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    Disturbing and enlightening, Holly Smith details her work with incested youth during her career as a caseworker Deeply upsetting with some stories that wrench your gut as well as stories that make you feel for all caseworkers as Holly deals with thoughts that the world punishes her for her work her miscarriage was a result of all of the children she tore away from their mothers or that another caseworker s cancer was caused by years of the tortured work of dealing with victims of incest I m not sure I can truly review or describe the memoir other than to say that it is raw and no holds barred about work along these lines and is comparable to watch Law and Order SVU You would never want to be them but are secretly grateful that they re doing this work to save victims of heinous crimes.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book The cases in it are brutal to read but I had that thought going in What I find maybe a little distracting is Holly herself who alternates between seeming really privileged she mentions her row of rubies and diamonds a lot, whether in contrast to the poorness of others or what, I don t know and her disbelief that she could be suffering from clinical anything was kind of odd to me I understand wanting to do homeopathic remedies I personally don t, but I get it but she seems irresponsible to me in regards to caring for a family of her own If you re that traumatized and rightfully so than perhaps you need to do than just see a therapist Talk therapy is a very helpful tool, but she puts undue stress on her family, and most importantly, herself by refusing to consider the possibility of diagnosis for what she seems to suffer Having GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder myself I can see the signs in her She may even have PTSD.That being said, Holly does have quite a few insights and there were times I was pretty wrecked moved by what she said I am a survivor of incest and wish I had this kind of adovocate when I was younger and her frank speech on the topic was very interesting from a psychological point of view I think this should be required reading for anyone going into social work, work with children, and or clinical therapy.

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    I ve always said that a memoir is a therapist s therapy, and this is a stellar example of that She exposed her heart and soul, narrating the past 20 years filled with daily horrors and acquaintances with unspeakably dark corners of humanity It s a wonderful book, but very ruminating and less impactful I guess rumination and reflection is what the author needs I ve also firmly held the belief that jobs are like relationships there isn t the best one for everybody, but you have to love the one you re stuck with This particular author though, she is not in love The entire book reeks of an abusive relationship A relationship where she keeps coming back forwhat Morbid fascination The paycheck I don t know, but the job is eating her alive She empathizes than she sympathizes, and I just want to give her a big hug The book has editing and grammatical errors, which just highlights how gut retching the content is, and makes the reader appreciate how much she had to put up with, living through the horrors I thank her for sharing her wisdom, and letting so many people listen to her voice.

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    truly highlight the sufferings and offer remedies that though not very easy to follow surely will bring positive results.

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    great book

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    Very well done and gripping.

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