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Talking To The Moon explained Talking To The Moon , review Talking To The Moon , trailer Talking To The Moon , box office Talking To The Moon , analysis Talking To The Moon , Talking To The Moon c5e1 BOOK DESCRIPTION After Bringing Us The International Bestsellers The Mystic Saga, Dominion, And Saving Brooksie, Scott McElhaney Returns With Yet Another Inspiring Stand Alone Tale This Time He S Bringing Us To The S At The Sight Of His Abusive Father Lying Wounded In The Driveway Year Old Sean Finds Himself At His Mother S Side Being Urged To Flee He Doesn T Recall What Happened, But He Reluctantly Obeys Later At A Friend S House, Sean Is Presented With A Place To Hide Out Where No One Could Ever Come Searching For Him A Safe House Within His Own Neighborhood, Yet Fifty Years In The Past Welcomes Sean With Its Trusting Neighbors, Rock And Roll Records, Sturdy, Fast Cars Without Insurance Or Airbags, And Even A Spot On The High School Football Team Best Of All, Welcomes Him With A Beautiful Girl Named Clara Sean Is Captured By All That His Heart Could Ever Desire In This Life As Far As He S Concerned, Nothing Could Ever Make Him Return To The Life He Abandoned Unfortunately, A Decision Like That May Not Be His Alone To Make Scott McElhaney Is The Winner Of The Xulon Book Award For His First Novel Mommy S Choice And His International Sensation The Mystic Saga Has Secured His Place In The Science Fiction Realm Now He Is Making Most Of His Novels Available To Kindle Readers At The Very Accessible Price Of Only Cents Scott Has Sold Than , Copies Of His Books To Kindle Readers Across The World EDITORIAL REVIEWS McElhaney S Story Telling Is Deft, Well Paced, And With An Ear For Conversation Beacon Journal Book Review McElhaney Slipped In Under The Radar And Firmly Established Himself As A Fresh New Voice In Science Fiction Before Anyone Had A Chance To React By Then It Was Too Late And Nearly Every Sci Fi Fan Who Owned A Kindle Had Already Discovered This Unknown And Was Actively Searching Him Out Associated Content Given Out Of Stars Over Times On From Various Readers Of The Mystic Saga

  • Kindle Edition
  • 132 pages
  • Talking To The Moon
  • Scott McElhaney
  • English
  • 21 June 2018

About the Author: Scott McElhaney

Scott s first novel, Mommy s Choice, was originally published in paperback under the pseudonym Scott Curtis In under a year on the bookshelves, that novel won the National Christian Choice Book Award for romantic suspense When Scott moved to a different publisher and started making his novels available to Kindle readers, he returned to his real name and reduced the prices to the absolute minimum

10 thoughts on “Talking To The Moon

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    I ve never read a Scott McElhaney book before this one I m going to check out his other offerings I liked this one so much If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I can see some shadings of similarity in their writing styles.McElhaney quickly grabs your interest in the main character and you feel sympathy for him as he is facing challenges at home with an abusive father Mix in a bit of the what if aspects of time travel and young love, and you have an interesting story that I couldn t put down I didn t, and stayed up too late last night to finish this one I like the way he left part of the ending leaving the possibility of a sequel.

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    The MoonI just loved the concept of time travel Add a little romance and the Fifties, and it becomes a hit The singles provided at the end, made my husband smile and wanting a CD now It should become a movie as many would enjoy it.

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    I don t know if anyone will ever read this review but if so, it s bound to upset some people Sorry about that.I would have given this book a 5 star rating but for one simple thing There is a huge amount of Christian religiosity throughout the book While that might be a positive aspect for many people, it isn t for me I am not a Christian and don t particularly have any interest in Christian themed material If I had known that in advance I probably would have skipped this book altogether I bought this book because all the official blurbs I read at and at Goodreads.com described a time travel based science fiction story, the sort of story I typically enjoy What I didn t enjoy was the extent to which Christian prayer, church, characters determining whether or not to trust someone based on if they were Christian or not, dominated portions of the book I felt that was unnecessary and it did nothing to advance the plot in this story I realize that religion is an important part of many people s lives and, in general, I think this is a positive thing But when the religion of one group is thrust onto others who don t hold the same beliefs, then I have an issue It doesn t matter which religion it is By not specifically drawing attention to the religious nature of parts of this story, the author has done a disservice to those who do not believe as he does If a story contained unrestrained sexual activity, it would be appropriate to point that out and indicate that it might not be to everyone s taste The reader could choose to buy or not buy that book I feel the same amount of discretion should be applied in cases of over the top religiosity Let the buyer know what is contained in the book.

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    This story kept me glued to my Kindle from start to finish I loved the easy going dialogue, the images and the sensations Time travel with a difference A great read Could really see this as a movie.

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    Found this book via Ereader News Todayfinished it in one day It could easily be a Young Adult novel Time travel, teen love, domestic issuesall hold your attention and make for a nice story Does have a heavy Christian influence in some parts Would recommend.

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    Easy read with imagination.

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    Finished this in less than a day It was a bit too easy, a little preachy, but OK.

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