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Exile quotes Exile, litcharts Exile, symbolism Exile, summary shmoop Exile, Exile 72500a0b Sophie Foster Thought She Was Safe Settled Into Her Home At Havenfield, Surrounded By Friends, And Using Her Unique Telepathic Abilities To Train Silveny The First Female Alicorn Ever Seen In The Lost Cities Her Life Finally Seems To Be Coming Together But Sophie S Kidnappers Are Still Out There And When Sophie Discovers New Messages And Clues From The Mysterious Black Swan Group, She S Forced To Take A Terrifying Risk One That Puts Everyone In Incredible Danger As Long Buried Secrets Rise To The Surface, It S Once Again Up To Sophie To Uncover Hidden Memories Before Someone Close To Her Is Lost Forever In This Second Book In The Keeper Of The Lost Cities Series, Sophie Must Journey To The Darkest Corners Of Her Luminous World In A Sequel That Will Leave You Breathless For

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    I know it s totally geeky to review your own book but this book is the hardest thing I have ever written So yeah, I m going to tell you it s awesome We have to believe in our own writing, don t we And hey, I deserve SOMETHING to make up for the sleepless nights, right

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    Epic Different Capturing Can t get enough of this series I think I m going to stick with it till the end.Q I think we could all use a little weird in our lives c Q It was a dangerous world for a sparkly flying horse c Q In fact, most of the great human innovations of the last few centuries happened under elvin tutelage Electricity Penicillin Chocolate cake c Q Each Wanderling s seed is coiled with a single hair from the one who s been lost, he explained When it sprouts, it absorbs their DNA, taking on some of the attributes of the life they now share Letting the lost live on Those who wander are not lost c Ok, this is a beautiful idea of expressing sorrow in a world where it s largely unknown.Q Apparently, terrifying her only friend was better than snacks c Q Our long lost elf, and the most searched for creature on the planet, stumbling across each other in the middle of a forest in the Forbidden Cities c Q Well, then why don t you go visit him there I m sure Kesler would let him take a break Or you could stay there and put your fabulous alchemy skills to use Maybe you ll be the one to finally burn down that ugly store Q It was a tiny thing, really Just a small bit of encouragement.But it meant something It meant everything c Q School starts in a little than a week She d known it was coming up, but that suddenly felt very, very soon c Q There were many, many questions racing through Sophie s mind as she scratched her neck where the furry collar was tickling it But the most important one was probably, Why am I dressed like a shaggy elephant c Q This is our chance to show the older generations what we can do By dancing like elephants c Q I m a few minutes late and I miss all the fun Don t worry, I m sure Stina will pick plenty fights with me before the year is over, c Q Would it be right to kill them, simply because we planted them by mistake c Q Only elves would call tunneling to the center of the earth logical And only a girl raised by humans would think otherwise Q Sophie gulped down the words like they were cold water in the scorching desert And for the first time in a few weeks, the future was feeling bright Q So I wagged my tail when I was supposed to flick it what s the big deal The big deal is that this was your chance to impress the faculty and instead you ve shown them you re just as ridiculous as ever When are you going to start taking your education seriously c Q She hated the way he stared at her Like any second he expected her to sprout an extra brain and use it to take over the world c Q Things weren t so bad, really How could they be when there was this cool rush racing through her, filling her with life and energy and lifting her higher Whoa what did you give me c Q Guilt is a treacherous thing It creeps in slowly, breaking you down bit by bit c Q SOPHIE NEVER THOUGHT SHE D WANT to be the creation of a band of murderers but now she wished for it than anything else she d ever wished for c Q I need to look around a room that Grady and Edaline don t like me to go into, and since your job is to report everything I do That s not my job, Sandor interrupted If it were, I would ve told them how you sneak out of bed to read by the light of the moon jars you keep in your desk c Q Really You don t think I look like a rotten orange No, you do But at least it almost matches your freaky eyes c Q Mr Sencen Would you like me to extend your detention Tempting But I think I ll pass Q And I ve been thinking Oh good, at least one of us should c Q I don t see how that s fair I didn t say it was fair You either agree or you re out c Q Your dad seems intense That s putting it mildly Do you know we have an entire room at our house dedicated to the Wonder That Is Him He s covered the walls in portraits and awards and has a life size statue of himself in the center carved out of Lumenite, so it glows What about your mom She s a perfect match for my dad c Q Of course he s wrong, Keefe agreed If anyone s malfunctioning, it s him I heard him try to laugh one time and he sounded like a freaked out banshee c Q It was hard to catch something that could rip an opening in the sky and vanish into it c Q Just so you know, you re pretty much my hero now It takes serious talent to freak out the entire Council I may need you to give me some pointers c Q Um, who doesn t want to know ways to annoy people Trust me, you already know them all c Q I ll do everything I can to guide you through this But you re going to have to fight hard I always do c Q Maybe it was just her rushing high from mending things with Fitz and Biana, but she couldn t help feeling like something really good was about to happen She just had to trust, and try c Q And why do we need your spectacle Bronte snapped We re perfectly capable of making one on our own c Q Sophie was afraid of many, many things.But she wasn t afraid of herself any.She could do this.She just had to trust And be willing to take the first leap c Q Am I interrupting something Yes, Sophie and I were having a pleasant conversation So I m sure this is your cue to ruin it c Q But she d already faced her deepest fears How much worse could it be c Q SOPHIE SAT ALONE ON THE cold ground in a shadowy corner of the valley, watching the beams of light twist and spin above the snowcapped mountains c

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    Originally posted at Writer of WrongsMy review of book one, Keeper of the Lost Cities , aka a guided tour though my insanity with Legolas the elfLegolas Where are you, boyfriend We can t do this without you.There are elves in this book It makes sense NO, handsome, we re here for the book Exile We return once to the story of Sophie Foster, the magical thirteen year old elf with three boyfriends and four thousand super special abilities By the end of this book, she will have four thousand and twelve Still three boyfriends, though This little girl is doing life right.Seriously, this series stresses me out because I don t know which ship will win Why do you have so many boyfriends, Sophie, you greedy little pre pubescent I would tell you to share, but jail bait elf boys are not exactly my type I usually have a really good nose for sniffing out the Chosen Ship, but this is too much for me Keefe Boyfriend 1 BE KEEFE Please be Keefe Team Keefe NO, LEGOLAS, THEY WILL PREVAIL THEY MUST SHUT UP So, Exile picks up a few weeks after the events of Keeper, in which Sophie and her BFF Dex Boyfriend 2 were kidnapped by EVIL PEOPLE doing EVIL DEEDS Most of this wretchedly overlong book focuses on Sophie coming to grasps with the fact that the whole elf world thought she was dead and now fears her, unraveling the mysteries of the EVIL DOERS and the mysterious society, the Black Swan, and starting her second year at Hogwarts Mozilla Firefox Foxfire Academy Sophie also visits the enormously creepy Exile with Alden, the father of swoony Fitz Boyfriend 3 I really liked Exile It s this creeptastic underground prison full of criminals with BROKEN MINDS Their minds have been broken With MAGIC That stuff, and watching Sophie try to navigate these dangerous, jagged minds that are like quicksand, was fascinating and quite cool.This book still has moments of ridiculousness There is a whole fleet of superfluous characters with silly names, an endless number of fart and poop jokes a quarter of which are legitimately funny, because I am a child , and silly world building Let s not even discuss the time all the little elf children have to dress up like furry elephants and do a dance I m expunging it from the memory banks.Legolas Don t make fun of the furry elephant children Even YOU would look bad in that outfit Okay, no, you wouldn t The eye rolls, they happened The groaning, it occurred The threats of DNFing, they were made And then this book did exactly what the first book did IT WON ME OVER WITH ITS WICKED ELFCRAFT Or, mostly, its Keefe craft He s by far the most engaging, funny, and even heartwarming character in the book builds a ship sets it upon the high seas SAIL, BABY MIDDLE GRADE SHIP SAIL The good stuff in this book just sneaks up on you It s weird Like, you suddenly become engrossed without realizing it Sneaky like this By sneaky, do you mean sexy With you, I always mean sexy, Legolas.Also, there s a pretty, shiny, friendly unicorn with wings and she s cute and yesss, animal sidekicks of course, only SPECIAL SOPHIEFLAKE can tame her PLUS KEEFE BECAUSE KEEFE RULES , but yayyy, pretty horse Exile has an inglorious number of gloopy, soppy, saccharine scenes, but damn if my icy heart didn t thaw This book has quite a lot of feels, which rescues it from the occasionally absurd world building Sophie suffers, and it hurts Also Keefe suffers and that REALLY HURTS BECAUSE KEEFE Okay, so she ll probably end up she s thirteen, no need to marry her off with Fitz, but whatever There are totally feels between Keefe and Sophie Let a creepy human adult reader dream.Honestly I don t know what s wrong with me Silly book, I must have your sequel I must captain my ship to shore I must know the mysteries Okay, no, I mostly want to sail my ship That s okay, right I start off these books going, No, nooo, ugh noooo, and I finish them totally in love and eager for the next Bizarre Yes, fine You win again, Legolas You always do Stop gloating.

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    That was EPIC Sophie Foster, the girl who has found the first female Alicorn in decades She s going to train this magical creature and reveal this secret to the elves as a sign of hope, to settle the fears and desperation of people elves.Sophie Foster.The girl who has been taken.The girl who has been raised by muggles humans She has lived in the Forbidden City human world for twelve years.She has mastered unbelievable magical skills view spoiler Inflictor Telepath Polyglot hide spoiler

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    4 starsI was complaining until 40% of the book, saying how this was not as good as the one before, because things weren t happening and I was getting bored But then, after the 40% mark, it really picked up and I just couldn t put it down and once again I stayed up late, finishing this book and now I m regretting my life choices sigh.I loved the characters Keefe is right now my favorite and we are getting to see of the world A great second book, can t wait to get to the third one.

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    5 stars This one takes all of the amazing set up from the first one and catapults the series into a new level I can tell this is the start of an amazing ride This review will have SPOILERS for the first bookas it is the second book.Character development Plot 1 2Pacing World expansion Alright, not going to lie, Exile suffers from the mild sopho slump It s coming off of a dramatic series opener where its world was expanded exponentially for the main characters, and now we ve got to make sense of the intrigue When we left Sophie Foster, elf and telepath extraordinaire, she had just been kidnapped by some rogue elves intent on killing her She d been tortured, threatened, and then rescued by the Black Swan, a rebel organization that we thought were the bad guys but SIKE, they might bethe good guys Given this altering perception of Sophie s relationship with the Black Swan and the torture inflicted on her by another hidden organization, Exile kicks off with Sophie in a relatively dark place She s dealing with the PTSD of being captured, her guilt over her friend Dex s involvement, and the strangely intense headaches she has every time she attempts to light leap travel through space via light beams or use her abilities I found Exile to be another 5 star read, but it was a hard to get through the first 100 pages or so as Sophie was struggling so much with her headaches, inability to sleep process her trauma, and the problems placed on her by the adult rulers, the Council BUT, proving once again that this series is a winner, once plot points began to unfold I found myself hooked once again into the action Sophie s explosive adventures in Exile are just as page turning as ever, and it ends with the perfect cliffhanger.Like I mentioned in my review for the first book, this series pulls no punches when it comes to its narrative It is aimed for a middle grade audience and it keeps everything PG with this in mind but it does tackle some serious topics and involves quite a lot of intrigue While I was able to spot several plot points coming, I found the writing and world building to be so good that I didn t care that I knew the big reveals I ve already read book threeand may or may have already bought the rest of the books in this series They re that dang good Original notes Another 5 stars, another installment in this amazing world What can I say, these books are amazing Review to come

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    This book is angsty compared to the first one Sophie is broken or malfunctioned because of a certain event that happened on the first book Because of this, unfortunate events happened in her stead and, now, must find a way to fix herself to right the wrongs And one other huge event isshe found a unicorn or an alicorn A sparkly, though stinky unicorn that can somehow transmit messages directly to Sophie s mind, just like Fitz I wonder why Hmmmmm Read the book to find out.The first book focused on Sophie Fitz and Sophie Dex dynamics, while this book focused on Sophie Keefe And I was shocked I loved their dynamics better compared to the other two It may be because of Keefe s witty banter with Sophie, and he may joke a lot, but inside he deeply cares for his friends as shown much on this book and he said so himself So Team Keefe, you better have a banquet prepared for your new member view spoiler Though this can be subjected to change Multishipping, here I come hide spoiler

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    Toujours aussi fan de l univers, j ai ador ce tome 2 Je suis un peu frustr e car l intrigue g n rale avance assez lentement mais j ai h te de lire la suite

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    Hey, can this come out, like, NOW, please Because I want it NOW CAN NOT WAIT.READ Okay, so I literally JUST finished it AND finished reading the Acknowledgements, of course, because I m just one of THOSE people.AndOMGI ve never wanted to avoid finishing a book this bad EVER I WAS CRYING FOR IT NOT TO END.Usually my fangirling and dies suffices, but I can t even try for this review, considering even I CAN T Doesn t cover it.I REALLY Can t I just.Okay Deep breath This book One word KeefeCan I haz him I want my own personal Keefe to talk to I can t even describe In the first book, in those rare, wonderful moments he was in the book, I hung onto every word and swooned uncontrollably But this book KEEFE WAS EVERYWHERE.It was like a dream come true SighhhIf he doesn t end up with Sophie I m going to explode.Sophie is exceptional in this book Like seriously, she s fabulous SO MANY trials and troubles and she handled them in ways I didn t even expect I guess I underestimated Sophie Foster a bit.Never again shall I Dex was Well, I felt like every part he was in he was just getting in the way of team FOSTER KEEFE love boat, but, you knowAND FITZ.WHAT THE.He got on my nerves I was always deciding between Keefe or Fitz for my team Because I don t SHIP the Dophie Dex Sophie , but this book decided it I can completely understand his motives, and I still LOVE Fitz, but Keefe is the only one.Yep.Yep.The plot was intense It was interesting and fast paces and everything I was hoping for The characters relationships all became deeper, and the story grew into something MORE.SO MUCH.MORE.Silveny is my favorite Alicorn, ever Even though I ve never read about or seen another one, but if I had, SHE D still be my favorite, I m sure I totally have a miniature Glitter Butt sitting on my shoulder, along with a mini Keefe.AW A MINI KEEFE HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE RIGHT But really.I loved this book.I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT FOREVER I will now have to hide until the next book that comes out Oh yeah, A YEAR FROM NOW.Thanks, Shannon Messenger for writing too fantastical, brilliant books that make me extremely happy and then ruin my life when their over.THANKS REALLY.I will now sing Shannon Messengers theme song TROLOLOLOLOLBecause I think she just likes plotting all of the ways to make us suffer .CURSE YOU Swishes cloak and vanishes Poof That was the dramatic POOF of smoke In case you couldn t tell.

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