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Incarnation summary Incarnation, series Incarnation, book Incarnation, pdf Incarnation, Incarnation c26dcb314b In The Steampunk World Of Victorian London, A Beautiful Vampire Seeks Out The Author Of Dracula To Set The Record StraightIf One Is To Believe Bram Stoker S Legendary Vampire Tale, Lucy Weston Is Dracula S Most Wanton Creation, A Sexual Creature Of The Night Who Preys On Innocent Boys But The Real Life Lucy Is Nothing Like Her Fictional Counterpart And She Demands To Know Why The Victorian Author Deliberately Lied With Stoker S Reluctant Help, She S Determined To Track Down The Very Fiend Who Transformed Her From The Sensual Underworld Where Humans Vie To Become Vampires, To A Hidden Cell Beneath A Temple To Madness, And Finally Into The Glittering Crystal Palace Where Death Reigns SupremeHaunted By Fragmentary Memories Of Her Lost Life And Love, Lucy Must Battle Her Thirst For Blood As She Struggles To Stop A Catastrophic War That Will Doom Vampires And Humans Alike Ultimately, She Must Make A Choice That Illuminates For Her And For Us What It Means To Be Human

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    A halfling, a Protector, and the author of Dracula walk into a mental facility There has to be a way I can work that into a joke somehow.What a nice Steampunk NovelUrban FantasyGothic MysteryHistorical Fictionthis was I m not quite sure what I just read The mention of a dirigible here and there wasn t enough to leave me feeling a Steampunk vibe I do know that I liked whatever was going on, even if I couldn t identify what it was The writing was descriptive, compelling, and often amusing Fans of cheeky urban fantasy with a historical bent who won t mind the lack of steam will probably enjoy Incarnation. I ll go with a 3.5 star rating for the time being Even though there wasn t a cliffhanger ending, I would have expected finality to the story if this were to be a standalone book Since I m reading Incarnation pre release and there is a chance we might still learn that this will become a series in the future, I m sort of leaning toward the possibility of a sequel, which is why I m hopefully rounding up to a 4 star for now This would be okay to decent for a standalone, but pretty darn good for book 1 in a series, so here s hoping I didn t mind the curious pace of the book The atmospheric writing made for a dark and intriguing world What was lacking in character development was somewhat compensated for with the narration of the story After you, Felix said and drew me away, back through the iron studded door and down through the hall where long dead lords and ladies gazed at us sorrowfully and unicorns shed tears of blood If darkly poetic writing isn t your thing, perhaps an edge of dry humor would suit your preferences better Instead, we were greeted by the aroma of burning sage and the pounding of drums accompanied by chanting What on earth is that I asked.Marco grimaced We have a bit of a demon problem at present Our main character Lucy is a brand new halfling in a world not used to the spawn of both vampire and human Her connection to Bram Stoker is but a small detail compared to her connections with some other real and imagined characters throughout history If you have any sort of love affair with the story of King Arthur of Camelot and the people connected to him, you might be interested to find how that famous tale ties into the story of our main character.Lucy s sire is a man of mystery The power and beauty of this being who commanded my attention banished all else He reached out, opening his arms to me in a gesture that found its echo in my deepest soul I could think only of him, respond only to him Obey only him It must suck to be a halfling when your very human side wants to rebel against your vampiric nature I did not ask for this existencewhatever this is I am neither alive nor dead I am trapped somewhere in between Surprisingly enough, the one character who did stand out for me the most was a vampire hunter who was not described with nearly as much finesse as Lucy s sire Nevertheless breaking out the big words tonight , I did like this man who played a huge role in Lucy s life, both before and after Incarnation Go figure This might have been a different type of read than I was expecting, but sometimes different works out just fine for me This book was provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    Look in the skies above you, he said With each passing day, we are under ever surveillance for no better reason than that men live in fear and suspicions of each other Our technology outstrips our ability to reason or even to care Walk the shortest distance beyond the better areas of this city and you will find degradation and suffering that defy description The inhumanity of man is also part of being human So rarely does a paranormal novel such as Incarnation come along and effect me so emotionally, and the amount of heart this novel had beneath its vampiric elements really came as a shock to me, albeit in the best way possible Incarnation is the black sheep among the current trend of vampire novels hitting the shelves, in that it s original, doesn t recycle other novels of the genre s storylines, and that it s actually good Lucy Weston finds herself buried deep underground, with a stake in her chest, and almost no memory of how she in the ground, how she got a stake in her chest, or, importantly, who put the stake in her chest Digging out of her own grave, Lucy finds herself in Victorian London, while the classic novel, Dracula, is newly published Having nothing better to do, Lucy decides to read Dracula, only to find that the entire novel is just a rehashed version of her death On a mission to find the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, and the being who turned her from the young human she once was to the monster she currently is, Lucy soon finds herself deeper in the world of the supernatural than she ever intended to be I don t know if I could possibly put my feelings for Incarnation into words Normally, novels set in the past don t interest me very much, Victorian time periods being one of those time periods that don t normally work for me, but Incarnation is having me rethink my stance on novels set in Victorian times The world we re introduced to in Incarnation, while a bit light on the steampunk, is stunning and richly detailed, and the world building we re provided with is entrancing and beautiful Cornwall s prose, while at times a bit full of info dumps, is completely and utterly breathtaking, and I highlighted many passages while reading the novel just because they were so gorgeously written The characters in Incarnation are incredibly well written and well developed, and the plot is extremely original and captivating, with a few twists and turns along the way You won t find any of the common tropes you would find in most vampire novels when reading Incarnation, and that, among other things, is what will make Incarnation stand out in the midst of vampire novels As well as that, the romance in Incarnation is well developed, and, for once, does not overshadow the plot, but instead takes a backseat to it And I notice this review barely brushes upon the aspects of Incarnation, but that s because I truly am at a loss for words with this novel Upon first look, Incarnation might seem like just another vampire novel, but, through deeper introspection, it is truly about a young woman struggling to find her true self in an instance where such a thing seems impossible, and for that, I love it If you have any doubts when it comes to reading Incarnation, borrow it from a friend, or from the library It may just surprise you, just like it surprised me Yet as I drifted deeper into sleep, ravens cawed and wolves howled, vampires showed their fangs and humans bared their throats to be bled while off in the distance great engines roared and steam shot into the sky where soot fell as tears, baptizing the new age.

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    In Bram Stoker s classic novel Dracula, beautiful young Lucy Westenra was staked and buried after being turned into a vampire Emma Cornwall s Incarnation picks it up from there Lucy here called Lucy Weston awakens in the grave and claws her way back to the surface, where she makes her way to London and embarks on a search for the mysterious creature who transformed her.While Incarnation uses events from Dracula as a jumping off point, perhaps the best way to fully appreciate Incarnation is to let go of Dracula as much as possible There s little left of the original to cling to, and if you go in expecting merely a different perspective on the same tale, you re likely to be disappointed In Cornwall s version, Bram Stoker who appears as a character wrote almost everything in his novel as a deliberate cover up The Transylvanian count is a misdirection the vampire who turned Lucy bears little resemblance to him There s no Mina no Jonathan Lucy had a suitor before her transformation, but he s not any of the three we re familiar with It s simply a completely different story, and you ll enjoy it if you go in expecting that Think of Incarnation less as a sequel to Dracula and as the beginning of an urban fantasy series that happens to be set in Victorian London At least I hope it will be a series I can find no information on a sequel, but Incarnation reads like the start of a series rather than as a standalone There s a lot story to be told here Cornwall packs a ton of awesome ideas into this novel There are vampires, of course There s an element of Arthurian legend The Golden Dawn Werewolves Slayers Steampunk A little bit of dystopia, even this isn t quite our Victorian London, and there s some creepy surveillance going on And my favorite aspect of Incarnation its portrayal of London as a palimpsest, with layers upon layers of history, and a warren of buried streets and rivers running beneath the city Cornwall doesn t explore all of these ideas to the fullest, but gives us enough to intrigue, and there s plenty of room for future plots if she continues writing in this universe.Lucy can sometimes be a hard character to get a handle on, as she wavers between cold pragmatism and a emotional side However, I think this is done intentionally to illustrate a duality in her nature that is explained later In any case she s a character readers will root for in her determination to survive, starting with the gripping opening scene.In a few places, Cornwall does a little too much telling and too little showing There are some scenes even scenes with the potential for pulse pounding action that read almost as summaries of themselves.Overall, Incarnation doesn t quite live up to the huge potential inherent in its steampunk Dracula sequel premise It is enjoyable, however, and succeeds in whetting the appetite for novels starring Lucy and set in Cornwall s world.www.fantasyliterature.com

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    Lucy Weston was most sensual huntress of night who preys on innocent boys But Lucy has no similarity as Stoker has described her But truth is she is a vampire and she is looking for the man who has condemned her With Stoker s help, Lucy ventured out for the person who transferred her into the creature of night.The story begins at an opera house where a seductive singer at stage seemed to call Lucy, and she was so compelled by him that she could only focuses on him and only him Next thing she knew she was on dirt, buried under mud and struggling to crawl her way out Haunted by fragments for her memories, the life she left behind and struggling with her thirst for blood, she stepped between a war that could destroy both vampires and humans.Dracula is one legendary creation of Bram Stoker, and reimagining the story and recreating the legend was a very difficult job, and I applaud her courage for taking the risk and she simply nailed it Stories set in Victorian periods is something that has always interests me, and Bram Stoker was another reason I chose this books as one of my most anticipated of the year I have read Dracula, when I was in school, and trust me I couldn t sleep for two nights I m older now, and horror stories don t scare me that me, but I definitely felt chills on my blood while reading Incarnation at night.The book was richly imaginative, vivid and luxurious Walking down to the grim and spooky alleys of steampunk London of 1897, I felt my heart will jump out of my throat The club houses loomed with seductive creatures and terror, and whole grim and lavish environment was very creative of the author.Accompanied by a man named Marco, who came from a long line of vampire hunters, who knows about her than herself, who also holds key to her past, Lucy found herself deeply attached to him The characters was well written and well developed I m drooling over Marco, and Lucy, she is just as kick ass as you can imagine Struggling with grief of losing her family, who thinks she is dead, and thirst for blood, there was feeling and humanity left inside her The author has related the story to Arthurian legend Mordred, knows as the traitor is history, but the author revealed the veil from his character, and portrayed him as the people who sacrificed himself for sake of his people, which gave a new turn on rest of the story I m not telling you guys , if you want to find out, please read the book But I m stunned to see how the author picked up legendary characters one by one and shade them in new colours which none of us could actually imagine Incarnation was extremely captivating and gorgeously written As I drifted deeper, I found myself drawn to the dark world Highly recommended for those, who are looking for a nice but surprising reading, then this is the book for you.

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    Important Safety Tip This isn t really Dracula fanfic.Heed my warning, gentle reader Incarnation s Lucy doesn t sound like the original Lucy indeed, none of the familiar characters make an appearance no Mina, no Jonathan, no Van Helsing, no Quincy, no Seward, no Dracula If you re in the mood for a true homage, look elsewhere. mild spoilers Overall, my biggest issue is how the author rushes so much information in an effort to establish how uber paranormal this alternate reality is I don t have a problem with cumulative paranormal universes but this one is revealed much too quickly, as opposed to a gradual unveiling over multiple books Authors, please let the reader have some questions about the world you re presenting Allow some loose threads to carry over Really IT S OKAY Second issue the halfling vampire stuff I m fine with the Slayer vampire historical symbiosis in fact, it makes good sense in the grand scheme but Lucy s speshul snowflake halfling status felt unnecessary.Third issue the lack of Dracula Is it a bait and switch Eh, not precisely This is a paranormal dystopian steampunk novel with vampires a girl named Lucy but despite Stoker being a minor character, it had little to do with the source material The Dracula angle felt like a gimmick than anything else something to hook old skool vamp fans taps foot impatiently That being said, Incarnation did some things right.I liked the Arthurian spin on vampirism in the British Isles I appreciated how the techno dystopian stuff didn t overwhelm the story it might not be in depth enough for hardcore steampunk fans, but it was easily visualized by id yits like yours truly I liked the idea that Dracula was written as a red herring for the truth about paranormal critters I really liked the inclusion of Bedlam the Crystal Palace And I loved that the vampires were classically styled no matter that they re beautiful, educated, well dressed, these are haughty, sensual, dangerous immortals that enjoy taunting each other with fanged testosterone contests wagering at cards for human acolytes They re vampires that would fit right in the Blade movies, that s a definite positive Overall it was a quick, enjoyable read I just wish the blurb hadn t been so misleading.

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    Nice read but lacked oomph the goodsThe reasons the book was a good read was because of the elegant mixing of elements, the diverse characters, and the strong heroine The incorporation of the King Arthur legend surprised me This was the first time I read a Dracula fanfiction where Dracula and Mordred were the same character and one of the good guys I liked how that the good guys also included Bram Stoker and Queen Victoria They unexpectedly played a significant role, along with the Prime Minister, towards the end in a simulacrum of an all stars cast much to my delight.Lucy impressed me the most as she rightfully should have being that she was the heroine She could have easily been typecasted as a Delicate Lady swooning optional because she woke up with amnesia and as a vampire against her wishes I liked that despite her perplexed state of mind her wits remained intact and that she was capable of defending herself.In regard to the villains, I liked how they encompassed both bad vampires and bad humans On one extreme, you had vampires who believed in the superiority of their existence and that it was time for humans to know their place On the other extreme, you had humans who believed vampires had been a necessary evil as a national defense which was no longer necessary and should erode away with the past The extremes brought a strong sense of realism to the historical Urban Fantasy the badsWhere the book fell short was the writing, Lucy s mystique, the Dr Frankenstein inspired villain, and the unnecessary loose ends The writing was verbose and often tested my patience I didn t care for the heavy somber mood the book affected throughout the story I get that the book was based on Dracula which required a certain mood but the book took the mood too far for my liking The heavy somber mood rubbed raw against the action scenes.The book regularly mentioned that Lucy could end the vampire race but never specified as to how, much to my annoyance The characters took the prophecy seriously than it merited The things the book did bother to specific were Lucy s vampiric abilities but never to the depth that I desired While she had advantages that most vampires didn t, she was no indestructible as the rest of the undead rank The book tried rather too hard and clumsily to portray Lucy as the Chosen One.One of the characters who opposed Lucy was typecasted as the mad scientist with no other intellect of a character to compensate Though the book didn t make pursuit of science a bad thing, it certainly didn t make it as a good thing either.The loose ends slightly irritated me One of the villains escaped when there were many opportunities to eliminate him I wished Lucy showed some bloodthirst and kicked his ass to hell I didn t understand why at the very least no one thought to imprison him once they discovered his evil the oversight amounted to a plot hole Another loose end was the romance between Lucy and Marco An optimistic part of me believed they would eventually work out their issues but things could easily fall on the breakup side, and I prefer certainty I was displeased with the fact that the ending was intentionally left ajar for a potential sequel when everything could have neatly resolved with a HEA and have the book be a stand alone.In ConclusionI rate Incarnation 2 stars for it was okay It was an interesting read and devoid of big annoyances if nothing else.

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    3.5 4 stars This story is a spin on the Lucy Weston from Bram Stoker s Dracula and we get to find out what happened to her if she didn t really die The book starts off with her clawing her way out of her coffin and through the dirt with an agonizing hunger and no memory of what has happened to her other than her realizing she is utterly alone.When I first saw the book, I fell in love with the coverit is gorgeous But what stuck out for me was that this Lucy wasn t a sex goddess even though she is beautiful she looked like a bad ss and I liked that Butdid I really want to read about Bram Stoker s Lucy I did hesitate but I m happy to say that this Lucy is not like Bram s I enjoyed reading it from Lucy s point of viewfor the most part I just hated not knowing what had happened and what was going on She doesn t know who did this to her only that he is calling her and she is drawn to him She has no one to guide her or explain things to her or even what she is As she becomes aware of herself and her surroundings, she does things intuitively and luckily that works for her But she is as repulsed by the blood drinking as she is enticed She is definitely warring with herself in ways than one As she comes to terms with herself, she ends up at her family s home where she does come across a few clues that lead her to London She finds Bram Stoker who tells her where to find of her kind and from there to finding her sire I really can t get into too much detail without giving things away but let me just say, it is one interesting journey Yes, there is a bit of steampunk but it is very negligible The same is true for the historical bent some clothing and words but nothing that takes away from the story The biggest upset was the lack of romance There is a bit of itsome touches, etc., and a scene that is fade to black but nothing like what I was expecting and not with who I was expecting The drama is very intriguing There is a whole twist with connections to King Arthur and Britain s Royalty There are also other paranormals that are involved and a whole sector of Protectors It is really laid out quite ingeniously and everything seems to fit Some things were easy to figure out but I enjoyed being surprised a few times It definitely kept me interested There is a short epilogue that wraps most things up but also seems to leave the story open for another book Unfortunately, I haven t been able to find any information if there will be books Favorite quote I don t know, but I will not be swayed by him It is you I want, only you.

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    A few books pull you in from the prologue They might not keep you enthralled but when the beginning starts on a good note, you have something to look forward to As the story progresses, a book might have its ups and downs but there are very few that stay amazing all throughout However, the case with this book is entirely different It started in a disoriented, confused fashion and ended on a similar note The prologue left me wary and since my expectations with this book weren t much to begin with, the beginning affected my overall mood I know that the broken prologue was intentional on the author s part and some might be sucked into the story right with it, but in my case, I would have left it if not for my rule of giving every book a fair chance Incarnation begins with our protagonist digging her way out of her grave with a stake protruding from her chest She doesn t remember much and has no idea who turned her into what she is now Having remembered a few snippets of her former life, she goes to her old house and with nothing much to do other than hunt at night for food, she finds herself exploring her old house where she comes across Dracula novel by Bram Stoker But what she didn t expect was to find her story on the transcript at her father s desk Determined than ever to find out what she can about her new life and the person responsible for giving it to her, Lucy sets out to find Stoker in London and get answers that she had been avoiding for months The premise is of Victorian London with a touch of steam punk I ve read a number of books with gothic setting and don t mind reading books from any era as long as the writing style doesn t slow me down Here though, Cornwall s writing style failed to keep me interested At places the info dump made me yawn and I found myself doing something else after reading two chapters that, never happens Lucy s monologue made me feel nothing I didn t feel any emotion towards any character Maybe it was because Lucy being a vampire didn t have many emotions to begin with, but her repulsion to her new life style or her determination to find her creator fell flat for me Characterization matters a lot to me while reading a book along with the plot and the world building The one thing Incarnation has going on for it is the fast paced plot with a good story line I liked how Cornwall took a new take on the vampire human relationship A few things, like the romance, were nothing I ve not read before but since it didn t overshadow the story line, I didn t really mind Again, I d like to mention that anything that happened to the characters left me unaffected, including the romance which seemed to be an addition only for the sake of Lucy having a lover and a character that would help her when she needed It wouldn t have made a difference to me if I left the book at any random page or chapter The only reason I kept going on was hoping something might change and make me like it view spoiler But nope..Didn t happen hide spoiler

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    Review Originally posted on parajukee.com 8 14 12PJV Quickie When I got this gem in the mail I literally swooned all over this cover Can you say fabulous And that is Lucy Westenra Bram Stoker s Dracula , whom looks very much alive, instead of lying in a crypt in her wedding gown with a stake through her heart I always did love Lucy And now Cornwall brings Lucy into modern literature as a kick ass vampire Gotta love that concept Review I had a ton of fun on this adventure with the misrepresented Lucy Westen of Bram Stoker s popular novel, Dracula The novel was set in a fictionalized Victorian England, in a steampunk environment Yet, the steampunk was dressing and not the main theme of the novel The main theme was decidedly paranormal, specifically vampire culture Lucy is the victim of a vampire attack and later wakes to find herself thirsting for blood and having very disjointed memories of her past She breaks into her family s country home and finds a copy of Dracula and realizes it is a very over blown version of her own story The book was a fantastic concept and quite unexpected for me I m usually not a huge fan of retellings , but luckily this wasn t a retelling at all Cornwall just used the characters and created her own story, there were no parallels with the epic Dracula besides the concept of vampires and the character of Lucy Bram Stoker himself does make an appearance in the book though Lucy was enjoyable What I really liked about this book was Lucy herself, her character could be described as very clinical at first She is really nothing than an animal when the book starts Hunt Eat Sleep She has lost her humanity and when she comes across her family home suddenly she begins to remember The book is basically about her slowly regaining her humanity There is also a very broad mystery behind the novel also, as Lucy tries to discover why she was made a vampire and just how deep the conspiracy goes Along the way, Lucy discovers that the fanged, blood sucking variety are not the only paranormal creatures in this steampunk London But, they might just be the most dangerous, especially as a shift of power seems to be on the horizon Steampunk World was subtle, but rich The world creation was also fabulously done, in Incarnation Cornwall depicts the steampunk backdrop in quick and easy detail, never overly descriptive, her tone was as if we were already caught up in how the world should be I enjoyed it thoroughly I could imagine the world as my brain depicted it, instead of being bogged down with adjectives that I can t connect to form one picture Romance was lackluster This book was not a romance, it was a mystery, drama type scenario The romance was only a small part of the novel, but if you are anything like me, if there is a romance, you want it to be well romantic The anxiety was there, the star crossed lover aspect was there, even the against all odds, different worlds, aspect was there Yet, the final culmination of a romantic union was done in a whisper I did not expect a sex scene, I just maybe expected something a little bit But, like Cornwall s penchant for slight descriptions, she also implemented this within the romance Worked for the world building, didn t work as well as I would have liked for the romance.Overall an imaginative and dramatic steampunk novel Besides a few confusing plot threads and the romance that left me wanting, the novel was a very enjoyable read I couldn t find any rumors that there were to be in the series, in fact I can t find an author web site or blog anywhere But, the world Cornwall created was rich enough to carry a few books I look forward, if there is , to reading this author again Recommendations While, Lucy is an adult character, the book does not lean towards the usual paranormal adult trappings no heaving bosoms or ripped corsets There are some adult themes, told as Lucy as a witness, but nothing she engages in I would recommend this for a mature reader and for fans of paranormal mysteries With the steampunk themes of this novel being slight, this would be a good book to test out the waters as far as this genre The thing I like about steampunk is that it gives a historical of a modern point of view So, you have that historical setting, but the characters are not bogged down with speaking formally and acting within the confines of the conservative past This is definitely a book you do not want to pass up.

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    Can I just say that Lisa is beyond awesome for sending this book to me I couldn t get enough of it and I m so happy that this somehow found its way into my hands.I was lost in Victorian London from page one This paranormal story took me on an amazing adventure, illuminating the creatures that go bump in the night while Lucy struggles to understand what it means to be human The historical fiction aspect of this novel was done amazingly and I can honestly say that I ve never come across a vampire novel quite like this one.We all know that a few years ago, vampires exploded onto the YA scene with flare Since then, they fell into a ton of cliches that all books about vampires seemed to fall prey to, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that INCARNATION is so unique This is a vampire story unlike any other and has effectively restored my faith in the paranormal creature that I used to love so dearly, but learned to hate due to the lack of originality that tended to come with its respective tale, abilities, and creation But the originality in this story is off the charts Bram Stoker writing DRACULA just to cover up what truly happened to Lucy Brilliant The plot in this book will capture you from the get go The book begins with Lucy finding herself buried in a coffin, a stake through her heart, and we re with her as she claws her way through the dirt to emerge from her makeshift grave and recover the lost secrets of her past Not only is Lucy an amazing main character, struggling to sustain her humanity in a world where humans were nothing but toys and live bait, but she s relatable and will stop at nothing to do what she thinks is right She s accepting and kind despite the despicable creature she was transformed to Basically, she s a respectable character and a great vessel to experience emotion through as a reader She s sharp and fearless, the type of heroine that is impossible to hate With a strong supporting cast, Lucy and her crew are truly unforgettable characters.The plot twists in this book are plentiful and I was forced to flip pages at lightning speed Not the least bit predictable, I was often shocked and excited all at once when a new twist was thrown my way When we learn of her maker and why he went to such extremes to create her against her will, we re thrust into a world on the brink of war that could lead to all of humanity being overrun by creatures of the night And it s up to Lucy to save London before it s too late.This book is truly amazing Factually accurate and immensely intriguing, I couldn t put it down This will satisfy any historical fiction and fantasy lover that likes their stories to have a slight, underlying dark twist I hope that this will turn into the series because I m not ready to let go of Lucy, her love interest, and her maker just yet And once you read this book, you won t be able to either Full of mystery, strong characters, amazing historical references, and a romance that can t help but make you smile, I definitely recommend this to just about anyone.

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