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The Desperate Journey chapter 1 The Desperate Journey, meaning The Desperate Journey, genre The Desperate Journey, book cover The Desperate Journey, flies The Desperate Journey, The Desperate Journey 7eeb25fa51f39 The Desperate Journey Tells The Story Of The Highland Clearances As They Affect One Small Family The Murrays Are Forced To Load Their Possessions Onto A Cart And Travel Across Scotland To Glasgow Here The Children Have To Work In A Mill And Live In Overcrowded And Dirty Lodgings The Family Are Offered The Chance To Join An Emigrant Ship Bound For Hudson Bay In Canada, And Make A Perilous Journey Into A New Life In The Red River ColonyThe Spirit And Resourcefulness Of Davie And Kirsty Shines Through All Their Hardships As They Witness The Evictions And Burning Of The Crofters Homes Endure The Hardships Of Child Labor In A Glasgow Cotton Mill Survive The Atlantic Crossing On A Disease Ridden Ship And Witness Bitter Feuding Among Rival ColonistsKathleen Fidler S Skill At Bringing Characters To Life Has Enthralled Generations Of Readers And Will No Doubt Do So For Many Years To Come

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    This is a research book A children book 10 about one families struggle after the Highland Clearances and their emigration to Canada in the early 1800sThe historical information was interesting and the plot was straightforward but the characterizations were terrible.Maybe this was because it was written in the 1960s The main characters, twelve year old twins Kirsty and Davie were horrible stereotypes Kirsty was wimpish and dippy and couldn t do anything without her brother s help Davie was impulsive and brave and always saved the day I wanted to slap him he was so annoying.How times have changed I know many twelve year old girls these days who would demolish a twelve year old boy s confidence with just a look.

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    I read this book as a child as part of a history project I still have my copy and have re read it a few times over the years It is a good story and gives children today a good idea of what life was like for Scottish children during the Highland Clearances and many peoples subsequent travel to America in the settlers times I will encourage my kids to read it.

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    EnjoyableFor middle grade and upward an enjoyable and well researched story of emigration following eviction from the highlands of Scotland.

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    This was a very good story, all about the Highland Clearances Having recently been on holiday to Scotland and visited a museum about the Clearances and how many Scottish families travelled to Canada and settled there, I could relate to the adventures of the Murray family After having their home burned they travel to Glasgow to look for work, but its nothing like their beautiful Highland home Then they get opportunity to resettle in Canada They survive the sea voyage and have many adventures in the new land A good book.

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    Despite some abominable characterizations as it was written in 1960 s the heavily stereotyped twin leads are unbelievably vigilant and almost annoying , The Desperate Journey is a timeless tale and the writing skill is so competent and adroit that you almost forget the looming sexism, i.e, the part where all the LADIES specifically mentioned are crying for their painfully abscessed feet Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable read based on my country s history.

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    Such a nice book, that gave me a good overlook about how it was like in Scotland during 1812 I liked how the Murray family was All members of it cared really for eachother.

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    I remember having this book read to us at primary school Can t remember much but would like to read it again

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