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An Unclean Legacy pdf An Unclean Legacy , ebook An Unclean Legacy , epub An Unclean Legacy , doc An Unclean Legacy , e-pub An Unclean Legacy , An Unclean Legacy d47b3918d5e In A Time Of Wizards And Kings, One Name Stood Above The Rest He Was Montechristien GroeneveldtHe Had Been Weak He Had Been A Failure But Beyond Darkness, Beyond Damnation, Beyond All Suffering And All Sorrow, He Found The Jewel Of The Philosophers He Found The Pure And Limitless Magic Of The Cintamani Of The Alchemic Gold From That Point Forward His Power Was Limitless He Bound The Devil, Shattered Suicide S Son, And Took Wickedness As His Bride He Grew Butterflies On Trees And Timed Life With Flowers He Broke The World And Sewed It Up Again And As The Time Of His Death Approached His Children Came To His Castle To Dispose Of The Matter Of Their LegacyViolet, His Eldest And Most Dear, Who Had Betrayed Him Before She Was Even Half GrownFrancescu, The Deathless Sorcerer, Who Had Turned His Back On The Affairs Of The WorldManfred, The Fallen Knight, Whose Strength Was Legend And Whose Spear Was Magic S BaneTomas The Cruel, Who Had Looked In His Tenth Year Upon The Face Of GodChristine, The Mad Sorceress, Who Wandered The World In Her Living HouseSophie The Skinchanger, Soulless And Devil Tainted, And Once The One Montechristien Had Loved BestElisabet, The Devil S Child, A Creature As Much Of Shadow As Of LifeWhen At Last Montechristien Stumbled Towards The Grave, The Talents Of His Children Turned Against Their Siblings, Every Hand Against The Other, And The Halls Of Castle Groeneveldt Ran With Blood, Until They Could Dispose Of The Matter Of Their Legacy Jenna Moran Writes With Barbs And Delicacy The Tales And Legends You Loved In Your Dreams, But Thought You Forgot Upon Waking Kenneth Hite, Author Of Suppressed Transmissions, Out Of The Box, And Numerous Books And Roleplaying Game Products

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    I m going to start by describing my favorite part of reading this book Halfway through, I realized that the entire narrative was a complicated retelling of a popular cartoon from my childhood The sudden and unexpected realization that I had missed all of the parallels, that the whole time the story had been winking at me sometimes quite unsubtly and I had never even realized it, was hilarious It was quite a surprise, one of several thrown by this surprising and clever novel An Unclean Legacy is the story of the sorcerer Groeneveldt, his impending death, and the bequeathment of his legacy to his seven children It is told nonsequentially, each chapter representing a separate fairy tale like story that may come just before, just after, or far removed from the chapters on either side of it These chapters form a wending history that explains the formation of the world and its personages, the rise of Groeneveldt and the manner in which he gained his power, the histories of each of his seven children and the seven monsters which they have become, and, finally, the ultimate fate of Groeneveldt, his children, and his unclean legacy.The writing takes many cues from fairy tales, the omniscient third person narrator using little description, painting the mind s eye with action and dialogue, referencing traits and attributes only when they are important When the Devil appears, the narrator assumes we know who the Devil is When we are first introduced to Sophie, no mention of her shapshifting ability is made that does not bear mentioning until she wrestles aforementioned Devil in the novel s latter half Insinuation and allusion fill in for scene setting, allowing the tedious exposition to be skipped whenever necessary But for all of its thoroughly fairy tale like traits, the text is infused with a whimsical, almost child like wit Its characters, even when utterly unsympathetic, are charming and clever, and the author s offbeat psuedohistorical, psuedochristian fantasy world is just delightful.At first, the nonsequential, haphazard order of the chapters felt offputting But as the book s deeper structures became apparent, the organization became obvious, revealing setting details at the perfect moment to affect that character s actions in later chapters By the end, I was clamoring to learn the fates of the flawed some would say doomed but sympathetic Groeneveldt children and their definitionally doomed patriarch An Unclean Legacy is one of my favorite fantastical novels of the last several years It has a timeless fable esque quality, combined with a modern wit and eye for the absurd It is dark and witty, folkloric and modern, and lighthearted despite including well over one hundred deaths and the Devil.Also, Santa Claus is in it If you re good, perhaps he will bring you a copy of An Unclean Legacy If not Well, it will definitely be coal No way around that But you can still buy a copy yourself

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    I originally purchased this book for my Kindle because I was following the author on the G social media platform The excerpts she published online were intriguing.The book is written in a kind of heavy, sagaesque language impersonal and omniscient and details the history of sorcerer Montechristien Groeneveldt, his legacy, and his children I did enjoy the style and the characters, but the book wasn t really tight knit enough to hold the vast plot together in any way but loosely.The book jumps between different time periods and between the perspectives of Montechristien and his children and other characters The chapters detailing Montechristien or his children are really good and my favourites However, the chapters about the supporting characters and the metaphysical aspects of the book s diegesis tend to get although interesting very long winded and boring Because of the vast time jumps it s sometimes hard to see exactly how the historical chapters relate to the main characters, even after finishing the book.

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    Before I read this book, I read the rough version that was published on Jenna Moran s website, and I have to say I liked that version better I don t feel like I really understand the added parts explaining where the different supernatural creatures come from And it just tickled me that this really serious, metaphysical story also had Smurfs in it But I still love Sophie s conversations with the devil, and the examination of what it means that she doesn t have a soul The fact that the devil has a fairly coherent point of view, and reasons for what he does, is really fascinating.

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    There is a particular kind of modern fantasy that allows the writer to combine cultural references, lyrical writing, thrilling adventure, and profound philosophical insight in ways that no other genre is capable of Neil Gaiman, Ursula Vernon, Terry Pratchett, and Jenna Moran are probably the finest currently active practitioners of this form And this is one of Jenna s finest pieces of work.

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    A beautiful, mythic, religious fairy tale.

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