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Dear Daughter txt Dear Daughter , text ebook Dear Daughter , adobe reader Dear Daughter , chapter 2 Dear Daughter , Dear Daughter 198639 From The Author Of It Sucked And Then I Cried, Creator Of Dooce, And Queen Of The Mommy Bloggers The New York Times A Collection Of Disarmingly Honest, Irreverent, And Heartwarming Letters That Heather Wrote To Her Daughter, Leta, Every Month For The First Seven Years Of Her Life A Mother S Love Is Unconditional There Are Quiet Snuggles, Off Key Sing Alongs, Un Controllable Belly Laughs, And Daily Miracles That Only A Parent Can Understand Heather Armstrong First Wrote To Her Daughter When Leta Was Just Eight Weeks Old For The Next Five Years, Heather Wrote A Letter Every Month, Capturing The Ups And Downs Of Motherhood And Chronicling The Milestones And Surprises Of Their Lives Together These Are Letters That We Wish We Had Written For Our Own Children Disarmingly Honest, Self Deprecating, Heartwarming, And Irreverently Funny From The First Time Leta Holds A Rattle To Her First Steps To Her First Curse Word To Her Excitement Over Becoming A Big Sister, Dear Daughter Is A Heart Felt And Hilarious Ode To The Wonders Of Parent Hood That Will Have Mothers Everywhere Nodding, Laughing, And Wiping Away Tears Dear Leta, You Have Changed So Much Since That First Morning You Spent With Us, A Morning That Altered My Life So Drastically That Sometimes It Still Feels Like I M Catching My Breath I Imagine That I Won T Ever Stop Feeling This Way, Won T Ever Stop Having A Portion Of My Brain Dedicated To The Thought Of Where You Are And What You Re Doing, Won T Ever Be Able To Escape The Constant, Nagging Hope That You Are Happy And Fulfilled My Pulse Is Forever Close To The Surface Because Of You, Because Of My Responsibility Toward You, And I Can T Thank You Enough For The Dimension That This Has Added To What It Means To Be Alive Love, Mama

About the Author: Heather B. Armstrong

Heather B Armstrong is widely acknowledged to be the most popular mommy blogger in the world Her website, dooce , has twice been listed as one of the 25 best blogs in the world by Time magazine and Forbes listed it as a top 100 website for women In the eighteen years that Heather has been shaping the internet writing community, she s worked to create targeted content not only for fellow paren

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    If you haven t read dooce dot com you are surely living under a rock Heather is the funniest writer I have ever read She has a talent of taking the most mundane moments of motherhood and making you laugh till you pee your pants Each month from 8 weeks old to 5 years she writes a letter to her daughter marking major milestones from walking, first words, throwing food across the room, a parents weekend away Her letters have a way of helping you laugh through the pain in my case as my 6 month old twins are still not sleeping through the nights Each moment is made to be treasured whether it be a sweet happy moment or the frustrating yet loveable moments in the middle of the night.

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    Don t let the time it took me to finish this book be a representation of how good it is, really I could have finished it in one day if I didn t designate the as my 1 min of relief from the kids a day book I loved it and I think I will start reading it again too It reminds me so much of what my kids do, and so I love even how it stirs up my own memories of when they were little She did a great job of painting a good picture with only a couple pages each entry to do it in I recommend this book to any mother and anyone who wishes they were a mother Great book

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    Dear Daughter is a compilation of letters where the author, Armstrong chronicles details of her daughter, Leta s milestone for a period of 5 years from when Leta was 8 weeks old to 5 years old Armstrong opens up to the reader as she shares intimate memories, raw emotions, the ups and downs of motherhood in the most profound manner Readers will be moved to laughter, tears and utter amazement as Leta s achievements such as her first steps, throwing food across the room and her first words are documented every month A fun read for mothers alike.

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    I enjoyed the book, as I enjoy all of Heather Armstrong s writing This collection of letters to her daughter, Leta, is a great group of memories that is beneficial in explaining the fun, weird, difficult, but still awesome parts of raising a kid.The reason it s not rated higher is that it s mainly entries from her blog that have been pared down I ve read her blog, so I already knew most of these stories, but it was still a fun read.

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    There isn t too much to say about this book Its greatest quality is the concept, which is extremely inspiring I love the idea of writing letters to my children and loved ones in general to read when they are older and wish it is something I thought of myself, and sooner The actual content is cute, and entertaining at times, but not real high on the page turning or wow factor It s an okay book made out of a great idea, and something Armstrong s daughter will no doubt cherish one day.

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    I like Dooce so i m not surprised I liked this It made me appreciate how parents adults can easily chalk up life with kids as a chore when really it could be viewed as special and leanring and all those other magical things we forget in the day to day ness of it all a good quick read.

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    I wish I had thought to write down a bunch of milestones that Ben made These were really funny and helped me to focus on all the goods things you see in your child instead of wanting to kill them every day for bad behavior.

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    Sweet, wonderful heart warming Anyone who has ever raised a child will love this book It brought back multiple memories of my kids when they were babies made me reflect on the last 8 months I have had with my Baby Andrew 3 you kiddies.

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    This was such a cute book It made me want to be a mom Official review forthcoming.

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    First part was funny, but it got old real quick Might have enjoyed it if I was younger.

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