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    Okay, I may be biased here But I think it s pretty darn awesome D is an incredibly nerdy author

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    Original review posted on The Book SmugglersThea s Take There are two ends of the CG animated movie spectrum On the one side, there are gems like Wall E and Up and Toy Story On the other, there are the lamentable films like Fly Me to the Moon, or Robots, or Shark Tale Granted, many kids like all of these films and there is some entertainment value to find in each of them but there s a huge difference in storytelling skill and in quality.Unfortunately, Keeper of the Lost Cities falls deep on the Shark Tale end of the MG YA spectrum A poor man s Harry Potter, featuring a super special snowflake of a heroine, Keeper of the Lost Cities is a sadly disappointing and frequently laughable dud.But let s start at the beginning, shall we From the synopsis, this novel seems like it would be about a telepathic twelve year old girl that discovers secrets about her family, her true birthright, and her abilities Right What Keeper of the Lost Cities delivers instead is a story about ultra beautiful, ultra intelligent, ultra magical elves yes, elves , whose existence is secret from disgusting humans It then morphs into Harry Potter knock off land, complete with a prestigious, secret and ultra selective academy for young prodigious elves, with classes in specialized areas like alchemy and telepathy Oh yeah, and it turns out that Sophie Foster, our protagonist, is not only superduper desirable a humble twelve year old, but already commanding the attentions of fifteen year olds but possesses unparalleled power and is The One who can Save them All.I could go on and on, so let me just focus on the three areas that bothered me the most regarding Keeper of the Lost Cities the blase treatment combo of science and magic, Sophie s super specialness and unconvincing nature as a character , and the unabashed Harry Potter ripoffs.Let s start with Science and Magic When it s done well, I love a speculative fiction book that blends fantasy elements with sci fi, magic with hard science This is, I suspect, what Shannon Messenger attempted to accomplish in this novel Unfortunately, it just doesn t work From very early on in the book, we learn that even the slowest elf can still trump a human and that elves, apparently, know ALL the things about genetics and DNA and relative physics, but say this isn t science OR magic As heartthrob elf Fitz tells our heroine Sophie This is magic Fitz laughed a full body laugh, like it was the funniest thing he d ever heard No, he said when he d regained control Magic is a stupid idea humans came up with to try to explain things they couldn t understand But in the next breath, when Fitz starts to describe the impossible apparating speed of light travel, he tells Sophie that elves light leap He held the pathfinder up to the sun, casting a ray of light onto his hand Light leaping We hitched a ride on a beam of light that was headed straight here That s impossible You need infinite energy for light travel Haven t you heard of the theory of relativity She thought she had him stumped with that one, but he just laughed again That s the dumbest thing I ve ever heard No further explanation, until a few pages later, when Fitz tells Sophie This is how the world really works It s not magic It s just how it is.Well THAT explains everything, then In this type of setting, magic would be completely acceptable as an explanation for feathered dinosaur pets, catching lightning in a bottle, using elderberries to transmutate iron, and so on But instead, Keeper of the Lost Cities insists on not science science, not magic magic, and the end result is, well, ridiculous.Which brings me to my next gripe Sophie, the Special Snowflake When we first meet Sophie, we learn that she is twelve years old, telepathic, possessing a photographic memory, and a high school senior that has been accepted at Yale University We also learn that she is the prettiest girl in school , that she is an unprecedentedly powerful telepath, sickeningly sweet and good, and everyone rushes to her aid at slightest provocation And I just want to include this quote, because Ana and I both had a good laugh when we read it Her family couldn t be her family She took a deep breath and let the reality settle in The strange thing was, in some ways it made sense It explained why she always felt so out of place around them the slender blonde among her chubby brunette family.Oh WOE WOE The life of a slender blonde in a chubby brunette family.And then, finally, there s the big whopping Harry Potter Ripoff problem I ll make this easy as soon as Sophie gets to Elfland, she hears that she has been invited to attend a prestigious academy for aspiring young witches and wizards elves called Hogwarts Foxfire The school is presided over by a benevolent headmaster Dumbledore Dame Alina, who also gets to pick the constantly changing sweet treat password sweet treat tasting flavor that unlocks every student s locker on day one, the flavor is Fizzing Whizbees Mallowmelt Harry Sophie quickly makes friends with Hermione and Ron Marella and Dex, and Dex happens to be a mudblood bad match byproduct, meaning that his parents were muggles non noble elves While at school, Sophie excels and is a natural at almost all of her subjects, except for potions alchemy Professor Snape Lady Galvin seems to really have it out for Sophie for some reason.And on and on the list goes I ll stop here, though While I m certain there are many people out there that will enjoy Keeper of the Lost Cities, this book failed to work for me on any level.Ana s Take Yes, to all that Thea covered basically everything I wanted to say and I don t have a lot to add but here is my two cents Keeper of the Lost Cities is a ridiculous book and I wish I could just make fun of it, disregard it simply as a bad book experience and think no of it But this is such a blatant, poor imitation of Harry Potter with the addition of extremely uncomfortable Racefail that I must look at it from a serious perspective.I do not have anything to add to Thea s assessment of Sophie but I have a couple of things to add to her other areas of concern the Magic x Science conundrum and the Harry Potter Ripoffs.With regards to the former, my main problem with the ridiculous not science science and not magic magic is that it results in a complete lack of internal logic and that is a way too big a flaw in the very construction of the story The idea that the elves don t know a lot about the human world is reinforced throughout the story elves often wonder what a dollar is or what is France They also insist that what they do is not science And yet the very human scientific concept of DNA and genetics research is at the very centre of this story.Regarding the clear Harry Potter Ripoff, I can add a lot to Thea s breakdown All wizards elves perform spells have gifts and Harry Sophie soon learns that there are three Unforgivable Curses gifts that are frowned upon the deadly Killing Curse, the Cruciatus Curse and the Imperius Curse the deadly Pyrokineticsm, Infliction and Mermerizing She also learns to play the wizard s elven game of Quidditch Catch and that there are other people who don t really like her like the snobby Lucius Cassius.I wish I was kidding.And that brings me to my last point the brown skinned Gnomes who work for the Elves as their gardeners.This is a world in which the vast majority of elves are described as impossibly beautiful with fair skin there is the odd olive skinned elf and shiny blue teal eyes And where, even though everybody works, they do so because they want to because elves are rich and don t really need money But basically the elves have important jobs but the Gnomes tend their gardens And those are the only creatures within the novel described as brown skinned Then Sophia asks those Gnomes are servants and is promptly told off because of course the elves do not keep servants The gnomes CHOOSE to live with the elves for their own protection and help them with their gardens because they enjoy it.The obliviousness to the real life, historical and racial implication of this point is completely mind blowing and what made me enraged rather than potentially amused by the book.In fairness, it is very possible that this might be addressed at some point in the series after all, didn t Hermione Granger address the problem of the House Elves in the Harry Potter series and some readers will probably not care about the similarities to HP or even appreciate it as homage of sorts I am not one of them Finding the similarities between this and the Harry Potter books might actually have been fun if it wasn t so awkward plus the characterisation here is nowhere near as good as Rowling s endearing creations and this means that characters here are flat, thin, poorly constructed imitations.Ultimately this is what it boils down to Keeper of the Lost Cities is not one of the worst books I have ever read but it is certainly one of the most laughable ones And it made me despair that books like these even get to see the light of day.

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    Ridiculously good I love it And I imagine I would have been even head over the heels, had I gotten this one to read as a kid Still, even for an adult, this is an immensely entertaining read Complete with a new world, tidy loose endings wrapped up, likable protagonists, Harry Potteresque schools And Telepaths, Mesmers, Inflicters, Washers, Descryers, Atlantis, Exilium, Eternalia, Foxfire, prodigies, talent based nobility, Dames and Sirs, society that had no death almost , Slurps and Burps , Moonlarks or suldreen , meganeuras, dwarves and knomes, and, of course, elves Gosh There are some influences and analogues and I love it Duh I loved HP books and a lot of the other analogues that could be traced and I m positively enamoured with the KLC series Q You re saying I m an alien Fitz erupted into laugher I m saying you re an elf c Q They weren t exactly fans of their resident child prodigy They called her Curvebuster c Q Garwin was still bitter Yale had offered her a full scholarship His rejection letter had arrived a few weeks before Not that Sophie was allowed to go c Q Is that your magic wand she couldn t resist asking.He rolled his eyes Actually, it s a pathfinder c Q Places this beautiful weren t supposed to exist, much less appear out of thin air c Q It was so quiet there, just the gentle breeze brushing her face and the soft murmur of the river No traffic, no chatter, no hammering, unspoken thoughts She could get very used to the silence But it felt strange, too Like something was missing c Q Laws are rarely broken Well, that was different Humans broke the law all the time c Q Haven t you heard of the theory of relativity That s the dumbest thing I ve ever heard Who came up with that c Q Humans do the best they can but their minds can t begin to comprehend the complexities of reality c Q Other babies learned to walk You learned to pace c Q How long do elves live We don t know, No one s died of old age yet c Q You seriously expect me to jump I can push you if you d prefer c Q Humans are always doing crazy, dangerous things If they re not lighting something on fire, they re spilling oil in the ocean or blowing something up c Q You can see my cells Of course Did you think I was wearing these glasses because they make me look dashing c Q Grady and Edaline train the animals to be vegetarians by feeding them gnomish produce that way they won t hunt one another once they re moved to the Sanctuary Another roar interrupted their conversation Whatever it was sounded like it wasn t happy about its new diet plan c Q Sophie cringed, hoping she wasn t about to watch her new guardian become lizard food c Q A gnome ran in during breakfast and yelled something about a manticore stinging a stegosaurus, and they both ran off And people say my parents are weird c Q If she was good for them, maybe they d want to keep her c Q If you weren t so obviously alive, I would assume I was probing a dead mind c Q Don t mind Bullhorn, Elwin said as Sophie backed against the door He s harmless Bullhorn looked like a demented ferret with beady purple eyes What is he A banshee Adorable, isn t he c Q Lady Anwen told her in multispeciesial studies that she hadn t laughed so hard in 324 years c Q Your concentration controls how you use the energy where you send it, how much you send But the actual energy and strength comes from your core Don t you feel the pull in your gut when you draw on it Q Potential is nothing if it s never lived up to, now is it c Q Dex had been nagging her for months to try an elixir he invented called Nogginease, which contained limbium, a rare mineral that could supposedly clear her mind She d resisted, since she couldn t use it during the exams, but maybe it was like learning to ride a bike She needed training wheels to start c Q It was hard to resist the urge to crawl under a rock and disappear for a decade or two c

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    ALL KINDS OF AWESOME Seriously am in love with this book series and its characters KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES is a fantasy mystery of epic proportions and it s captivating from page one.While it s perfectly fitted for middle grade readers even reluctant readers will burn through this and beg for I have to be honest and say that I don t read very much middle grade But I m 31, and this book is still one of my all time favorites The reach of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES extends from those middle grade readers all the way to adults of any age Try it, you ll see what I mean.The characters are each fully developed and completely lovable even especially the troublemakers The pages are full of intrigue and twists and mystery all while Sophie Foster the main character struggles to find her place in her new world The setting is lush, the creatures are awesome and just as lovable as the characters, and the bad guys are pretty freaking scary.If you only read one book for the rest of the year, MAKE IT THIS ONE You ll be thanking me after.

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    Alright, I will start this off by saying that this book was written by my little sister.and for you to fully understand what this means I must explain a few things to you Shannon has always been the over achiever in the family, she s younger than me, yet managed to graduate a couple days before me, 4.0 and valedictorian no less She graduated college, which I never even went to, and she always manages to do things like change the lightbulbs, wear accessories and eyeliner, and bring a jacket whereas I am hopeless in all these departments So when Shannon FINALLY let me read her book, I knew it would be good..There was a tiny part of me though that didn t want to like it..becauseCOME ON, she can t really be good at everything can she Well any hope I had of not liking it was gone by around page 50..I was hooked, so hooked in fact that my noisy animals distracting me from my reading proved to be too much So I got in my car and drove to the beach and spent all day sitting on the sand until I finished all 400 plus pages of it It was good, really good I won t go into the story, because it s hard to explain it, but it is really genuinely beautiful It s witty and sharp and obviously extremely engrossing The world that my sister has created here is pretty much, for lack of a better word see I told you she is the smart one awesome I can see why there is so much buzz building up for the release of this one So all I have to say to everyone else is that you should pick up a copy just as soon as you can..and to Shannon I can only tip my imaginary hat I m not nearly good enough with accessories to have a real hat and say good job little sister, you are clearly going to be a big success PS.remember the little people when you do become a success..Like when you are doing casting for the male actors in the movie that will undoubtably be made from this..remember me.and my excellent spectating skills

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    Rating Though I nearly DNFed in the beginning they re ELVES She s HARRY FREAKING POTTER THEY RE ELVES , ultimately I was charmed by this middle grade fantasy.The cover 99% of the reason I wanted this LOOOOK at it And at Sophie s oh so glorious middle grade hair Let s pretend I looked like that at age 12.The story I came so close to giving up on this one I thought the beginning was a MESS Normal but not normal preteen girl suddenly discovers she is part of a magical world she never knew existed Yeah, we ve all read it before, but it s possible to pull this conceit off in a pretty original matter Instead, for most of the beginning, I was rolling my eyes and saying, Harry Potter Ooh, that was Twilight esque OH MY GOD, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO A MAGICAL SHOPPING STREET AND INTO A MAGICAL POTIONS STORE CALLED SLURPS AND BURPS. Sophie is your average twelve year old high school senior who can read minds bwahahahahaha One day, on a school field trip, a hot fourteen year old boy comes up and tells her she doesn t belong in the human world Sophie begs and begs to know why, and eventually Fitz, hottie extraordinaire despite the fact that he is named Fitz, tells her she is an elf Nope Not quite YEP THAT S THE ONE I don t know why I snickered every time the world elf was on the page, but I did It was so silly Anyway, the world building from this point on isn t bad, though it is, again, a little silly The elves sequestered themselves away from the doomed, dirty humans a couple thousand years ago, retreating into the lost cities of Atlantis, Shangri La, etcetera Elves kind of suck for this Anyway, Fitz shows up to find Sophie in the human world, and he s all Because it turns out Sophie is the specialest little snowflake that you ever did see Anything an elf can do, Sophie can do better No, best Sophie can do it backwards and upside down and with her eyes closed and when she was a fetus It was quite exahausting to spend the whole beginning of the book discovering all ninety thousand of Sophie s mystical gifts No elf in a thousand years has had THAT ability No elf has ever had BROWN eyes No elf has EVER made me want to commit suicide before Oops, I angered the pretty Aw, I kid, Legolas, really It wasn t that bad I was just feeling grumpy, and the book wasn t working for me We spend a LOT of time establishing the world and Sophie s awesomeness Messenger actually broke my heart when Sophie had to say goodbye to her human family forever but then she skips right past it, and Sophie, while thinking of her family every now and then, never feels that pain again But then, things get better Things pick up once Sophie finds a tentative, surrogate family, makes it past the Wizengamot elf council which features one council memeber whose entire life mission is, inexplicably, to get Sophie exiled and goes off to elfing school Elfing school REALLY Yeah Really, Legolas But still, this is the point where the book gains a really delightful sense of humor Sophie becomes less of an assortment of cool abilities and of a sweet, earnest person, desperate to fit in somewhere and desperate to have a family The friends she makes are what really sold the book for me Dex the best friend is absolutely wonderful, even if he is one of 654323 male characters in love with Sophie Keefe, who could be a Weasley triplet, is hilarious, and Fitz is pretty swoony for a pre pubescent elf DAMN STRAIGHT WE ELVES BE FINE Never doubted it for a second, Legolas And even though some Harry Potter parallels remain oh, so you re known for getting sent to the hospital wing a lot, are you, Sophie , the book becomes its own by the time big things are going down All lot of the magical world building feels dense and original and plausible You learn WHY Sophie is the best elf in the history of elves, and it actually makes sense There was a twist I didn t see coming at all And the mystery is pretty engrossing.Mostly, this book overcame it s rocky start by winning my heart that sounds like a country song Everything in the latter half of the book was completely adorable Sophie gets a cute little animal sidekick, bonds with the bitchy mean girl, and has a couple really sad moments with her foster parents Suddenly, I found myself caring Also, jokes This book makes funnies I like funnies.I really want to read the sequel so I can find out if all my inappropriate ships come to light This book was such a bizarre journey for me, from open disgust to total adoration HOW DID YOU DO THIS, BOOK I DON T UNDERSTAND THIS WITCHCRAFT ELFCRAFT You win this one, adorable little elf people You win Stop looking so smug, you gorgeous creature ETA I forgot about Sophie s habit of PULLING OUT HER EYELASHES when she s nervous Who does that That is horrifying That better be significant later on, because as a personality quirk, it is DISTURBING.

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    5This was so good I have not had a middle grade suck me in this intensely since my first time reading Harry Potter as an actual middle grade aged reader so I am shook World Characters Pacing Series potential Keeper of the Lost Cities is not your average middle grade read This is an immersive, well built, and well told tale that caters to a middle grade audience mostly due to its 12 year old protagonist, Sophie Foster It s not overly simplified In fact, at times it was emotionally poignant than some YA fantasies How has it taken me so long to read this Sophie Foster is a 12 year old girl living in California She s branded a prodigy as her photographic memory and keen intelligence keep her at the top of every testing bracket, but that s not the main reason she s special Sophie can hear the thoughts of everyone around her.One day during a classroom field trip, Sophie meets a boy who also can read minds He says his name is Fitz, and he s been looking for her for a long time Sophie is told that her feelings of separation, of other amidst her family aren t her fault Sophie is an elf, and it s time to come home Playing on the now popular story line where a Chosen One is discovered in the wrong life and brought back to the fold just think Harry Potter, I did Sophie discovers that she is a rare kind of elf, and that the elven society she finds herself in does not know what to do with her So, they send her to their magical academy to learn about how to be an elf and how to harness her abilities Full disclaimer, I m a sucker for a well done Chosen One magical school trope Harry Potter reeled me in and I ve never really come back Because of this, I was primed to enjoy Keeper of the Lost Cities What I didn t expect was to fall head over heels for it Things that were amazing The nuanced discussion of foster case and found families and the issues that spring up as a result of those complex topics, Sophie s sense of fair play, Sophie s dynamics with her schoolmates painfully real and yet readable , the unique magic system, the GOOD dialogue middle grade tends to grate on me due to its reading level it s occasionally dumbed down beyond what is necessary Things that weren t amazing Absolutely nothing If I had to pick a negative, I found the beginning a bit slower than the rest as we were stuck in an introduction loop for the elf world and lifestyle However, that s often the case with this trope so there wasn t really a way around it.If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or any novel filled with magical academies and Chosen Ones or, honestly, even if you re just a fan of fantasy novels do yourself a favor and pick up Keeper of the Lost Cities It s a hidden gem and can definitely handle an adult audience.

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Keeper of the Lost Cities download Keeper of the Lost Cities, read online Keeper of the Lost Cities, kindle ebook Keeper of the Lost Cities, Keeper of the Lost Cities 00a1913d5d54 Twelve Year Old Sophie Foster Has A Secret She S A Telepath Someone Who Hears The Thoughts Of Everyone Around Her It S A Talent She S Never Known How To ExplainEverything Changes The Day She Meets Fitz, A Mysterious Boy Who Appears Out Of Nowhere And Also Reads Minds She Discovers There S A Place She Does Belong, And That Staying With Her Family Will Place Her In Grave Danger In The Blink Of An Eye, Sophie Is Forced To Leave Behind Everything And Start A New Life In A Place That Is Vastly Different From Anything She Has Ever KnownSophie Has New Rules To Learn And New Skills To Master, And Not Everyone Is Thrilled That She Has Come Home There Are Secrets Buried Deep In Sophie S Memory Secrets About Who She Really Is And Why She Was Hidden Among Humans That Other People Desperately Want Would Even Kill ForIn This Page Turning Debut, Shannon Messenger Creates A Riveting Story Where One Girl Must Figure Out Why She Is The Key To Her Brand New World, Before The Wrong Person Finds The Answer First