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To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story summary To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story, series To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story, book To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story, pdf To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story, To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story 6127be157f Is There Life After Death Is God Real Is There Sufficient Reason To Live By Faith Dr Mary Neal S Walk With God Has Been Both Ordinary And Extraordinary, Brimming With The Gift And Privilege Of Being Touched By God In Visible And Very Tangible Ways She Is A Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon, A Wife, And A Mother Who Has Experienced Joy As Well As Great Sorrow And Death She Experienced Life After Death And, Despite Her Scientific Training, She Believes The Answer To Each One Of These Questions Is A Definitive Yes She Drowned On A South American River And Went To Heaven She Conversed With Angels She Returned To Earth, In Part, To Tell Her Story To Others And Help Them Find Their Way Back To God In This Book , Dr Neal Shares The Captivating Details Of Her Life In Which She Has Experienced Not Just One Miracle, But Many Her Story Is Both Compelling And Thought Provoking Her Experiences Provide Confirmation That Miracles Still Occur, Shows How God Keeps His Promises And Why There Is Sufficient Reason To Live By Faith Dr Neal S Message Is Fundamentally One Of Hope

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    One of the things I liked most about this book was that it s clear that Dr Neal isn t a writer, and I don t mean that in an offensive way at all Her prose is very simple, with little if any embellishments, flowery language, or complex syntax And the reason why I like that for this text is because it adds authenticity to her story She s not a charismatic, artistic type trying to sell a story or argue her own point of view she is very much just a medical professional who has led a life that s been repeatedly touched by God s amazing power, and who feels that she has an obligation to share those stories with the world.I wasn t reading her story through the lens of someone trying to sell an ideology to me or someone who was trying to make the story sensational though that would be hard to do Dr Neal s book is an honest, straightforward account of how God changed her life, and it s clear from reading it that she s only interested in telling the story she doesn t need to gain anything from it.Moving away from that point, Dr Neal s life story in and of itself is a MAGNIFICENT display of God s incredible power and love Time and time again He not only lead her life, but brought her through trials that would have destroyed many other people who would have tried to get through them on their own I was very much inspired when reading this, and I honestly teared up than a few times throughout the text In a time when so many people try to downplay the existence of God and His power, it s so heartwarming and encouraging to read this very frank account from a very scientific person who was raised and trained into the very culture of questioning and skepticism that many use as a weapon against the faith Dr Neal s story is incredible, and I recommend this book to anyone who needs a reminder of just how fantastic God s love for us is, and how real is His ability to intervene in our lives when we need it or ask for it It reads very quickly I finished it in just one night , so this is a great book even for those of you who are pressed for time during the week.

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    To Heaven and Back is a doctor s extraordinary account of her death, Heaven, angels and life again and is supposedly true is all aspects.Allow me to preface this review by stating that this opinion is coming from a born again, fundamental, Bible believing Christian As such, I found this book very disturbing and feel that the best place for it is in the garbage can I know that sounds harsh, but I feel this book contains several elements that could prove to be extremely hazardous to Christians and non Christians alike Allow me to state a few examples 1 Ms Neal gives readers the idea that a Christian following God s direction will not encounter troubles In her words, when you are doing God s will, everything seems to happen without much effort or many obstacles Say what Read the Bible, and you ll discover the exact opposite is true David was a man after God s own heart, and he faced obstacles Job was a good man and full of integrity, yet he lost everything he held dear Paul was the greatest missionary to have ever lived, yet he was imprisoned countless times, stoned, beaten, shipwrecked, and the list goes on Satan knows how to put obstacles in our path too He doesn t want us serving the Lord I fear after reading this, there will be Christians doubting their life s direction because they ve run into an obstacle or two My dear Christian, if this is the case, please know that those obstacles are a pretty good sign that you are on the right track.2 Ms Neal claims to have experienced salvation during her baptism Salvation occurs when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord over your life It has nothing to do with baptism except that baptism is an outward show of an inward change.3 Ms Neal admits that she felt God was a Sunday thing and spent the majority of her early life ignoring Him Yet every time she found herself in a difficult situation, she remembered to pray and God jumped in to meet her need exactly as she saw fit Again, I fear we have Christians reading this and wondering why God doesn t work that way for them God doesn t work that way for anyone God is not a genie in a lamp He is not at our beck and call We either have a relationship with Him or not We can t ignore Him and then expect Him to jump every time we call.4 Ms Neal uses quite an imagination in describing how children actually abide in Heaven before being sent to earth and that they remember Heaven when they re young So if that s the case, child like faith isn t faith at all It s just memories Additionally, she tells of communicating with angels and of others who communicated with their dead loved ones Okay, if you say so.5 Beyond that, there were events that were described that were beyond miraculous they were downright fictional Please don t misunderstand me I believe in miracles, and I believe God can do the impossible and unfathomable However, for one person to have experienced so many HUGELY miraculous events is just very hard to believe.6 Last, but certainly not least, Jesus was hardly mentioned at all in the book Yes, this woman went to Heaven, but yet angels and light and gardens get mention than Jesus And the few times she did mention Jesus, His name was used interchangeably with the angel Jesus is not an angel He is the Son of God Surely, a book about heaven should have focus on Jesus and less on self, right I hope that you understand why I m so emphatic about my opinions on this book It is feel good fiction like this that is leading hordes of people away from true salvation and a true knowledge of Christ And as a Christian, I feel it is my responsibility to warn others of the dangers I see lurking in these areas I do so with love, for I want to do as God commanded and speak the truth in love, seasoned with grace And so, my friends, consider yourself warned I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for the purpose of this review Obviously, I was not required to write a positive recommendation of this book

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    Being a health care professional who has watched many codes and many people die, I was interested in reading about the spiritual aspect of what I physically saw Basically, it is very easy to tell when the spirit leaves the body, but during the process of dying coding it is all very clinical This book was interesting and enlightening It approached the aspect of death from a different angle, the experience from a person who experienced tragedy and her struggle with life and death It is inspiring for those facing or fearing death I did wish it was a little philosophical and deep, I found the message to be very simple But I guess a simple message is easy to understand for people from different backgrounds.

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    Life is spiritial journey and second chances are real with God After having worked in the medical field for many years and seeing death first hand I was immediately interested in reading this title written by a real life medical surgeon who had a real near death experience Throughout my lifetime I have read many real life NDE s of those who either through traumatic injuries or illness passed away only to later be revived and describe in as much detail as possible what they have seen This however is the first I have read a NDE coming from a medical surgeon As most stories of this nature what happened to Mary C Neal in To Heaven and Back is a unique experience Mary not only drowned, she was dead for over 15 minutes before coming back to life Although short in nature Mary then describes her spiritual journey Mary was given much insight into her life and that of her family I truly believe Mary s story is sincere and she experienced what she did as she described many common events that are unique to someone who has experienced an NDE While I do not believe Mary described being in the presence of Jesus I do belief she was amongst spiritual beings and enlightening insight was given to her I have already come across many NDE s who described being told that to a point we humans are given a choice as to who we are to be in this life beforehand But also that once we are born those memories are removed from our consciousness Although this is not recognized by Christians or cannot be found anywhere in the Bible does not mean it to be untrue Many call this new age beliefs How can it be a new age belief if it has been told to these people when experiencing an NDE These people have not made this up on their own When one thinks about NDE experiences Would one believe a real life NDE experience from a bible thumping religious fanatic I know I myself would feel they maybe had delusions due to their extremes in religion Many NDE stories I have come across have been from normal everyday people, not religious fanatics Yet I have also come across NDE s from religious clergy that have gone to Hell and back Why because life is about growing spiritually with God and how one treats others while here on this planet not about how many times one prays the rosary or attends church service Yet even with these messages God sends back people are still blinded by religion which was created by man The reviews for this book will come down to those who have an open mind and believe Mary s NDE and those who will not I feel Mary was given a second chance to life not only because she has much work yet to do But also because through this story Mary can help many who may be feeling they are out of time to make a connection with God Maybe they ignored God all their life and now are dying from a terminal illness or just old age It is a message from God that he gives us all a second chance to be by his side, if not before than after death God will not turn anyone away who is sincere about coming to him whether in life or after death Death can be a really scary thing for those who have never given a second thought to God There are many lost souls that can find comfort in Mary s story A true story from someone who is not a bible thumbing fanatic and one has to be blind not to see that God purposely planned it this way.

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    I love reading about Near Death Experiences I ve read quite a few different accounts and love to see their similarities and differences I was surprised by how small of a role the author s actual near death experience played in this book It is much of an autobiographical life lessons learned kind of a book However at the time I was reading this book those life lessons were exactly what I was needing to hear so this book really rang true to me At the time my own son was struggling and we were just day away from taking my son to the hospital where he would end up spending 5 weeks If I read this again today I m not sure how I would react to it but at the time I read it I felt like it was one of those books that I picked up for a reason because I needed what it gave me.

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    As an RN, I was looking for a clinical explanation of what happened when she died and came back What injuries she sustained How her brain could have survived the oxygen deprivation What brain injury would have been usual for that type of exposure Who better to deliver that level of detail than an orthopedic surgeon What I got was the usual bright light and glowing nebulous beings that fill most near death experience descriptions There was vague timing and inattention to detail For example, at one point she referred to an angel who spoke to her but in the same paragraph called him Jesus The thing that really bothered me was her report that she died and then traveled from Chile via charter plane, commercial airline lying to the flight attendants and rental car back to Wyoming prior to seeking treatment for her injuries That was just crazy and foolish I guess my disappointment is that it is not what I thought it was It was an interesting story with reassuring details of the after life but convincing it is not It did not strike me as much different from other stories about people who believe they have gone to heaven and returned.

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    This is not a review, just bits I would like to remember later However, it must be noted that I read this book in one sitting All 220 pages of it I have never done that before Of note is that most theologians would agree that angels live among us according to God s will, not our own Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote in Systematic Theology Kregel, 1993 , One reason angels are rendered invisible to human sight may be that if they were seen, they would be worshiped Man, who is prone to idolatry as to worship the works of his own hands, would hardly be able to resist the worship of angels were they before his eyes Even the most terrible circumstances and events can stimulate great change in individuals and or societies Without observing cruelty, we would not be moved to compassion Without personal trials, we would not develop patience or faithfulness It is the recognition that our earthly concerns matter little when compared to life eternal that allows us to know joy in the midst of sorry and worry Have you ever really changed or experienced personal growth during times of comfort and complacency Psalm 61 1 2 Jeremiah 29 11 Psalm 23 4 Romans 8 38 39 Matthew 18 19 20, 28 20 Philippians 4 6 Psalm 91 15 1 Thessalonians 5 17 18There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies MLK Jr

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    I think that Mary Neal s book is important for people to read Her incredible experience gives us hope regarding the purpose of our lives and the meaning of our deaths She is a most admirable person and her book will be of interest and help to people who are interested in NDE s, what happens to us when we die, and how we should try to live our lives in preparation for this For these reasons, this book is invaluable.There were a couple of things in Mary Neal s books that bothered me from a psychological point of view though, and I will list them 1 Her willingness to leave her children including a 1 year old and go to Costa Rica and engage in a dangerous activity like intense white water kayaking that included 10 20 foot waterfalls in a isolated jungle area.2 She her husband choosing not to go to a hospital in Costa Rica to get stabilized before medical evacuation to the USA after her kayaking accident Their decision instead to check into a hotel for the first night and then to take commercial flights back to the US and then their decision not to go to a hospital in Salt Lake where they initially landed and to drive the six hour trip over the high altitude mountains into Jackson Hole This was also very risky behavior that again nearly resulted in her death from Acute Respiratory Distress and Pneumonia.3 The subsequent repetition of risky behavior by catching air while off trail skiing with her son and breaking her ankle again placing herself at risk trying to hike back through the snow, over mountains with a broken ankle.4 The description of herself as a fifteen year old performing cesarean sections, and the missionaries she was with performing appendectomies in Mexico with no training, experience, and presumably no anesthesia or sterile fields This was probably quite illegal and again very risky It was also inexplicable Why, what, was going on here 5 Her not taking her son to a therapist for evaluation when her told her as a young child that he would not live past eighteen because this was not the plan, and again years later when he asked her to take out life insurance for him and wanted her to tell him how to write a will prior to his final trip where he died I am deeply sorry for her and her family s tragic loss I just didn t understand, was very confused about, what was going on in this boy s mind, and I would have wanted an objective evaluation, a second opinion as it were How would this have not been helpful These psychological concerns do not take away from the value of Mary Neal s book, the validity of her incredible experience, the strength and courage she has shown in adversity, and the help she continues to provide to her patients and everyone who reads her book It also sparked curiosity in me to read on the subject including Sam Parnia s excellent book, What Happens When We die.

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    3.5 StarsConfession I have a serious fascination with books, movies and 20 20 s,Datelines or 60 Minutes about heaven and out of body experiences I find myself gravitating to these books every 2 10 years I continue to be stunned by the similarities in what people experience and am curious and a little in awe of these very personal supernatural accountings I really liked the straightforward narrative and very believable experience that this author penned I especially appreciated that she did not claim to have all the answers about heaven and felt very comfortable saying something to the effect that she had not stayed for a long visit and just because she did not see pets for example did not mean that they were not somewhere else I also enjoyed learning about her life before and after her time in heaven and appreciated the way she tried to live her life in accordance with God s plan for her She is a down to earth mom of 4 and an orthopedic surgeon which made her experience credible and relatable for me The hardest thing for me in this book was the evangelical language and tone My Mormon ears just do not relate as well, try as I may I know this is just because this spiritual language is not as familiar I did enjoy the short interaction she had with the LDS wife of one of her patients The shinning moments of this book were being able to hear about God s love for all his children and seeing miracle after miracle play out I also liked the author s challenge for us to find miracles all around us, to rejoice, and to be grateful for every day Also, truth be told every once in awhile I love to hear first hand accounts that Heaven is real, that it is beautiful beyond description and that our loves one are advocating for us here and beyond What a lovely notion I find it interesting that when books like this come out that many reviewers, authors and other religious folks get so upset about what these people experienced To me if their accounts don t follow exactly what one believes doesn t mean that their experience wasn t genuine for them It also doesn t mean that I have to wholeheartedly agree with everything they say I am just happy that I get a front row seat for an experience that was very personal and spiritual, and I am grateful that they have the courage to share despite the harsh criticism from believers and non believers I m surprised at how many full books are written just to dispute the heaven story books If you stuck around for this whole review here are some favorite heaven movies Field of DreamsDefending Your LifeCity of AngelsGhostHeaven Can WaitMade in Heaven Is my family the only one that watched this multiple times and of course It s a Wonderful Life

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    I ve read a dozen or so books about near death experiences and I ve found that I prefer the books that focus on the details of the event rather than trying to convert everyone who opens up the book People can believe whatever they want and write books about it too It s just not very fun to read in my opinion.Some bits that stuck with me from this book I believe that when people with near death experiences describe seeing the white light or moving toward the white light, they may be describing their moving toward the brilliance of this hall Our vocabulary is just not right enough to describe the experience in a way that is understandable pg 73 Eben Alexander discusses this phenomena too.Metaphor about life The complete tapestry of life is far too large for us to see and too complex a pattern for us to appreciate the importance of our single thread Regardless, without our individual contribution, the tapestry would be incomplete and broken We should, therefore, recognize and take joy in our contribution Indeed, our threads our lives are important what we do and the choices we make, even the seemingly small ones, actually make a difference pg 102 I agree with that.If you liked To Heaven and Back, you may want to read Embraced By The Light by Betty J Eadie or Heaven is for Real A Little Boy s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo Both of those books are non fictional accounts of near death experiences with the same religious zeal of this one Try Dying to Be Me My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani or Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander for a spiritual rather than religious spin on the experiences.

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