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    I might be crazy but I really did enjoy this book, especially the 3rd Part In my opinion it s a marvelous example of how beautiful and extraordinary the polish literature can be.

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    C A N C E R

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    Nie wiem dlaczego, ale mi si podoba o Te duchy, op tania i groza P

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    The best example of Polish Romanticism and especially Polish messianism While, at times it is clear that the text was written over a long span of time, and that the author had little intention of connecting the Parts or acts of the play, somehow, in Mickiewicz s brilliance, he made it work Part III is known as the most poignant and literal example of Polish Romanticism and for good reason but I am partial to Part II probably because I am goth and I like ghosts Warning the Parts do not go in order Part II is first, then Part IV, Part I, Part III.

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    I and motherland are one My name is Million, because for millions do I love and suffer agonies 3,5 stars review to come

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    As a Pole, what can I say about Dziady I decided to leave it unrated, just because you can t really look at Dziady as a text it s a whole cultural phenomenon It s an experience that every Pole shares, a testament of Polish Romanticism and the partitions period Like Ulysses that I m currently trying to read in English god help me , it s highly allusive Almost impossible to appreciate if you re unaware of undercurrents of Polish history and Romantic thought inhabiting every line As if this weren t enough, it s written in Aesopian language, only welcoming to insiders Polish high school students are notoriously exasperated by this maddening text DI highly recommend reading and analysing Dziady or Pan Tadeusz , for that matter to any foreigner who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Poland and Poles This isn t to say you shouldn t take it with a grain of salt but since every generation is shaped by the previous one, there s still something left in Poles from the partitions period Mickiewicz compiles the legends, griefs and hopes of that time, all soaked in the delicious, feverish phantasmagoria of Romanticism.

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    I can t be objective when it comes to Mickiewicz s works I feel like I m inclined to admire him Yes, I m Polish, but my sympathy comes mostly from knowing the Mickiewicz family personally While that certainly adds to the enjoyment I get from reading, still, he is a great writer, and nothing can take that away from him Some parts obviously I find better than others, but Forefather s Eve is an amazing work that I ll be fond to go back to in the future.Also, I had to read part 2 for Polish in middle school With the help of my teacher, the whole grade gathered in a basement at our school in the evening to read it We lit some candles, dressed up a little to imitate the ghosts, everyone had their own part to read, and that s what we did we read I can t describe the atmosphere there, it was unbelievable yet beautiful Literature should definitely be admired in that way often, as it really gave me the chills I could taste the climate of the novel in reality Probably the best reading experience I ve ever had in my life.

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    Przeczytanie tego mnie na ten moment przerasta Cz II by a zno na, reszta mnie pokona a Jedna gwiazdka nie oznacza, e jestem zupe n ignorantk i nie doceniam wk adu Mickiewicza w literatur bo tak nie jest Oznacza ona to, co m wi goodreads did not like it Spr buj kiedy z Panem Tadeuszem , Dziad w mam obecnie serdecznie dosy.

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    I think I m just too stupid to understand it It s a work of art, and I just didn t really like it It s hard to read which is quite obvious, because it s Mickiewicz, but otherwise it wasn t so touching for me I mean, I read Faust a few years ago and it also was hard to read, but I really like it Dziady No, not really It seems chaotic to me Forgive me, Mister Bard.

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    Polak kt ry nigdy nie czyta Dziad w nie powinien nazywa siebie Polakiem Absolutna podstawa ka dej domowej biblioteczki.

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