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A Game of Thrones #3 quotes A Game of Thrones #3 , litcharts A Game of Thrones #3 , symbolism A Game of Thrones #3 , summary shmoop A Game of Thrones #3 , A Game of Thrones #3 9b043904 One Of The Greatest Epic Fantasies Of All Time Rises To Dazzling Heights In The Third Issue Of This Masterly Graphic Novel Adaptation Of George R R Martin S A Game Of ThronesKing Robert Has Come To Winterfell, Accompanied By His Lannister Queen, Cersei Her Son, Prince Joffrey And Her Brothers, Jamie And The Dwarf Tyrion, Called The Imp In Their Train Come Intrigue, Treachery, And Attempted Murder That Will Shake House Stark To Its Very Foundations Meanwhile, Across The Narrow Sea, The Marriage Between Daenerys Targaryen And The Dothraki Horselord Khal Drogo Wins Her Brother Viserys A Dangerous New Ally In His Quest To Reclaim The Iron Throne

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    Like the last two, a great book Hard to review without giving everything away even mentioning characters can give away who lives or dies but man, people die what a cold, dark world they live in The plot moves along nicely, with many twists, turns, and did I just read that moments Good stuff Fans of the first two should read for sure I will say, though, I wish the author would mix up his descriptions a bit I have invented a Game of Thrones drinking game Every time you read Boiled Leather take a shot You will be in a coma by page 20 Same thing with Glistening Tubes , and that is NOT a pornographic reference.

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    Remember that school field trip where you sat on the bus for ages, only to arrive at someplace mediocre It took forever to get there, you looked around, and then you realized it was a long trip home THAT is what these books have become I m approx 3 million pages in, so I feel like I have to see how it all turns out but the rewards length ratio is leaving something to be desired, and I find myself skimming falling asleep on the bus to try and speed things along Also, side note this review is for the Game of Thrones book, not the comic book version

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    Nice pics but didn t like this one as well.

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    Whooo, there s Arya and Sansa in the opening scene I believe this is the best one so far The graphics are less irritating and the story pace picked up a notch, making me finish this one in less than ten minutes.

    The Hound looks exactly like I would ve pictured him from reading the books Khal Drogo looks amazing ly hot.

    This drawing is actually from the first issue, but who cares hawtness

    There are quite a bit of boobies in this one, but so are there in the normal books and, well, hello HBO OB I m giving this one 4 brownies.

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    I had simply forgotten how enjoyable a good yarn can be Hats off to Martin for never falling into borrowing from Tolkien I don t like Medieval sword and sorcerer books as much as the next guy, the goofy names, stilted languagebut Game of Thrones changed all that for me I would love to discuss this with some one I am resting now after book three, which I had as a library book, and read at breakneck speed to finish in two weeks I m a slow reader All I can say is Whew Seriously, what a ride.

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    Game of Thrones is quickly becoming an institution among readers of high fantasy, and with good reason This book in incredible It floors me that one person s mind can create and piece together such an intricate plot, filled with layers upon layers of lore, characters, and intentions of the long dead It s magic, really, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.As a friend once told me, GoT books require a certain amount of time investment She was 100% correct I could only tackle so many chapters of this book in a day Don t get me wrong I wanted to keep reading, wanted to stay with the characters, wanted to get lost in Martin s incredible observations on humanity and life, but it s easy to get overwhelmed by the ever changing POVs, the rewinding and fast forwarding of timelines, the constantly shifting alliances, the never clear intentions It gets exhausting The book almost demands to be set down, to allow its words to simmer in you for a bit, to encourage you to get a brain snack before continuing on And yet, no matter how tired you are, you always go back for That, for me, is a clear sign that this book rocks.

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    Tell Khan Drogo that he has given me the wind

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    ETA Please let me draw your attention to all the people leaving reviews for STORM OF SWORDS, instead of, you know, the COMIC BOOK Are they even reading the title of the book they are reviewing This is seriously driving me nuts.This issue covers Dany s wedding and events at Winterfell Arya ain t so horseface in this version You know, someone should have told the artist that not all the women are pretty in this story I wonder what his interpretation of Brienne is

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    I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this series, but somehow I did This is the third in a rather lengthy series I think this is something of a guilty pleasure type of read I was pulled into this fantasy world that has just enough of reality mixed into it to make it easy for the reader to fill in the gaps and create a rich world I recommend it if you are looking for something to pull you in.

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