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Ferdydurke chapter 1 Ferdydurke, meaning Ferdydurke, genre Ferdydurke, book cover Ferdydurke, flies Ferdydurke, Ferdydurke 37d9943deec99 In This Bitterly Funny Novel By The Renowned Polish Author Witold Gombrowicz A Writer Finds Himself Tossed Into A Chaotic World Of Schoolboys By A Diabolical Professor Who Wishes To Reduce Him To Childishness Originally Published In Poland In Ferdydurke Became An Instant Literary Sensation And Catapulted The Young Author To Fame Deemed Scandalous And Subversive By Nazis Stalinists And The Polish Communist Regime In Turn The Novel As Well As All Of Gombrowicz S Other Works Was Officially Banned In Poland For Decades It Has Nonetheless Remained One Of The Most Influential Works Of Twentieth Century European Literature Ferdydurke Is Translated Here Directly From The Polish For The First Time Danuta Borchardt Deftly Captures Gombrowicz S Playful And Idiosyncratic Style And She Allows English Speakers To Experience Fully The Masterpiece Of A Writer Whom Milan Kundera Describes As One Of The Great Novelists Of Our Century Extravagant Brilliant Disturbing Brave Funny Wonderful Long Live Its Sublime Mockery Susan Sontag From The Foreword A Masterpiece Of European Modernism Susan Sontag Ushers This New Translation Into Print With A Strong And Useful Foreword Calling Gombrowicz S Tale Extravagant Brilliant Disturbing Brave Funny Wonderful And It Is Publishers Weekly Witold Gombrowicz Wrote Three Other Novels Trans Atlantyk Pornografia And Cosmos Which Together With His Plays And His Three Volume Diary Have Been Translated Into Than Thirty Languages

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    There is nothing that the mature hate , there is nothing that disgusts them , than immaturity writes Gombrowicz in this comic masterpiece of Polish literature Be prepared to embrace your immaturity as Gombrowicz attacks so called maturity and exposes it as a fraud in this story about an aspiring author who is reduced to back to his childish teenage self before a former professor and brought back to school This first novel of his was banned by the Nazi s and Communist parties for it s stinging criticisms on society and authority Gombrowicz toys with the absurbed as he delivers a hilarious blend of comedy, political and social satire, literature and psychological critique and the question of identity all while exposing man as an immature being.While Gombrowicz is considered a major figure in Polish and Eastern European literature, and his first novel, Ferdydurke, is considered one of his foremost novels, it wasn t until the later stages of his career, however, that Gombrowicz s genius became widely recognized A major factor of this is due to a fateful trip to Buenos Aires on the eve of WWII Upon arrival, he discovered Hitler had invaded Poland and chose to remain abroad, working in a bank owned by another Polish expatriate, and did not return to Europe until the 60 s The translation of this novel, as the introduction will pound into your head, attempted to maintain Gombrowicz style and nuances as best as possible This includes using a variety of diminutives and not translating certain key phrases, including many of the Latin and french idioms that would have been intentionally left untranslated in it s native polish This choice also gives us a great new word that you will use constantly, probably to the annoyance of others, after this novel the pupa The pupa is a very encompassing word that most often literally means the butt Yes, assess play a large part of this novel There are hilarious bits of mommy s and aunties peeping through holes in the fence around the playground to talk amongst each other about what cute little pupas, pupas, pupas our little darlings have The pupa is used very freely, often times standing in for various ideas of immaturity and youth This novel is teeming with immaturity symbolism, so keep a sharp eye out.This novel is a perfect blend of high brow and low brow humor It s as if Frasier and Monty Python got together for a social satire aimed at intellectuals The novel is basically split into three parts, each with a break from the story for Gombrowicz to discuss literature and tell side stories that offer further insight into the novel s themes the short story of The Child Runs Deep in Filidor would even be worth reading on it s own There is the school scene, which pits cliques of schoolchildren against each other, creating a metaphor of Polish politics with different groups symbolizing various political parties This section showcases children trying so desperately to hard to be tough and vulgar and adult that they are simply innocent in their desire not to be innocent This brought to mind the poem Schoolchildren by Author W.H Auden , which I would highly recommend The teachers are also shown through the lens of Gombrowicz as being just as juvenile and foolish as their students All institutions and values and ideas that would present themselves as above the common rabble or mature comes under fire from Gombrowicz s cutting critique He dissects the modern family with all their progressive ideas, making them into a laughable fraud of immature beings posturing as respectable Cities and university s are mocked and belittled, relationships are made out as foolish, while peasants and especially lords get the biggest brunt of Gombrowicz s fist to the mouth of society The last scenes of this novel are incredible and very Monty Python esk in their absurbdity Even the moon in the sky becomes a giant pupa shinning down on us all You will want to call every nose a snoot and every face, or accurately, every identity, a mug after reading this The closing lines of the story are even a slap in the face to you the reader, and you will laugh and relish in your own humiliation.As an author, Gombrowicz is cunning and deft and can manipulate words with the best of them He has a brilliant, insightful mind and is eager to share it with the reader, managing to show off an assumed arrogance but while being than inviting His greatest skills are his grasp on the human psyche, and he manages to deconstruct human nature wonderfully In scenes where the narrator is toying with the minds of others and creating a sense of unease, the reader will feel it too and Gombrowicz seemingly enjoys making the reader uncomfortable as he slowly tightens the screws of his psychological terrorisms He laughs in the face of humanity, reducing anything beyond juvenile immaturity as merely posturing, a series of empty phrases and grimaces and a false facade His lecture on being an author offer some of the finest insights into falsity in art he reflects that man too often just tries to create what others would enjoy and in the end we trap ourselves in an ocean of opinions, each one defining you within someone else, and creating you in another man s soul all because man is profoundly dependent on the reflection of himself in another man s soul, be it even the soul of an idiot This is just scratching the surface of the full frontal barrage of arguments Gombrowicz throws about Let me conceive my own shape, let no one do it for me he bellows This novel, wholly original, creates a Gombrowicz that you will enjoy through further novels I feel he achieves this lofty goal.This is one of the funniest novels I have ever read, and is a wonderful satire that will reveal itself further if you put a little work into it and research some of the many allusions Also, the cover art is done by none other than Bruno Schulz, another incredible major figure of Polish literature Oh and Ian, this is definitely Literary Comedy Gombrowicz will insult everything you know, and you will love him all the for it From a human being one can only take shelter in the arms of another human being From the pupa, however, there is absolutely no escape.A clear 5 5

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    Ferdydurke is some sort of abracadabra and the novel can be defined as an absurdist abstraction Mankind is accursed because our existence on this earth does not tolerate any well defined and stable hierarchy, everything continually flows, spills over, moves on, everyone must be aware of and be judged by everyone else, and the opinions that the ignorant, dull, and slow witted hold about us are no less important than the opinions of the bright, the enlightened, the refined This is because man is profoundly dependent on the reflection of himself in another man s soul, be it even the soul of an idiot I absolutely disagree with my fellow writers who treat the opinions of the dull witted with an aristocratic haughtiness and declare odi profanum vulgus What a cheap and simplistic way of avoiding reality, what a shoddy escape into specious loftiness I maintain, on the contrary, that the dull and narrow minded they are, the urgent and compelling are their opinions, just as an ill fitting shoe hurts us than a well fitting one And the judgments of the oafs prevail and Ferdydurke is the world seen through the eyes of idiots Normality is a tightrope walker above the abyss of abnormality How much potential madness is contained in the everyday order of things And seen with the eye of a talented ignoramus the ordinary social stereotypes and customs become preposterous and our regular behavioral patterns turn ludicrous.

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    Gere inden fazla de erliB yle yazd m g ren kitab n yazar buna da iki c mle dizerdi.Kitaplar n baz lar vard r ki, mimarisi g zel bir ok kat olan meskenlere benzerler, hangi katta oturmak istedi iniz size ba l.Fakat en stteki katlar modernitenin size sundu u g rsellik karma as ndan dolay sizi yan lt r, bir eylerin sahibi oldu unuzu ve o kunlu un suni hissiyat n size tatt r r Halbuki alttaki derinli e indik e bekleyenler, sizi a rtacakt r te b yle bir kitap olan ferdydurke nin katlar n indik e ba ka bir derinlik, ba ka bir ayd nl k ile kar la acaks n z G rd klerimi k c k s zc kler ile k saca aktarayay m Ba larken normal klasik bir roman, zaten b yle de okuyabilirsiniz Ba ka bir katman da ise hay r kesinlikle bir romandan ziyade asl nda moderniteye ba kald r t r Hemen ard ndan m thi bir ya am n dizininden bi imselli in aynas na bakt n z g receksiniz Yazar kitapta Bilincinden d rt lerine, kayg lar ndan a r mlar na, ya ama iste inden istememene, o kunlu undan hi cili ine, Tanr ndan Tanr s zl na, ahlak ndan ahlak kar tl na ve d nebilece in hemen her eyin Bi im olgusunun r n oldu unu okura ispatlama abas na giri ir Dolay s yla ya amsall k s recinde ne kadar fazla kal plar i erisine girip ger ek anlamda zg r bilin ten uzakla p bu yegane ulu kurtulu umuzu ba ka kurumlara teslim etti imizi anlamaktay z

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    Bir saniyecik bile olsun, yapmay becerebildi im kadar yla bile, ak ll ca konu am yordum nk ta rada bir doktorun beni aptal belledi ini ve dolay s yla benden aptall klar bekledi ini biliyordum Bir sabah korkulu r yalar ndan devcileyin bir b cek olarak uyanan gregor Samsa dan yirmi y l uzaktay z Yer Polonya, tarihler 1937 yi g steriyor ve Gombrowicz Ferdydurke yi yay nl yor Zaman ve mekan nemli, sava n ve Polonya n n i galinin hemen ng nlerindeyiz Avrupa, Du e ve F hrer lerin velhas l b y k adamlar n kitleleri olgunla mam b cekler gibi ezdi i, ekillendirdi i, ki iliklerini yok edip yeni ki ilikler kazand rd ayaklar alt nda bilim, modernite ve ilerlemenin bayraklar ile eziliyor te bu ahval ve eriat i inde bir t rl olamam bir yazar Joseph kowolski Dava n n bir sabah su lu bulunan Joseph K s na bir g nderme uyand uykusundan bir ergen olarak kalk yor, sonras olaylar olaylar..Y llar nce Pornografi si ile tan p niyeyse devam n getirmedi im Gombrowicz d nyas na ge en y l Ferdydurke ile d n yapt m ve nas l bu kadar s re skalad m diye hala dert yanar m Yukar da Kafka dan ve ona g ndermelerden bahsettim ancak bu en fazla tematik bir benzerlik olabilir yoksa slup ve bi im olarak Kafka dan ok farkl bir yerde duruyor Evvela i ine girebilirseniz ok g l bir mizah var kitab n ve bunu sonuna kadar koruyor Gombrowicz in hi kimselere benzemeyen sl bu ile bezenmi yergilerinden kimse ka am yor Aile, okul, modernite, olgunla m lar,burjuvazi, k yl ler, renciler ve k lt rel teyzeler maskeleri d r l p r l plak halleri ile ge it t reninde yerlerini al yor.Yeti kinler d nyas ndan kendisine ocuk gibi davran ld i in ocukla arak kurtulmaya al an Joseph K n n hikayesi kan mca 20 Y zy l n ilk yar s nda yaz lm ama bug nde konu maya devam eden en nemli birka eserden biri u bol Reis li g nlerimizde her eyine kar l p ocukla t r lan T rkiyeli okurun es ge memesi gereken Ferdydurke yi maalesef herkese tavsiye edemiyorum nk slubu, kurgusu ve ger e in bulan kla t halleriyle zor ve emek isteyen bir kitap, nermiyorum ama okuru illa kendisini bulacakt r Zira olgunlar hi bir eyden olgunla mam l k kadar tiksinmezler ve ba ka hi bir ey onlar i in daha i ren de ildir En ac mas z y k c l n her t rl s ne kolayca katlan rlar, yeter ki olgunluk er evesinde olmu olsun Birdenbire uyanm t m, bir taksiye atlay p apar topar gara gitmeyi istiyordum, nk sanki bir yere gidece imi san yordum.

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    goodreads deki i aretlememe g re kitaba 2016 y l nda ba lam son b l me kadar da okumu um ancak hi hat rlam yorum Ne ara ba lad m neden bitirmedim hi bir fikrim yok.Bunu es ge ip kitab ilk defa elime alm gibi okudum ve ger ekten hayran kald m yi ki daha nce okudu umu hat rlayamad m zira bu kadar keyif alamayabilirdim nan lmaz bir kitap yle y zeyden bakarsan z 16 ya na uyanan 30 ya nda bir yazar nce bir okula kaydedilir, bir arkada ile okuldan ka ar teyzesinin ta radaki evine s n r ve oradan da teyzesinin k z ile ka ar gibi g r nse de hi de b yle de il Asl nda hi bir kal ba s mayan ama hakk nda ok ey s ylenebilecek bir eser kitab n iki yerinde bir es vermi yazar ns z ile birlikte Kitaba bir simetri bir temel kurarak yap y ayakta tutmu yoksa o kadar esnek bir yap ki nerden tutaca n z bilemiyorsunuz adeta.Kitab n isminin do ru tellafuzunu da epeyce arad m bunun yan nda ne anlama geldi ini de kitap boyunca g r r m y m diye mitlendim ama yok San r m yazar kurgusuna bir uydurma k l f giydirmek istemi.

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    I didn t like this book I didn t hate it either If I could have given it two and a half stars I would have I liked the premise Parts of it were interesting, and I think I got what he was doing with the work, but it just never gelled for me Maybe if I had read it straight through without taking a bit of a break with reading a history book I might have enjoyed it , but by about page 200 the whole book felt like work For example I was on the bus, and I had the choice between reading this book or starting straight ahead at the darkness through the tinted windows only slightly broken up by passing street lights that illuminated almost nothing for me, and I choose the staring straight ahead after reading half a page Reading doesn t usually feel like work to me, so that s got to say something Maybe I was just in a staring mood that day Actually fuck it, any book that makes me want to stare at nothing rather than read it deserves two stars I will not let myself be pushed around the opinions of people John Fuckdike who tell me the book is a late modernism masterpiece This book is a failure, a good idea, and some interesting moments but overall the book never lives up to it s potential, and the reader well that would be me , thinks Rabbit Updike is a fucking idiot, who once again sounds like a paid spokesperson for a book instead of an honest critic, or someone with an honest opinion Ok I ve said it, I don t like this book and I don t like John Updike, and it wasn t until I started writing this review that I even noticed he had written the blurb on the back, and yes that might have given me the conviction to give this book two stars instead of three Happy now Updike Some insignificant asshole on the internet took a star away from a book you liked because his dislike of you overrode his feeling that a supposed classic couldn t just get two stars, and there must be some kind of failure on his part for not getting it Now I know though that it s ok, I know you probably only liked it because there are lots of ass references and you re a dirty fucking pervert who has only been able to write anything by ripping off other people Fuck you Updike

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    I remember a song from my youth one we played on record players before households had stereos A time when said record players still had a setting for 78 rpm, which is what we had to use to play this tune One of those childhood memories which never really goes away A song that was already old when we started listening to it.

    We was out in California one time, And we wandered lookin for a room, and this mad hotel, And we got upstairs and opened the door and turned on the lights, And there on the middle of the bed sat this great big mouse eatin a onion and cryin like a baby The Three Flames, 1947 here , or if you prefer the banned version.

    So what has this got to do with Ferdydurke Possibly nothing Maybe everything In the sense that Grombowicz s classic is about everything all the major themes art, maturity immaturity, class, privilege, rape, naivety vs idealism, coming of age reverting of age really And one can t forget the pupa make that The pupa The pupa read it, you ll see And, BTW, the pupa one of its meanings should never be considered cute by anyone, other than a parent or grandparent, certainly not a priest.

    An absurdist adventure that won t appeal to everyone, but will appeal to those with a zest for the peculiar, the bizarre, the political, and or national literatures other than one s own in this case Poland Deserves reading for being banned by both the Nazis and the Communists.

    Among the many lines I liked

    Normality is a tightrope walker above the abyss of abnormality Reminds me of Sontag s Sanity is a cozy lie

    I have a GR buddy who s an avid reader from Poland I share him with many of you He knows who he is Some of you know who he is Read this book, I think I ve figured out what uh happened to him.

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    Okyanus diplerindeki ks z ortam ucubelerinin g zelli i var bunda demek isterken beni al koyuveren bir ey taraf ndan unu demeye zorlan yorum Dis iz Ferdidurka Childish Gombrino yapm yapaca n Bunu demezsem, yani ciddi ciddi, okur okur, tumturakl tumturakl , alt n ize ize konu ursam, bu kitab n kafa buldu u, tiye ald , maytap ge ti i tiplerden biri olarak kendi kendimin koca Popolu bir karikat r ne d n ece im Astar m y z mden pahal ya kacak P Bye.

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    yaz l tarz itibariyle fazlas yla erken bir romanm ferdydurke, o nedenle de uzun y llar yasakl kalm zellikle ilk ba taki okul ve retmen anlat m ok iyiydi bence.ama as l iyi eviri nas l olur diye okunabilir osman f rat ba harikalar yaratm.

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    Good grief, I ve got a copy of this somewhere that I must have liberated from a second hand bookshop years ago and which I am fairly sure has long since gone the way of all books although it is hard for me to tell as much of my life is in semi storage to varying degrees.An odd story Not Mloda Polska thanks to the correction in comments but a product of the inter war period A man is taken out of adult life and made to live as a child, he is forced to return to school and given foster parents to live with Naturally he is still an adult even though everybody treats him as a child There is an absurd classroom scene in which the star pupil, who naturally due to the halo effect is also the most handsome, is called upon by the teacher to save his lesson by explaining the greatness of , presumably Mickiewicz, to the rest of the class who on account of being schoolboys are somewhat blockheaded, this he does by declaiming that Mickiewicz is the greatest national poet because his works move us profoundly and that they move us profoundly because Mickiewicz is the greatest national poet, which I suppose is true even if unenlightening, and I suspect that similar things are taught to children round the world with only the name of the poet changed as appropriate to local circumstances The only way the narrator can escape this prison of circular logic is by fighting back and upsetting as many apple carts as possible, chiefly achieved by turning school life and the household of his foster parents upside down In one scene he hopes to achieve this by convincing his foster parents that something scandalous is going on in their teen aged daughter s bedroom, there he opens one cupboard to reveal I believe the aforementioned pretty schoolboy result happiness on the part of the parents, such a relationship is at least appropriate even if plainly over actively indulged in, so the narrator is forced to open a second cupboard revealing the school teacher result complete outrage and confusion This reminds me of how a former chief inspector of schools on the podium of a teacher conference once said that he felt relationships between teachers and pupils were educative which I suppose from a broad point of view they would be since all relationships are but which rather suggested that the chief inspector had so over indulged in Plato as to loose touch with the Zeitgeist, and that if you put some people up on a podium in front of a crowd there is no knowing what will fall out of their mouths.A fable ought to end with a moral, but I ve forgotten mine.

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