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あずまんが大王1年生 pdf あずまんが大王1年生, ebook あずまんが大王1年生, epub あずまんが大王1年生, doc あずまんが大王1年生, e-pub あずまんが大王1年生, あずまんが大王1年生 556ec36786b From Publishers Weekly It S Tough To Tell The Difference Between Teacher And Students In Azuma S Comedy Teacher Yukari Tanizaki Is Oblivious, Immature, Emotional And One Of The People Shaping Young Minds Her Students Face Difficulties In School That Most Never Imagined For Example, As One Pupil Starts To Ask A Question, Miss Yukari Cuts Him Off, Stating She Won T Talk About Her Bra Size Another Group Of Students Are Ready For Their Lessons, But Instead Of Learning About Social Studies Or Science, They Learn How Miss Yukari Spent Her Weekend Maybe That S Not So Bad, Considering Miss Yukari S Not The Brightest Bulb In The Bunch And Has Her Students Correcting Her On Many Technical Points Her Students Aren T Sure How To React, But Their Bewilderment Is Half The Charm Of This Manga Like The S TV Series Head Of The Class, Azu Has An Eclectic Mix Of Pupils Ranging From Child Geniuses To Sports Enthusiasts To Tough Girls Each Possessing Much Than Meets The Eye The Precocious Child Genius May Be Great At Academic Subjects, But She Still Draws Like A Little Girl And Has The Emotions Of A Kid The Unemotional Tough Teen Melts For Tiny Animals And Longs To Have A Pet Of Her Own, Even If All Of The Creatures She Comes In Contact With Seem To Hate Her The Art Is Simple And Minimalistic, But Adequately Conveys The Thought And Emotion Behind Each Strip Azuma S Cast Has Depth, Dimension And Character, And Their Story Heartily Entertains

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    Azumanga Daioh is a Japanese yonkoma comedy manga series written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma The title comes from his last name and the magazine it was published in from 1999 2002 It was published for teen boys Yonkoma means four panel style, which Azuma supposedly masters The focus is on a group of girls we like and some secondary characters we don t like and a couple teachers, in an elementary school Silly stories, mostly quick and disconnected gags, played almost exclusively for laughs I thought it was okay Was made into anime with some success.

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    This is a review for whole series.This manga series has comic strips format and cute arts, promising a hilarious light stories This series deliver that promise Just by delivering the promise, the series is a solid 3 star.Unexpectedly, this series has a timeline in the stories The characters are getting older, and some of the characters are developing The series is ended when the student characters finished the high school So I was surprised with the seriousness of the bigger plots.I don t give a 5 star because some of the strips episodes confuse me, regarding some unexplained dreams in the story I have no idea what is the function of the dreams for the story, but there are a lot dreams, too many to be ignored completely I hope someone could explain the dreams in Azumanga Daioh to me.

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    So I loved the Azumanga Daioh anime, and I knew I would love the manga, too It s a hilarious, adorable high school comedy with some brilliantly funny characters It doesn t have any big overarching plot, it s just situation comedy and slice of life kind of storytelling I think the anime is a bit better and that s not to say the manga is bad, it s just that the anime is simply amazing, and you can t dismiss the importance of color, voice acting and animation adding to the comedic effect Still, I am than happy to go back and meet all of my favorite characters all over again in the print form

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    Studying English Education at my university, I have a class called Adolescent Lit, where we look at running themes and standards of literature geared towards 12 18 year olds In order to give my professor a better scope of what good manga is, I gave her my omnibus of this entire series That is how much faith I have in this series that is is my absolute favorite, and that if I am going to attempt to get someone to appreciate manga, this will be it.As the series progresses, you will find yourself still laughing at the gags, your heart warmed by the conflicts and growth, and I really, really cannot think about this series without thinking of all the warm, wonderful thoughts it brought me This series is a hug and a cup of cocoa in the winter and a high five and an ice cream cone in the summer.Characters The mains are flawless The side characters aren t supposed to be flawless, and they aren t And when I say flawless, I mean I wouldn t change anything about you for the world Since this is a slice of life gag strip, the story isn t really the main concern, but there s never a time when I thought You know, I am dissatisfied with this story Read this series, you fool.

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    Cute I watched the first episode of the anime, so I ve decided to read the manga.Not a well built story due to the format, basically.I wish it weren t so random, but I liked it.

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    Very cute, and considering that the main characters are a bunch of giggly Japanese schoolgirls, the plots are quite innocent I d recommend this series to someone just starting to read manga, since it s mostly normal and never features naked people or fighting robots.

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    i have no idea what any of this meant

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    I read these years ago and absolutely loved them Although I was familiar with Japanese culture, I do not think you have to be in order to find these funny The editions I read all contained extra footnotes that I find quite helpful, and so, informative They also explained how what concepts were translated from Japanese to English.Regardless, Azumanga Daioh is hilarious It s really about nothing there s minimal significant plot, but in that way it s true to real life The girls do everyday things and anyone who s ever been to high school anywhere should feel some sort of connection to these students, and and their interactions Recommended Absolutely And read the notes.

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    Azumanga Daioh 1 4 Plot Ok Waktu berjalan dengan jelas.Penokohan Relatable bukan prak Gambar Ok.

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    Cute and funny, but not as much as Yotsuba.

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