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    While it s nice to read about a female James Bond, this story was entirely too preachy Corruption, greed, energy producers, etc all bad But Mr Dryden only gives his proselytizing a rest when our heroine is being shot multiple times, flying a helicopter, lecturing on nuclear physics, using a chainsaw in an ice floe so as to hide in and ride down an ice river, and generally being a superhero Alexei Petrov, the most interesting character, is given short shrift This is an okay read but be prepared for incredulity.

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    3.5 story rattles along Stuff about Russia, Evenk, etc interesting Plot rather fantastical and yet it works.

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    Three words for a greener better world muon catalysed fusion.Alex Dryden, what a helluva nice writing Tho I have to keep searching for tons of acronym in this book SRV, KGB, MDV etcGained lots of new stuff I intensely love this book from the start No regret.

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    I liked the book and the descriptions, that made characters come alive and set the mood of the surroundings The story was quite interesting and it really showed that the author knows a lot about the venues and circumstances in the book A nice read

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    This story takes a while to get going While Anna s survival is a bit much, the story does pick up in the second half Not a bad read Dryden s best book was Red to Black, which I really liked This one is OK, but not terrific.

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    ..brilliant book Action packed from page one until the end Atmospheric and well researched A must read for fans of political thrillers.

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