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Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) files Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) , read online Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) , free Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) , free Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) , Mystery at Shadow Lake (Spencer Kane Adventure, #1) 5e78d0a56 Spencer Kane, A Teenager On Vacation With His Family At Shadow Lake, Michigan, Finds Himself In The Middle Of Peculiar, Even Paranormal Situations That Affect Many Of The Lake Residents Spencer And His Friends Unknowingly Cause The Events To Intensify And Become Violent, Bringing Even Danger To Those Who Haven T Yet Fled The Lake In Terror

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    This book is a thriller in the finest sense of the word It is also a serial, in that it ends with a to be continued While that will have me coming back this time, I hope it doesn t take too many books to find the solution.Spencer Kane, seventeen, is a normal boy looking forward to the family s annual two week vacation at the lake house Shadow Lake, Michigan is a popular vacation spot and many families have chosen to buy their vacation homes there so, everyone knows each other fairly well.Something is different this year though First of all the Martin s have found trenches dug around their home A couple might have been done by the water companybut Teenagers being teens, Spencer tries to impress Angela Martin and her friend, Cassie with exploring the trenches with them Very quickly the scene turns dark and troublesome The trio digs out some artifacts and Spencer takes them home with him until they can clean them up and check into them Yes, I did yell at the book and tell Spencer, What are you thinking of but he kept me turning pages to find out what happens.Author, Hoffman knows her craft and how to keep her audience stuck to their seats The description of fishing and the atmosphere of the hospital were intricate and you felt like you were with the characters Yet, she keeps it simple just like a seventeen year old would.Kudos for a great debut and yes, I have bought the second novelwe have to figure this out

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    I did not like this book The writing did not flow well and most of conversation felt forced People spoke in a way that is not entire realistic Also, I did not like the ending The story is going and then all of sudden the book is over It could have ended on a better note and lead into the next book a little smoothly.

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    I don t like it when you have to get another book to finish the story A book should stand on it s own That is not to say that there can t be additional books.

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    I am the author of this book, so of course I like it This is the first in a series called the Spencer Kane Adventures The book was not specifically written for young adults, but I ve been told the book is perfect for their age groupin addition to adults.FREE Offer The e book version can currently be downloaded for FREE from , BN and Smashwords.This is the first time I ve added a book to Goodreads, so I m not sure if I m doing this correctly I m sure someone will let me know Please give the book a try I look forward to reading your reviews.Thank you B L Hoffmanhttp www.blhoffmanbooks.com

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    I really enjoyed this book From the adventure of a dug up backyard to the police station to find out about the Native land I loved it I didnt want to put it down Cant wait to read the next one I just finished Escape from shadow lake i loved it as well but i dont really like the brief enddings the books have but hey i never wrote a book before i just wanted to say they are short and sweet and now i have to wait to read book 3 Thanks again for the free copy of Mystery at shadow lake

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    I seriously can t decide about this book I did like it and it was a easy and quick read It also kept my attention pretty well What I didn t like is that it played the adults as idiots and having to tell their child Spencer as though he was the adult and their protector I realize the the book is a Spencer Kane adventure, but it just plays on that adults are fools and only he can save the day.

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    I felt like the storyline had potential, but the writing style felt very young and forced I admittedly stopped before getting through the first chapter because the writing style just didn t hold my attention.

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    was very creapy was not a good idea to read at night scared the hell out of me and i did not like that it was VERY Opened at the end and you have to wait till sometimes this spring to get the next book

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    i love this book i just wish the next one was free

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    Hated the ending

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