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After the Dancing Days chapter 1 After the Dancing Days, meaning After the Dancing Days, genre After the Dancing Days, book cover After the Dancing Days, flies After the Dancing Days, After the Dancing Days c9a715010b8db So Much Had Changed In One Year One Year Ago, I Believed My Mother Knew Everything And That I Would Never Have Cause To Disobey Her I Knew My Father Could Heal Anyone And I Thought Uncle Paul Had Died In GloryThirteen Year Old Annie Waits At The Train Station For Her Father, A Doctor It Is , The Great War Is Over, And The Wounded Are Returning To A Small Town Near Kansas City From The Battlefields Of France When Her Father Decides To Continue His Work At The Veterans Hospital, Annie Finds She Is Drawn To The Place For Reasons She Doesn T UnderstandThere She Meets Andrew, A Horribly Burned Young Veteran Who Is Bitterly Withdrawn From All Around Him Acting Against The Express Wishes Of Her Strong Willed Mother, Annie Continues To Visit The Hospital, Helping Andrew Come Out Of His Shell Together They Discover The Devastating Truth About Uncle Paul S Death Then Annie Must Confront Her Mother S Anger And The Ironies Of HeroismTER THE DANCING DAYS Is A Timeless First Novel About A Young Girl S First Steps Into The Complex World Of Adulthood

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    I was a little reluctant when I picked up After the Dancing Days today I have memories of loving this book, memories of sobbing at the end Clearly, I was obsessed with romance as a preteen All I cared about when I read the book was Annie and Andrew s potential romance And I obviously missed Margartet Rotkowski s point.This book is not a romance Andrew is a severely wounded WWI veteran Annie is thirteen Clearly, I had no issues with a May December romance as a teeny bopper, but as an adult, I was relieved to discover that the romance was mostly a concoction of my imagination and Annie s.In reality, the book is about acceptance Rotkowski is not shy about advocating women s rights, victim s rights, and tolerance This message is clear to me now and I m afraid for my twelve year old self that I completely missed it the first time.

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    that I had learned other things too And the learning had begun when I first saw Andrew s face p.212.Interesting book with looking at what to do w the survivors of war in whom society doesn t want to see The wounded and battered lives of those young men who bear the scars and horrors of war and then don t have the support system that others have.

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    This book definitely touched me in ways I can t explain I love it when a school fiction book is actually really good, I love you Sonlight homeschool curriculum..haha WIIA Is War A Thing To Be Forgotten That s what Annie s mother would like to do She wants to forget the pain and heartache and to keep it away from Annie, too But Annie cannot forget the death of her favorite uncle, who was killed in France She cannot forget Andrew, the angry young veteran she meets at the hospital where her father works Can Annie find the courage to help Andrew And will she ever be able to make sense of a war that took so much from so many Drawn to the Kansas hospital where her father cares for wounded World War One veterans, Annie meets Andrew, a disfigured young soldier As Annie helps Andrew slowly adjust to his wounds, she also faces devastating truths about war and the complex world of adulthood A girl on the brink of womanhood comes to terms with the brutal aftereffects of war in an absorbing novel goodreads description Pros 1 You learned something, along with the main character Really I learned about what the aftermath of war must have been like in this one book then I have learned in my whole entire life Annie did too.She lived it 2 The characters, sighs, you just fall in love with everyone I mean there is this one character and this isn t a spoiler but he died in the war and they simply share one chapter about him and that s really all you need to know about him You cry he s gone Even though he was only in ONE chapter Some authors can t paint a good character in a whole book, and Mrs Rostkowski did it in one chapter 3.It was inspiring it really was At the end I ran downstairs and told my mom she had to read the book Because it made me THINK about things differently, and I love when a great book does that Lastly the journey throughout the book was amazing, especially the ending Hard to explain but it was lovely Cons Well if you get upset really easily and trust me little disturbing things, umm really disturb me some parts could bother youbut nothing bothered me There is only a couple sad scenes with injured men and about the guy who died, but yeah they don t go too much into detail but enough to make you sad So that didn t bother me but I just thought I should put it out there Well that s it If you read it let me know what you thought P.S I did kinda wish for a potential Annie and Andrew relationship, so that was kinda interesting Since Annie is 13 and he is in his twenties, I think maybe I was just dreaming I love the book just how it is though.

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    This book is a big deal in northern Utah because the author is from Ogden So I m BBQ ing a sacred cow here by saying it s time to say goodbye to this novel.Utah has loads and loads of amazing authors writing for children and teenagers, so we re not hard pressed to find quality books by local authors The WWI genre has been added to since the publication of this novel, so we can find those, too But my biggest issue with this book is the glaring inaccuracy regarding the Purple Heart It didn t exist until 1932, yet Andrew, a veteran WWI soldier in 1919 complains about how the government is handing them out like candy, and Annie goes on a fact finding mission to learn why her uncle didn t receive one The Purple Heart features so prominently in the novel that it s impossible to overlook the error I also got frustrated with how many adults speak down to Annie because she s a child, but when it s convenient to the narrative, they spill their biggest secrets to her.It s a sweet story of Annie, approximately 14, who meets Andrew, a recovering gas burn victim, in a veteran s hospital where her father works The two build a friendship that helps Andrew to come to terms with his anger and Annie to transition into young adulthood The story effectively addresses issues such as the aftermath of war, dealing with death and loss, coming of age, and privilege It s refreshing to see a story of friendship between a girl and a boy rather than going straight for the romance angle.Is it a bad book Of course not But it s time to put something else into the hands of our students.

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    It was pretty good I actually really liked to overall plot It dragged on at parts but it was well written and easy to follow My favorite part is when she goes to the hospital the second time and reads to Andrew because that s when Annie really starts to realize that the injured men aren t as scary as they seem I d recommend this book to anyone who has patience to get into it, I found it a little on the feminine side so I d recommend it mostly to girls.

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    World War l is over and as family comes home some try to live life as it was before, but for some the war has taken away their normal life This is what happens in a girls life that changes herself and her family.Annie s family had a loss in the family, her uncle died during the war The whole family suffered, but they looked up to Annie s father coming home Annie s father came home from the war as being a doctor has he has decided to continue helping the soldiers who were injured in the war Her mother does not like the war and doesn t like the decision Annie s father has made but she lets him do what he wants As Annie s father helps treat the veterans, she decides to go with her grandfather to the hospital so she can listen to him reading a story to a friend veteran As she visits with the soldier she meets another veteran named Andrew She is scared at first then she develops feelings for him In another visit, Annie noticed that her grandfather wasn t looking good She tried to talk him out of going but he was persistent She tells her father who calls her mother Annie s mother comes to pick up Annie and her grandfather to go home when she sees Andrew She does not like Andrew and after giving him a look she turns away and takes Annie away She then tells Annie that she doesn t what her to see Andrew again and tells her that she can t go back to the hospital Later, her grandmother, grandfather, and mother go on a trip and Annie and her father are left alone for a whole month Annie did not tell her father what her mother said to her about the hospital visits and she continues visiting Andrew Their time together was short and soon her mother decided to come back Will Annie s mother find out about her visits Will anything happen with Andrew I did not like this book.so I did not connect with the main character, Annie, I am different in every possible way from her I did not like it that Annie thought that she was so grown up.I would only recommend this book to anybody who thinks that they don t have enough drama in their life.

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    I read After the Dancing Days by Margaret I Rostkowski for my English class The book starts off in Kansas with Annie Metcalf she s going to go pick up her father from the train station with her mother Once she gets there realizes that there is people there that are badly hurt so she decides to go and help them with her grand father while they were at the hospital she meets Timothy one of her old neighbors and another boy named Andrew She quickly starts liking Andrew even though his face and hands are badly hurt Her mother Katherine does not like Annie to go to the hospital where her dad works she wants to protect her from the people that are hurt Annie continuous to help Andrew while he recovers Andrew wants to go help other injured soldiers at a hospital in Topeka and Annie is very sad And then at the end of the book they held a party for him and the other soldiers recovering from the hospital Some of the main themes of the story is accepting that even though people are hurt or gone you need to accept them and the fact that they re gone I liked this book because it really shows how even though someone is hurt or doesn t look like a normal person you can accept and help them for who they really are I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the book Lottery Rose or historical fiction books and people who wouldn t like this book would be people who like fantasy or like Fablehaven.

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    Very well written, but I did not love the plot I am not a big fan of war books or anything that has to much to do about them I did love the depth of emotion that this book did show, but I would not recommend this book to everybody It was a pretty easy read and most people who love emotional books would love this book Don t get me wrong I do love emotional books, but this book was just not my type.

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    After the Dancing Days is a well thought out book describing the aftermath of a war Annie is a young girl who s father volunteered as a doctor in the war After coming back he works nearby at a hospital for war veterans Because Uncle Paul Annie s mother s brother died while fighting in France, all Annie s mother wants to do is forget about the fighting and warfare However, Annie s curious mind leads her to have different viewsAnnie s dad invites her to come see the hospital he works at one day She agrees to go along There she meets a young man named Andrew He was a veteran from the war who s face happened to be painfully burned Annie takes a liking to Andrew and decides to go visit him as often as possible, almost every day Annie s mother sees Andrew and forbids Annie from seeing him again However, when Annie s mother has to go away from town for family reasons, Annie is free to see Andrew again Her and Andrew continue to become good friends.My favorite part of the book is how Annie accepts Andrew for who he is and cares about him no matter what he looks like She shows that you should look for the beauty on the inside, not so much as the outside I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes books about history and friendship It tells about the aftermath and history of war while still focusing on the bonds of friendship.

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    2006 One of the stronger post WWI novels I ve read.2019 Pulled this out of storage after watching The Fall, whereupon my brain said, Hey, what if we also cast Lee Pace in that one book Conveniently forgot that Andrew s war injury is a severely burned and disfigured face Whoops But pretty soon I didn t care about that any than Annie did, because I immediately remembered how much I loved this young man, his thoughtful if sometimes brooding comments, and his conversations with the inquisitive and open minded 13 year old who draws him out of his shell, forming the basis for a very sweet friendship with some tactile affection, always a bonus for me, sometimes in the context of comfort.There are bits and pieces in the text where I feel history has been simplified for younger readers, some interactions that seem stylized like the modern day or, as this reviewer mentioned, a whole anachronistic plot point but for the most part, I stand by what I said before It really brings the day to day world of 1919 to life, and covers an angle about the immediate aftermath of World War I that not a lot of books do.

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