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    I was very pleasantly surprised by this book I took it because I didn t know what to read next I thought it will be some shallow romance story, but I was wrong This book is great It has everything interesting plot constantly something happens, this book is full of events, the plot doesn t drag on , great characters I loved narration from different points of view here, you get to know a whole palette of amazing characters and quality it s very important that the book is well written, and here the author obviously knew what she was doing Ms Quinn studied her material well before writing.The result is a great book, with depth, that will entertain you and make you both sad and happy It s a book about human destiny, fight for survival set in the time of Roman Empire.

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    Ok people, key word in the synposis is depravity I wish I had paid closer attention I spent this entire novel trying to find a character I could at least like if not relate to in some way It didn t happen.Thea is a Jewish slave that works for Lepida, a Roman lady Both Thea and Lepida develope lustful feelings towards the newest, fiercest, most famous gladiator, Arius The first quarter of the novel really drew me in as Arius spurns Lepida she has the eyes of a ferret, apparently and begins a rather hot and steamy affair with Thea I was really quite hooked until part two At this point, the evil, vile, and incredibly disgusting Lepida Can you tell how much I hated her has separated Thea and Arius and married a senator From this point on, it just becomes a giant Roman orgy Lepida is fornicating with so and so a family relation and that is all I m going to reveal who was just fornicating with Thea who at this point, is fornicating with almost as many men as Lepida and that is a lot Then Thea begins fornicating with the Emperor and Lepida wants to fornicate with him too But alas, poor Lepida must settle for simply fornicating in the same room as the Emperor and Thea Both Thea and Lepida are also horrid mothers Thea abandons her boy most of the time while Lepida tells her sick daughter to go have seizures in another room Thea has a strange addiction to cutting herself, Lepida is addicted to sex, Arius just loves to kill people, and the Emperor is just plain demented and perverted The only likeable people in the entire novel were Marcus and his daughter, Sabina but their roles weren t large enough to overcome my distaste at the bitter rivalry and power hungry bed hopping of Thea and Lepida.Well written but not about characters I want to read about Too much depravity for me.

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    The first time I realized I loved reading was when I was eight and had finished reading The Vicar of Wakefield I still remember the feeling I had when I clutched the book in my hand and declared I loved reading It was not because the particular book in question was extraordinary, regardless of its status as a classic, but it was the first time a book has completely captured my attention that everything else seemed pale in comparison I have read a number of books after this one and loved a few of them immensely but it was not until I read Mistress of Rome that the same feeling captured me again I was looking for a book in the historical literature recommendation section for my mother and by chance I caught her exclaiming that this one looks like a promising read I didn t give much heed to this book at the time but checked out the book for my mother s sake Before I knew it I was reading this book and was so entranced by the story that I forgot the fact that I was not planning on reading it in the first place But these spontaneous spur of the moment decision yields the most surprising results as I am convinced that this book is a rare gem I would have missed otherwise The story transports us to an era and place which is well known yet shrouded in mystery It takes us to ancient Rome and tells us the story of a Jewish slave girl called Thea Her abuses at the hands of her ever spiteful and jealous mistress Lepida Pollia Her true love for the gladiator Arius the Barbarian The way she deals with the every twist and turns the fates throw at her ultimately leading to her rise as she become the mistress of Roman Emperor Domnitian and there by the mistress of Rome It was truly a remarkable read It goes without saying that I liked Thea s character but I loved Arius the Barbarian as well The way he fought to keep his demons passive His fighting in the Arena, his love for Thea and above all his strength to stand against an empire bend on seeing his death The love story between this two survivors is heart wrenching and it draws you in with its simplistic charm The life of the Roman people portrayed in this book are not far fetched or unbelieving Every twist had a possible feel to it The best part of the book though were those parts narrated from the point of view of Lepida Now there is a character that will stay in your memory for a very long time Evil in form of a person or conveniently Evil personified as a female owing to Emperor Domitian who is a strong contender for that former title But while the emperor s evilness can be accounted for in his insanity Lepida s was from deep with in her soul I loved reading about her little schemes and the way she manipulated the people around her for her means Her spoiled and self absorbed narration made me wish for her downfall so badly that it became a big reason for my preoccupation with this book Towards the end I was so tensed that I even thought of skipping a couple of pages ahead to learn the outcome before hand but was able to restrain my self as the story moved on in a fast pace A huge applause has to be given to the author for coming up with a breath taking climax which left me without any nails to sacrifice But fair warning has to be given the faint hearted as this book is not for them There are parts of the book that can make even the strong ones feel squeamish The historical notes at the end were highly informative and left me in a state of awe for all those authors who piece such tidbits together to create entirely interesting stories of their own Saying that I am not entirely sure that the book should be curbed to the title of historical literature Though there were a lot of historical elements in the book but it never goes in much details in this regard The historical wars and conquests are explained and lengthy descriptions are given for the Colosseum battles of the gladiators But a wealth of information is not obtained from this book about that particular time period to qualify it as a historical fiction Nevertheless this book is worth a read and definitely a keeper.

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    In between ARCs and my TBR shelf, I am revisiting some of my favorite books specifically books that I read prior to my years on Goodreads Mistress of Rome was my first Kate Quinn read and even eight years later still burns with 5 golden stars Set in Ancient Rome and spanning the years 81 AD 96 AD, Mistress of Rome takes readers back into a city under the rule of Emperor Domitian From political intrigues to the gladiators ring, this is a masterfully crafted story that I have returned to again and again As I have mentioned, this is a re read, but yet I still found myself swept away and on the edge of my seat taking in all the action If you have ever thought of visiting Ancient Rome, I cannot think of a better book that will keep your hands glued to its pages.

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    While I liked this book a lot, I m surprised so many reviewers have described it as literary For me, it was a trashy potboiler, a definite guilty pleasure albeit a very well researched one with lots of enjoyable historical detail and exciting action The vivid depiction of everyday goings on in ancient Rome brings the period and settings to life in a way the modern reader can easily relate to I can see this book being turned into a film or TV miniseries, in fact I wouldn t be at all surprised if one is already in production The characters were great, with the scheming, bitchy Lepida being a highlight I loved how the sections written from her point of view read like entries from a bratty teenager s diary, and despite how awful she s meant to be, by the end I kind of loved her and I would also have loved to see of the relationship between her and Domitian, they would ve made a brilliant evil couple In comparison to Philippa Gregory s The White Queen another example of historical fiction based partly on real events and figures, which I read last month this was so much better Soapy, but absolutely fantastic fun to read.

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    I bought this on a whim I didn t read the back, I didn t read any reviews, I certainly didn t read the page of critic s praise just inside the cover Every time I ve gone on these indicators lately, I ve been incredibly disappointed So, I bought this one based on GASP the cover I was skeptical as the first several pages are describing a self harming ritual of one of the main characters I was even a little disgusted by such a transparent hook, but I found that I couldn t put the book down In fact, I felt that way throughout the entire reading Horrified, disgusted, and utterly unable to stop In fact, I read the entire thing in one sitting.Though I found some of the shocking plot twists a tad contrived and very, very predictable, it was sort of comforting to know that the author wasn t trying to make the book than the plot could handle It began, moved along, and ended exactly the way you would think a book about the Mistress es of a crazed Roman Emperor should.The book basically follows the three mistresses of Emperor Domitian, a suspicious, violent man The first of these women is the Emperor s own niece, Julia, who s tragic story begins when she s turned down by the Vestals and ends with her violent death The second is Thea, a Jewish slave who iseventually trained as a musician She is set up from the beginning as a direct rival to her owner, Lepida Pollia, a beautiful and spoiled heiress with a very dark side Their rivalry begins when an up and coming gladiator known as Arius the Barbarian chooses Thea over Lepida, leading Lepida to sell Thea into prostitution This sets off a series of events which fuel the hatred between the two women as Thea now known as Athena gains fame as a singer and Lepida becomes the wife of a well respected Senator When Thea catches the eye of the Emperor, whom Lepida had hoped to call her own, it sparks a descent into violence and madness for both women.I can t say, even now, that I liked it The characters and subject matter were too dark to like, but I can say that it is compelling I couldn t put it down and that s all I can really ask for.

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    What the fuck did I just read Never have I ever been this allured by a book in a severely very long time This book has everything I could want in a novel romance, a historical storyline, gladiators, atrocious villains, battle scenes, a Roman setting, and did I mention GLADIATORS This novel follows multiple characters You ll even get chapters from the villains I have this thing where dark themes completely enamor me YeahI m a sadist But this novel had my heart pumping from beginning to end with its dark themes After each scene ended, there would be something else that would put me back on the edge of my seat Some of the best stories have the most sadistic villains And Mistress of Rome is one of them All your top female villains ranging from Dolored Umbridge to a Sarah J Maas villain has NOTHING on this bitch I ve had to pause this book many times because I couldn t handle the intensity.Thea is a Jewish slave girl who is purchased to serve Lapida, a manipulative heiress who grows to become a sickeningly horrid woman After Thea falls in love with Arius the Barbarian, the best gladiator Rome has ever seen, they get torn apart due to Lapida s jealousness Thea, despite being a salve, goes on to become an established singer Arius is forced to live as a gladiator, constantly participating in brutal and vicious fights he doesn t even want to partake in And then there s Lapida, who goes on to wreck havoc in literally every way that she can.Despite the little success Thea has, she unfortunately gets captivated by Emperor Domitian s eyes His character is severely twisted He s the type of leader who everyone thinks highly of, but behind closed doors, he s an abusive man who once drove his previous mistress to be so mentally and physically abused she committed suicide Being the Emperor s mistress, she is now titled the Mistress of Rome Domitian is utterly captivated by Thea What s worse, is he loves playing games Which there s nothing wrong withas long as you aren t a crazy twisted psycho.My heart went out for Thea She s a woman who was constantly passed on from man to man, only end up with the crazy psychotic dude who rules the entire country And Lapida is ruining the lives of everyone around her, include her sweet as fuck husband who wants nothing but the best for his family I kid you notI have never, and I mean NEVER, hated a fictional character in my ENTIRE life.If you enjoy ancient historical fiction with a romantic subplot, do keep this novel on your radar It made me shiver and sweat because I was that nervous Trigger Warnings Rape Descriptive violence Physical and mental abuse

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    Re read 2019 for challenge Its very rare that I give a book a 5 star rating , but once again this book deserves it.This book from the start drew me into the story the characters and wouldn t let goI would put the book aside to slow down as I didn t want it to come to the end..and yet I kept picking it back up..and it kept drawing me back into Thea s Arius lives story.The author writes in the first person for some of the characters which may seem confusing to some at first.But you get to know each person in their private life with shocking events that happened..and newer ones later in the book.You also come to know their strengths as well as their weaknesses and why they do what they do to survive A female villain in this book you will just hate..yet you need to find out next who she will betray..or ruinits also a deeply passionate love story with lots of intrigue drama Thea Arius and the story have stayed with me long after I closed the book.Now I m looking forward to reading their continuing story in the next two books

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    3.5 To my grandparents, Glenn Marylou Reed Quinn,who are no longer here to read this book, but who would undoubtedly have cracked a bottle of champagne bought a dozen copies.My favourite dedication of the year.I didn t respond quite so strongly to the book I don t need a likeable heroine Forever Amber Gone with the Wind remain as two of my favourite novels I think the problem is that I felt nothing for Thea at all found most of the other female characters interesting Maybe I need a likeable hero I, Claudius is another favourite set in roughly the same era I liked Claudius very much, whereas Arius Vix remained charisma free killing machines.Quinn in her afterward lists some of her inaccuracies I found at least a couple I thought it was a smart move writing in a modern idiom so many writers slide uneasily between the past present in dialogue I always find that jarring.Quinn can write a fast paced compelling page turner, but my rating has to reflect that I liked this book rather than loved it.I m not sure if I will continue with this series but I still want to read Quinn s Borgia books.

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    That moment when you go in expecting a Roman version of a Regency era historical romancebut instead you get a Gladiator level storyline meets Game of Thrones level cruelty and wickedness It s an understatement to say that this book took me by surprise Given the pretty cover, the title, the genre listings, and the book description I was expecting either a corny historical romance novel or a silly, light hearted story like Curses and Smoke What smacked me in the face instead was a whole lot of perverse corruption and a crazy amount of slapping my hand over my eyes as I took a few shuddering breaths to compose myself You think politics and morals are shaky today Well, true, they arebut this book will remind you that Ancient Rome the greatest military power and unrivaled leader of thought in the world used to also be the pinnacle of violence and corruption and barbarism and perversion.Needless to say, I refuse to shelve this as romance and I sure ain t shelving this as light entertainment, either.THE STORYI d say the book synopsis is starkly misleading because it makes it seem like the focus is on one woman struggling with her relationship with two powerful men You make that mistake and you re in for a nasty shock like me because this book is so much darker and broader than a pithy romantic triangle This story takes place from A.D 81 A.D 96 and follows the perspectives of four main characters through the last years of the rule of Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus, a real historical figure 1 Thea a Jewish slave who falls in love with a gladiator, is sold into prostitution, becomes a celebrated singer, and ensnares the obsession of the Emperor of Rome2 Lepida Pollia wife of a Roman Senator ruthless and ambitious in her lust for power 3 Arius Rome s most celebrated and cunning gladiator 4 Paulinus Lepida s tortured stepson and eventual right hand man to the Emperor I can t expand without spoiling the many plot twists, but essentially there s political corruption, violence, death, adultery, orgies, rape, incest, and torture Ah, Rome The saving grace is that none of these are gratuitous or graphically described to titillate Apart from the corruption and fighting, the blood gore are restrained and matter of factly stated, the sex is either implied or offscreen, and the torture is offscreen.THE GOOD1 I love stories around Ancient Rome, so natural book chemistry right there.2 Props to the author for crafting such a thick, convoluted story Again, this book spans fifteen years of history so we have an entire arsenal of secondary characters and intersecting storylines When we started, I almost waved this book off as a predictable forbidden romance between a young slave girl and a gladiator who wanted nothing than their freedom Part Two jumps forward six years, however, and we quickly learn the broad scale this book plans to take us 3 Hardly any of our characters are wholly likeable or even partly likeable , but one could argue that this is realistic than if we portrayed them as gold hearted heroes from a young adult series Our protagonists aren t Herculean leaders or Chosen One heroes, after all they re a prostitute, a man who disembowels others for a living, a feeble pushover politician, an incest driven Praetorian war hero, and a bastard child May the odds be ever in your favor.4 The Emperor was so sadistic and mentally twisted that I wanted to reach through the pages and smash his face in Minus point for this sicko but plus points to the author for creating such a strong antagonist The moment when he secures his newest mistress had me flipping tables and howling Yes I didn t think I d find you so interesting, not after three months But there s something in you I seem to like, and on a long term basis I prefer to own rather than rent You ll return to Rome with me in a week You know I ve built a new palace Nearly completed I ll use it for public functions and for the Empress s quarters You ll move into her old rooms next to mine in the Domus Augustana that s my private palace You know, I had a statue of Minerva carved with your face for my private temple Perhaps you really are a goddess It would be foolish to let my very own goddess slip away from me, wouldn t it And I ve never been a fool Domitian traced my neck, his eyes turning blank and absent I like to play games, you know With my chamberlains, my senators, my guards It s easy to make them afraid of me Even my wife s afraid under that marble face of hers But you aren t 5 I hated Lepida even , though This woman was probably the sickest and cruelest female literary antagonist that I ve read And I don t usually like using this wordbut homegirl was the textbook definition of a slut The affair with my son when you were a bride of twenty one The affairs with, at my last count, twenty two senators, nine praetors, three judges, and five provincial governors It s it s not true, I never At least they were men of your own class, he rode over me What about the affairs with the charioteers, and the masseurs at the public bathhouses, and the legionnaires especially the two brothers from Gaul who took you at the same time, front and back Governors and senators are one thing, Lepida, but trash from the gutters Which was why it was so refreshing to watch this woman get told Why Lepida drew back her silk skirts and kicked Arius in his injured ankle he drew a breath through his teeth Why her Why not me He regarded her briefly Because you look like a ferret Well said.6 Vix I didn t think I d like this kid so much but I was impressed by the distinct characterization that the author gave him in the form of physical energy and a fearless mouth So The Emperor settled back into the black cushions What shall I do with you You could let me walk out, Vix suggested No I don t think so Worth a try Correct All black, huh Vix looked around the black triclinium chinking his wrist chains together, Paulinus noticed, to hide the fact his hands were trembling Scary I haven t decided yet what to do with you, Vercingetorix, the Emperor mused I could throw you to the lions in the arena Or perhaps I ll have you gelded How would you like to sing as prettily as your mother I m tone deaf A man of the sword, then Like your father, perhaps Who was he Dunno Clink clink clink Liar, Domitian said pleasantly We ll have to work on that Oh boy Can t wait Clink clink clink Stop that Stop what Clink clink clink That sound It annoys me A god s ears are acute Well, we ve all got problems Clink clink clink You re going to kill me, said Vix to the Emperor Aren t you We ll see We ll see, nothing I ve heard the stories Gods squish mortals like ants You believe me a god, then Well, I don t know Another smile You sure bleed like a mortal, Caesar THE BAD1 This book was LONG longer than this review, if you can believe it.2 The writing style was extremely matter of fact with very little richness in its descriptions or narratives Most of the text was dialogue, which came in handy when it came to glossing over the violent scenes, but it was frustrating during important scenes when I wished there was context of what was happening I m not allowed to do anything any Except wait on the Emperor Don t Why can t I touch you He d smell you on me He s not a god Arius, he ll never release me Once he puts his mark on something, it s his forever Silence He reached for her Arius Arius, don t Don t what Don t touch me What s wrong You re shaking No, I I just don t try to kiss me Please I need to know you re real You look like a dream, and I m old and ugly Never that Never that THE VERDICTThis book was emotionally draining due to its dark and evil nature What kept me going was the need to see our characters find happiness or justice or peace, but that was hard pressed to find.Would I recommend it Yes, I would The writing style was extremely direct and straight forward which I found difficult and distracting in its simplicity and the characterizations lacked a richnessbut this seems like one of those books where the plot elements themselves are supposed to carry the weight and pacing of the book If that s the case then well done there s certainly a lot that transpires in this book As a result, I found this book to be a thick mix of drama, action, suspense, scheming, romance, and heartache.Would I read the sequels Yes, but preferably after a giant cookie.

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