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  • 249 pages
  • Death by Chocolate
  • Suz Korb
  • 17 February 2017

About the Author: Suz Korb

Multi genre author.Suz Korb is a writer whose first published work of fiction was for the Boston Literary Magazine in 2010 It won a place in the Spring issue as the top story, launching her fiction writing career She is now a British American author writing in many genres.Suz is originally from Hawaii, but she grew up in the North American state of Utah She relocated to England in 2001 where sh

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    This was a fun read and this book includes 6 great short stories I have written my review around the story Bloody Valentine, by Lucy Swing.BLOODY VALENTINE by Lucy Swing.Lucy Swing has written a short story in this anthology called Bloody Valentine Her writing is excellent the story flowed so well that before I knew it I was on the last page I was a little disappointed at the end but it was only because I wanted This short story is about a young woman name b that has been having horrible nightmares She is not sure what is going on but her dreams are so vivid it s like she is seeing things that haven t happened yet When girls start to go missing and she knows something is wrong, she recalls her dreams and just knows there is a connection When her best friends goes missing b heads out to search for her taking clues from her dreams B doesn t realize she is walking straight into a trap she soon finds out that she trusted the wrong person and the one person who she was afraid of was the one who wanted to protect her all along.This is a great short story, and Lucy Swing s story telling is excellent I definitely will go check out her other books.go to my blog to see information on Death by Chocolatehttp tana someofmyfavoritebooks.blo

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    Original Review on my blog tour stop at www.gothicangelbookreviews.blogspot.comFirstly, let me tell you how excited I was about this book I had been asked by a friend to help with her edits for her contribution and so I was listening to all the hype going around I personally love a good bit of chocolate but when I was asked what I thought you could do with a story about chocolate, let me tell you my answer was not PG 13 rated The girls have all done extremely well and I would rate each individual story as 5 stars, hence why the anthology as a whole obtained this rating.The stories were all so different I would never have expected such a varying contrast of books But let me tell you, each and every one of them was just perfect for this anthology I decided to not pursue my traditional kind of review because I normally tell a little bit of what is going on to set the scene However, this time I am just sticking to a short paragraph about how much and why I enjoyed each book I do this because this book is something each individual needs to experience for themselves The stories are only short stories so I can t tell you much about them without ruining things So, without further ado, let s roll out the reviews in the order they appear in the book BACK IN TIME by Stacey Wallace Benefiel.Charming and funny This story was simply delicious I would have loved it to have been longer I guess the whole point is, it s short and sweet.I knew nothing of what would happen and I m not telling you Experience this sweet, tempting journey for yourself I for one really look forward to reading by Stacey I have a taste for her writing style now.SWEET WITCHERY by Cheryl J Carvajal.In stark contrast to the first story of this anthology, SWEET WITCHERY was tense and gripping from the start This short story manages to pack a mean punch in such a short space I was on tenterhooks to know how it would end.I actually felt as though I did not take a breath until the final page It was not at all what I expected, yet I found it to be all I desired I will be sure to look out for from Cheryl in the future Another author I have found I enjoy the writing style of SPELLBOUND by Nikki Jefford.Spellbound by name and spellbinding by nature This fun, quirky story had me hooked There was intrigue and mischief aplenty.A unique short story with a terrific twist It really was a blast This is the first thing I have read by Nikki Jefford but it sure won t be the last I love the style of her writing and look forward to many future novels by her Look out literary world, here comes another amazing author to knock your socks off BLOODY VALENTINE by Lucy Swing.This story was superb I was instantly hooked and falling in love with the story, not the cute guy, this time Yet another completely different story to the first 3 I am amazed at how fast I got sucked in, had my emotions tossed around and then before I knew it, the story was over.I really do wish there had been to the story It would have made a great novel.But as it stands, it s a fantastic short story that left me feeling sated and smiling.I expect many great things from Lucy Swing as an author For those who think I might be bias, yes, I helped with some of the edits for this story However, I didn t see the final draft before publication There were some things that changed in between my reading it then and reading it now SWEET TORTURE by Kira SaitoSWEET TORTURE was a beautiful tale of a girl who doesn t think she s good enough definitely something I can empathise with.This story made tears well up in my eyes It touched me and made a big impact on me for something so small Well done Kira, I am always amazed at what you manage to pull out of the hat Again, a story I would have liked to have seen as a full novel Just brilliant THE GIRL WITH THREE HEADS by Suzanne KorbThis story had me laughing out loud I felt like I was back in the world Rick Riordan created with his Percy Jackson series That alone is a big compliment because I adore Percy Suz managed to pack an adventure and a half into this great short story.Well done Suz such a shame it is not a full novel, or even a whole series I completely did not see this story coming and it was great There were comedy moments aplenty a great way to end the anthology on a laugh out loud moment I loved each and every one of these stories What I enjoyed most though was getting to experience the writing styles of some authors I have not encountered before This was a great way to find new authors to explore and enjoy

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    Death by chocolate Antholgy this book was Amazing Five short story with chocolate twist and great paranormal actionA must read Release february 14 stop my blog full review Feb 11

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    Six delish YA supernatural romance short stories with a cocoa twist AVAILABLE 2 14 2012 Death by Chocolate is the paranormal young adult romance anthology Six authors, Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Cheryl J Carvajal, Nikki Jefford, Lucy Swing, Kira Saito and Suz Korb, bring you supernatural adventure stories, each with a cocoa twist The stories are Back in Time by Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Sweet Witchery by Cheryl J Carvajal, Spellbound by Nikki Jefford, Bloody Valentine by Lucy Swing, Sweet Torture by Kira Saito and The Girl with Three Heads by Suz Korb Time travel, witchcraft, terror, agony and light hearted comedy too Combined with than just a hint of enchantment, these stories are the ingredients for the Death by Chocolate recipe of romance.MY REVIEWThis is an excellent collection of short stories that all contain chocolate in some way and of course as its available on the 14th Februaury they all contain a reference to Valentines Day too I have decided the best way to review this book is to review each individual short story So here goes Back In Time by Stacey Wallace BenfieldIn this short story a woman is returning to her home town wishing she had done things differently all those years ago She meet a mysterious old tramp who gives her an old broken mobile phone to hold so people don t think she is mad when she talks to herself Then Wham she suddenly has a chance to change history and in doing so alter the future Can she do it Can she change just enough to gain the correct outcome Does she even want to change things.I really enjoyed this one and would say it was one of the best, if not the best in the anthology, so a great one to start it off It is well written, it had the whole beginning, middle and definite end Just the thing to read with a cup of cocoa or a glass of wine I will definitely look for books by this author.Sweet Witchery by Cheryl J CarvajalA mysterious witch turn up and opens a chocolate shop, her name is Ramnusia People are slow to use the shop as they do not take so well to strangers.One elderly blind old man who you could say is a tramp, is given some chocolates by Ramnusca and days later his sight begins to come back Others hear of the magic chocolates and they too sample the chocolates and have their own miracles A father is anxious to find a husband for his only daughter decides to literally sell her to a wealthy landowner The landowner is a mean and greedy man so naturally the girl has no wish to marry him in fact she has her sights set on a much younger though less well off man When the landowner realises the girl does not wish to marry him he has the idea to eat the magic chocolates as everyone that eats them in his thinking gets exactly what they want However things do not work out like that, read to find out the true gift of what the chocolates do for people.Again I loved this story, especially the lovely little twist and the happy endings the people that eat the magic chocolates end up having This book has mystery, love, greed and betrayal A real feel good book, would add this author to my keep an eye out for list.Spellbound by Nikki JeffordIn short story three we have a tale of jealousy really It features the witch twins Graylee Charlene.Its a tale of one witch twin, Charlene, wanting revenge on a girl that steals her boyfriend She decides to bake some chocolates and puts in some mystery ingredients, unfortunately her unsuspecting twin, Graylee sample one of the chocolates ad ends up being the one that dies The twins mother is naturally devastated but really makes matters even worse by consulting a dark magic specialist its a case of be careful what you ask for This one is quite funny and a little sinister I suppose It shows what jealousy can cause For twins these girls are not very er close, it seems like Charlene doesn t care who gets hurt as long as she gets her way Again if I saw a book by this author I would certainly pick it up and check it out This one could be aimed at the YA market too.Bloody Valentine by Lucy SwingThe fourth in the anthology starts with us being in someone dream, or should we say nightmare Its a recurring dream she keeps having What makes it sinister is the girls she sees tied up in her dream vision nightmare are the girls that are mysteriously disappearingOf course theres a a few guys thrown into the mix there s the rather overly confident one and the dark brooding one called Jude in this case who the girl secretly loves..Hmm, I did like this one just perhaps not as much as some of the other short stories, I think we needed longer to get attached the characters and to know in the story and witness the other girls going missing, this one could have been fleshed out a lot and I think been made into a full length novelI felt like I wanted from it.Sweet Obsession by Kira SaitoThis short story has the bitchy rich good looking size zero girl and the sheep that follow her In this case the bitchy girl is called Beatrice She leads the guys on and literally gives them tasks to complete before she will actually allow them to date her.The gorgeous guy she wants to play with this time is called Dante And the poor girl that gets caught in the middle is Claudia Claudia and Dante end up accidentally bumping into each other in a coffee shop, they find they really like each other and hang out together, there relationship getting stronger..or is it Is Dante falling for Claudia Or is Dante merely carrying out a task to gain a date with Beatrice And where does a voodoo doll fit into this short tale This one was a light, funny, chick lit type tale It makes you smile on than one occasion, though you will shake your head and roll your eyes too its well written and flows well as a short tale Once again I think this would appeal to the YA market.The Girl With Three Heads by Suz KorbThis is last in the anthology One morning a girl wakes up after what she describes as a powerful dream,and she looks in the mirror and AARRRRGGHH she sees she has three heads The heads are Hera and Zeus the girl goes about her daily life and no one looks at her twice so she presume she was imagining the heads Only one person gives her a strange look and that is Jason, whom she thinks of as a bit of a hunk This is an Olympian Fantasy, as it features Hera, Zeus, Persephone and Hades it is very otherworld This is a short story that could also have been made into a much longer tale too Personally I have to say I wasn t as keen on this one, I felt things needed explaining it kind of started and was over before I knew what was going on Perhaps as a spin off from a series it may work for some, but I don t know I just kind of thought Oh it didn t impress me as much as the other short stories in the anthology.So did I like the anthology Yes, would I recommend it Yes to YA and adults too Would I read books stories by these Authors Yes I would certainly check out other titles by all the authors in this book Which was my favourite short story in the Anthology Hmm trickyI need to pick two..Back In Time by Stacey Wallace Benfield and Sweet Witchery by Cheryl J Carvajal.Had I heard of the Author in this anthology before Only Kira Saito though I hadn t read her books before.This Anthology is released on 14th February 2012.

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    I actually gave this book 3 1 2 stars Let me start by explaining that, I REALLY wanted to give this book 4 stars I Loved the stories, though of coarse as a series lover, I wanted to know about them But that did not affect my rating at all The only reason that I didnt give this book a 4 star rating was because, the last story I just couldnt get into I dont want to be negative about it, it just simply wasnt for me But on a brighter note I loved the other stories in this book Let me tell you about a couple of my favorites In this book there were two stories that really stood out to me, that tugged at my series craving Those two stories were Back in Time written by Stacey Wallace Benefiel and Sweet Torture by Kira Saito Back in Time is a story about a girl who left home, family, and boyfriend to find her future in LA, far away from the family business After her mother passes away and her father starts to move on with his life, he decides to sell their bakery A Piece of Cake But Auriela can t let that happen She won t accept it So decides to go back home indefinitely On her way home she meets Reginald, a homeless man, in the bus station He catches her talking to herself and after a nice converstation with him, he gives her a old cell phone, telling her that if she feels the need to talk to herself that other people wont think anything of it if she holds the phone to her ear She takes it and head on to her home town og Lang When she arrives there, she is met by her very emotional and pregnant best friend who is having a major craving for a cupcake, but she doesnt ask to go to A Piece Of Cake , nope she wants to go to Dekker s Traitor Lol But upon arrival there, Auriela is greeted by her ex boyfriend and of all things a cupcake that was HER MOTHERS RECIPE Oh dear, and he is making a killing off of it Understandibly so, she is exctremely angry and leaves and goes to A Piece Of Cake A Piece of Cake is run down, in bad need of updating, and pretty much empty and sales are very low She is heartbroken to see it in this condition, but decides that she will do whatever it takes to get it back in order As she goes to start her work, find her mothers recipe book and sees where the page has been ripped out and decides to go and confront Cam her ex boyfriend She is so mad she kicks the mop bucket and spills water everywhere on the slick floor She slips and hits her head on the floor and wakes up to the phone ringing, Reginalds phone Reginald gives her a chance to go back in time and right things that she has regretted from her past Also a chance to maybe even save her mothers beloved bakery But can she do it without messing with the lives of those the cares about You will just have to read and see Trust me, its definitely worth it The other story that I wanted to read about is Sweet Torture Sweet Torture is about a girl named Claudia, who like me is a bit on the fluffy side Bless her heart, we are so much alike, she has the low self confidence to go along with it But one thing she does have is passion Passion for chocolate Ok, so thats not like me at all, though I do love me some dark chocolate or caramel chocolates with sea salt My passion is for music and books But that doesnt mean I loved her any less Claudia has a crush on a guy named Dante Even in his young age, he is already an accomplished writer, having already had a story pubilished in The New Yorker Claudia doesnt think that he would ever even give her the time of day, but that doesnt stop her from fanasizing about him He is Hot and and unique like a box of exotic, assorted chocolates Who wouldnt fantasize about that Claudia is frenemies with a girl named Beatrice She is the popular pretty girl who makes guys complete cruel challenges to win a date with her Challenges that they willingly complete to be seen with her She is the one all the guys want Thankfully she is also the one who is going away for Christmas break.While in Heaven s Kitchen, Claudia s favorite coffe shop, enjoying a cup of Peruvian hot chocolate, Caudia is surprised to see Dante come in To her surprise he notices her too, even calls her by name and asks to join her They start to talk and he is inspired by her He is having trouble on a story that he is working on, and her passion for all things chocolate helps spark something in him He wants to know about her, and they find themseves spending and time together.One night after he forgets something at his appartment and runs to get it, he leaves his phone there by accident While he is gone, he gets a text, then another, and another Claudia thinks there may be an emergency so she checks it Its a message from Beatrice, telling him that if he will make Claudia fall in love with him, she will go with him to the dance She is so hurt So Angry How could he do that to her When he returns, she refuses to hear him out and kicks him out of her house Was he really just doing this to be with Beatrice or could he really have wanted to be with Claudia after all Maybe you should read and find out Cause I m not telling I really did enjoy this book, and I hope you will too Even though I didnt enjoy the last story, whos to say that you won t love it It just wasnt for me But as a whole, the book a really good The stories were all unique and had interesting characters and story lines Btw ladies, I am BEGGING for you to write about these stories, especially the ones I touched on in my review I loved them See of my review here

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    Death by chocolate was the first Anthology I ever read, for those who do not know what an anthology is It is a book that contains a series of short stories related to the same topic Death by Chocolate is a YA paranormal romance anthology all of the stories inside it are by different authors as you can see in the cover and they all have chocolates related to each magical tale It is a very interesting idea for an anthology and its definitely worth reading My Opinion I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book, it got me from the very beginning, each story is unique and the romance in each of them is just heart melting The paranormal twist that every story had was also very interesting and unique A true variety of stories is inside this anthology so I find almost impossible that someone wont enjoy at least one of them My personal favorite was Back in time by Stacey Wallace, just because I love time travel and I fell in love with Cam the description of the dead by chocolate muffin made my mouth water so great job Stacey The writing of the stories was all very similar, very light and fast to read not focusing too much on details but giving enough for the reader to imagine things their own way I have so many good things to say about this book but the only thing that bothered me was the cover, just because it doesn t make justice to the amazing things it contains I beg you to not let yourself be discourage by the cover of the book just because it isn t as pretty as some others because this anthology is worth your time Writing 5 5Plot 5 5Cover 2 5Characters 5 5Story Development 4 5 some I liked than othersThis review was oroginally posted in my blog thebookfinder.blogspot.com

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    Delish is right Death By Chocolate is a fun and yummy read, sure to quench your sweet tooth but leaving you wanting just one taste I am always a fan of short stories, giving you a taste of an author s talent While all of these stories were wonderful my favorite is Sweet Witchery by Cheryl Carvajal In Sweet Witchery a new chocolate shop opens up in a small medieval Romanian town by a woman named Madame Ramnusia Our main character, Catalena Kristova, first comes across as a normal teenage girl even has a crush on a very yummy blacksmith, Anatole Life in this Romanian town starts to get interesting when a local man, blind, is suddenly cured after eating one of Madame Ramnusia s chocolates As with most of the short stories in this work, I was impressed by the level of descriptions What met my eyes were dainties in white chocolate, encrusted with coconut and topped with a moist raisin Chocolates so dark they were nearly purple, with stripes of red and white swirled along their sides Moist cakes drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with a white powder I had never seen before Sugar, in every form imaginable, far finer than the coarse brown we used at home You are crazy if you are not left wanting chocolate after reading that And normally I am not a fan of chocolateOne of the best things about this anthology is how each story differs from the next While under the same theme of chocolate you are given a wide range of plots, developments and writing styles, each with a paranormal twist This all actually makes this anthology a very fast read If you are looking for a fun paranormal book this is the one for you

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    The Death by Chocolate anthology is such a fun read The authors books involved are Stacey Wallace Benefiel BACK IN TIMECheryl J Carvajal SWEET WITCHERY Nikki Jefford SPELLBOUNDLucy Swing BLOODY VALENTINEKira Saito SWEET TORTURESuzanne Korb THE GIRL WITH THREE HEADS Each author brings something unique to the table The theme as I am sure you have guessed is chocolate All the short stories are so different from each other, they are all extremely well written and thought out I laughed out loud at alot of the different silly happenings throughout the stories There is something that I love in each of them.My favourite short story has to be Back In Time by Stacey Wallace Benefiel I just loved the simple plot line in this one of course the twist All the stories have a devilish supernatural twist, which makes them all the interesting I like some of the stories than others, but saying that I would love to read them all individually as novels.I don t usually like anthology s in general, but this one is so different and definitely entertaining I thoroughly enjoyed reading it All the authors have done an amazing job with this anthology, I would recommend Death by Chocolate to everyone of all ages Put Death by Chocolate on your wishlist today if you are looking a really fun read Also a big thank you for the review copy 4 5 StarsCarlyhttp fictionfascination.blogspot.com

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    Aurelia is on her way back to the town she grew up in after hearing news he father is going to sale the family bakery She learns the boy she broke up with in high school is the one making a name for himself with his baker Aurelia goes to his bakery with her friend as he is not supposed to be there After tasting some of their work she realizes he might have stolen her mothers recipes The fun begins to happen The other 5 stories are just as good, but I wanted to empathize Stacey s story I enjoyed her writing as the story keeps you on the edge of your seat turning the pages to see if Aurelia is right about her mothers recipes and if the two love birds can make it work.All of the other stories also have chocolate involved I enjoyed the chocolate being mixed with paranormal adventure stories The authors all did a wonderful job and this is a book I will re read again Also be sure to have some chocolate by your side you will want it.

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    Death By Chocolate truly delivers 6 deliciously enthralling paranormal tales, blending the sweetest treats with bubbling romances Honestly, anthologies are hit and miss for me but this one takes the cake DBC is a fast and enjoyable read, with something for every paranormal reader out there All six short stories provide the perfect blend of paranormal and romance, and brilliantly work in chocolate treats Across the board, each author managed to describe the chocolate treats in such a mouth watering way that you simply had to have one That s wicked cruel of you gals, by the way.I highly recommend this anthology to everyone Yep, everyone Regardless of what genre you read, you ll love this book The romance is light and romantic, the paranormal aspects are unique and fun, and the chocolate you can t resist the loving call of chocolate Death By Chocolate is a fast paced, fun read that can easily be devoured in one sitting and leave you begging for Bravo, ladies

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