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Not a Chance pdf Not a Chance, ebook Not a Chance, epub Not a Chance, doc Not a Chance, e-pub Not a Chance, Not a Chance ae6d5802c68 Currently Unavailable At First Glance, He Seemed Like A Straight Laced, Never Told A Lie In His Life, Good Guy Just Goes To Show First Impressions Can Be Dead Wrong Makayla Should Have Listened To Her Instincts She Never Should Have Accepted A Date With Him, She Never Should Have Continued Seeing Him, And She Definitely Shouldn T Have Started Falling For HimImage Credit Luigi Diamanti

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    I can t praise the work of Stephens enough From someone who has been following her since Thoughtless was first released on fictionpress, I have to say that this book seriously pushes her writing to a new level It s edgy and sexy, and you ll fall in love with the characters The female lead has both the confidence and insecurities that every girl can relate to when it comes to guys, and Chancejust damn He s smoldering, mysterious, and practically delectable You don t want to skip out on this book

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    3.5 4 stars I am pleasantly surprised that I couldn t put this book down I downloaded the book for a later time but once I read the first part, I couldn t stop.Yes, this is another romance starring a lead man with issues And yes, we have our leading lady who is actually smart but of course falls for the bad boy Why is it that bad boys are so attractive In the course of our story of course the bad boy falls for the girl and gets in over his head While it is fairly predictable what book isn t events and revelations keep their hold on you The ending wasn t quite as contrived as it could have been, which makes you wanting for So, the author did her job there, making you hope for a sequel My main criticism would be that the characters acted and felt a lot younger than their early 30s Their ages were not realistic they should of been in their 20s.Overall, I truly enjoyed my time with the con artist and the smart bank teller This is my 3rd book from S.C Stephens and I think she s becoming one of my favorite authors.

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    S.C now you know I normally love your work buuuuttttt hun this was not the best to me Makayla was the dumbest person I guess, I just don t like the heroine to be all gungho about trying to track down the lead man I just don t and she put herself in the position that she was in by going out with a convict in the first place So, why all of a sudden she was upset that she got conned She was the big dummy in the first place Then my poor Chance all he needed was a break now he had to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life because this wanna be bounty hunter is after him now because she got her funky heart broken.boohoo get over it and leave him alone Now, I m not saying that what he did was right but dang he told you why he was the way he was and he showed her his true colors from day one But she fell for the cute butt and a pretty smile Boooookay S.C I m not going to beat you up too much because I still loved Thoughtless, Effortless and It s all Relative They were still good This one was eh not so much.

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    Badly written Plot was way too draggy, characters felt stereotypical Good girl who wants to reform tortured bad boy who lives a life of crime Fixer uppers don t really work Relationships like that just don t work Because when the thrill of fixing someone is gone, then the relationship s over.And Chance just felt way too sappy This story is overdone and overcooked Read this if you want, but you ll prefer Stephens s Thoughtless books.

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    i have read many of SC Stephen books and have enjoyed them all but i must say this was the worse book i have read in a long timemainly due to the heroine can anyone be dumber than makalya she started off fiesty and strong but as the story progressed she turned stupidshe is an unbelievably weak and dumb characteri had a hard time finishing this book but did so because i have enjoyed SC Stephens other storiesi was just disappointed in this story

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    This book is awful Makayla, the protagonist is so dumb and naive it s frustrating to read I love S.C Stephens but this book does not do her justice Don t read it you ll just put it down and walk away halfway through.

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    Another SC Stephens book that didn t disappoint I just love this author.She has the ability to bring characters to life and really immerse you in the story and this book did just that.Can t wait for the second book because I am dying to know how this will all end up.

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    I just could not stand any if these characters They were so unrealistic It was like sweet valley high trying to act tough I hated it.

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    Well another fabulous book by Miss Stephens I loved my summers in New Hampshire and Plymouth was a second home to me I truly enjoyed the scenery as it was described Mikayla works at the main bank in the town of Plymouth with her best friend Neil Mikayla was just such a good person and that hurt me when she met Chance I loved her best friend Neil and how they had each others back Neil was gay and in a sort of secret relationship with Adrian who also lived in Plymouth Poor Neil had his heart broken too Neil was in a relationship with a to be discovered con man too Neil doesn t know why him and Adrian broke up either A lot of really cute dialogue goes on when a friend Natalie, who also works at the bank is interested in Neil and she doesn t know he is gay Mikayla is teaching him how to ignore her advances That was so funny The thing about Chance was that his identity and who he was, was never hidden He told her straight out he was a con artist and he told her she made him want to stop It was a very suspenseful book and I know Chance was a bad guy, a thief, and a liar but damn I wanted him to get straight The fact that they really did love each other was so special I hoped he could be redeemed.

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    FirstI love S.C Stephens Not A Chance took me over a week to finish Not that it wasn t a good story it was just drawn out too long I m not really a fan of beginning a story at the end and backtracking I prefer the build up to the end, so my rating reflects my preference of writing style and not the actual story itself.I was annoyed with Makayla and her naivety She put herself and Colton at unnecessary risk constantly I knowI m sympathizing with a criminal, but I really believe he wanted to change and she was making it really difficult One of the things that annoyed me was when she went through his wallet and found the money Also, who keeps 1500 in their wallet Okay, there are some people I know who do, but he is a thief I would think he d be a little smarter than that.Anyway, I did finish but I have to admit I skimmed through paragraphs for the last 30 pages I have all of S.C s books and am working my way through them Thanks so much for making these available

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