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Saving Brooksie chapter 1 Saving Brooksie , meaning Saving Brooksie , genre Saving Brooksie , book cover Saving Brooksie , flies Saving Brooksie , Saving Brooksie 4442f0a4f9363 A Full Length Novel From The Award Winning Author Who Brought You One Crazy Summer, Ghosts Of Ophidian, Dominion, And The International Bestselling Series, The Mystic Saga Eddie Inherits A House That People Believe Stole The Life Of His Cousin Many Years Ago Some Say The House Is Haunted Eddie Is About To Discover Something Much Better There S A Door In His Basement That Leads Directly To A Local Amusement Park, But This Particular Park Was Razed Some Time In The S Now The Year Is And Patience Webb Is At The Top Of Her Hollywood Game Unfortunately, At The Age Of , Her Successful Movie Career Comes To A Sudden And Mysterious End Patience Webb Is Gone That Same Year, Nearly Miles Away In Silver Falls, Nena Brooks Also Known As Brooksie Appears Out Of Nowhere And She Wants Nothing To Do With Anyone And She Seems To Be Hiding Something Eddie Tries To Remain Just A Sightseer In The S Because He Knows That Getting Attached To The Past Can Cause Problems But What Happens When He Stumbles Upon An Intriguing Woman Named Brooksie And What If History Still Demands A Tragic Ending

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    This is an awesome story telling the tale of two people separated by 80 years Patience Webb is a Hollywood actress in 1928 who doesn t agree with the direction her career is going She escapes Hollywood and her agent and decides to start a whole new life devoid of agents, bosses, and men Eddie is a 23 year old man who inherits a house in 2009 Rumor has it that his house is haunted and the 1920 s music blaring from his basement seems to agree with this theory When he investigates the music, he discovers a door in his basement that leads directly to an amusement park in 1928 He also discovers a world where history tells of the death of Patience Webb in 1928 This turns out to be a problem being that Eddie has grown a little fond of her It keeps you hanging on to the very intense end.

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    I liked the idea behind this book but it just became too preachy for me Do people actually throw Bible verses into conversation to prove their point Nope Not unless they re a preacher or something similar Also, real people don t just sit down with strangers at breakfast and say paraphrasing here , I have to hate people because they all disappoint me eventually The dialogue was also unbelievable and stilted Stopped at 43%

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    This was a great shorter time traveling romance No swearing and no sexual content Christian viewpoint A secret door that leads to the 1920 s I can recommend for ages 16 and up due to some adult content I give it four stars I really liked it.

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    Time travel, romance and explosions It passed the time nicely.

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