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Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote chapter 1 Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote, meaning Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote, genre Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote, book cover Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote, flies Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote, Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote 852fdc8a49577 A Firsthand Account Of The National Woman S Party, Which Organized And Fought A Fierce Battle For Passage Of The Th Amendment The Suffragists Endured Hunger Strikes, Forced Feedings, And Jail Terms First Written In By Doris Stevens, This Version Was Edited By Carol O Hare Includes An Introduction By Smithsonian Curator Edith Mayo, Along With Appendices, An Index, Historic Photos, And Illustrations

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    American women certainly didn t win the vote they earned it And I don t mean you and me I mean the tight group of courageous women which most of us today can t even name portrayed in this book who spent literally decades being persecuted, jailed, beaten and self starved in hunger strikes just so we double Xs could have a voice in our own government While the subject matter itself is overwhelmingly amazing, the book is a definite roller coaster ride of genius and mediocrity That being said, at the very least, PLEASE watch the HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels with Hilary Swank, Julia Ormond, et al AMAZING cast which is a powerful and accurate account of factual events You will sing the praises of these women til the day you die as I do.FAVORITE QUOTES It is my sincere hope that you will understand and appreciate the martyrdom involved, for it was the conscious voluntary gift of beautiful, strong and young hearts.Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God Revolutionary maxim They WILL do something about it if only we continue to make them uncomfortable enough Alice Paul, suffragist leader The purpose of the procession was to dramatize in numbers and beauty the fact that women wanted to vote What politicians had not been able to get through their minds we would give them through their eyes often a powerful substitute Those who hold power are responsible to the country for the use of it They are responsible not only for what they do, but for what they do not do Lucy Burns No questions on mother and home No swan song on the passing of charm and womanly loveliness Only agile scrambling by each committee member to ask with eagerness and some heat, Well, if this amendment has not passed Congress by then, what will you do in the elections of 1916 Nothing like suffrage for women must be allowed to rock the ship even slightly Oh, no indeed it was men s business to keep the nation out of war Men never had shown marked skill at keeping nations out of war in the history of the world But never mind Logic must not be pressed too hard upon the reasoning sex It is women for women now and shall be until the fight is won Together we shall stand shoulder to shoulder for the greatest principle the world had ever known, the right of self government We are bound to win There never has been a fight yet where interest was pitted against principle that principle did not triumph Inez Milholland We are here today to pay tribute to Inez Millholland who was our comrade Let our tribute be no words which pass, nor song which flies, nor flower which fades Let it be this that we finish the task she could not finish that with new strength we take up the struggle in which fighting beside us she fell that with new faith we here consecrate ourselves to the cause of woman s freedom until the cause is won Maud Younger speaking at Inez Milholland s memorial There is only one cause for which it is right to risk health and life No price is too high to pay for liberty So long as lives of women are required, these lives will be given resolution to President Wilson upon Inez Milholland s death

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    The most inspiring historical account of the suffrage movement and women earning the right to vote.

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    What makes this book so unique is that it is not a biography or a historical reflection of women s suffrage, but a firsthand testimony from a suffragist, Doris Stevens She was on the frontlines of this epic struggle, attending pickets, rallying support, and even spending time in jail for her actions While her narrative was occasionally bogged down with bipartisan bickering, her testimony of life in a workhouse and in jail, hunger strikes, and demonstrations were captivating I never realized how brutally these women were treated Additionally, Ms Stevens really painted President Wilson in a very bad light The way he handled the suffrage movement was cowardly and rather disgraceful.The Hard Press edition I ordered from was awkwardly structured and I m curious as to the reason it was published in this format I don t know if the typographical errors and page breaks were based on Ms Steven s original manuscript Regardless, it was a remarkable account of the immense endeavor to achieve women s right to vote in America and Ms Steven s gives a voice to the thousands of women who represented this cause.

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    While Doris Stevens writing style is not exceptional, she than makes up for simple sentence structure by writing the truth, from her heart, with depth and clarity Details of the inner workings of the National Woman s Party during their militant campaign for suffrage in the 1910 s are explained so that any reader, with any political understanding, can comprehend and sympathize with the suffragists Horrendous jail conditions, police beatings, and forced feedings paint a detailed picture of the suffering these activists endured Their frustration with the administration and the inaction of President Wilson is explained and illustrated time and time again, and quotes from other suffragists, the President, government officials, and even antisuffragists are used to express and clarify Stevens account of the political drama.

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    This is a primary source narrative of the enactment of the 19th Amendment and the courage of the women who daily picketed outside the White House, opened themselves to ridicule and physical violence, were arrested for no viable charges, jailed when they chose not to pay fines, went on hunger strikes and were force fed Despite all of this they persevered President Wilson comes across as a politician who only provided encouragement when it was politically expedient to do so otherwise, he let it flounder Only when he was embarrassed or politically assailed did he act.Women who followed the suffragettes need to remember the sacrifices of these women and never forget because we can easily let see our Ishtar if we fail to remain vigilant.

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    The section titled The President Appeals to the Senate is nearly unlistenable due to the narrator s inability to place the accent on the proper syllable of many words Librivox really should redo this chapter Fortunately, this is the only chapter read by this narrator, but WOW is this awful to listen to.Otherwise, the book is well done and the story is both horrifying and inspiring I hadn t realized how much abuse the Suffragist endured in their struggle to enfranchise the women of the U.S.

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    This book is one of my all time favorite books It is so easy to take for granted the hard earned privilege we enjoy that is the right to vote this book is a beautiful reminder of the story of some of those women who fought for and earned this right for generations to come I bought this book after watching and loving the movie Iron Jawed Angels When I learned one of the main characters had written a firsthand account of some of those pivotal moments leading up to the passage of the 19th amendment, I decided to read this book It is a truly a great read

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    This book totally blew me away I didn t realize how long the suffrage movement took, and I certainly hadn t connected the Democratic Administration as opposition My history classes in high school NEVER talked about it except to say we women were given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment.

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    I applaud the courage of the women who unceasingly campaigned for my right to vote and am disgusted by the men who tried to block it.This is an intense book and than I can handle emotionally and was therefore unable to finish.

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    I ve read many books on the subject and this was by far the best in terms of accuracy and writing The facts and events were amazing and the prose an easy read I used this to research my novel A Song for Ana.

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