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Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale chapter 1 Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale, meaning Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale, genre Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale, book cover Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale, flies Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale, Hood: An Urban Erotic Tale 7885c0bcd2d6f CHECK IT Lamont Be My Government, But Hood Be My Name I Earned My Stripes Chilling Up In Fat Daddy S Joint, A Brownsville Barbershop In The Belly Of Brooklyn Some Called Me A Street Saviorothers Said I Was Just Another Brownsville Boy Gone Bad Whatever I Brung It And I Took It Too But When It Was All Said And Done, I Walked Away With A Lesson Learned In Street Loyalty Ain T No Need In Looking Over Your Shoulder In This Game Because Your Real Enemies Ain T Aiming At Your Back They Lunging Straight For Your Heart Ya DigLamont Hood Mason Is A Fearless Nineteen Year Old Gangsta Who Was Born And Raised In The Projects Of Brooklyn, New York He Was An Abandoned Child Who Roamed The Cold City Streets And Fought Hard For Survival The Only Thing Constant In His Young Life Was The Safety Of A Brownsville Barbershop Owned By A Father Figure Called Fat Daddy The Barbershop Is Where Hood Comes Of Age, But Cutting Hair Isn T The Only Thing Fat Daddy Has Going On His Daughter, Egypt, Is The Love Of Hood S Young Life, And The One Person Whose Dreams Of A Stable Future Can Lead Him Off The Grimy Urban Corners And Out Of The Hustling Life But When Fat Daddy Gets Caught Slippin And Crosses Paths With Xanbar, A Notoriously Brutal Drug Kingpin, His Vices Threaten To Bring Death Down On The Family Hood Loves In An Effort To Protect His Own, Hood And His Best Friend And Hustling Partner, Dreko, Take To The Streets On A Bloody Mission That Doesn T Go Exactly As Planned Hood Returns To Find His World Turned Upside Down By A Wave Of Sex, Violence, And Betrayal No Longer The Starving Kid On The Street, He S Now A Man Seeking Vengeance And Retribution, And He Might Be Forced To Choose Between Bending Or Breaking As He Picks Up The Shattered Pieces Of His Life, One By One

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    I trully adored this book, hated the ending, but that just makes me love it . because it doesn t give you the cliche ending that people are use to.

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    If you ever been to BROWNSVILLE or LIVED in BROWNSVILLE or LIVED in Brooklyn ever in your LIFE This book is for YOU Please read its a MUST

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    After the death of his father Lamont AKA Hood is left at the tender age of 13 to provide and care for not only himself but for his 4 year old brother Moo His Mother was addicted to that glass dick and there was nothing stopping her from getting it, including her own children Hood his little brother Moo soon find themselves sleeping in crack houses, alleys abandoned cars, eating from trash cans and any handout they could get their hands on Fat Daddy, a local barber shop owner and well known respected hustler soon notices the two homeless boys and offers them a place to rest their heads Fat Daddy s roof comes with a price, cleaning the shop staying in school were two rules that he demanded Soon Hood shows the local trap boys that his heart is way bigger then his dick, and with his street mentality he lands himself the 1 spot in one of the most lucrative drug empires ran by Xan, a drug lord running Brownsville, Brooklyn Life couldn t get any better after Hood was given his own team of trap boys He had his Ace Dreko who was like a brother, and together ain t nothing could stop them The story explodes from there as we learn about the evil darkness that is embedded in Dreko s veins Hood soon falls in love with Egypt who is Fat Daddy s pride and joy Different then most girls from the hood, Egypt has dreams of going to school and becoming a Doctor Blood, lust and loyalty are all quickly tested and Hood is determined to put the pieces of the puzzle together because shit is just not adding up Some of the most unimaginable things take place in this novel From molestation, to same sex escapades, to the reality of HIV and AIDS you will not want to put this book down If you can handle the gritty truth of the streets, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

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    I m probably the only person who can say this book made me cry, but Moo made me cry like a baby I m too emotional obviously.

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    GoodRead LostOnes..every character just Lost.

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    This book had me hooker from the 1st start The boy Dercko was insane just 12 and his own DAMN mother was afraid of him He was NASTY boy Just plain out NASTY Hood aka MONT him and his brother Moo struggle on the street b c there Mother was a junkie after there s father death There own Aunt didn t like them Fat Daddy, helps the boys out and cleaned them up, No sooner of later Hood became in running drugs from Xan he was the leader of the bunch and Hood had show his loyal from the start And, he 1st killed 2 crakcheadd at age 11 He took in the name HOOD because that s just what he was Him and Dercko became close but Dercko was jealous of him b c he was 1 just entering the game Moo was becoming sick And he later died E, was Hood ONLY and 1st love is amazing how in a spilt second of life can change before your eye She turned from A student too addicted too addict to crack Zena, was dercko bitch has I was say she had a baby by him and she also caught HIV AIDS She wanted better for her child but she had NOBODY Too balm but herself b c her brother Stacie told her too STAY THE HELL away form him but NOPE just didn t want to listen Derkco didn t care about his own child, He DIDNT love her he kill Stacie and left his OWN child in the house to burn too death When hood was released from Jail bc of Dercko the Hood hand changed but better too worst Allot had changed, he was worried sick about E his girl from child hood and what had happen too her and why hadn t she tried too see him He soon later finds out what she had been doing His mother Marjayy was a fool She was a mess and didn t even know her soon was died years ago Hood was solider and never did he GIVE up his dreams of becoming a rapper I m sad that him and E don t end up be together, but at the end she straighten up her life and got off drugs and got her GED.For Hood, well he s a rapper and Dercko, got killed when hood found that Dercko was the one giving his MOM drugs

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    This book is about a scared boy that has to survie with his little brother Latter he meets this guy that feels he have a gift for the drug game and latter asked him if he wanted a job Dreko was his right hand man and was jelous of hum because he had blocks then him He was later almost killed by his right hand man.I love this book it feels like a ture story.

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    Even thought tis book was from a guys point of view i till love every second of reading this book Its a bout a young boy who lost his family at a young ages so he gets into the drug game and meets the one he loves but thats all i say but besudes him this book is twisted It showes you how sick minded some guys can be but one thing i know fore sure is that it teaches you a life lesson.

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    HOOD by NoireBlinded Hood by Noire had me from the very first page In the beginning of the story we are introduced to eleven year old Lamont aka Hood Thrown out onto the cold streets of Brownsville, New York with his four year old little brother, Moo, to fend for themselves Seeing an opportunity and not knowing what else to do he winds up robbing the same crack heads that stuck up one of Xanbar s boys Xanbar seeing that LaMont is a soldier, puts him on to run his own crew Thus, begins the transformation from Lamont to Hood Although angered that this young boy, Hood, takes the spot that he feels is rightfully his Andreko aka Dreko holds a deep hatred for Hood Over time the two of them get close and Dreko proves to be Hood s right hand man Dreko is the go to guy when someone needs to be dealt with, Dreko has a crazy mentality, and he will not let anything or anyone stand in his way when he wants something.I thought G SPOT by Noire was her best book, but Noire really stepped up her game and definitely came with another five star read HOOD is mixed with all the ingredients to make a great street lit novel love, murder,Betrayal, drugs and greed I highly recommend this book Reviewed by LeonaStreetLitCliquewww.streetlitclique.ning.com Rating 5 stars

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    This book had be feeling so sorry for Hood and his brother Moe.Hood got his name from Xanbar that is a big time drug dealer Hood got his trust just by proving Xanbar that he can be trusted.Hood and his brother was homeless due to his mom Marjay was hooked on crack and his aunt and grandma didn t want anything to do with the boys mainly the aunt didn t.So Hood found other ways to help him and his brother and that lead him to Xanbar and also living in Fat Daddy s shop with his daughter Egypt that Hood fell in love with.Hood found himself being number for Xanbar and Dreko was number 2 even though Dreko didn t like that at all.Years later Hood find himself finding out and about Dreko Dreko did some crazy things while Hood was locked up.Dreko is a sick man he ends up doing some betraying towards Hood when it came to the drug game and Hood s girl on top of that.Overall the book was a great read I liked it.I did have one problem with the revenge part came in it was all summed up to quickly to me I wished that it took longer at the end But, a great book.

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