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The End Games summary The End Games, series The End Games, book The End Games, pdf The End Games, The End Games fc55e165d1 It Happened On HalloweenThe World EndedAnd A Dangerous Game Brought It Back To LifeSeventeen Year Old Michael And His Five Year Old Brother, Patrick, Have Been Battling Monsters In The Game For WeeksIn The Rural Mountains Of West Virginia, Armed With Only Their Rifle And Their Love For Each Other, The Brothers Follow Instructions From The Mysterious Game Master They Spend Their Days Searching For Survivors, Their Nights Fighting Endless Hordes Of Bellows Creatures That Roam The Dark, Roaring For Flesh And At This Game, Michael And Patrick Are Very GoodBut The Game Is ChangingThe Bellows Are EvolvingThe Game Master Is Leading Michael And Patrick To Other Survivors Survivors Who Don T Play By The RulesAnd The Brothers Will Never Be The SameT Michael Martin S Debut Novel Is A Transcendent Thriller Filled With Electrifying Action, Searing Emotional Insight, And Unexpected Romance

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    3 1 2 starsI am so torn about this book Even after taking a few days off from goodreads, I m still no closer to deciding how I actually feel about it and whether, in the end, I think it s worth recommending to others.Let me just say first I love the idea I love the clever twists that took me completely by surprise, I love the creepy setting and I also love the relationship between Michael and Patrick This is a very eerie novel, one that is filled with zombie like creatures called Bellows that moan back your words to you in an elongated, disturbing echo The End Games opens up right in the middle of the action, there s barely room to breathe before we are thrown into this dark world of monsters, where two young boys must fight to survive against the odds and make it to the end of the game the safe zone.This is the element that immediately sets this book apart from every other dystopia sci fi horror story or at least the ones that I ve read the game Michael and Patrick must play the game, evade the monsters, collect their points and make it through the various challenging levels until they reach the game s end They follow instructions from a mysterious Game Master who assures them that the monsters cannot hurt them inside the game, who assures them that their mother awaits them at the game s end But who is this Game Master Can he be trusted Or is he something else entirely This part of the book with the boys uncertainty and the constant action is told brilliantly.Another strength of The End Games is the relationship between Michael and Patrick I have personally always loved a good tale of sibling bonds and this one is fantastic Michael s protectiveness of Patrick and the fear he feels over the possibility of any harm coming to him seem very genuine and believable On the other hand, Patrick s idolisation of his older brother and his own heartwarming attempts to protect him in return make this one truly well rounded and touching relationship Being all each other have in this game world, the strength of their love for one another is made evident, but it also means they have much to lose.I think, ultimately, this book s greatest strength also becomes its biggest problem and it would be very difficult for me to talk about it without heading into spoiler territory What happens about a quarter of the way into the book is excellent and yet, in some ways, it takes something away from the rest of the novel and left me with a story very similar to the vast amount of other zombie apocalypse novels I ve read Which is not necessarily a bad thing if you re a big fan of the average zombie apocalypse novel But I m not In order for me to enjoy a story about staggering dead people, there has to be something to it Like, for example, in This is Not a Test and The Reapers Are the Angels.The End Games is a great idea but the very backbone of the story is flawed, in my opinion It is an odd book in that I want to tell people to read it so we can talk about it and yet, I feel the need to warn them of its problems.

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    From what I ve been incredibly fortunate to read so far, I am able to say that it looks like 2013 is shaping up to be the year of absolutely excellent debut novels, and T Michael Martin s The End Games is certainly no exception to that high standard of excellence Filled with chilling creatures, wonderful characters and heartwarming and at times heart breaking relationships, and a surprising sense of poignancy similar to that of Courtney Summer s This is Not a Test, The End Games is a novel that simply cannot be missed by readers looking for the next great apocalypse novel, combining raw emotion with raw human flesh The End Games starts right off with a bang giving readers a look into a world practically run by the eerie beings known as the Bellows, but also giving them a look into the powerful relationship that is Michael and Patrick s I ve mentioned in quite a few of my reviews that I am a complete sucker for novels that feature strong, family based relationships, and The End Games has just that, and then some Throughout the entirety of the novel, the relationship between the two brothers and main characters Michael and Patrick both warmed my heart and made it ache, especially towards the middle.The plot of The End Games is also something to praise, and is a refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse, with thrilling action sequences, twists even I was shocked by including one right at the very beginning , and truly disturbing and creepy zombies Bellows The Bellows in The End Games are aptly named, considering the fact that whatever you say, they bellow back portions of in ominous shouts, which to me is terrifying in itself, but then there s also the evolution of the Bellows, which makes way albeit towards the end to an even thrilling and pulse pounding conclusion As well as the overall creepiness to the Bellows, the world building and how the Bellows came to be, while perhaps slightly lacking in certain aspects, was thoroughly intriguing, original, and clever While the unique writing style may have taken a bit for me to get used to, and I found some aspects of the novel to be slightly confusing, I think it s definitely safe to say that The End Games was a debut that left me exceptionally impressed There s not much that I can manage to say about The End Games, yet there are so many amazing things left to be said about it I ll just leave the eloquent and insightful things to inevitably be said about this novel for the eloquent and insightful reviewers, but for now, I think all you really need to do to prepare yourself for The End Games is read the final sentence of the synopsis, and believe it, because unlike many blurbs recently, this one tells the truth T Michael Martin s debut novel is a transcendent thriller filled with electrifying action, searing emotional insight, and unexpected romance Yes, blurb Yes it is.

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    It used to be I d pick up any zombie book and be easily entertained I mean, c mon zombiess all good, right But as I get older, with a gluttonous trail of consumed zombie books left in my wake, I ve become a lot discriminating and hyper critical And the simple reason for that is I have proof that zombies can be amazing And once you know that, there s no going back to the good ol days when merely okay was good enough Which brings us to The End Games a debut novel riding the tsunami sized zombie popularity wave onto our to read piles At least onto mine In short there are some great action scenes, a few plot twists I haven t seen before, and an endearing relationship shared between big brother Mike and five year old Patrick But overall, it still felt average and meh It certainly didn t blow my skirt up or leave me panting for I won t run out and scream for all my zombie loving friends to get their greedy hands on a copy asap It was fine It was okay But these days, I m looking for so much than that.

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    This review and others are posted at Read, Rinse, Repeat I ve read through the current reviews on Goodreads, and one common thread is that everyone loved the relationship between brothers Michael, seventeen, and Patrick, five I ll be the lone wolf who says I did not like it At all This child seemed straight out of 80 s sitcom land way too cutesy and overly precocious in a way that made me and I can t believe I m writing this about a young child dislike him I suppose I can understand why readers who responded positively to the relationship rated the story highly For better or worse, this relationship drives nearly the entire plot I do appreciate a boy who puts the needs of his little brother first and goes to extraordinary and often unbelievable lengths to protect him I m going to pause now to allow you to get out your pitchforksAre you ready Pitchforks in hand OKI wanted the zombies to eat Patrick There, I said it In part, just to get this annoying person out of the book But also, I think the plot would have received a much needed jolt of energy by dispatching this child who required constant care and attention, admittedly just as would any 5 year old in a setting populated with ravenous zombies.Look at the last two words of the synopsis unexpected romance Well, no, it was not unexpected to me Unnecessary Definitely Thrown in at the request of the agent or publisher Maybe It seems as much an afterthought in the book as it did in the synopsis Out of the tiny, and I mean TINY, group of seemingly normal survivors the boys found, one just happened to be the correct age and gender to appeal to a heterosexual teenage boy Her character could have been a different age or gender, and if you take away the flirty moments, you ve got the same book.If you ve visited my site before, you might know that my obsession with zombies often leads me to give some leeway to flaws that might bother other readers As fantastic as the synopsis sounded, and THAT AWESOME COVER, I just couldn t do it here In addition to the character problems I mentioned, I was also turned off by the overly juvenile tone of the writing Yes, it s YA, but the tone of the book and Michael s own voice seemed a bit dumbed down It almost seemed MG than YA The secondary characters, particularly the villains, were little than caricatures, and there is absolutely no surprise in who gets their zombie comeuppance Worst of all, these zombies bellows were not all that scary, and I never had the sense that the characters who were obviously going to make it to the end were ever in danger And that, my friends, is a major zombie fail.Note I received an ARC of this book from the publisher for review.

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads 3.5 starsThank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review The Bellow replied NEEEEEWWW Three, two Good morning, Michael said, and the first shafts of dawn slit bright and pink over the trees, glimmering the snow and windshield dust on their dashboard The sunshine struck the Bellow s eyes the creature collapsed on its knees, and it s roar became a roar of pain The hardest reviews to write are always the ones that I had nothing completely against or anything that I loved entirely The End Games was clearly one of those as I m struggling to find words to place together and form comprehendible sentences Yet on all, The End Games was rather enjoyable It s simple enough The rules in the Game Follow them, collect points and keep away from Bellows and you will find the Safe Zone But if it were only that simple At a glance, The End Game s premise is rather absurd But once becoming enveloped into the novel, twists will jump out and surprise you when you least expect it In a new take on aliens in sci fi world, Bellows are the alive dead that are a mixture of zombies vampires where they imitate people talking in a bellowing voice and bite them Their bite is viscous, if a human comes intact with one, they will also soon evolve into a Bellow Michael tells is five year old brother, Patrick, that the Game Master guides them to the Safe Zone where they will meet their mother But who is the Game Master Why do they need to collect points Martin successfully illusions the atmosphere with doubt, suspicion and sceptical ness towards each and every character This original level of uncertainty Martin created brightened up The End Games even at the most uneventful of times Told in third person, naturally it is hard to relate or understand what the characters are pondering in their minds etc However Martin accomplishes this aspect so flawlessly it seems rather surreal and impossible at times Not only was each character outlined intricately, the relationships with the main character were so diverse and attaching Michael, our main character is not exactly what he seems on the surface He holds are dark, secretive regret towards his little brother, and deems that it s wrong to tell Patrick what really is going on What I admired about this was Michael s protectiveness and intelligence Majority of Michael s actions were reasonable and not out of impulse Yet still, I constantly felt a nagging point of him where he was too overly regretful of his own actions etc sometimes, Michael was too caught up in self regret to acknowledge the urgent issues being addressed Despite all negativity, The End Games will promise a heart warming relationship between the two brothers Michael and Patrick I was constantly relating them back to me and my own sister Many people remark that our age difference is excruciatingly large and what a surprise it is that we kind of get along And nothing beats one where the ages are 17 and 5 That is DOUBLE the age difference of my sister and I In post apocalyptic situations, Martin lightened, ever so skilfully, the mood with this gravitating interaction that kept me entertained during the attention poo ish holes, but also levelled out a blunt sense of humour to really make this book stand out Another relationship I found loveable was Jopek s and Michael s Jopek, is, in my opinion much eventful than the Bellows, I felt like the Bellows were just some random alive dead corpses running around moaning nothing was to horrifying It only seemed to add a slight tinge of atmospheric taste to The Games But Jopek, was what I found fascinating to analyse Definitely a unpredictable character, jumping out unexpectedly, Jopek manages to make The End Games far eventful Half the time, I really couldn t know what to expect when Jopek was part of the plot as his attitude and motions were just slightly abnormal The way he interacted with Michael striked me as jovial then seriously intense at other times Completely contrasting All in all, The End Games was somewhat satisfying while I believe it could have been improved in many levels i e Bellows playing a larger role The characters were definitely a strong point in this book as well as the idea and twists An eerie debut novel that kept me struggling to find coherent words.

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    An ARC was provided in exchange for a review This in no way influenced my thoughts in any way.Almost than 24 hours later, I m still a bit stumped and at a loss No, no, it s not because this book gave me something to ponder on for days on end, rather, I simply found it difficult to gather my thoughts and coherently put them into words Did this book have zombies Well, yes, close enough Was it entertaining Yes Did I like it Yes and no If that sounds fickle to you, it probably is, but let me explain why I m torn between fuck yeah awesome and I m outta here .The premise is original and intriguing Like any other zombie fiction, it mainly revolves around the heroes survival, but what kept the story from going to the been there done that pile were the game concept as well as the heart warming relationship between Michael and Patrick These two brothers have been on their own since Halloween, the End of the World They ve been relying on each other all this while They re in a game , in which the objective is to get to the Safe Zone and meet their mother To do this, they have to fight the Bellows, dead people walking that distort your words and echo them back to you, as well as follow the instructions from the Game Master.If you re looking for a darker plot than most YA survival stories, this one here is right up your alley It is absolutely thrilling, creepy, and sinister This is a world where you only have yourself to trust, because even those alive have proven themselves equally dangerous I found myself glued to the pages, unable to keep myself away as the escalation of events became even suspenseful The atmosphere is emotional, a sense of urgency is present, and all of these are intensified thanks to the close bond between Michael and Patrick, who are dependent on each other for both of their sanities, a realistic relationship of protector and the one being protected It is a riveting plot that would put you at the edges of your seat, a story of lies, manipulation, and survival, and for me, it could have been a fun ride from beginning to end.Note the could.Alas, in the end, it wasn t meant to be What dampened my enjoyment was the way the narration was written It was hard for me to get used to it at first as the style was a bit different, and unfortunately, I think I was uncomfortable to the last page The author made the voice sound like from a teenager s, which is quite weird since it s told in third person anyway, but it only felt unnatural and forced to me It felt like the narration was trying hard to reach out to me and have me relate with my inner teen, but yeah, no Most of the characters were also annoying as hell I think I only liked one person, and that was Bobbie, an old grandma who managed to survive with the small group of survivors in the Capitol The rest bah Despite the heartwarming relationship between Michael and Patrick, at least, the protector vs damsel in distress kind, I also disliked both of them, as in, I wouldn t have cared if they were killed anyway I just wanted them to finally stop talking Patrick sometimes acted like a three year old kid, and then talk like a ten year old, and then revert back to being too cutesy Each time, I only wanted to yell, STAHP IT Don t get me wrong, I love kids, but it was so exhausting to read his dialogue and his antics, and the only thing I thought in my mind every time he d come up was Please let it be over soon o, have mercy Michael, on the other hand, was decent with his I m the macho guy, I can take care of all of ye attitude, but there were times he infuriated me as well While questionable, I understood some of the actions he did those were merely done because he believed it was for the best interests of his younger brother, and I guess that tidbit gave him depth The love interest was also one of the ficklest characters I ve ever had the displeasure to read, and one of the most irritating as well She said she cared for the brothers, but every time she did something for them out of that care and goodness , she only made things worse not only for them, but for everybody else And how truly convenient that she was Michael s age, too What are the odds of encountering someone like that out of the blue, huh Their romance felt superficial, too Ugh.Overall, this is not a bad book The storyline, despite the annoying characters and unnecessary romance, is something those looking for a darker and sinister plot would find appealing and would probably enjoy I advice reading this with no high expectations, lest you might be disappointed, as I was Nevertheless, it s still a solid 3 5 stars for me.Read this and other reviews at The Social Potato

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    Review first appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7 I received a copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewThe beginning of May is riddled with a few zombie novels that have opened up the world of zombies for us beyond the usual shambling and insatiable creatures that haunt our dreams T Michael Martin s young adult debut, The End Games, plays perfectly into this genre changing month with its unique take on the undead, and its very emotionally stimulating and raw internal struggle Brimming with stories untold and an extremely successful use of third person narrative, The End Games is a must read for any young adult zombie enthusiast.I ve mentioned in various other reviews that I am not a fan of third person narrative, whether it is omniscient or limited But I will have to put that dislike to the side for this one I was wary at first, since third person usually feels disconnected and unreliable, but wow, Martin sure knows how to cross the disconnected barrier Though the narrative is obviously third person, the writing feels so personal and unique, that it made me want and Michael, our seventeen year old protagonist, paints a distressing picture of a past that actually acts as a good opponent against his current predicament Zombies, or as he and his five year old brother, Patrick, call them, Bellows ingenius, since these creatures repeat whatever they hear , have taken over the world as we know it They struck, ironically enough, on Halloween and offered both a purpose and salvation for the two lone brothers.We are pushed from liking Michael, to pitying him, hating him, then finally, having the hope that he is too afraid to have He is only human and though he acts as than that for his brother s sake, we are reminded many times of how insecure he is about his decisions As we continue reading his story, we begin to find it difficult to discern the difference between his fearful reality and what is blissfully imagined.In fact, the internal struggle Michael experiences occasionally written in spurts of stream of consciousness is so powerful that we are often drawn to the darkness of his past, rather than the dangers of his present And while he creates a somewhat safe world for his emotionally unstable little brother, we forget that Michael himself is a child who also needs to believe in something who also needs protection from the past the two brothers are running from While Patrick s inability to accept his surroundings as something than just a game may infuriate me, I also understand that he is just a kid stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with only his brother.Martin starts off the novel with a hook that is electrifying and immediately intriguing Right off the bat, we want to know What game is this Who are these players What are bellows Who is this game master Of course, aspects of religion are tossed in, as they usually are with post apocalyptic novels, but I like how they are hinted at and occasionally used, but not to the extent where it is everything the protagonist thinks about Sure you have your biblical lunatics here and there in The End Games, but let s be honest aren t they, or any approximations of this genre cliche, in every post apocalyptic novel The tone and prose go hand in hand Whereas one expects the prose to make up the tone words, phrases, etc , Martin uses the extremely cool technique of letting the prose highlight the tone Sometimes the text breaks up, or repeats itself, just to create a hyper awareness of Michael s surroundings, or his thoughts and memories This also plays into making the whole third person narrative aspect of this novel unique We aren t simply being told what is up, we are being shown how to feel what we are being told One last note, and probably one of the important ones when it comes to books like this one The End Games is CREEPY Very extremely, can t look away, block your eyes, look out your window to make sure there are no bellows out there, creepy Gory, exciting, bloody, frustrating thanks to humanity s occasional ignorance , and heart warming Patrick and Michael are the cutest siblings ever , The End Games is a must read The End Games baited me with a very original and intelligent concept, hooked me with its twist just after we are introduced to the characters, and reeled me in with the fantastic storytelling I await Martin s next book eagerly

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    I only made it to chapter 4 in this novel The third person POV wasn t working for me and I felt like the narrative was jumping all over and I couldn t get a grasp or a picture of anything that was happening Then this sentence occurred They d been old even when they d found them in Ron s cabin, and being in the car had not done much in the way of making them less gaaaah And now I just can t do it any.DNF

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    Zombie books Despite the fact that zombies have become somewhat of a fashion in YA fiction, I still haven t grown tired of books about dead people eating alive people However, if you take an interesting zombie apocalypse plot and add a video and gemegames scenario, such as that in The End Games Count me in.

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    Bear with me, please, because The End Games is one of those novels with a twist fairly early on that makes reviewing the book without spoilers difficult Still, I shall endeavor to sum up my basic thoughts while not revealing anything not mentioned in the blurb T Michael Martin s debut is a very strange book in pretty much every way the plot, the characters, and, most significantly, stylistically All of this add up to distinguish the novel from other post apocalyptics that take on the concept of an outbreak that turns human into monsters.The End Games is a zombie novel, though the Bellows are certainly not like the average zombies, except that they too are best taken out with a head shot, and that they were once human The Bellows manage to be eerier Rather than moaning like zombies generally do, the Bellows are like echoes, repeating any words they hear in a long shout Of course, this is nice since you can hear them coming, but also freaking scary when you realize they re surrounding your position, and, since they re so loud, they re probably going to draw Bellows to your position In case that s not bad enough, they re evolving into something much worse.What I think Martin does best here is the horror aspect The End Games is pretty frightening, offering gore, monsters, battles, and psychological terror Michael, a teen, and his five year old brother, Patrick, are trying to survive, to find a Safe Zone with other survivors, in this hellish Game Getting through an apocalypse on your own would be bad enough but with a kid in tow Yikes When they do finally encounter other people, it s very hard to know who to trust and who s crazy, including with the brothers All of this kept me engaged and curious.There s a strong focus on family in The End Games, which I greatly appreciate Michael is an amazing brother He takes such good care of Patrick, not resenting him for making survival difficult In fact, Michael needs Patrick just as much, because he has to keep it together for Patrick, keep hope and motivation.T Michael Martin uses a very interesting storytelling method The End Games is written almost like a reality show about a particular character The narration is third person limited, following Michael However, the narrator seems at times to interact with Michael, adding to the video game feel of the tale in what is a slightly discomfiting but powerful technique Here are some examples of that Dang, she s so cool Dang, don t think that Dang, why Because of on account of this being the most horrible time to get a crush on a girl Oh Right Daaaang Keep going You re scared, that s true, but In the first example, a lot of Martin s style is illustrated Michael s thoughts are included throughout in italics, though whispers are as well and sometimes emphasis as shown here Michael and a couple other characters speak in some sort of strange dialect and occasionally hold out words, like with that last dang You can also see the way the narrator just answered his question, and he in turn responded to that Even interesting, the narrator actually emulates Michael s way of speaking thinking the bulk of the narration is in standard American dialect In the second, the narrator eggs Michael on, urging him not to give up in a desperate situation While I do think this writing style is largely effective, it s very odd and will be disconcerting to some readers, especially the unidentifiable dialect used by the brothers.Where The End Games left me cold was the characters I don t care much about anyone Of them all, Michael is the most likable, due to his sweet affection for his brother However, Patrick actually creeps me out a lot I kept expecting him to turn out to be some sort of new monster or something, because I found him that freaky Spoiler he s not I couldn t care about the half hearted romance or the deaths of any of the characters either More time is spent on developing the creepiness than on the characters.The End Games will be a great read for those who love horror tales, and new creepy monsters Those who take an interest in unique storytelling will also want to check out this quirky debut.

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