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    After No One Here Gets Out Alive laid bare the hedonistic and troubled history of Jim Morrison and the Doors, it seemed all available information had been served up for the public appetite and there was nothing left to say Numerous volumes on the topic followed but most only echoed what had already been said For nearly three decades, No One Here has remained the ultimate guide to the enigmatic singer and his long suffering band.It feels vaguely traitorous to say so but I m going to do it anyway Angels Dance and Angels Die may be the most gripping and insightful book yet on the subject of Morrison and his screaming shaman s dance through rock and roll history Where the earlier work provided a chronicle of the band s rise to the top and than a few glimpses behind the stage curtains, Angels Dance achieves something significant It studies the motivations, flaws and personal history that made Jim Morrison the kind of man and artist whose popularity continues to mushroom nearly four decades after his death.Much of Patricia Butler s beautifully written book focuses on the stormy relationship between Jim and his cosmic mate Pamela Courson But it is than a blow by blow photo album of dish hurling fights and lurid infidelities Butler writes with unflagging objectivity and offers up her views only when those views are supported by sources who knew Jim or Pam or both as intimately as anyone alive The result is a book that s both illuminating and powerful, a rock and roll love story like none ever told.My wife is a mild Doors fan who mostly tolerates my own tenacious adoration of the group She has no interest in No One Here Gets Out Alive or any of the numerous rockographies that followed it Angels Dance appeals to her though, because it is a story of genuine love that exists in spite of the many pitfalls of the rock and roll universe, which is not a place that has proven friendly to enduring romance With that kind of broader audience, Butler s book may prove to be durable as well, and deservedly so She reports and writes with the flair of a seasoned journalist yet there is no shortage of drama and poetry here Angels Dance and Angels Die should be regarded as essential reading for anyone who remains fascinated by the Morrison legend From the first page to the last, this one is as intriguing, mysterious and brilliant as the notes from Ray Manzarek s keyboard.

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    While the stories of how they met may differ, one thing was clear from the very beginning Jim and Pam were meant to be Jim was only beginning to move into music then, his band The Doors working hard to build a career Pamela was with him every step of the way not only supporting his dreams but becoming muse for both his lyrics and poetry They became a famous duo among the Laurel Canyon crowd, living in the house on Love Street While they were famous for being great lovers they were also famous for their constant fights and Jim s out of control alcohol use As Pamela once said, There were a lot of people who pretended to be close to Jim, but I was the only one who had the nerve to stand up to him They may both have had a dark side, but their love for one another was pure Pamela was one of the very few people Jim trusted to bare his true self to and they both knew no matter how many fights, or flings the pair may have had, they would always have each other As The Doors rose to great success so did Jim s alcoholism, leading to tensions within the band as well as numerous arrests and court cases By 1971, Jim Pamela knew in order to regain control of their lives, they had to get away from the chaos surrounding them They decided to move to Paris, even though they both didn t speak a word of French They had each other after all, and that s all they needed Within 4 months Pamela would awake to find Jim had passed away in the night A piece of Pamela died that night as well, though she stuck around long enough to fight the legal battles to ensure Jim legacy and wishes not be forgotten They would both be deceased by age 27, though their love story has filled our airwaves and libraries ever since As Ray Manzarek said Pamela and Jim are going to go down in the history books as great lovers and people are going to be writing plays about them It s Romeo Juliet, it s Heloise Abelard, it s Jim Pam There have been many books written about Jim which discuss Pamela, and there are many conflicting stories about their lives together I had read many of these before but it wasn t until reading Patricia Butler s book Angels Dance Angels Die that I felt Pamela got a fair representation.Anyone who wishes to learn about these gorgeous rock n roll lovers can head over to Muses Stuff as we recently dedicated an episode to the pair.

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    I absolutely loved this I learnt some things about Jim that I never knew about before and it certainly made me understand why he acted the way he did during the last years of his life.I think Pam Jim were soulmates and they always will be they were perfect for each other I love the idea that they went through so much together, yet in the end they stayed together because their love outweighed all of the bad times.

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    Many years ago I was a long haired musician wandering Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California Jim Morrison had been dead for a decade and Ms Courson for almost as long I had liked The Doors music, but I was far too young when Morrison s problems were in the News to be aware of them I remembered that he died around the time that Jimi Hendrix During my flirtation with Rock in the youth driven Hollywood of the 1980 s, the band I was with became the house band at Gazzarri s on the Strip for awhile and during that time I got to know the late Bill Gazzarri pretty well and he knew Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson Bill still had a pair of shoes behind the bar that he made Jim wear when he cruised the Blvd.Over the years since I have read some of the biographies on Morrison None of the books seemed to speak of the people that Bill, or others I met in Hollywood, remembered Everyone of these biographies seemed to have an ax to grind about these two hippies First off, Jim Morrison was a drinker, not a stoner Pamela was actually pretty well liked outside the nastiness of the other Doors and their hanger ons That is the point though is it not, history is usually told by it s survivors and the remaining Doors were a pretty pathetic group of garage band types who only had a chance at fame because of Morrison When he was gone, their time was over Butler took six years to research her book and she takes a different view of the two She paints the picture of Morrison that was familiar to those I had spoken to on the strip Jim was a man caught between the Beat poets and the psychedelic rockers of the 1960 s He was bridging the gap between two groups and might have been in line with Jack Kerouac partying on Sunset, than the other West Coast Rockers he was associated with No wonder why he was a loner, who separated the different groups he befriended Pamela was really a loner too, and somehow they were able to ignite each other s passion Perhaps, it is because in many ways they were both out of place on Sunset BlvdI have seen that before too I can forgive Patricia Butler for falling in love with Pamela by the end of her book, I fell in love with her too and maybe it is not a bad thing to try and understand that Courson, like everyone else had her good days and bad, but like The Doors she lost her shinning star on that hot day in Paris and lost her way If you want to continue to hate her, that is your choice You are not hurting her any, but read the book with an open mind and see what you feel at the conclusion of the story.Butler interviews many of the people who knew them that were not just work associates It is nice to see that time had also passed and some of the other Doors had better things to say, now that they were facing their own mortality In the end there was nothing supernatural about their lives, they were on a collision course with death, as their whole generation was They had passion, they had adventure and I cannot help but envy their innocence By the time it was my time, my age group was already jaded in our twenties The fifties exploded into the sixties and then dribbled into the seventies and eighties I have only had a little view of that time through a glass darkly, but Ms Butler s book widened that view somewhat not only on the subject intended, but on the place that for a decade I called home and for that I am indebted to her.I highly recommend the book for anyone who is intrigued by Morrison or interested in that particular time in either Hollywood or the music industry.

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    This book was given to me by my best friend who is now among the angels By far one of my favorites.

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    One of the best books I ve read so far about the Doors It gave Jim and Pam depth to their personalities I thought rather than some of the one dimensional stuff I ve read and seen I thought it was well researched

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    This book looks sugary on the outside, but the author certainly did her research She is a main source for many of the better known Morrison biographies Essential Doors reading.

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    I live near where she grew up so I got better stories from my chemistry teacher but this book is still really good

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    For all my morbidness, I love love and what Jim and Pam had was the real deal, no matter how screwed up it usually was I loved how he reffered to Pam as his cosmic mate swoon

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    If you are a Jim Morrison fan then this book is great There s a lot info on Pam in this book then all of the others I ve ever read.

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