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Me and My Boyfriend chapter 1 Me and My Boyfriend, meaning Me and My Boyfriend, genre Me and My Boyfriend, book cover Me and My Boyfriend, flies Me and My Boyfriend, Me and My Boyfriend 741477a021932 Here Comes A Honey Colored, Hazel Green Eyed St Louis Bombshell Named Meesa With Money In The Bank, Designer Clothes In Her Closet And True Friends By Her Side, Meesa Still Longs For All Of Her Life She S Wanted For One Thing And One Thing Only, Love When She Meets The Infamous Black, A Street Pharmacist From The North Side Of The Lou, Finally Love Is In Her Grasp Follow Meesa And Black, This Century S New Notorious Bonnie And Clyde, Through The Roller Coaster Ride That Their Tight To Death Relationship Brings From Ups, Downs, Love, Hate, Lies, Abuse And Murder, They Go Through It All Like The Saying Goes Everything That Looks Good To You Ain T Always Good For You But In The End, Love Always Conquers All Doesn T It

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    All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend Me and My boyfriend by Kiesha Ervin is a book I truly enjoyed The concept of love displayed in the story was moving, when in the end love concurs all The story seems relevant, like I can see someone going through the same obstacles Characters in the story just made the story better, they gave me a better insight on relationships.The characters were so real I think the author might have read someone s diary to come up with this amazing story Black was not exactly the typical man but he wasn t fairy tale either He was looking for a good girl, and that he found after seeking out what he wanted The process of finding her wasn t easy Messa was a girl fed up with everything After that day Black helped her with her groceries love was bound to come.Real is an under statement for this book I ve talked about this book with friends and they ve compared Black and Messa s relationship to theirs It s hard to find a man serious about a relationship and a serious relationship is what Black was looking for This story gives hope for women, that someone is out there just like Black so sit back and wait.Never read about a sweeter love Messa and Black would go from arguing to kissing They loved each other dearly They both did what ever it took for one another It was just them against the world Not just a regular hood fairy tale but a real love story.I suggest that anyone who hasn t read this book to pick it up and read it I guarantee that you wont get bored, and you ll never want to put the book down It s extremely captivating.

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    Down the ride to the very end it s Me and My Boy Friend When I got to the end I fell way off Reviewing the book I found that it included what people want to read but did it poorly Even with these elements the characters came across as fake The story surrounded it s self in the same place over and over again The worst thing I noticed was the way relationships were forced into the scene Any way, unless its Bonnie and Clyde who wants to hear about any one else relationship This book was in the ghetto the whole time It wasn t adventurous at all I didn t enjoy the fact that the people in this book didn t go places and was involved with the same surroundings over and over again I like books that take places in than one setting and explore different places That s the reason that on the other than d I like the author, Sister Souljah.The author seemed as if she or he had no personal life and didn t understand how people are suppose to act I didn t understand the friend ships and the family relationships I usually enjoy books that show a variety of relationships between people and not just one I wanted to see about the girls in the hood and for the author to describe how it really is.Everyone was so fake That s the type of people I hate It seemed like a lack of time to put the book together and shape and form characters The girl can t even remember the name was boring and it seemed as if it took no imagination at all I think I could have written something better than that and planned out a character base at a better level.This book felled horribly to me I was forced to give it 1 star It disserved nothing better I think this book was written without self experience To write for someone else to see you have to had gone through is in some shape way or room in your life Me and My Boy Friend was a boring book because it didn t have my important elements.

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    I Really Enjoyed This Book With All It s Passion, Dramma, And Thrills It Really Kept My Attention Following The Problems and Dangers They Face Throughout The Book The Ending Was Not My Expectations, It Being A Good And Beautiful Ending.

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    This book lacked substance to me I second what someone else here wrote about certain relationships from the book coming across as unrealistic and maybe the reason for that having to do with the author s lack of experience about how things really are in real life situations For example, that talk Black had with his father when he visited his dad in prison wasn t very convincing I think I remember reading that he hadn t spoken to his father in twenty years Now at the age of 24 he sees his father for the first time since he was four and I didn t feel that anger and resentment I felt he should have had towards the man, father or not, who did what he did to his own wife_ Black s mother_ and a woman he claims to have loved dearly Black expresses how he hated what his father did to his mother but remained calm while talking to him, easily opening up to his father_ not much probing needed_ about his own personal relationship problems and being so receptive to taking his dad s advice The entire scenario wasn t believable I also didn t feel like I had an idea as to who the characters really were I felt no chemistry between the two leads I mean what exactly did they find captivating and appealing about the each other, physical appearances set aside They occasionally throw out that I love him, I can t live without him or I love her and I can t live without her and that s enough for me to believe there s something there I don t think so The Daryl part was also really extra and again, not very believable The grammatical errors also irked me When I read fiction, it s like a movie in my head and this world is created that feels so authentic and in present time to me When I see grammatical errors in a fictional book, that world becomes less real It s like watching your favorite movie the third time around and seeing all these bloopers you missed when you watched it for the first and second time I can write a ten page list about all the things that annoyed the mess out of me about this book but for my sanity, I ll stop right here If there is one thing I could say I liked about this book, it had to be Lil Howard and his stuttering I burst out laughing every time he came onto the scene.

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    Me My Boyfriend Once again Ms Ervin has told a story that was both entertaining and relatable with a little suspense thrown into the mix I really enjoyed it A must read

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    FIRST REVIEW FROM WHEN I READ THE BOOK I found Me And My Boyfriend to be a good read I enjoyed this book so much because although it s marketed as a street novel it s really just a good old fashioned love story Many women can relate to the falling in love, losing yourself, getting your heart broken aspects of relationships which makes this story so appealing Ms Ervin made you sympathize with the characters SECOND REVIEW FROM RECENTLY RE READING THE BOOK Sorry I had to do this but I was so frustrated with this book At the beginning of the story we were told Meesa was 19, a couple of pages later she was 22 Black was 26 then he miraculously turned 28 right before our eyes WTF As if that weren t enough there were times when they were, for example, going to the movies one sentence was Let s go to the movies then the very next sentence was I didn t like that movie Dialogue was all ran together at times you couldn t even tell who was talking And the punctuation was all jacked up I mean, come on I m willing to overlook a few typos but a whole book full All I m saying is that if we can spend our hard earned money on a book then the least Triple Crown can do is learn how to edit No offense, Keisha Irvin, but I m glad I read Chyna Black first or else I may not have given you another chance The storyline was rather drawn out and predictable on this one but I can tell that your writing has really grown with Chyna Black TCP, hire some new editors fire the ones you have now

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    I loved this book I actually read it twice It reminds me of me and my boyfriend At first, I thought it was going to be just another ghetto novel But its true what they say never judge a book by its cover I like the way the author describes the characters, and the emotions that s going through their minds at the time of each situation they faced I just wished there went so many grammatical errors and some of the dialogue between Meesa and her friends was a little to much They could have just said, hey whats up, lets go out The story is a young women who got the man of her dreams but he finds himself afraid to settle down But after jealously, trials and triumphs plays in he turns into the man she wants him to be.

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    I read this when it released 10 years ago Since then, it has always been one of my favorite reads and is one of the reasons I am a loyal supporter of the author This book had everything we urban fiction readers love as we can relate to the topics that are addressed Drama, infidelity, and friendship issues, wrapped up in a great love story about the good girl who meets the bad boy and what they go through to make the relationship work These characters are sure to become one of your favorite couples.

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    This was okay The characters were all soooo St Louis, one could literally see females and males like this on a daily basis The storyline was rushed though with too many small details The drama with Daryl was over the top, reminded me of the story book tales when the villain revels all his plans and thoughts giving just enough time for it all to go wrong The Mike situation was far fetched as well but in all it was easy to follow and alright to read.

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    I don t understand all the 5 star ratings It wasn t horrible, but I guess what takes away from a story for me is a horrible editing job I hate reading a book and having my red pencil in my mind I suppose it was a love story, and one of redemption, and got a little preachy at points from Meesa s perspective regarding her relationship It s a quick read, and again, not horrible, I just wish that AUTHORS WOULD EDIT THEIR BOOKS BEFORE THEY PUT OUT THE FINAL PRODUCT.

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