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Rescue Me! chapter 1 Rescue Me! , meaning Rescue Me! , genre Rescue Me! , book cover Rescue Me! , flies Rescue Me! , Rescue Me! 20cbf2ad1199f There S Nothing Tragic Than An Abandoned Or Abused Dog But With The Right Kind Of Dedicated Care, The Story Can Have A Happy Ending Rescue Meoffers Heartwarming Case Histories And Detailed Illustrated Advice To Show How To Turn A Fearful, Possibly Sick Or Undernourished Animal Into A Healthy, Loving Pet With Chapters On Bonding With The New Dog, Building Trust And Obedience, And Keeping The Dog Fit And Happy, Rescue Mecan Turn A Potential Tragedy Into A Lifetime Of Faithful Companionship

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    Good refresher course for me on adopting another dog or good simple advice for a potential new adopter.

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    Great book, lots of good advice especially before bringing a dog home.

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