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    First one by Keisha Ervin I d been hearing she was a force in the street lit game Her story idea in this piece is really engaging Unique and Bigg s love affair was the best part.I was thrown when she added Zoe and Legend in as MCs The timing was sort of awkward The story did hold my attention The problem I had was the holes and the character make up of Zoe and Legend I ll explain.There were things that happened in this novel that had me asking, How did he she know that When I ask those questions there are holes.Zoe and Legend were just Unique and Bigg with a different look and story They talked the same Zoe acted just like Unique Legend acted just like Bigg Their speech patterns were identical Don t make me beat your That was a classic line for both male characters The girls were the same way I generally don t like when authors try to blatantly hide something from the reader, such as the ending in this one, but Keisha Ervin did her thing It was okay Since Zoe and Legend has such big roles, why weren t they given a chapter at the end Could ve been a word count thing with the publisher or something but it would ve balanced the story .

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    GREAT BOOK Keisha Is A Beast

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    Loved it

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    The name of this book should have been Karma because baby evey one got just what they deserved This book had a few twist and was over all very entertaining.

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    Im pretty sure i read this book but didn t mark it accordingly.

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    Definitely a good readStarted out a little slow but after a couple of chapters I couldn t put the book down A big fan of this author

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    Th ebook im reviewing is called Hold U Down by Keisha Ervin The main characters in the book are Unique, Zoe , Big ,and Legend Unique is one thee bossy ones she likes thing done ehr way Shes a con artsist steals cars for a living and sells them to others not thinking about the harm shes causing to others.One day she realizes that what shes doing isnt all that great, the money, cars , and nice life style isnt all she need She wants love, she told her girls how she was feeling but they just ignored it Unique was always the one to say love is nothing and boys arent shi but hoes.Her mother had schizophrenia all of her life, got raped and got pregnant with Unique She hates Nique for the fact that she reminds her of the rape Unique also has a little sister Name Patience Mother got taken away to the hospital when she was still youn., they lost their home so Unique had to grow up faster and take care of her little sister, feeling obligated She became a Car thief, With her 3 other cousins Kay Kay, Kiara and Zoe She also hooked up with this Man Name Tone Who helped her up, treated her even rented her own apartment Everything come with a Price, Tone will double cross her She Never believed in love, the only love she had was for her paper She always said love looses everyone so she has no love for anyone but her family Til one day she meets Biggs Just released from jail good looking hustler but different from the other They deal with each other like in the streets Unique and Big end up falling in love and killing the guy that was giving them a hrd time basically he was acting fake his name was naSheed they ended up killing him and living happily ever after my opinion about this book was that was it was okayy alot of stuff that happen in the book cant happen so it kinda made em not wanna read it.

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    Hold u down is a fiction book The main characters are Unique, Zoe, Bigg, and Legend Unique is the bossy one of the group and has had a bad past and is now stealing cars for a living to make money Her mom gave up on her when she was born because her mom was raped and got pregnant with unique and her mom said that she doesn t want her because when she looks at her it reminds her of getting raped Unique was dating a guy named Tone that gave her everything she needed while she was stealing cars He provided her with an apartment and all the stuff she would need to live Unique, and Zoe went to the club one night to hook up with some guys and find so hustlers to find a job to go steal cars She ended up running into a guy named Bigg that was recently let out of jail and was out to begin dealing drugs again Unique and Bigg hooked up and later in the book she decides that she is going to stop stealing cars because she wants to marry Bigg the man of her dreams Zoe hooks up with this guy named Legend that was an undercover cop that was on the hunt for Bigg because he was still in the business of dealing drugs.I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone that likes books with a little twist to it i hate the part that they ended up killing the guy that was Biggs best friend for a long time and he ended up ratting Bigg out.

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    Keisha done it again liked this book had me on the edge of my seat to the end Nique, Zoe, Kay Kay and Kiara was all about there money no matter what falling in love for them was out of the question but, Nique meet Bigg a big tymer all about his money and for sure wanted to make Nique his She put up a big front but, at the end he got her to fall in love with him and he so fall in love with her Mainly it was jeasouly that took over with Kiara she hated that Nique abandomed them for Bigg so she set out to get back at Nique no matter what Zoe also found herself falling in love with Legend a man with two personally the gansta Legend but, also the FBI agent that was there to see if he can catch Bigg up to his old tricks Now NaSheed was Bigg s side kick home boy, friends but, NaSheed was out for himself no matter what he wasn t going back to jail and the only way that was going to happen was to snitch on Bigg but, after he couldn t find anything on Bigg he set him up to dry while NaSheed hit on Nique while Bigg in jail then NaSheed ran off when he seen that Bigg wasn t going to stay locked up to long At the end I was a little sad but, it all payed off Keisha set it off right at the end had me suprised at how it ended loved this book Keisha done it again.

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    I love this book, I ve read it than I care to say This book is full of passion and excitement The reason I ve read this book so many times is because I love reading about the romance between Bigg and Unique bloom.WOW This was a juicy love story I have not read a story where mental illness was a part of the plot I loved most of the characters in the book especially Legend I love what he stood for and the fact that he held on to his convictions Unique was than a little crazy herself, but her and Bigg made a beautiful couple I loved how the story ended This is a definite reread Highly recommended.

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