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Return to the City chapter 1 Return to the City , meaning Return to the City , genre Return to the City , book cover Return to the City , flies Return to the City , Return to the City 57d9f932c6351 The S Are Coming To A Close, And While Sterling Jackson S City Is In The Midst Of Summer, Change Is Here And Cannot Be Avoided Sterling Lives A Life Full Of Recreation And Little Work, On Account Of His Older Brother Miles, The Powerful Drug Dealer Known Around The City As Jamaica Jackson, Who Gives Sterling Near Anything He Asks For Charity, The Woman He Is Dating, Does Much The Same Yet, Sterling Will Soon Be Dared To Come To Grips With The Forces That Have Shaped What He Has Become, Through His Relationship With His Mother, With Whom He Shares A Unique Bond, Two Of Miles Closest Peers, A Homegrown Celebrity Singer, And A Mysterious Man Bordering Insanity This Summer, Death Is Lurking Under The Hot Sun A Story Of Family, Love, Hate, Criminality, And One Man S Journey To Find Meaning, Return To The City Is One To Remember

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    December 19, 2011No less than a philosophical masterpiece, haunting and challenging all at once For better or for worse, Sterling sticks with me, as do a good handful of others from this well, this city ________________ April 10, 2014Okay, so this might be a bit of a treatise than a review, but in light of this novel, it s necessary to point the following out.I was privileged to serve as editor for this book, and while I mostly edit nonfiction, there are indeed varying qualities of writing that come across my desk, so to speak If a work wasn t worth my putting in a good word for, I wouldn t do it especially not these days, when I ve cut down on when, where, and how I use what words I do have Granted, I mostly read classics and girly books, so I d never read anything quite like Keels s writing before he started putting out his work He s a brilliant storyteller On the night I finished Return to the City the first time around, I remember sitting for about a half hour Just sitting, silent, too affected to do anything else I ve said before that it s not a novel for the faint of heart, but if you are faint, read it anyway.What I appreciate about this novel is that it doesn t shy away from saying what it has to say about life, death, love, lust, hatred, denial, purpose, hope, and a host of interwoven themes Sterling is as human as they come, a young man who, like all of us at some point, has to come to grips with what he has become and what he s going to do about it To date, this is among the top ten longest novels I ve ever read, up there with Sh gun, Middlemarch, The Portrait of a Lady, and Ben Hur I ve heard it said that few to no people in present society have the attention span to read long books any, but I have as hard a time believing that I, far from being the only authentic lover of literature in the world, have suddenly lost the ability to pay attention to books as I do believing that works like Les Mis rables, Anna Karenina, and even Gone with the Wind are going to disappear because no one can read that many words from one author any I believe a nice, long David Copperfield is still going to have its place beside a nice, short Of Mice and Men, as it s all literature worth reading, and there aren t too many works or words out there There just aren t enough days for one person to read them all in his her lifetime.I m glad that this authentic lover of literature, in the few days she s been granted in this age of time, has had the opportunity to spend some of them reading Return This story truly left me with the impression that, in so many ways, authenticity is everything.

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