistically frightening chase.First of all, if you enjoyed the author s Broken Lives series then you would surely like this too, not just because you would get glimpses of Dante Rata in it, but due to the familiar thrill of danger that you knew from Dante s story.Tama Harris, our antihero, was a violent young man who did everything to claim anything he desired The story started when he stabbed young Maya Daniels after she refused his advances towards her.Tama was a very curious character He was unpredictable I was always waiting for his next move One thing s certain trouble trailed Tama wherever he went.Heroic and selfless Nike Daniels was the person Tama hated the most Tama had been lusting after his wife, Jess, since they were in high school and he strongly believed that Nike stole Jess from him Nike was admirable He did everything for his family and you would be able to see how sincere he was in every action he took.Most characters were involved in gangs or drug related work The neighborhood itself was dangerous and almost lawless Each of the main characters had a family issue weighing them down, and Tama became the cherry on top of all their problems.The writing of this book was very similar to that of Broken Lives, particularly the slang spoken by the characters are the same for both series are set in the same lower socio economic class and world Most of them had angst and attitude , even the tone of writing had a bit of cussing mixed in.The ending wherein view spoiler Tama was finally imprisoned for his crimes hide spoiler

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    5 Plus Brilliant Intense Stars This is the first book in Marita A Hanson Behind the Lives seriesOnce again its a raw and realistic story of gang life on the streets of New Zealand.It is YA but in this case it means a story about young adults, there is no Disney here folks. The story starts with a young 14 year old girl being chased by a gang as she is returning home from a night out.This then kicks off a chain of rollercoaster events.Tama is a complete psycho, he s the gang leader His family life is chaotic Spending most of his time on the streets with his disillusioned friends He causes chaos where ever he goes.To be honest he has no real redeeming qualities except his love for his mum and sister And with his obsession for the wife of a hated rival it will bring this story to a jaw dropping conclusion My ThoughtsI read this story last but I don t really think it matters first or last Reading Behind the Tears and then Behind the Lens Both blew me away with their story.Because I read it last it was like a flashback of when they were younger, everything fitting into place and bringing all the stories together.As with her other stories there is always an touch of humour along side all the craziness..The author does use some slang within the gang throughout her series I personally have no problem if that s how they talk then write it. Everything about this book pulls you in with this intense addictive tale. terrifying at times The characters each have their own POVs. entwining their lives into each others story to bring it to a OMG finish. Finally this may not be for everyone but its a brilliant written story that deserves to be readI give this outstanding series so far.6 Stars and I can t wait to see where Marita takes these guys further..

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Behind the Hood summary pdf Behind the Hood, summary chapter 2 Behind the Hood, sparknotes Behind the Hood, Behind the Hood 0dbf429 PLEASE NOTE This Is Not A Romance Book, If You Want Romance Start From Book See Additional Notes At The Bottom Of The BlurbLife On The Rough Side Of New ZealandIn This South Auckland Neighbourhood Where Gang Culture, Drink, Drugs, Sex And Violence Is Already A Way Of Life, A Vicious Attack On A Teenage Girl Sparks A Ripple Effect Of Revenge And Fury Live The Carnage Through Multiple Viewpoints As The Tale Unfolds To A Bloody Climax NOT For The Fainthearted WARNING Language And Sexual References Are Graphic Additional Notes This Book Has No M M It Has Different Main Characters From Book And The Rata Brothers Are Minor Characters In Book And Major Characters From Book Onward My Suggestion Is To Start From Book , Then Read Book , And If You Like Those Two Then You Could Try Book Graffiti Heaven Is A Prequel Series Based Around Ash Rata When He Was Younger

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SOME FACTS ABOUT ME NATIONALITY I am a New Zealander with Croatian heritage.SPORTS As a teenager my favourite sports were karate, badmington, and running I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team my gym teacher made me do the last one As an adult, I ve couched soccer and have completed two marathons, numerous half marathons and one 30K run Though, I have been slack of late,