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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Torn
  • Keisha Ervin
  • English
  • 22 September 2018
  • 9780977880492

10 thoughts on “Torn

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    In my opinion this one of the best books Keisha Erivin has ever written Picture being a woman whose in a 9yrs relationship,that s built on love,lies and betrayal this is what excatly happened to Mo even after having losting three babies 26yr old Mo continued to look the other way altough she knows her heart that her man Q is cheating that s until she learns that he s living with a secret.

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    for readers BRIEF SUMMARYMo has been in a relationship with Quan for nine years and through out that time she has dealt with his lies, cheating, the miscarriages, and drama But with all that is going on, she finds herself still in love and torn when it comes to Quan But will she ever leave and find happiness THOUGHTSThe words that came to mind when I read Mo and Quan s relationship while it unraveled, toxic, Ike and Tina with a lot of dysfunction in the mix I felt so sorry for Mo but she wasn t perfect and innocent either The first half of the story was basically dealing with Mo and Quan s relationship and I just want to say, it was draining I felt like I was going through the different emotions with Mo s dilemmas Quan was 85% jerk and 15% likable at times, but their drama was made for a good read The second half was Mo s revaluation and I loved it I don t want to give it away but she got the wake up call she needed and I loved her happy ending And as for Quan, God don t like ugly and karma is mean, it came, it saw and it got Quan Sometimes the book will make you cringe at the things that happen, but it s also good story telling.I loved Mo s best friends and can t wait to read Mina s story I love all the other characters except, Sherry I also did not respect Cam, Mo s brother He should always have his sister s back and I don t feel he did.I love me some Keisha Ervin, and I can t wait to read of her books I have on stand by Good job to her on the story telling of Torn.Storyline GOODIntimacy VERY GOODEnjoyment GOODRomance Novel Junkies

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    I enjoyed reading this book so much I cried with Mo through the loss of Heaven, and cheered her when she destroyed Quans stuff I couldn t put the book down at all I even cried when she said she didn t want to leave him because she was afraid that would mean losing the reakationship with his mom That was so touching Boss was the BEST I think we all want a man like him And A lot of people talked about Sherry, but I got to hand it to her, she played the game just right She had me compleatly fooled I thought she was dumb and in love I was shocked the way her story unfolded I wish there would be a second part to follow Quan in his own journey Will he see Lil Quan again, will he kill west I feel there s so much that can be told As long as Mo keeps her life that the Torn ended with.

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    I could read this novel fifty five and a half times and I will still never understand how Mo was so torn about Quan Their horrible relationship didn t seem so confusing, it was as clear as a beautiful sunny California day that they should run in opposite directions This novel is way too long and overflowed with a surplus of redundant unnecessary scenarios I could see how the length and nonessential circumstances could be entertaining if the reader is torn and confused right along with the characters but I wasn t Don t get me wrong, this book is good but it is a tedious read Readers have to endure 265 pages of solely arguing, cheating, and beating Mo and Quan constantly fight, hurt each other, break up, and then run back to each other I wanted to scream Leave him already , and throw the book across the room I ve seen women who are torn, I ve been torn but with Mo that wasn t torn, that was just stupid, low self esteem, and sad to say, the yearning and wanting to be hurt Mo has every reason to leave and not one reason to stay She has somewhere else to go, has a college degree, has money, and they have no living children together She has no motivation to be torn, it seems she is just used to being treated badly and loves him than she loves herself so she chooses to stay in an unhealthy space In serious cases like these, women need to be taught what real love is, how it shouldn t feel and reminded of what women really deserve, and of their self worth Soon comes a young man named Boss and that is exactly what he wants to teach and remind her She is currently engaged to Quan and busy being torn so she doesn t give Boss a chance Eventually after page 265 of course, she begins a friendship with Boss and this is when this novel takes a much needed and anticipated turn Boss character is the unexpected star of the show I m sure every reader couldn t help but fall in love with him and want the best for him Sadly, before long Mo runs him away She is so damaged from her relationship with Quan that she doesn t know how to love and receive love properly She is too busy not trusting him and punishing him from Quan s mistakes Around this point is where the book gets even better This novel is the epitome of an emotional roller coaster It is already hard to read about a young girl getting beat and getting her heart broken by the person she loves most in the world but to read about her continually losing babies is simply heart wrenching She blames the death of her daughter on Quan because he was out cheating when she needed him to take her to the emergency room On top of that, he has a baby on the side with Sherry which only pours salt on the wound yet, that isn t even enough to get her to wake up and smell the coffee and finally leave him for good Extremely sad.

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    This book was awesome, the way the story was told,you wouldn t believe it was fiction.She takes you with her characters and help you to actually live what the characters are going through for the moment The sex scenes play in your mind the love attraction boils your blood You can tell Keisha Ervin has a natural God give urban talent Much luv and shot out to Keisha I will always be one of your 1 die hard fan

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    this was a good book, i read it about 5 times It was so realistic cheating and betrayal are things people go though everyday.This is one of my favorite books

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    Very good book, exciting and fast paced I really enjoyed reading it So glad Mo found happiness and real love in Boss.

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    I enjoyed this book, sure took me out of reality for a while Something familiar, always a hint of reality in a fictional story.

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    Great read, loved it K Ervin is one of my fav authors4ever a fan.

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About the Author: Keisha Ervin

Hailing from St Louis, Missouri, Keisha Ervin is a prolific writer and devoted mother Her success has drawn much deserved attention to herself and her hometown.She is the author of the National Best Sellers Chyna Black, Me My Boyfriend, Mina s Joint and Hold U Down, as well as the novel Torn and the short story After the Storm, featured in the Street Love anthology.