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    A pretty entertaining mystery, although a little excessive as to coincidences and red herrings The human element would have been stronger if we had ever met Jim or would it Maybe he would have proven to be just as wimpy and dull as he sounded second hand.

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    Just for maximum confusion, many of Christie s novels have different titles in the British vs American editions What I actually read was entitled Murder at Hazelmoor, but it is aka The Sittaford Mystery Whatever one calls it, this novel typifies why Dame Agatha is the Mystery Goddess to me I love many of her contemporaries Sayers, Marsh, Tay, Wentworth, and esp Rinehart but it is rare for them to stump me I ve just been at this game too long I usually have the solution figured out by the half way point IF the author plays fair Dame Agatha, however, puts me firmly in my place, and I revere her for it She often provides hints to anything up to half a dozen solutions of fiendish ingenuity, and I figure them outonly to have her hit me upside the head with the ONE solution that somehow I didn t see coming Such is Murder at Hazelmoor I really thought I had it, and I was really wrong However, I don t feel at all cheated I bow to the superior detective, in this case one of Agatha s charming flapper type young women amateurs Emily could be Tuppence s sister, and she s delightful The only criticism I have is that I m not so sure of the motive all the suspects are in need of money, and the wealthy victim is a skinflint who won t help them, even his relatives ButI can t help feeling he would have come through with a loan, even if not a gift, for the one person of them all for whom he really cared I just can t imagine murdering someone really dear to me for money But then, Dame Agatha always believed the worst about human nature This isn t one of her best known novels, but I highly recommend it Classic Christie, with the clues there but somehow so hard to spot, and an above average number of red herrings to throw you off I also love it when she does the hat trick of having an apparently supernatural occurence in this case a seance that appears to predict a murder and then provides a solidly real explanation So, so clever.

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    I am really enjoying Agatha Christie novels I like the way she has a sly laugh at crime detection I like the way she includes red herrings I like the way I can t work out the culprit, dammit I even like the 1920s language, and laughing at the cultural norms of the time and wondering what on earth Christie would make of life in 2017.

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    Agatha Christie does it again.No Marple or Poirot in this one Instead, Emily Trefusis is our plucky heroine Christie adores creating a smart, attractive, sharp female character Emily is determined to get her fianc e, James Pearson, out of jail He s accused of murder but Emily knows there s no way he could have done it Jim is a frightful idiot But he doesn t murder people Once again, Christie s wit and humor blow me away She is such a funny writer I would almost classify her books as comedies Of course, Sittaford is populated with a number of colorful characters A curmudgeon of an old military man who is perpetually grumpy Another military man who s an invalid He s always complaining about civilized people and their tendency to hurry He s got the hots for young Emily and claims she needs a real man , meaning himself even though he s thirty years her senior There s the old woman invalid, a sharp witted nosy busybody in the vein of Miss Marple who knows all the goings on There s the young man, Charles Enderby, a journalist who is helping Emily to solve the case while falling hard for her Inspector Narracott, the clever and resourceful policeman assigned to the case Mrs Willett and her daughter Violet who very suspiciously moved to Sittaford s cold winter climate from sunny South Africa if what they say is true Etc etc.Another gem in this novel is Christie s choice to start out the mystery with a table turning This old style form of playing Ouija board involves six or so people sitting at a table and asking spirits to knock on the table to indicate yes , no , and letters of the alphabet The ghost tells the players of the murder Of course, there s no real supernatural element and everything is explained to satisfaction by the end.The vocabulary was wonderful Also worth noting was the mountain of 1931 slang that was colorful and highly amusing.Emily Trefusis is a gem plucky, smart, funny and able to get any man, woman or child to do what she wants through subtle manipulation, praise and occasional tears Her tactics work wonders on all especially the hapless males who cross her path She has no less than 4 men chasing after her in this novel Actually, Christie creates a brilliant and gradual love triangle with Emily, the jailed Pearson, and the intrepid reporter Enderby Who will Emily choose I was on tenterhooks wondering how this triangle was going to resolve itself.Last but not least, Christie fooled me again I never suspected the true murderer in the least I was shocked My two or three running theories and suspicions were all for naught It s very rare that I m able to solve a Christie novel correctly and this one is no exception.YA novels with Mary Sues and love triangles have NOTHING on Christie s Mary Sue of Emily and her intense yet chaste love triangle in this novel These Agatha Christie novels were probably the very thing teenagers were consuming by the dozen in 1931 Pretending to be Emily Trefusis instead of Katniss Everdeen.Published as Murder at Hazelmoor OR The Sittaford Mystery.

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    Major Burnaby who has gone to visit with his neighbours the Willets finds himself participating in tableturning but after a harmless bit of fun, the spirits inform them that Captain Tevelyan has been murdered Navy Captain Joe Trevelyan had retired to the small village of Sittaford in Dartmoor where he built six houses, one of which he occupied himself, and the rest sold to others, among them Major Burnaby his closest friend The Captain s only flaws seem reclusiveness and a fondness for money, the latter having led him to let his own house to the Willets for the winter and take up residence elsewhere When Major Burnaby trudges through the thick snow to put himself at ease and ensure Trevelyan is safe, he finds that the s ance was in fact right, and the Captain has been murdered Captain Trevelyan had no enemies but was a very rich man, so of course those who stand to inherit are in the net of suspicion When the police find his nephew James Pearson visited him just around the time the incident happened and was desperate for money, they are not long in arresting him But Jim s fianc , Emily Trefusis knows even if he isn t straightforward in all his dealings, he is not capable of murder and sets out to clear his name, along the way enlisting the help of journalist Charles Enderby who was in Sittaford for another purpose but jumps at the chance of the scoop of a lifetime Emily is a very likeable heroine full of spunk and gumption, she knows what she needs to do and gets it done, not being above a bit of manipulation Charles Enderby is eager to be of assistance even when it means being outdoors in the middle of the night in frozen weather and even the Inspector is happy to oblige with information which he wouldn t probably reveal to any other It was great fun watching Emily as she approaches the Captain s relations and Sittaford residents finding out all she needs to know, and some that she probably doesn t Miss Percehouse was another character I thought good fun, shrewd and also in some ways like Emily, despite being an invalid.As is usual with Christie, there are various plotlines side by side Everyone has something to hide but which of these has something to do with Captain Trevelyan s murder One pretty much needs to read to the end to find out This was another one where I didn t guess the murderer or the motive, for that matter I tried thinking up the most fantastic solution I could come up with, but it turned out to be just that, and completely wrong, though there was a secret in that quarter as well The atmosphere is icy, there are secrets galore, even an escaped convict loose on the moors, all together making for very entertaining reading.

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    A pretty standard Agatha Christie mystery I liked the snowy winter atmosphere and the mystery was intriguing throughout Emily, the amateur detective, felt pretty much interchangeable with any other young female detective in any other Agatha Christie novel though and I wasn t a fan of that.

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    People don t generally move from somewhere warm in winter to somewhere wintry But two of the characters in this story do, to everyone s puzzlement But they re not even the most interesting characters in this mystery That honour goes to Emily Trefusis who, after Captain Trevelyan is murdered and her fianc is charged, embarks on her own investigation of all the potential suspects, roping in a reporter and using her wits, intelligence and lots of logic This isn t a Marple or Poirot story, and this time the Police Inspector is a pretty smart guy Emily and Inspector Naracott conduct their respective investigations, eventually pooling their knowledge together, and I was surprised by who the murderer was.

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    People don t do things without a reason Another entertaining read No Poirot or Marple in sight, which always means that you have no idea where the narration is going to go I rather enjoyed following smart and manipulative Miss Emily, sleuthing to prove the innocence of her Fianc , who yes, looked rather insipid One thing at the beginning gave me a clue that reduced the pool of suspects Still, it is always fascinating to see what all that colourful cast had to say and importantly, to hide 0

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    Another blockbuster from the pen of Agatha Christie This novel has the most eerie beginning amongst all her novels The development of the plot is slow in the beginning but it soon picks up pace and you just cannot out it down in last hundred pages And in the end when the murderer is revealed you are left wondering as to why you did not think of that before.

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