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The Distance Between Us: A Memoir files The Distance Between Us: A Memoir, read online The Distance Between Us: A Memoir, free The Distance Between Us: A Memoir, free The Distance Between Us: A Memoir, The Distance Between Us: A Memoir 8b9af7734 From An Award Winning Novelist And Sought After Public Speaker, An Eye Opening Memoir About Life Before And After Illegally Emigrating From Mexico To The United StatesMago Pointed To A Spot On The Dirt Floor And Reminded Me That My Umbilical Cord Was Buried ThereThat Way, Mami Told The Midwife,no Matter Where Life Takes Her, She Won T Ever Forget Where She Came From Then Mago Touched My Belly Button She Said That My Umbilical Cord Was Like A Ribbon That Connected Me To Mami She Said, It Doesn T Matter That There S A Distance Btween Us Now That Cord Is There Forever When Reyna Grande S Father Leaves His Wife And Three Children Behind In A Village In Mexico To Make The Dangerous Trek Across The Border To The United States, He Promises He Will Soon Return From El Otro Lado The Other Side With Enough Money To Build Them A Dream House Where They Can All Live Together His Promises Become Harder To Believe As Months Turn Into Years When He Summons His Wife To Join Him, Reyna And Her Siblings Are Deposited In The Already Overburdened Household Of Their Stern, Unsmiling Grandmother The Three Siblings Are Forced To Look Out For Themselves In Childish Games They Find A Way To Forget The Pain Of Abandonment And Learn To Solve Very Adult Problems When Their Mother At Last Returns, The Reunion Sets The Stage For A Dramatic New Chapter In Reyna S Young Life Her Own Journey To El Otro Lado To Live With The Man Who Has Haunted Her Imagination For Years, Her Long Absent Father In This Extraordinary Memoir, Award Winning Writer Reyna Grande Vividly Brings To Life Her Tumultuous Early Years, Capturing All The Confusion And Contradictions Of Childhood, Especially One Spent Torn Between Two Parents And Two Countries Elated When She Feels The Glow Of Her Father S Love And Approval, Reyna Knows That At Any Moment He Might Turn Angry Or Violent Only In Books And Music And Her Rich Imaginary Life Does She Find Solace, A Momentary Refuge From A World In Which Every Place Feels Like El Otro Lado The Distance Between Us Captures One Girl S Passage From Childhood To Adolescence And Beyond A Funny, Heartbreaking, Lyrical Story, It Reminds Us That The Joys And Sorrows Of Childhood Are Always With Us, Invisible To The Eye But Imprinted On The Heart, Forever Calling Out To Us Of Those Places We First Called Home

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    As a former ESL teacher, I could not have enjoyed this book The story of Reyna Grande is one of hardship, heartbreak, and triumph I was struck by the power of her writing on the very first page If readers do not understand the internal and external conflict that children whose parents have left Mexico to find work or a better life in the United States suffer, after reading this memoir they will certainly gain insight into this all too common problem when this book is read My students used to love to tell me about La Llorona, the legendary weeping woman who continues to weep for her children In The Distance Between Us, Grande writes there is something powerful than La Llorona a power that takes away parents not children It is called the United States I was hooked on the story when I read that line As I read, I was sometimes overwhelmed with emotion when I read how this dear child, she could have been one of my students, suffered so deeply both before and after her parents left for the United States to find a better life Reyna is an amazing story teller She is also a woman who has accomplished much Her story is one not to be missed.

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    3.5 starsEmigration from Mexico to the U.S divides a lot of families This is one woman s account of what it felt like to spend her early childhood in Mexico while her parents were on El Otro Lado The Other Side Reyna Grande and her siblings were shuffled among relatives who were not in a position to care for them and were often resentful at being saddled with these children In the absence of a real mother, Reyna s older sister Mago had to become the little mother for Reyna and Carlos I d never really thought about what it s like for kids left behind when their parents head to the U.S to look for work Reyna s story is heartbreaking as she describes her years of longing for Mami and Papi, wanting to believe their promises that never came true While Reyna was prone to yearning and daydreaming, her sister Mago expressed her feelings of loss by finding victims for her rage When Reyna was ten years old, her Papi finally brought them over the border illegally, where the children faced a whole new set of challenges and disappointments But Reyna persevered and became the first person in her family to graduate from college Out of sight may not mean out of mind, but it does mean out of priority when families are separated for too long When they re finally reunited, the pieces never quite fit back together The pain and feelings of unworthiness linger for the children of these families Review copy provided by the publisher.

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    This is a memoir based on the author s childhood She was left behind with her two siblings first by her father, and then two years later by her mother The children were left behind with their paternal grandmother who treated them badly, and despite getting money from their parents on a regular basis remittances , she fed them poorly Eventually the children go to live with their maternal grandmother who is extremely poor But this grandmother is loving The book tells the story of the author Reyna s longing to be reunited with her parents When eventually the children are brought to the U.S., they live with their father and his second wife Their father is an abusive drunk, and the children suffer greatly at his hands.Despite the difficult themes, there is happiness in Reyna s life She is a survivor She comes through it all although in the end, she feels she has lost Mexico This is a book for those who want to understand the impact of family separation and the plight of immigrant children including educators, and other service providers It is not a difficult read and would be appropriate for teen readers as well.

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    A moving, insightful, and interesting memoir about the author growing up in poverty in Mexico, separation from her parents, and coming to the USA illegally at age 10 Reyna becomes successful in spite of the many odds she faces An inspirational novel of achieving the American Dream through sacrifice and work Definitely recommend this book as it describe the experiences and feelings migrant families go through.

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    The Distance Between Us is a first hand account of an undocumented immigrant s journey from Mexico to the U.S It describes the author s life growing up in Mexico in two very different grandmothers homes and her eventual border crossing with her father and two siblings, followed by her life in America, el otro lado Life wasn t easy for Reyna in either country, but there was a stark contrast between the bamboo shack she lived in with her maternal grandmother and the comparatively spacious apartment her father and stepmother owned in California When she goes back to Mexico for a visit after living on the other side of the border, she has a hard time believing she once lived there, that that was her daily reality As an adult, she knows with frightening certainty how different her life would have been if she hadn t come to the U.S This book doesn t read like most memoirs it s very structured, for one, and fairly strict with chronology The language is simple and straightforward, almost childlike After reading an interview in which Grande explained that her goal was to tell the story through the eyes of the child she was, her chosen style made sense to me Grande consciously chose not to impose her adult self into the narrative very often, which gives her impressions and reactions a very immediate feel as opposed to the distance created when memoirists analyze their experiences with the benefit of hindsight Favorite bits I think what most impressed me was Grande s determination She has no time for negativity she has too many things she wants to accomplish I especially loved following her journey through school as she developed her writing Even though she moved on to highbrow literature later in life, it gave me a tickle that one of her favorite authors in high school was V.C Andrews, as I also remember the eyebrow raising thrill of discovering her books And the time she spent with her paternal grandmother Evila so perfectly named she could be a Disney villain was wrenching, but also I couldn t wait to see what she was going to pull next The woman was creative in her cruelty.More book recommendations by me at www.readingwithhippos.com

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    What could be scary or powerful to a child than a weeping woman who roams the canal and steals children away in Mexico, known as La Llorona The answer is a power that takes away parents, not children the United States El Otro Lado the Other Side Thus opens the prologue in this deeply personal, often heartbreaking, memoir of Reyna Grande and her siblings as they wait for their parents to keep their promise and return to Mexico for them.The story is a journey of Reyna and her siblings life from childhood to adulthood There were intense obstacles of poverty, alcoholism, desertion people illegally crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S only because of the dream of a better life no matter what the cost I tip my hat to Reyna Grande for so boldly opening her heart and life to the world I admire and respect her for all that she has accomplished And I couldn t be happier for her I had the pleasure of hearing her speak and meeting her in April 2013 at the LA Times Festival of Books, I only wish I had read this before hand One last addition, this is the most perfectly titled book I have ever come across The Distance Between Us A Memoir is referenced so many times and ways in this book, I would love to know from Reyna which came first the story or the title Had I read it before meeting her, I would have asked her

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    I will admit that I probably wouldn t have thought to pick this book up if my book club had not chosen it I just never knew about it until now I m so glad I got the opportunity to read it, as it was really well written and interesting throughout Reyna takes us through her childhood and teenage years while living in Mexico and then later in Los Angeles She doesn t have it easy and I can t even imagine having to deal with some of the circumstances that she did Her experiences shape her and as she takes us through her life, it feels like she s someone I could easily become friends with After all, she reads V.C Andrews novels, listens to Les Mis rables and watches Quantum Leap Aside from that, she seems like a genuinely good person who cares about the people in her life, even when they don t always demonstrate that they care about her too Her journey gives a new insight to what it is like for people who are trying to immigrate to America to build a better life for themselves Perhaps some people nowadays would benefit from reading or listening to this book I listened to the audio version which was really compelling, even though Reyna didn t personally narrate it I look forward to discussing The Distance Between Us with my book club Although some parts are hard to read trigger warning physical abuse , I would definitely recommend it.

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    Award winning novelist Reyna Grande s new memoir, The Distance Between Us is a book that has given me an eye opening understanding of the plight of many immigrants from Mexico Trapped in poverty in their native land, moving into the United States by any means is a way to better one s life and the lives of one s children With the legal situation in the U.S., though, Mexican people who choose to move north must rely on coyotes to navigate the dangerous ground between nations in the dead of night, hidden in car trunks, hiding behind bolders and bushes in the desert, and often winding up dead This situation can only be worse now than it was for Reyna when she made the crossing.What I had not considered before, however, is the damage done to the family structure when economics force families to split up to earn enough to survive, and to reinvent themselves again and again in order to make a successful life in a new land For a culture that values family ties as much as the Mexican people, this division is tragic The very fabric that has defined a culture for centuries lies in tatters as people work for a better life The barrier of language is huge, and I wish every person I have ever heard complain about Spanish being spoken in the U.S could read this book Crossing that language barrier is awfully hard for adults, less so for children, but a barrier nonetheless I have only admiration for those who speak than one language The courage required to make a journey like Reyna and her family is huge, and she has brought it to light with simple, lyrical prose Her determination is truly admirable and this book will provide inspiration to every person coping with adversity to be overcome for success One hopes too that, because of Reyna s story, every reader to look with a kinder eye to the Latino community in the United States.

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    This was a heartbreaking story of the toll of immigration on a family Novelist Reyna Grande s memoir documents the steady disintegration of her family over decades as one by one members of her family leave and return, leave and return to el Otro Lado, the United States The first separation takes place before the start of the book Reyna is so young when her father leaves for the US that she knows him only by his photo, and thinks of him as the man behind the glass The second, though certainly not the most wrenching separation because how can you choose when there are so many, and each is so painful comes when her mother leaves the children to join their father As Reyna says at that time, truth be told, I never really got my mother back The title, The Distance Between Us, originally comes when Reyna s older sister Mago shows her on a map the distance between their parents in the US and the children in Mexico, nearly 2,000 miles That is the distance between them That makes my heart ache just thinking about that, both as a mother and a daughter But the title takes on significance throughout the book, as you see the distance between the family members growing, even as they are reunited in the same country It s certainly not light reading, but I think a story like this is important to understanding the larger issues of immigration, and the human side of it We are talking about real people, just like you and me, and that is too often forgotten in the debate I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley.

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    Quiz s en otros pa ses pesen otras cosas, pero creo que a m me impact el camino que recorri Reyna no de M xico a EEUU, sino su crecimiento como persona C mo de la absoluta pobreza con un futuro incierto si lo hab a pas a tener estudios universitarios, una familia y un futuro en el que no pasar a hambre y tendr a un techo sobre su cabeza.Entiendo la casi justificaci n a sus padres obviamente no desde la l gica, pero es muy f cil hablar cuando no sufriste lo que ella, o cuando los que pasaron hambre son tus padres, porque as pod an poner un plato de comida frente a vos y a tu hermana Una muy linda memoria para leer conozcas o no a la autora Fuerte, y quiz s tendr a que tener un trigger warning al principio, pero creo que esto tambi n es representaci n en la literatura, m s all de su cultura own voices de maltrato y violencia tambi n es representaci n.

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