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Revelation txt Revelation, text ebook Revelation, adobe reader Revelation, chapter 2 Revelation, Revelation 153cfc A Fallen Angel With A Mission And A Medical Examiner Who S Lost Her Faith Are Fighting For Their Souls In A Glittering, Near Future Manhattan Blind Faith Is For Fools That S What Dr Morgan Sterling Believes And She S Going To Prove It By Curing The Zombie Plague Ravaging Her City S Slums She S Certain It S Not A Sign Of The End Of Days, But A Nasty Disease Until An Angel Appears In Her Morgue In A Flash Of Glory Luniel Is Not Just A Fallen Angel He S A Powerful Warrior Sworn To Fight Evil In Hopes Of A Chance At Redemption He S After The Demon Princes Who Are Stealing The Seven Vials Of Holy Wrath Which, When Perverted, Will Unleash Eternal Hell On Earth To Stop The Plague, Luniel Needs Morgan S Help, And Her Faith But Morgan Believes Science Is Their Salvation If The Zombie Plague Is A Demonic Curse And If Luniel Is True He Ll Have To Prove It Even If He Loses His Heart To True Love Or His Soul To Hell

About the Author: Erica Hayes

Erica Hayes was a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician, before finally landing her dream job fantasy writer She writes dark paranormal romance, urban fantasy and romantic science fiction, and her books feature tough, smart heroines and colorful heroes with dark secrets.She hails from Australia, where she drifts from city to city, leaving a trail of chaos behin

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    Okay This book made me forget that life kinda sucks right now.It started off quick This is urban fantasy than paranormal and erotic than romantic However, all those lines have blurred together so much, it doesn t really matter But I will say that urban fantasies, even the erotic romantic kind, plot happens quickly It usually starts with action and the plot will push the characters through a fast paced roller coaster ride.That s what we had here.The world Ms Hayes created isn t wildly unique I don t think that s what she was going for With that said, there wasn t a lot of world building she had to focus her writing energies on She was able to use those energies on other structural elements like plot and character development.I liked Morgan from the word go She just came off the page very well Luniel came off very well, too, and it was very nice and hot hot HOT watching them come together to save the world.This was a very good read and a fun escape Should you read it You betcha

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    Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI heard a lot about Erica Hayes and even if I didn t start with the series I thought, I m glad I had the opportunity to read this one I must say that I was completely surprised by this first volume, I was much excited than I would have thought by reading the summary.Morgan is a doctor working in a morgue She is obsessed with the new disease ravaging her city Indeed, zombies appear increasingly, killing many people every day and our young heroine is determined to find a cure Although everyone thinks it s one of the seven predictions of the end of the world, she is determined to prove them wrong God has no place here and science is something that is much important for her And yet, some signs are difficult to understand, as the transformation of water into human blood But her life is turned upside when Luniel appears in her morgue, trying to understand what happened to his brother He does not hesitate to reveal to our dear Morgan his angel s condition A quite strong attraction appears between our two heroes, but they resist both for their own reasons A new world opens itself to our doctor it will be very difficult for her to accept what she has so long denied I must say that she has been through a lot and it s hard for her to trust Luniel They are a very good team together it was pretty funny to watch their arguments and researches It must be said that there are many things to speak about when you have a man who has faith and a young woman who believes in nothing Many arguments or persuasions We will read little by little the story to discover their past and all the characters around them I also found very interesting the different POVs of the characters throughout the novel, it allows us to get an idea of each of them It intrigues us for the novels to come.I haven t read a lot of books about angels and I was immediately intrigued by the ideas of Erica Hayes The end of the world, zombies, demons and warriors a very nice mix We immediately want to understand who is behind the end of the world and especially the reason And yes It is much complicated than expected Many paths are open for the other characters and I must say it is really intriguing It was a good idea because we are now eager to find out This is a nice discovery and I m curious to read about each of our characters.

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    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review I was given a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Dr Morgan Sterling is a medical examiner who doesn t believe in God, angels the devil or any kind of religion for that matter She only believes in what she can see When people start turning into zombies and the world is coming to an end as she and the people of Babylon know it all Morgan wants to do is find a cure for the virus She wants to save all these people and give them their lives back.She is pretty shaken up when an angel shows up in her morgue She can t believe what she is seeing Her world is turned upside down when she starts seeing angels and demons Even though she sees them she still doesn t believe her own eyes And she definitely doesn t trust this angel or God She thinks they are all lairs just like the preachers on tv.The angel she sees in her morgue is Luniel He is one gorgeous dude or angel that is Morgan is attracted to him right from the beginning as he is to her Neither one understands their feelings for one another How can they care and feel the need to be with each other so strongly when they have just met Luniel wants to take Morgan and make her his He doesn t understand because he has not felt this way about a human or angel in like a thousand years or Lune is a tainted angel who fights evil in the world trying to make amends for his sins so he can earn his place in heaven again That is all Lune wants is to do what is required of him so that he can get back into God s good graces and return to heaven But his love for Morgan changes all that for him If getting back into heaven means that he can t be with Morgan then he is willing to give all that up for her.I learned to care about all of Lune s friends like Jadzia, Trill, Dash and all the other tainted angels They are all very lovable characters You get inside all of their heads at some point or other in the story You get to know each character like who they were and you get to know a little bit about what kind of heart they each have I really enjoyed reading about zombies and the world ending when all the vials has been released I love that the world is ending with the release of the vials and with zombies all mixed in together I can t wait to read the next book in the series Redemption If the first vial is zombies then what will the next vials hold

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    I m going today that this book uses the F word in the most hilarious way EVER WARNING I m about to cuss Jesus in a fucking jam jar Hahaha I like to lost it reading that I was laughing so hard I snorted Multiple times Hehehe I m still giggling And yes it s about Angels But they are bad, but oh so good let me explain that sentence they are bad enough that they don t live in heaven but not bad enough to lose their good graces or wings Wings are hot And I fanatically love the names And I m so glad I don t live in their world cuz they scare me Lune is the angel here and he s on a mission for himself Something s gone wrong His brother is missing, people are dying, things are getting suspicious and no one seems to know what s going on He s definitely got the alpha male thing going for him and he s not the quiet type, he is actually full of sarcastic remarks and an earful of crazy LOL And he is willing to do anything to find out what happened to his brother and why all these apocalyptic things are happening He s definitely a HAWT piece Dr Sterling is your Dr who s a medical examiner and is bent on finding a way to end this crazy virus spreading around killing people Until she opens a body bag that s exploding with feathers hahahaha I can t go further into that because of spoilers but it s pretty funny She s got some trust issues and some no nonsense with makes but Lune is gunna give her a run for her money She s an Indepentent woman and she s worked very hard to get where she is and trust me with her past it was hard work I loved her reaction and relationship with Lune It seems like it took Eons for them to finally get their moment This story is NOT your average angel story Some of these angels take their earth leave to an extreme and their actions are just nuts Makes you wonder who the good guys are sometimes And the secondary characters are not lacking, as Dash is awesome The writing is so unlike any other you can t really compare it It s full of action and intense suspense and humor and sometimes gore and kinky things Just read it It s not like those cute little kid angels that statues are made from You re in for a crazy wild ride 4.5 CRAZY SCARY ANGELIC PAWS I can t wait to jump into book two now

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    Full Review posted at Book Lovin MamasI am a cover loveror maybe cover lusterbecause when I saw the cover of Revelation , I knew I needed to read this book And no I did not go crazy over the guy on the cover for the first timeit was the sword on fire and the colors I then sealed the deal when I read the synopsis of the book A book about crazy, sexy fallen angels, a plague that causes zombies, some demons that want to cause the apocalypse to start, that is pretty much a seller in my eyes to read this book.Erica Hayes builds a world where it is further into the future and fallen angels are definitely not what you expect to be Both the characters Luniel and Morgan had some strong points, but they also had their weak points.Overall, I did enjoy this book and I look forward to reading the second one I felt through the book dragged a little bit and I lost interest in certain parts of the book, but when it picked back up, I had a hard time putting it down It also had it s moments where the characters did not click with me I give this book 3.5 full moons and I look forward to reading what Erica Hayes does next in the second book.I recommend this book to paranormal romance and urban fantasy readers out there who enjoy fallen angels that kill demons for their job and their pleasure.I received a complimentary copy of the book for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am confused as to what to rate this book It s got everything you want in paranormal romance really I was a bit hesitant to get this book co it was about angels and having read many books about angels that majorly over did it with the whole god aspect I didn t need the bible to be thrown in my face every page But these angels that are tainted were humanized and pleasant to read about The author has a way with words in describing the zombies feasting that impressed me and is probably the 2nd most grossest books I have read and iv read a few So I found that pretty cool The thing that was mostly a back draw is Morgan Sterling At most times I found her reasoning stupid and without thought Frustrated me most of the time and swearing out to the book But close to the books end with the main event enfolding she prays to god and says Heaven, help me save your child that just touched me and changed my whole perspective of her Don t know why but those few words spoke to like no other So with this I would give it 4 stars and would be watching for the next books release.

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    Great book with a very interesting storyline that captured my interest from the first chapter Tainted angels caught between heaven and hell suspect that demons are trying to hijack the seven signs of the apocalypse Diseased zombies roam the glittering and decaying city of New York The waters have turned to blood Very cool storyline The H H are Luniel, a tainted angel with a heart of gold, and Dr Morgan Sterling, a medical examiner with no faith in God or her lover I loved everything about the book except for her character, who didn t seem too smart for holding an advanced medical degree However, I am very much looking forward to the next book in the sequence.

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    Hayes does a great job world building in this book and that s one of the reasons I like to read paranormal romance urban fantasy every once in a while The story starts out fast and the characters are intriguing and held my attention until the end.

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    My first thought Why is he wearing a tank top

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    The heroine has always been a nonbeliever She doesn t believe in God, or heaven and she certainly doesn t believe in humanity Only cold hard facts and science make sense to her and as such she s shut herself down emotionally shunning most of what life has to offer Late one night while working desperately on a cure for the Manhattan virus that turns people into flesh craving monsters she encounters something that completely changes her world forever She encounters an angel Well, 2 angels actually The first one is dead, stabbed through the heart and left in a park The other angel, though he has possesses none of the typical angelic personality traits, is his brother who has come to collect the body Horrified and momentarily stunned by what she s seeing, she decides to shoot the dark haired man only to discover he s impervious to the bullets When the truth is staring her right in the face she has the habit of lashing out in confusion and anger, as it the case with the hero But he banters with her, teases her and he s the most beautiful creature she s ever seen The hero once loved a woman so much that when given the choice between her life and his duty, he chose to try to save her She died anyway at the hands of a demon who raped her and murdered herand the hero was cast out of the heavens Not quite Fallen, but Tainted, he is cut off from the Above and spend his days killing every demon he can see When he sees the 2 sign of the apocalypse the rivers run red with blood, he knows that his brother has been killed and another of the 7 vials of plague has been released He doesn t expect to find a stubborn beautiful and all too tempting doctor on his quest though But now the demons know who she is and target her because of her association with him, he knows he has to protect her This is something that comes ease to him, the desire and urge to protect people, especially women He feels the compulsion to save them and in turn have a taste of that passion that can exist between a man and woman something he s denied himself for hundreds of years But she is blind and ignorant despite all that intelligence She refuses to accept how things are and fights him every step of the way God forbid she ever trust him and it seems that no matter what he does or says, she ll always find fault in him Perhaps some of her points are right He does enjoy killing demons and he is hesitate to fall for a woman again but he s not heartless and he s not selfish The heroine struggles to open her eyes and see She expects things to be a certain way and when they aren t she lashes out But when history repeats itself and once again the hero must watch the woman he love turn into the very demon he must hunt, he instead turns to the heavens and begs for her life in place of his own It works But in the process, the heroine s insecurities cause her to run once again The hero, however, is not so flighty No matter what she does or how hard she pushes him away, he s always be there for her and he ll always love her.This is an urban fantasy and I struggle with this genre for the main reason that it lacks that traditional romance Though this book exceled far in this department then others I still wanted The hero I felt didn t have reason to love the heroine quite as much as he did He was crazy about her and completely devoted to her and while this was a high point, in my opinion she could have been anyone He was that type of person that needed someone and in his case it was a woman he could protect and call his own He longed for that need and when he found the heroine he found what he had been missing since his lovers death He was, however, a marvelously unexpected character At first I imagined him to be a dark and brooding character and while he certainly had dark times, he was a joker too He laughed and bantered and teased In fact this book had a comedic tone at first that was unexpected before it turned dark The heroine I did have a hard time relating with While I too am extremely offended by the church and those who pray on less fortunate or ignorant people this character took this distrust and bitterness and applied it to her whole life She was a scientist and thought she knew best even though she was completely out of her depth She was either hurt, endangered or KILLED at least 6 times during the book and still she took every single opportunity to turn her back on the one man literally risking his life for her As such I wasn t much interested in this book and with it s lackluster storytelling, I m not entirely surprised there was only one book to follow in the series before it got the cut.

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