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Watershed pdf Watershed , ebook Watershed , epub Watershed , doc Watershed , e-pub Watershed , Watershed 6730bf7ef4c She Left Home To Find Herselfand Found Love Along The WayMaggie Isn T Looking For Love On Her Backpacking Trip Through Australia She S Got Enough Man Troubles Back In Ireland Australia Is Her Escape, A Place Of Adventure Where She Can Create Memories To Last A LifetimeBut Some Memories Won T Be Left BehindGray Is Ready To Quit Hiring Backpackers To Help With The Work On His Remote Queensland Cattle Station When Maggie Turns Up She S Just Passing Through, But The Connection They Forge During The Long Nights Herding Cattle Won T Be So Easily Cast AsideNTENT WARNING A Strong Willed Irish Heroine, A Stubborn Australian Hero, And Oceans Of Difference To Bridge For LoveA Lyrical Press Contemporary RomanceBuy Linkshttp Www Watershed EbookBNhttp Barnesandnoble W WateriTuneshttps Itunesle Us Book WayeLyrical Presshttp Lyricalpress Watershed Kobohttp Kobobooks Ebook Waters

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    This was such a sweet story And look You can read it here on Goodreads At first I though Woah This is moving FAST and was a little worried by how fast they fell for each other But a few pages later I totally understood why it happened on both parts It was right for it to happen like that.I loved the turmoil of both characters caused by their own assumptions of each other It was a real strength that in this story it felt so REAL Fergus was a right dick and I was so glad when Maggie stood up to him she developed so well as a character and her hesitation made her actions and growth believable.This is a passionate, well paced New Adult romance and I want to read of Maggie and Gray It feels as though there s so much of their story to tell.Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy for review I only wish I d read it sooner Now, where s the next one..

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    Irish Australian romance seems to be in fashion I recently reviewed a romance by a young Australian author about an Aussie girl and an Irish fellow That one took place in Ireland This romance takes place in Australia, except this time, the lady s Irish and the boy is an Aussie.As a writer, Cd Brennan is powerful Lucid and articulate, she brings the outback of Australia alive with her vivid descriptive powers She uses Australian terms throughout the book in a way that arouses the non Australian readers interest rather than makes them feel left out From the author bio, I know she s a well travelled woman and it shows.Maggie, the heroine of the story, is a gentle, Irish ladylike miss, from Portumna in county Galway She s a graduate in English literature from Trinity College in Dublin and she is now travelling the world, mainly to avoid being pushed into marriage with Fergus, a farmer from the same community Maggie s gentle character came out very well in the story.Gray, the hero, is a man who works the land, lean, muscular and practical Attracted though he is to Maggie, he covers it up with a gruff exterior He feels she might think she s too good for him Early on, Maggie realizes that she has feelings for Gray in spite of the fact that he seems interested only in sparring with her The trouble is, maybe I missed something, but I couldn t for the life of me actually figure out what she saw in him Okay, so he had a killer body But he was a surly customer, someone who would really put me off However, I wasn t reading the book to experience the thrill of falling in love, I was reading it to learn about Australia, so I figured Maggie could have him I enjoyed the book anyway.Some of the book was told from Gray s point of view POV , some from Maggie s Now, you can call me particular, but when I m reading an Irish story by an Irish author, I generally always know, sort of, without being told, if you know what I mean I suppose it has something to do with being Irish myself I ll grant Cd Brennan this much, she didn t commit the mortal sin of trying to write with an Irish accent and for that I was exceedingly grateful there is nothing worse than having to wade through a flood of bejapers and begorrah writing and having to pretend you don t feel irritated Cd wrote normally for her Irish character, inserting the odd Irish phrase in here and there, which was great But.I m open to brickbats on this one, but I ve never heard an Irish person using the phrase thank jaysus unless they were a complete lowlife Not a ladylike Irish colleen from a farming family Being from Dublin, I ve heard thanks be to jaysus many a time Blessed be the Holy Name , but that s another thing entirely I ve been away from Ireland a long time, however Maybe things have changed And Irish people, Catholic or otherwise, to the best of my knowledge, don t pray to St Brigid either, unless it s February the 1st and they happen to be going to Mass that day.Just when you re ambling along complacently, this book will surprise you It certainly surprised me I was than surprised, not to mention rather amused, when the fellow Maggie s family was trying to hook her up with turned out to be what would have been known as a yahoo in my day A drinkin , fightin Irishman A loose cannon if ever there was one, not exactly a cultured Irish man from a good family The description of the driving rain and flooding had me glued to my e reader.All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I found it an exceptionally well written read, minor nitpicks notwithstanding And yes, I would love to read from this author.

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    Watershed Cd Brennan I received this via publisher in return for an honest review I don t gush and give false praise I don t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book The description gets it pretty right as far as the stories go, and Maggie is a likeable lady Escaping to Australia for a while sounds like something I d have wanted to do my parents were quite controlling too and I was always expected to do what they wanted Luckily it never got as far as poor Maggie with a husband picked out Sometimes its hard to go against the weight of expectation of family and friends so I feel for Maggie and her story was very believable Grey grumpy Grey at first but soon warmed up Once again its a romance that falters on the weight of misinformation and assumptions and almost escapes creation but true love wins through I like a good baddie in the romance and he ex from Ireland who turned up proclaiming she was to be his wife was a great anti hero Lizzy who Maggie thought was Grey s girlfriend was a sweet girl but she could have been a real bitch and I think that would have added some extra nastiness to counter all the sweetness Too much sweet needs a balance and though there was some dramatic moments here I think not making her the female Nasty was a missed opportunity I love a real bitch in a story, too much nice doesn t cut it for me I enjoyed this book but it was a bit too nice for me, not enough tears to balance the smiles, and the drama wasn t very deep There again its quite a short novel so not really scope for very in depth plots Maybe that s why longer novels are my preferred reading as they allow time to get into the characters and actions Still if you want a quickish read or want shorter stories this is a sweet easy to read romance At 2.71 for 127 pages personally I find it a bit overpriced but then I won t re read it if you love it and will then the price is fine As always with Lyrical its edited impeccably Authors take note good editing is essential If I get too many mistakes especially when they make the story hard to follow then the book gets rejected Don t put all that effort into a story and let it down with bad editing Stars I enjoyed it but wasn t greatly moved emotionally by the characters or the plot It was interesting enough to finish but not for a keeper so 3 stars Better than just OK but not a four star read.

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    This was a vibrant tale of love in the Australian bush Maggie is looking for adventure, leaving a quasi fiance behind in Ireland, along with her parents dairy farm A trip to Australia results in time as a working guest at a cattle ranch in the Outback There, she meets Gray, and sparks immediately fly These two trade barbs with such zing and color it s impossible not to fall in love with both The chemistry between them works on multiple levels Whether, they re arguing, working side by side, denying their attraction, or yielding to brewing feelings, their relationship sizzles This is a sweet romance with a tough hero and an equally strong heroine that will easily steal your heart The ending, with a deluge of rain and a flood that neatly ties several threads of the book together, made me feel like I was caught up in the experience I wish there had been another scene or two with Gray and Maggie, but what the author delivered was wonderfully done Ms Brennan s colorful use of slang and her vivid descriptions of the Australian Outback were utterly engrossing I can t say enough about either, and eagerly look forward to the next book in this new series of novels

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    Lovely Irish lass Maggie has left Ireland to travel Australia However, the normal tourist sites left her feeling as if she were still missing out on discovering the true Australia When she gets invited to work on a cattle station instead of continue her meaningless travel with other tourists, she doesn t hesitate Well, maybe she has a doubt or two when the bus drops her off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and she waits in the hot sun for her friend s daughter to pick her up and take her to the cattle station And waits And melts As a heat stroke settles in, she starts to question the wisdom of her spontaneous decision to skip the travel package and wander off into the bush.Finally, a handsome, tall Aussie stops and after a bit of toying with her, he admits he s her ride His late nonchalance riles Maggie and her Irish temper flares When she scolds him for being so late and leaving her cooking in the hot sun he gives it right back If I had known you were dressed for Bondi Beach, I might have tried to get here a bit sooner What a rude, ungentlemanly, fellow Gray is.Despite her initial dislike, the sexual tension between the two clearly snaps and crackles as he takes her to the family ranch, Gemfield There she meets Gray s brother Travis and receives a warm welcome from Travis charming wife Josephine who is in dire need of company.The dance between Gray and Maggie begins, with a great deal of misunderstandings to prevent matters from going as we want I ll let you discover those yourself.I once spent four months wandering about Australia, and met my fair share of Aussies along the way CD Brennan s story is wonderfully authentic and as I read it, I kept saying yes that s how they act, this is exactly how they d respond I thought it an incredibly engaging story from start to finish, filled with events you truly would experience if you followed in Maggie s footsteps.The only thing I might take issue with, and I don t deduct for this in my rating of a book, is its title While I realize the name might be appropriate on several levels once I finished it, I didn t see the relevance for a long time, so I kept forgetting the title Even worse, I fear it might be putting people off from reading it at all.This is a wonderful story of a young Irish girl breaking with her constrictive, pre planned life and discovering love and life in the outback It s full of fun, danger and misunderstandings But be warned, reading it may make you want to go on your own Australian walkabout.I highly recommend this book, giving it 5 stars because it s authentic, engaging, uplifting, and made my day better for reading it.

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    Maggie is a great character Witty, down to Earth, and willing to try new things, I think she embodies what many women strive to be She is a bit down on her luck when the story begins, but is immediately attracted to Gray, the brusque rancher who is tired of all the backpackers that pass through his land However, she soon shows him that she is capable of carrying her own weight despite being bitten by a snake and not having any experience with cattle herding.Gray is what all romance heroes should be built, mysterious, and at times, a little bit oblivious to the obvious romantic overtones that Maggie is making Of course, in the end, he realizes he can t be without her If you are a romance fan, this book will meet all your requirements passion, characters who grow together, a twist where their future is shaken, and then a fabulous happy ending For me, this book went a step further I really enjoyed the way Ms Brennan blended the culture of Ireland with Australia She really captured the Irish lilt of Maggie and the strong Australian accent of Gray I could clearly hear their voices in my head as I was reading They both use slang terms that are common for the their native countries, but may not be as familiar to readers Both characters explain what some of these terms mean, and I felt like I d been to Australia by the time I finished the book Her description of the cattle drives and the country itself were very well written I look forward to reading of her work.

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    An Australian Outback experience, and finding love along the way.Cd Brennan s Watershed is a fabulous debut It brings the drought stricken plains of the Outback to vivid life in the tale of a young Irish woman s backpacking trip through Australia.Maggie is looking to escape her man troubles back in Ireland, to find adventure where no one knows her And then she meets Gray, a hunky Australian cattle station owner who is as stubborn as she is feisty.Be prepared to experience the stunning backdrop that makes the Outback one of the most glorious places on Earth Cd Brennan certainly brings it all to life, all while forging a connection between her strong willed characters.Here are some of my favorite lines If you were in any serious pain, you wouldn t be such a pain yourself Now her temper kicked in She pumped harder on the swing If he would only step closer, she d be able to get him with her legs That s what he needed, a kick in the bum Go on, go I want you to remember it here Maggie stopped suddenly, Gray plowing into the back of her She turned in his arms and looked up at him, her eyes glossy Remember There s no way I ll ever forget And my super fav Aussie men aren t meant to be understood, they just are I ll be looking for from Cd Brennan, and I give her wonderful debut a superb four stars.

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    FIVE STARS Got an ARC in exchange for an honest review OMG I cant believe I finished this book in just a few hours I loved their story What is for you wont pass you by I loved that both characters are like two puzzles that fit together They complement each other.H At first I though Gray would be the annoying brooding male lead but I was glad that s not entirely the case I loved that he felt hexed by Maggie, I dunno why.h I loved that Maggie went out of her shell to find herself and her soulmate Soulmate that s my word for the day Haha Okay, I would like to say that there should be a sequel to Maggie and Gray s story There, I said it Would I recommend this book Hells yes

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    Hmmm. I was not sure how to rate this, but here it is. 3.3 stars This was quite a good read. maybe better than good But I fear that because it was short at least for me it felt like it was a bit abrupt The main characters didn t get the chance at a proper interaction They had a few incidents and nothing that major Most of the book they were away from each other or regarding one another from afar anticipating the next move So, there was a lot of anticipation and a lot less interaction.Loved that it was edited very well Really wanted it to have action than this because the writing was very captivating..A nice read that kept my attention till the very end, and that s good at least in my book.

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    This is a lovely quick reading romance that pulls you into the story and makes you want to read I loved the descriptions of life in the Australian Outback, and combined with a smattering of Irish culture and vernacular, I felt like I had taken a trip abroad How refreshing to read something that feels so authentic As a woman, I loved the theme of going after what you want rather than accepting what s given to you And, it s sexy without being crude Maybe the best part about reading this book is that the romantic scenes made me want to set up a date night with my husband

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