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Hide and Seek pdf Hide and Seek, ebook Hide and Seek, epub Hide and Seek, doc Hide and Seek, e-pub Hide and Seek, Hide and Seek 4eed320d4c7 Maggie Bradford Is On Trial For Murder In The Celebrity Trial Of The DecadeAs One Of The World S Best Loved Singer Songwriters, She Seems To Have It All So How Could She Have Murdered Not Just One, But Two Of Her Husbands Will Shephard Was Maggie S Second HusbandA Magnificent Athlete And Film Star, He Was Just As Famous But Will Had Dark, Dangerous Secrets That None Of His Fans Could Have Imagined That His Own Wife Could Never Dreamed Of

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    just ok..it was a mind provoking book,engaging at times but then i m disappointed with the storyline. paperback

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    This is not my kind of thing Most of the story is the biography of Maggie Bradford, the singer, starting from her miserable first marriage, then her later years This part has first person narration which I generally don t like in my books and I don t like it here too Another huge part of the book is the biography of Will Shephard, the famous football player and the second husband of Maggie This part is even harder to read since Will has a very disturbing character and personality Maggie is accused of killing Will the same way she killed her first husband But for than 75% of the book we mostly read the biographies of Maggie and Will The last one forth of the story focuses of the trial and this part I finally found interesting I totally admit to skipping through some biographical parts but this final suspense centred around the questions what really happened did Maggie kill Will is what I quite enjoy In fact I like it enough to consider rising my notes up to 3 stars I wish the whole book is like that, I wish the actual suspense part is much developed Here we ve got interesting but still a biography of miserable life of fictional singer mostly presented by herself The suspense is unfortunately only a minor part of the book.Also, the story reminds me a lot of Public Secrets by Nora Roberts If you liked Hide and Seek, Public Secrets may be your thing.

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    Sconvolgente e seducente STREPITOSO Non mi viene in mente nessun altro termine con cui cominciare questa recensione Questo Thriller con la lettera maiuscola mi ha avvinghiata sin dalle primissime pagine e non mi ha pi mollata La scrittura di James Patterson mi ha ammaliata e i capitoli brevi e incisivi mi hanno resa letteralmente famelica Ogni volta mi ripetevo Solo un altro capitolo per poi continuare e continuare, in preda a una smania crescente.Una brama alimentata da Will Shepherd.Lui, il secondo marito.Lui, il protagonista assoluto di questa storia.Lui, la Follia.Cos come Tyrion Lannister era ossessionato dal voler conoscere il motivo per cui suo cugino schiacciava gli insetti con tale ferocia, cos io, pagina dopo pagina, volevo capire questo ragazzo Avevo bisogno di capirlo Will una sirena e anch io, come Maggie, mi sono ritrovata intrappolata nella tela che con maestria lui ha iniziato a tessere fin dalla sua prima comparsa Che astuto manipolatore Che sinistro attore Will Shepherd questo e molto, MOLTO di pi un incantatore dalla mente profondamente disturbata che anela disperatamente a essere amato e compreso davvero Ed assolutamente divino nella sua pazzia.Non voglio dirvi altro o continuare a delirare come una fangirl per il villain di questa storia, che va assaporata rigo dopo rigo Posso solo dire che Il secondo marito un crescendo di adrenalina e ansia che vi far andare in fibrillazione Un Must Read, assolutissimamente Lotterete con Maggie per la vostra vita, soccomberete al fascino oscuro di Will e rimarrete a bocca aperta nell incredibile e inquietante finale Leggi la recensione sul blog ACQUISTA CON 1 CLICK Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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    Hide and Seek is my first novel by American author, James Patterson This novel made quite an impression to me but it isn t the type of book that hooked me till its end I can still say that It is a page turner because you could imagine the drama and mystery it entails the readers but it only ends at that.The novel tells the story of a famous singer Maggie Bradford who once killed her husband in order to protect herself from scurrilous attacks and at the second part of the story, being accused of murdering his second husband, Will Shepard Due to Maggie Bradford s history of killing her first husband to get out of the abusive ways, it began to fuel speculation and accusations when she had again killed her second husband And during those tormenting moments she had entered the world of go Hide and Seek Sorry for the spoiler Although I tried to appreciate the verdict of Maggie Bradford I don t think she deserves it It is a good idea that the author intended to highlight domestic violence but then the victim was charged guilty because she just kept choosing the wrong type of husband What a wisecrack sense of justice Meeeh ___ Moreover, James Patterson focused on the background of the characters instead of the seemingly awesome plot It could have been better though It could have.

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    This was one of my least favorite Patterson novels There is nothing wrong with it except that I didn t care about any of the characters Most of the story is told from Maggie s point of view As a young wife she killed her abusive husband to protect her child She goes on to a fabulous song writing and singing career But the story is told in flashbacks from her sitting in jail awaiting trial for killing her current husband after she is already a success She comes off snarky and smug instead of frightened about the outcome of her trial The ending was so predictable Not up to Patterson s usual writing.

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    An excellent stand alone novel by James Patterson.Short chapters, fast paced, full of action, sound familiar

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    Terribly flat dialogue and unrealistic situations Characters were cardboard Heroine was unlikable and stupid Patterson should refrain from trying to write a female main character At 6% in our heroine gives this description of herself, view spoiler I glanced at my own reflection in the cab s window Very long, blond hair, mostly with a mind of its own, but my best physical attribute, I thought Freckles that no amount of makeup would ever cover Nose a little out of proportion Brown eyes that had, I knew, regained at least some of their half forgotten sparkle A small mouth, thickish lips made, as Phillip joked in the happy days, for fellatio hide spoiler

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    This book was not my cup of tea I feel that however it is a nice break from Alex Cross this was just not a break I needed Maggie Bradford was a dull character to me, however maybe I just feel that way because I cannot relate to her situation I felt that Patterson focused way to much on Maggie s life and how she lived and not enough of her marriage to Will Shepard and the developing collapse of their marriage I just felt that is was a long and drawn out book that never really captured my attention Finally I just felt that the ending was not really clever nor realistic And to me, with her first husband s shooting, abuse was clear and it was obviously in self defense, her second by heart attack, and then another shot after he beats her up I for one find it hard to believe a woman in that situation would be ever considered a murderer This book I can see being good for some people, however this is one book that I can actually say I feel as though I wasted my time reading it P.S This is my first post ever I hope to post lots reviews

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    Maggie Bradford is a famous singer and songwriter Many of her songs are based on the pain and heartbreak she feels because she killed her abusive husband before he killed her and their daughter Jennie Years later, Maggie falls for famous soccer player Will Fletcher As readers, we know Will is a psychopath who has killed before Maggie shoots him outside her home after finding him with Jennie Now she must undergo trial for killing her second husband.I m pretty sure I read this book when it came out 20 years ago The title is familiar but the story is not Patterson throws in some major twists near the end of the book I didn t suspect the ending.

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    Maggie Bradford has had it tough when it comes to romance She had to kill her abusive husband, and later she loses an older and rich lover to a heart attack while the two of them are sailing The worse of it comes when she meets soccer star Will Shepherd who is a double image of David Beckham.Besides being well known from the field, the Golden Arrow is also quite the ladies man He has no trouble finding romance Unfortunately for most of the ladies he ends up seeing, things don t usually turn out well In fact, as time goes by, their experiences get progressively worse and gorier.Will tries to put all that aside when he and Maggie start to see each other She has recovered from the loss of her lover, and has used her personal history to write a number of wonderful songs that, along with her voice, catapult her into superstardom In some ways, they are made for each other, and the tabloids just eat the world s newest glam couple right up.Their marriage leads to the expected rocky road and a murder trial that ends up being totally off track in a way that only Patterson can create Will and Maggie both star in the narrative, with Maggie being presented in first person and Will in third person Ironically, the reader fully knows what is going on in their heads, but he is still totally caught off guard by what really happens in the end.This is not necessarily one of his best, but Patterson did put together another nice read with this one.

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