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Carnal Gift explained Carnal Gift, review Carnal Gift, trailer Carnal Gift, box office Carnal Gift, analysis Carnal Gift, Carnal Gift 762f I Expect You To Show My Friend Just How Grateful You Are Your Willingness Is Everything With Those Harsh Words, The Hated Sasanach Earl Decided Br Ghid S Fate Her Body And Her Virginity Were To Be Offered Up To A Stranger In Exchange For Her Brother S Life Possessing Nothing But Her Innocence And Her Fierce Irish Pride, She Had No Choice But To ComplyBut The Handsome Man She Faced In The Darkened Bedchamber Was Not At All The Monster She Expected His Green Eyes Seemed To See Inside Her His Tender Touch Calmed Her Fears While He Swore He Would Protect Her By Merely Pretending To Claim Her And As The Long Hours Of The Night Passed By, As Her Senses Ignited At The Heat Of Their Naked Flesh, She Made A Startling Discovery Sometimes The Line Between Hate And Love Can Be Dangerously Thin

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • Carnal Gift
  • Pamela Clare
  • English
  • 06 February 2018
  • 9780843952063

About the Author: Pamela Clare

USA Today best selling author Pamela Clare began her writing career as a columnist and investigative reporter and eventually became the first woman editor in chief of two different newspapers Along the way, she and her team won numerous state and national honors, including the First Amendment Award and the National Journalism Award for Public Service In 2011, she was honored by the Colorado Pro

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    Carnal Gift is the second book in the Blakewell Kenleigh trilogy, and is Jamie Blakewell s story Jamie, as you might recall if you ve read the book, was the young brother of Cassie Blakewell Kenleigh who we met in the first book, Sweet Release. Now he s all grown up and trying and to aid a young America in the French and Indian War by heading back to England to petition Parliament for soldiers and money for ships And of course it would be asking for too much to have everything go smoothly but in this case, I m glad it didn t because the real excitement, the real passion of the story comes when everything starts to go wrong Well, no surprise here I loved this book Carnal Gift is yet another example of Historical Romance at its finest, and why Pamela Clare is one of the few auto buy authors on my list If you re looking for an amazing story with substance, one that will have you on the edge of your seat cheering the hero and heroine as they face whatever it is that life has thrown at them while falling in love, of course Pamela Clare is the author to go to Her stories are romantic, passionate, exciting and sexy, and I ve loved each and every book that I ve read by her Be they Historical or Romantic Suspense, I always come away feeling like I ve made new friends, and wanting to read about them She writes believable storylines and characters who seem so real it s hard to imagine that they re not They are the kinds of people I d love to have as friends and neighbors.Honestly, if you ve not yet tried anything by this author you re missing out on some truly great stories If you re into Romantic Suspense, give her I Team series a try If Historical Romance is your thing, check out the Blakewell Kenleigh Trilogy and her Highlanders series, MacKinnon s Rangers. You will not be disappointed And for those who have been trying to find Sweet Release and Carnal Gift with no success, you ll be thrilled to know that they are now available in ebook format They can be found at , barnesandnoble.com , and smashwords.com for 2.99 each And the ebook version of Carnal Gift is actually the novel the way Ms Clare intended it to be written, before the publishers got their hands on it and made her cut 100 or so pages If you re already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads

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    4 starsI feel fortunate that my first experience reading Carnal Gift was the version Pamela Clare originally intended for publication In this book we are given Jamie s full story How his torment and guilt over Nicholas supposed death affected his decisions throughout the story The elimination of this contributing factor would have left Jamie s character virtually prosaic and the overall impact of the book sorely lacking I enjoyed this book The romance between Jamie and Brighid captured my heart and imagination I found myself rooting for them personally as well as romantically The secondary characters were wonderfully developed and I was just as captivated with their stories as I was with the protagonists The Irish history was fascinating and gave me a new respect for these indomitable people.The ending of this book was fabulous Very poignant, heartwarming, and memorable Congratulations Ms Clare I m happy you were finally able to share with your readers the novel you always intended.

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    Well then, it seems that I have found a new favourite author in Ms Clare she really can do no wrong CARNAL GIFT is the 2nd book from the Blakewell Kenleigh trilogy and another epic read With adventures of a grand scale, passion, heartache, suspense and characters that stay with you long after you ve finished, this is how historical romances are meant to be I also just have to mention the detail paid to historical accuracy The research involved here boggles my mind and is appreciated although if I m being honest I did find the traditional Irish Gaelic names somewhat distracting Brighid, Fionn Muirin, Ailis as I paused often to figure out how to pronounce them and I never did quite get Ruaidhri However kudos for traditional accuracy This is well written, intricate story, taking our couple through insurmountable trials before they re finally allowed to reach their HEA and I loved the adventure The romance aspect was believable, sigh worthy and slow building I d expected that due to the circumstances of their initial meeting our heroine was going to be all bitter, angry and annoying but thankfully Clare never went there and I truly enjoyed Brighid And what a hero we re given in Jamie, after first meeting him as a boy in Sweet Release he sure grew up to be one hell of a fine man I also loved to hate the villain, Sheffield Tate wow, what a sick bastard he turned out to be, becoming and evil as his layers were peeled away Well done Our story takes place in 1754 Ireland Jamie Blackwell of Virginia is visiting his friend Sheff who he attended Oxford with before he travels to London While out on a hunt their party comes across a small Catholic funeral procession, changing Jamie and Brighid s lives forever Because the act of Catholicism is banned Sheff breaks up the funeral and orders the priest hung but not before he notices how Jamie is looking at the beautiful Irish girl Sheff then kidnaps Brighid and since during that time the English Sasanach essentially owned the Irish he gives her to Jamie as a virginal gift, which he will then have once Jamie is finished with her Jamie being the honourable sort soon realizes his friend is off his freaking rocker and rescues Brighid This however places her two brothers in grave danger and Sheff on a trail of vengeance So my summery is pretty lame, and really only the first chapter, there are just so many layers to this amazing story then I ve been able to express Cheers

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    3 1 2 Stars I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand, I enjoyed the plot and all the characters however, the writing was loose and repetitive at times I disliked really, really how time was taken to explain what was happening Duh Or to recap the events Double Ugh This was my second historical book by this author and though this was much better than the first Sweet Release , I enjoyed her modern romantic suspense series I Team much .Set in Ireland, 1754, with the focus on English cruelty to the Irish or Catholics and there were many times when I felt a history lesson was there that jerked me out of the story On the plus side, this author can sure write a bottom dwelling villain Sheffield Tate was one evil, sick and twisted, vile person The hero is Jamie the child in Sweet Release or little brother to Cassie all grown up He is visiting his college friend in Ireland and stumbles across a pour Irish girl, Brighid That was not her full name and let me say that I was not at all impressed by the details of Irish names and Gaelic information that was injected during the story I m Irish, but it was too much and disrupted the story, for me.The plot, suspense and romance were all good Very entertaining I enjoyed how the characters grew to trust and like each other There were two romances between the pages of this one Brighid and Jamie Fionn and Muirin The latter being less in the story, but very sweet On to the next one in this series Ride the Fire.

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    Another Winning Historical Romance From Pamela Clare Carnal Gift is a wonderful follow up to Sweet Release, book one in the Kenleigh Blakewell Family Saga This time it s Cassie s brother, American Jamie Blakewell who s the hero of the story Jamie visits his Oxford friend Sheff in Ireland in 1754, but discovers Sheff isn t the amusing and kind classmate from before Sheff seems to have turned into a sadistic bastard, actually.Sheff s abusive behavior is first exposed when he and Jamie come across a Catholic funeral, which is illegal in Ireland Sheff threatens all the attendees, including the gorgeous raven haired Br ghid Jamie can t take his eyes off her, and Sheff notices his interest in the young woman.I had thought Carnal Gift was a strange name for a novel, but it s quite appropriate in this case Crazy ass Sheff has Br ghid kidnapped and then bestows her maidenhead upon his friend Jamie as a gift Not only that, but Jamie knows his insane friend is watching through the peephole to see if he, ahem, opens his gift by getting it on with Br ghid.This is just the beginning of a wild ride between Jamie and Br ghid I loved how they dealt with their religious differences Jamie tried not to notice that the cross had come to rest in the cleft between her breasts I m supposed to be angry because you dared hang a Catholic symbol around my neck when you, a Catholic, were trying to save my Protestant life Then you re not angry No, Br ghid He stifled a crazy urge to take her hand Where I come from, there are religions than days in a month I decided long ago such things aren t worth fighting about I doubt God cares one way or another how we pray, as long as we make time for it once in a while Amen Religious freedom is one of my favorite aspects of living in America.I also enjoyed the reason behind Sheff s puzzling switch to sadism.I m excited Pamela Clare is writing again after her battle with breast cancer Can t wait to read of her masterpieces

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    When one of her brothers speaks out against the English Earl who has taken over their lands, Irish Beauty Brighid Ni Maelsechnaill is forced to go with the Earl or they will kill her family Jamie Blakewell is traveling with the Earl s party He claims Brighid as his own and takes her to his bed chamber Brighid is terrified he will rape her, but Jamie merely pretends to claim her He knows he and Brighid must leave the Earl s manor undetected or he will not be able to save her.This was the second book in the Blakewell Kenleigh series Jamie is all grown up He has been sent to London to get Parliament to send troops to fight against the Indians in the Colonies He travels to Ireland to appeal to the Earl and ends up rescuing a damsel in distress This is just in the first few pages There is a lot going on in this story.I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kaleo Griffith He does an outstanding job with the Irish accent and the difficult Gaelic words I highly recommend you listen to this book My rating 4.5 Stars.

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    I really enjoyed this book, although perhaps not as much as the previous one in the series It didn t feel as detailed, and the plot didn t evolve at the same gradually accelerating pace that just sucked me in in Sweet Release Having said that the setting was again fabulous, in Ireland, during the period of Georgian repression, and the hero and heroine were also excellent.The hero was merely a child in the previous book, and here we get to see him as an adult He made a great hero, but I didn t feel I came to know him as well as Alec in Sweet Release The heroine is much better described, but did become a bit annoying towards the end I can t really fault her reasons for some of her choices she decided to stick with her faith rather than recant and marry the hero, for example, but there comes a time when survival is important than duty, surely, and she crossed it several times I think, in conclusion, she was just too damned perfect for me I liked Sweet Release, because neither the hero nor the heroine were perfect, and, however grudgingly, knew it.So I d give this 4.5 stars probably.

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    Pamela Clare is one of my go to authors when I m in a book funk I know her stories will have loveable characters, heart wrenching romance and a whole heap of drama to keep me hooked from start to finish.So when I read the worst book known to man this week, I went straight to my Pamela Clare pile Carnal Gift was gorgeous It gave me those really nice warm and fuzziesyou know the ones you get when the author has the ability to convince you of the most powerful love between two fictional characters and have you contemplating leaving your significant other in search of the hero Well, lucky for my husband I don t have a time machine because Jamie was such a honey He was fiercely protective, adoringly sweet and masculine as hell I enjoyed this story from start to finish.

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    This is the story of little Jamie, Cassie s brother.Now, here he s not so little wink The story is really exciting I don t know much about the enimity between Irish and English, but from what I read in this book I could sympathize with the Irish people Their plight was dire indeed They were taken away their faith, their land, their birthright poor peopleBrighid is Irish, catholic, poor and Jamie is English even if colonial , protestant, and rich How will they manage to be toghether You ll have to read this book to find out DI loved Jamie he s honorable, sweet and very passionate He s doing everything to help Brighid and her brothers But she s not convinced of that and she doesn t trust him While I could understand her reticence, sometimes she just made me angry I wanted to grip her shoulders and give her a sound shake view spoiler She stubbornly doesn t want to leave, even if Jamie tries to explain to her that if she doesn t not only her, but her bothers too, will suffer hide spoiler

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    The second book in the Blakewell Kenleigh Family Trilogy Another awesome story from Pamela Clare While I prefer Ms Clare s Romantic Suspense books, her Historical Romances can definitely hold their own I truly felt myself transported to 18th century Ireland and felt their struggles against the dread Sasanach Brighid and her family are just simple Irish folks, living the life that they were born into Jamie is a colonist, in Ireland visiting his friend , Sheff.I should mention I have both the paperback and an ebook copy I read mostly from the ebook copy that contained the complete book that Pamela Clare wrote.Definitely recommended to anyone who loves historical romances.If you re already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads

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