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    This wild ride of a memoir takes us from Currie s suburban upbringing as a young rebel, dyeing her hair red, white and blue and dressing up as her idol, David Bowie, to, in a turn that is dramatically sudden, being asked to audition for The Runaways by Kim Fowley and Joan Jett while at her local hangout All of a sudden, she s thrust into the big time world of rock music, and the pace is hectic, with fame, and drugs, chasing the band.The heart of the story is Currie s quest to find a family who ll appreciate her for herself her dad does, and, to a large degree, her twin sister, Marie, and older sister, Sandie, but she contrasts them with the sisterhood, of sorts, she finds with her bandmates The growing infighting amongst the band, in large part of what was perceived as Currie s starring role in the press, along with her own increasing reliance on drugs and exhaustion from touring, help drive them apart Her life post Runaways finds her acting in the film Foxes, alongside Jodie Foster , recording solo albums and, mainly, figuring out who she isall while still in her twenties So much happens to Currie while still a teenager that it s sometimes hard to remember that she is so young.This is often a dark story, including rape and attacks that read like something out of a true crime book Her evocation of shows overseas, in Europe especially, are some of the most vivid, including garbage and knives being thrown onstage as punk hit you can practically feel the anger hurtling toward the stage, and Currie documents these times as vividly as she does the wildness of setting out on the road for the first time.Kim Fowley emerges as the villain who turned a group of young, talented teens into a world famous band, and while his actions speak for themselves, Currie also details the mixed feelings she had about him, at once abhorring him and appreciating the opportunities he gave her Sadly, her teen devolution into a range of drugs continued for a while as she tried to break free of their grip, even after watching her alcoholic father die This Currie, the one struggling for her place and her pride, is as much a player here as the one brandishing glitter and attitude onstage.She is circumspect about some moments, such as her relationship with Joan Jett, writing, She was my anchor How do I explain about a person that was my best friend, someone I would confide in like a sister, someone who to me became a strong, sexual attraction Well, it s easy Just like how easy it was to be that way with her I can leave it by saying that I had moments with a friend that quake me to this day And they were some of the most satisfying moments of my young life These tender moments are few and far between in Neon Angel much drawn out are some of the horror stories that illustrate the dark side of fame, or rather, fame under the iron fist of Fowley Currie s transformation from Bowie wannabe to Cherry Bomb through recovery to mom, actress and chain saw cutter is fascinating and riveting.

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    I ve always been a huge Joan Jett fan so this book was a magnet for me Loved the whole book, her life and her story Unlike many celebrity memoirs I have read, she is so likable you just can t help but feel all that she has survived I love this girl and love this book

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    I think it goes without saying that the writing isn t inventive literary genius, or like, follows normal rules of tenses But that s not why you read this book you read it to see what life is like going from a 15 year old valley freak, to a 17 year old banshee in a globe trotting touring band, to a 21 year old coke burnout living in the Hollywood Hills with a fat dealer and passing out at the grocery store.At first I was miffed that the beginning of the text opens with a This book is based in part on referencing the 89 version published with a different co author I felt almost cheated what was being scrubbed from the record The afterword explains that Cherie wrote the original book as sort of a young adult cautionary tale and that many of the stories she recounts were of a teen friendly nature, not a Hollywood Babylon style tell all So there s that As a true completest I d love to get my hands on the first edition, but it sells for 100 everywhere Perhaps it will be my greatest find someday at a junk shop What s a good metaphor for the hunt for an elusive object The book itself is quite funny in parts, terrifying in others Cherie makes Lita Ford out to be a real bitch, but maybe Lita was already wearing this thong unitard under all her clothes and it was too tight Kim Fowley doesn t quite get the treatment I thought he would, seeing how he blatantly stole money from a bunch of naive teenage girls and continually verbally abused them, but there s a little Stockholm Syndrome in Cherie s descriptions of him, so perhaps that s how she got over I don t think he s mentioned in the afterword, which is just a long scroll of what everyone in the book is up to now I can tell you, though Kim still lives the perv life He has a radio show on the Underground Garage station on Sirius XM on Saturdays, during one of which he kept proposing to this twenty year old girl in studio Also his website is amazing.The afterword is also where I found out that Cherie s older sister Sondra played Zach Galifianakis mom in The Hangover.Anyway, read it if you can get your hands on it I got it ILL cause it was checked out of the Henrico Library in March and has yet to be returned If you get the original edition let me borrow it And don t use your mind s eye to see Cherie as played by Dakota Fanning It s just wrong First read Read from May 16 to 22, 2012, ISBN 9780061961359

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    Fame, manipulation, bad hair, and lots and lots and lots of quaaludes.What a train wreck Both the text did she have an editor and the story though on the story side of things, that s what keeps you reading, of course It s hard to look away but in this case, sometimes I really wanted to I m afraid I m forever damaged by Cherie Currie s horrifying history of sexual abuse and stupidity If you were repulsed by the film version of Kim Fowley, don t even pick this up Dude is despicable One of the worst parts of this book is that it s actually frequently hard to feel sorry for Cherie, despite all the ways she was taken advantage of because she comes across as such a complete dip shit You were hardcore Nobody could tell you what to do Then why is this memoir a lesson in manipulation and how to fall for it Cherie Currie s life sounds like the exact opposite of the freedom she thought she was living out That said, this is not uninteresting It s a big ol mess, quick and reads like a juicy diary, though ultimately too depressing for me.

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    3.5 stars After seeing the movie The Runaways I felt led to pick up Cherie Currie s book at the library Overall, Neon Angel was what I expected a behind the scenes look at the drug fueled downfall of a former teenaged rock musician actress Currie experienced in her first 20 years or so than usually seen in several lifetimes Unfortunately most of the negative experiences seem to be caused by her own drug addled choices or naivete Many times I was struck by how incredibly naive she seemed to be or at least how she chose to portray herself At first I excused it by thinking she was only a teenager but, despite her age at the time, she was no ordinary teenager By the age of 15 she was in a rock band and touring the world Surely, sheer life experience would have added a bit of wisdom or even street smarts along the way It also rankled to read of her twin sister Marie used as a scapegoat for her drug use Apparently, Marie s unwillingness to fully support their joint effort album drove Cherie straight to freebasing cocaine Seriously Somehow I doubt Marie was forcing the pipe to her lips How about some personal responsibility for the choices she willingly made It was also interesting when reading the afterword where Currie gave some where are they now info, there was absolutely no mention of Lita Ford No love lost there All in all, Neon Angel was an interesting look at a crazed lifestyle and ultimate redemption.

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    She had me with the first chapter, where she first describes her Bowie fixation Despite the fact that I ve always had a soft spot for The Runaways, I knew I d have an easy time reading the memoir of a fellow Bowiephile but man, I had no idea what I was getting myself into with reading the stories of Cherie Currie s life Even after seeing the Runaways movie which was based largely on this book , I only knew the tip of the iceberg Currie shares tales from her life that made my blood run cold, hot, and every temperature in between And the style of writing that she and her co writer employ is personable, bittersweet and deliciously campy all in one package I got the feeling while reading this book that I was sitting at a diner with Cherie Currie, demolishing bottomless cups of coffee and shooting the breeze I enjoyed the way this book addressed the reader with a breezy tone of familiarity, as if we were her besties Her life story is not always easy to digest, but from the very first chapter, it s easy to invest in the wild life of this amazing lady Good stuff.

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    at the beginning of this book i felt slightly disappointed in myself that I didn t join a band when i was 15 and go on tour and get a bit crazy while wearing a corset and suspenders i was busy getting videos out of pier video in aberystwyth and reading books about aleister crowley , but by the end of reading this i realised that i had made the right choice and ye es, there wasn t really a choice no one came and asked me to join a band while i was hanging out in the sugar shack.so, there are actually lots of horrible things in this book and the way the runaways were treated when they were so young is just horrifying argh men are awfulbut aside from this or because of this the book is really fascinating i loved cherrie s natural writing style, and I liked how she wrote about all the stuff without ever really portraying herself as a victim the deleted scenes while a cute idea, i could have done without really enjoyed it, love the music and am gonna go and watch the movie.

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    When I first read this book, I was a little confused I had to go back and read it again Basically, I was confused because I have no idea how a memoir this good raw and honest and confused and funny and sad could have been boiled down to the piece of garbage that was the movie, The Runaways Seriously, how did that happen Currie is not the most fantastic writer that ever existed Her voice is plain and had a little of I m trying too hard to sound like a real author syndrome going on at times But the story the story is fantastic Instead of the shock and awe style that most rock n roll biographies depend upon, Currie leans heavily on the internal conflict Sure, a lot of crazy stuff goes down, but whatever hell Currie is going through pales in comparison to her internal demons A great read.

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    I really like the Runaways stuff, but after she left it became the Nikki Sixx show with how much coke she did The best part of the book was her encounter with James Lloyd White, that was absolutely terrifying I m not sure if Cherie actually wrote this or had a ghost writer, but according to Joan Jett who did the forward she was even surprised by how well Cherie could write..I agreeHer life is was pretty amazing, and it s incredible she is still alive, she got her shit together it seemed though.If you like biographies, and tell all with the dirt and sleaze then this is the book for youtoo bad the movie wasn t as in depth as this book, now I have to read Joan Lita s books.

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    This was a very tough book to read because it was a very tough story This is a rewrite of an earlier edition and you can definitely feel that in parts The beginning could be tough because there was less edit help than there was at the end There seemed to be a conscious attempt to retain as much as Cherie s voice as possible and that did make reading the story tough at times I wish there had been a little less voice and a little editing in places because that would make the story easier to read simply from a language perspective because it is a very powerful story.If you didn t hate Kim Fowley before, you will by the time you re done.

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