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    Smut A Thon One Word Title This may be the dirtiest book I ve ever read I mean the sex in this book was over the top but what else can one expect from a book by Zane Zane is the queen of Urban Erotica I did so research and discovered that she use to have an Cinemax aka Skinamax series based off her books In Nervous we are introduced to Jonquinette Pierce who is a shy and mild mannered woman who has never been kissed, never been on a date and she s most certainly never had sex..At least she doesn t remember ever having sex with anyone.See Jonquinette has suffered blackouts since she was a child and during these blackouts she does all kinds of things she wouldn t normally do Nervous was a pretty good read If it wasn t for Smut A Thon I probably wouldn t have read this but I enjoyed it for what it was The plot was rather contrived and predictable but the dirty, dirty, dirty sex scenes made up for everything else If you are into Erotically charged books then I suggest pick up a book by Zane she is the Queen after all

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    I ve just read my first trashy erotica novel I went in knowing little about sexually explicit books only to be vicariously involved in a multi partner, Internet abusing, pan Georgian, sexual orgy The sex was hard and fast, happening in three paragraphs or less and kinda scary and kinda interesting I read Nervous because several people have posted comments that if only the world would read trashy erotic novels war and poverty would cease to exist I don t know where they got their facts from but with that in mind I decided to read this book by Zane Chapter 1 starts out innocently as Jonquinette thinks about how nervous she is about everything in her life Followed by chapter 2 of her alter ego Jade Jonquinette has a split personality getting it on fast and crazy back alley style That s the rest of the book A chapter of sweet, naive Jonquinette living her life afraid of sincere guys followed by a chapter of Jade gone bonkers looking to get it on before her chapter ends I was really impressed with Jade, sometimes she only had 5 pages to find a guy convince him she didn t have any STD s and get busy Oh yea then there was some character development throughout but I think its of a side note until the end.Speaking of which, candidly I didn t see the twist at the end coming I was surprised Hopefully you will be too if you have a chance to read Nervous.

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    Audible recommended this to me Nervous made me a bit nervous One never knows what will be in a book that involves sexual intercourse It s kind of like a game because you never know what you are looking for until you either get it or you don t Now this book did deliver sex, like so freaking much However, it was like all up in my grill I wanted to look away so many times but I just couldn t It was like a train wreck that you just had to watch.The characters in this book were okay but I couldn t really connect with them In it, you will meet Jonquinette don t trust me on spelling here it was an audio but she has an alter ego named Jade Now at this point, I m intrigued because I want to know about Jade She seems adventures and dangerous Pretty early on, I m thrown into her having sex in an alley.Now I love smut in books HOWEVER, I m not a fan of smut in alleys, clubs, or anywhere freaking public I just think it s so weird and it takes me down a dark path of questions Did someone walk by and see Do they like that kind of thing Isn t it dirty Would t it smell There s questions but I ll stop at that point.Throughout the book, Jade just gets in on She finds a guy and does the deed It started to get repetitive and boring at one point so I just wanted it to end This need of mine eventually led to this book get 3 stars The twist was good, not amazing, but kept me interested Overall, I would probably dive into another book by this author.

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    Nervous is one of many fiction novels by Zane I chose this book because my friends and I have been trying to read any of her books that we come across After reading Addicted I had to read this one too, especially since I had been left out of the numerous conversations about it I of course was the only one whom had yet to read it The protagonist Jonquinette a young successful and beautiful Black woman As the title entails she is very nervous, especially when it pertains to dealing with those of the opposite sex Naturally she has no boyfirend She tries hard to avoid men all together The only problem is she keeps blacking out and waking up covered in the scent of a man, well several different men Everyone, including Zane s audiance and excepting all but two characters in the novel none of the two are Jon are aware of what s going on All Jon knows is that she has had these black outs since she was young but she hadn t always woken up with the smell of a man or men on her body and the it happens, the she starts to worry She goes to sexual addiction meetings but feels so out of place because as far as she is concerned, she is a virgin We know that she has a split personality that is the total opposite of Jon Her name is Jude Jude is the promiscuous beautiful black woman that is concerned with nothing other than having sex as much as she can before Jon wakes up Finally after a couple nights of running out of the meetings in tears she is confronted by a fellow member, Zoe Reynard Zoe offers to talk to Jon if she feels comfortable and refers her to the doctor that helped her through all of her problems Nervous about going to see a shrink and to embarrassed to go back to the meetings Jon continues on with life as if nothing is going on Just then a handsom man named Mason moves into her apartment building there is a mutual affinity but Jon is too nervous to let anything blossom between the two Jude of course unhappy about the situation instigates problems for Jon After a couple run ins with Mason her black outs occur often and she finally decides to start seing the shrink, Dr Marcella, and Jude stars causing even problems for her Dr Marcella uncovers the dark secrets from Jon s past and lets Jon in on it More and twists are revealed through out the novel The plot continues on to unveil why Jude is there The plot also follows the turbulent relationshop between Mason and Jon Oh and there is a HUGE plot twist in the end that you will have to just read to figure out.As Jon struggles with man vs man and man vs self conflicts of her past and present she looks for how to deal with them for a better future Meanwhile, sex, nervousness, fear, love, and secrets are all reoccuring motifs and symbols throughout the novel Jude knows something is wrong but she doesn t know what She also knows that she cannot always go through life being deathl affraid of men her whole life or she ll miss out on one of the few good ones left, Mason Zane writes in a very informal manner making this book an easy read She writes in first person for all characters and also takes on a thord person point of view at times to add elemets of curiosity that later evolve into plot twists She wastes little time with elaborate discription but the images are far from difficult to image because of the settings she chooses for her story The book reads fast giving it the feeling of a movie Its an attention grabber and keeper Zane really utillizes elements of suspense and surprise to keep the readers attentions Each character s different personality is displayed through the context of their chapters By reading what is written it is obvious exactly who is talking which comes in handy for the HUGE plot twist When a page is filled with profanity and talk about sex, without a doubt it s Jude talking If a page reads with a calm comforting tone, without a doubt it s Dr Marcella All of these factors do contribute to an interesting read, but it does take away from the depth of the characters So though it may be an interesting read and it makes you think there is nothing intellectually compelling that one could take away form this book It s purely for your entertainment I would recommend it to a mature audiance that wants to be kept interested or is looking for something that will entertain and not hurt the brain It s a fun book and a quick read i enjoyed it.

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    This is my favorite Zane The raw emotions this book portrays is amazing.

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    I m not that big of a Zane fan I like a little plot with my sex but this book was story than sex and I really enjoyed it It was a delicious little mystery to unfold

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    SPLIT PERSONALITIES I have not read another book that had the main character caught up in real split personalities The way we learn about the main character and her life and what has happened to her, we empathize, and then when we learn that she has a split personality because of past traumawow

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    I was recommended this book by a friend The book Nervous is about a girl named Jonquinette Pierce who has never had a boyfriend The weekdays belong to Jonquinette and the weekends belong to, Jude Jude emerged in second grade when Jonquinette kept getting picked on by other girls Jude is the type that doesn t care what she do Jude would use violence and, Jonquinette wouldn t know anything about it When Jonquinette is seeking psychiatric help, Jude fears it might be the end for her Later, in the book Jonquinette meets a man who she is really having feelings for His name is Mason They first meet when he moved into her apartment building Never having a boyfriend Jonquinette never really knew what so say when Mason always would flirt with her Se opened up a little bit and they were starting to talk date But, one day Mason came up to visit and check on Jonquinette because he had heard she was sick and Jude had taken over Mason not knowing about Jonquinette problem didn t know what to do or think Jude wanting to ruin their relationship had told Mason everything Jude had did The next day Jonquinette noticed Mason didn t speak to her nd knew something was wrong He had told Jon everything that had hape that night between him and Jude Jonquinette had explained her prolblem to him and being that he was really in love with her he told her that he was with her the whole way Jonquinette s psychiatrist said that it would have been best if her parents were to attend her meetings with her So Jon got in touch with her father who had left them about six years ago because some woman had came to her parent s house saying that she was pregnant with Jon s father baby Which, was a lie the whole thing was Jude s plan Being that Jon s father and mother were starting to spend time with each other they had decided to get re married Of course Jude thought it was stupid while, Jon thought it was a great idea One day at one of their family meetings the truth was coming out from everybody, everyone had someting hidden from the rest That day Jonquinette also found out that the reason she has that dsorder was because

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    So I finished it I read this book on the advise of my sister in lawneedless to say I think it could have been WAY better My rating is like 3.5 than a full 4 stars just because I think that it could have been written differently to have made of an impact A lot of the twists and turns I could see from a mile away, although the story was interesting it was very predictable I haven t read Zane in a long time and I probably won t read the other books in this standalone series There is no video review for this book For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Stephanie Uncensored

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    If I was grading this book on ridiculous, it would be getting five stars But rating it on quality It s lucky it gets one I guess I can see why Zane books are so popular, the same way I can see why Justin Bieber and Brittney Spears are popular They re catchy, they re sexy But they re notgood I m glad I tried it, but I probably won t be venturing into this realm anytime soon.

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Nervous download Nervous, read online Nervous, kindle ebook Nervous, Nervous cefc9968f6ef Zane S Legion Of Fans Can T Get Enough Of Her Way Of Telling A Juicy, Sexy Story In Nervous, The New York Times Bestselling Queen Of Erotica Brings Us A Tale Of A Woman With A Split Personality Jonquinette Has Always Been Nervous Around Men, But On The Weekends Her Alter Ego, Jude, Goes On Intense Sexual Escapades When Jonquinette Seeks The Help Of Dr Marcella Spencer, The Psychiatrist Zane Originated In Her Bestselling Novel Addicted, Jude S Response Is To Go On A Sexual Rampage In The Meantime, Jonquinette Becomes Interested In Her New Neighbor, Mason, But Jude Has No Intention Of Letting Jonquinette Fall In Love Not When Jude S Having So Much Fun Based On A Short Story Of The Same Title From Her Bestselling Collection The Sex Chronicles, Nervous Is Classic Zane With An Edge So, Relax, Sit Back You Re In For A Nerve Tingling Read