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Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 chapter 1 Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, meaning Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, genre Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, book cover Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, flies Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 6f2b7df1cc4e8 THE MOST UP TO DATE, EXPERT ADVICE FOR MOTHERS, FATHERS, AND CARE PROVIDERS FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS From The Most Respected Organization On Child Health Comes This Essential Resource For All Parents Who Want To Provide The Very Best Care For Their Children Here Is The One Guide Pediatricians Routinely Recommend And Parents Can Safely Trust, Covering Everything From Preparing For Childbirth To Toilet Training To Nurturing Your Child S Self Esteem Whether It S Resolving Common Childhood Health Problems Or Detailed Instructions For Coping With Emergency Medical Situations,Caring For Your Baby And Young Child Has Everything You Need Basic Care From Infancy Through Age Five Guidelines And Milestones For Physical, Emotional, Social, And Cognitive Growth A Complete Health Encyclopedia Covering Injuries, Illnesses, Congenital Diseases, And Other Disabilities Guidelines For Prenatal And Newborn Care With Sections On Maternal Nutrition, Exercise, And Screening Tests During Pregnancy An In Depth Guide To Breastfeeding, Including Its Benefits, Techniques, And Challenges A Complete Guide For Immunizations And Updated Information On Vaccine Safety A Guide For Choosing Child Care Programs And Car Safety Seats Ways To Reduce Your Child S Exposure To Environmental Hazards, Such As Secondhand Smoke Sections On Grandparents, Building Resilience, Media, And Multiples New Chapters On Sleep And On Allergies Including Food Allergies New Content On Prebiotics And Probiotics, Organic Foods, And Other Healthy Lifestyle Topics And Much

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    This is one of the best books for new parents It is full of all sorts of helpful info about everything I reference this book quite often A great gift for a new mom.

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    Forget What To Expect the First Year, this book is way better It s based on statistical evidence, has a user friendly format, and clearly explains the developmental stages of your child Plus, it has a huge topical index at the end covering everything from rashes and fevers to behavioral issues It s the exact same advise your pediatrician would give you I ve used this book again and again, whether to see if my child is reaching appropriate milestones or to check if a spot on their skin is eczema If I had to choose one book for new parents, this would be it.

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    If you think you need a manual for your new baby, this is it The book is pragmatic and down to business It covers a broad range of topics related to parenthood basic care of a baby, health issues, cognitive development, sleep, discipline, etc It structures the advice by age brackets and gives the concise background on those issues for the specific age The book grows with your child you can read 30 pages every few months or, later, every year to stay up to date with their developmental stage The second part is a reference list of common health conditions which you can quickly look up before calling a doctor.The author list is long and the book is approved by the American Association of Pediatrics, so it contains only absolutely uncontroversial advice the book is thus free of philosophical musings or arguable statements, for example it does not cover the lifestyle choices like using a sling or co sleeping You may still thus it bland if you are looking to study bold or cutting edge viewpoints, pick up the relevant books using this one as a baseline.

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    This is a great resource for new parents Suggested by our pediatrician Includes age related development milestones to look for, nutrition and eating plans, and neutral parenting advice on just about everything Definitely recommend this for parents.

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    It is an indispensable reference book for parents It is not not a medicine book where you can find anything and with great detail It is a book for parents that want to check or get a quick advice about behaviour and healthy concerns of their kids.It is great specially for the first years as it gives a nice details of milestones that we have to look for It is not as month specific as other books such as what to expect during your baby first year buy I like it a lot I like the way the topics are presented and content and the amount of info provided.

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    There have been times when I worried about my daughter This is very normal Not because anything was wrong but because she was my first child and I wasn t quite sure what to expect at each age For example at 5 I was not aware of how much children forget and lose their train of thought It helped me understand my daughter better and be patient Each year is so different an this book gives great insight.

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    This is my Baby Bible as Taylor calls it my go to book for a quick answer or a quick chapter read of the months my baby s in Best of all it was free for joining the Publix Baby Club Basic, untrendy, up to date answers without too many opinions Just bare bone facts I ve yet to see a baby book that is as basic yet comprehensive that doesn t have what this one has in it Did I mention it was free

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    While I haven t read this cover to cover, it certainly has helped me a ton with caring for my 3 kiddos, especially the first With another on the way I will have to break it out again for sure My sister in law gave it to me with my first telling me it was the baby bible She was definitely right.

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    The one and only book you need on baby care It contains all the facts in a clear personable tone There s no fads, hype, or excessive focus on rare maladies I reference this book of the night to answer those small parenting fears Does my child talk less than other kids How do you swaddle an infant What is the asprin doesage per weight again

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    I will obviously need to keep referring to this book in the future.

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