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    Outcast Colley Rawlins has been trained from the time he was very young to be a strong, hard ass SOB His grandfather beat into him young that love for anyone or anything is a weakness And Colley s grandfather Devil as everyone calls him, does not tolerate weakness Colley lives up to Devil s expectations until as a young teenager he comes across Elaina Thorne, the daughter of Devil s farm manager John Thorne Lainie shows Colley that caring for another is not a weakness and as they grow older Colley and Lainie fall in love Colley s grandfather is not the only obstacle standing in Colley and Lainie s way Lainie s father John does not want his daughter associating with Devil s white trash bastard grandson either After years of trying to stay away from each other Colley and Lainie finally give into their love and agree to be together, until something horrible happens that Lainie can never forgive Colley for Sleeping at the Magnolia was extremely slow moving for me in the beginning I set it down several times, for several days The first 200 or so pages could have been whittled by half We are not introduced to the pure love that Colley feels for Lainie until then, we are simply given little teaser flashbacks that barely satisfy the urge to continue reading After we learn what it is that Colley did that was so horrible to hurt Lainie he doesn t cheat and why they really can t be together my heart went out to them and I had to keep reading In the end this turned into a sweet satisfying read like 3.5 stars I loved Colley, he was a rough, tough farm man but when it came to Lainie he let all his emotions pour out only for her Very sweet once you get past the first 200 pages of set up.

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    This books is very similar to The Sweet Gum Tree Although this book was published in the mid 90 s Orphaned as a child, Colley was forced to live in a dirt floor shanty with a sharecropper by his rich grandfather Lanie grew up at her family s bed and breakfast and her father is the overseer for Colley s grandfather Hero and Heroine spent their childhood playing together in secret and things turn romantic during their teen years But one night ruined everything and view spoiler left the heroine s father dead hide spoiler

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    Rating is actually 3.5 stars I didn t love this book, during most of it I really just tolerated it, yet I couldn t put it down was determined to finish it The author is very fond of using the same phrases over over when describing her characters in their dialogue, to the point where these phrases become clich s It becomes very annoying The plot was alright if rather predictable If you re looking for a quick beach summer read this fits.

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    I love how Lisa Brown writes, and her stories have enormous emotional impact But ultimately it was just not satisfying, probably because we don t really get to see them together as a couple in the book we are told they have a handful of times together as kids, a few emotional meetings as very young adults, a traumatic event, and then they don t talk for three years It didn t quite work for me But I ll read anything she writes.

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