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Eliza Stanhope summary Eliza Stanhope, series Eliza Stanhope, book Eliza Stanhope, pdf Eliza Stanhope, Eliza Stanhope d7284f1391 The Engagement Of Julia To The Self Satisfied Richard Beaumont Is The Event Of The Year At The Hampshire Estate Of Julia S Parents In But Foe Eliza Stanhope, Julia S Cousin And Childhood Companion, It Is A Matter For Scorn Not Congratulations Surely One Should Marry For Love And Not For Social Advantage However, Richard S Presence Brings The Unexpected And Exciting Consequence Of Meeting His Younger Brother, Francis Francis Is Newly Returned From The Peninsular War, Accompanied By A Delightful Fellow Officer And Friend, Pelham Howell In The First Of These New Acquaintances Eliza Meets A Spirit As Fierce As Her Own, In The Second A Charm And Devotion She Never Thought To Receive It Is Loyalty The Two Men Feel For Each Other And Must Resolve The Ensuing Triangle And So The Transformation Of A Willful Child Into A Loving Woman Takes Place But The Complete World That Eliza Creates Around Her Marriage Is Shattered By The News Of Napoleon S Escape From Elba And The Call To Arms That Will Take Her To Her Moment Of Truth On The Field Of Waterloo

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    By page 25 I was groaning at the attempt to mimic Jane Austen I made a bet with myself that if the author got the wedding dress correct, I would forgive her and read on By page 50 I was cursing myself She provided a not impossible but quite implausible wedding dress so few writers get Regency wedding dresses right I might have forgiven her if she had provided a brief explanation as to why the bride had chosen what was not popular until some decades later However, by this stage I was quite engaged by the main protagonist, who was well drawn and interesting, and did finish the book The Waterloo scenes were actually very good.Three essentials for a really good historical novel are a period details of dress, furnishings, etc Especially when you date a book precisely, as this one was 1814 15 Even before the Internet age there were plenty of good resources for this b insight into social s the author did have this, but left some things barely touched upon that needed detail sense of place and time, which was quite well done in this book.Thank goodness she gave up historical fiction and went on to write Aga Sagas.

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