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The Heroin Diaries explained The Heroin Diaries , review The Heroin Diaries , trailer The Heroin Diaries , box office The Heroin Diaries , analysis The Heroin Diaries , The Heroin Diaries 704e Set Against The Frenzied World Of Heavy Metal Superstardom, The Co Founder Of Motley Crue Offers An Unflinching And Gripping Look At His Own Descent Into Drug Addiction It Follows Him During The Year He Plunged To Rock Bottom And His Courageous Decision To Pick Himself Up And Start Living Again

  • Hardcover
  • 413 pages
  • The Heroin Diaries
  • Nikki Sixx
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781847371669

About the Author: Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna is an American bassist, author, photographer, and the main songwriter for the heavy metal band M tley Cr e He has also played bass for glam metal band London, as well as stints in experimental band 58 and the hard rock band Brides of Destruction, and is the bass player in Sixx A.M.

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    A dark year in the life of Nikki Sixx Although a member of other bands Nikki Sixx is best known as co founder, bassist, and primary songwriter for the band M tley Cr e.A few years ago I was on a memoir kick and I ended up reading a few written by some current and former rock stars I was not a huge fan of M tley Cr e but I did enjoy some of their music So when I came across this book journal at the library I was curious I thought it was an interesting read with an accurate description of addiction Although of course it is a rock star version Nikki s journal entries from Christmas 1986 to Christmas 1987, when his drug use was apparently at it s highest It s not pretty Interspersed with photographs, artwork, lyrics, and other extras made it even interesting Kudos to Nikki Sixx for sharing such a brutal, heartbreaking, and emotional time in his life with the world.

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    I have to start out saying I was never a Motley Crue fan when they were huge To the best of my memory, they only had two songs I can truly say I liked Shout at the Devil and Dr Feelgood Having established that fact, I was blown away when I heard Life is Beautiful on my favorite internet radio station www.therock.fm I immediately had to find out who this Sixx AM band was AMG provided a wealth of information Sixx AM is a project put together by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue fame The album was released as a companion disc for his new autobiography The Heroin Diaries Well, I acquired the album the next day and WOW This was the best rock concept album since Queensryche s Operation Mindcrime Just to complete the experience, I snagged the book from the library I have to say it was an intriguing read The layout was sometimes difficult to deal with red print on black paper is not easy on these old eyes , but the story itself was enthralling Nikki s slide into the depths of addiction and the background information on several of rock music s venerable gods including Rick Neilsen s apparent antipathy toward Gene Simmons, David Coverdale being described as the Richard Burton of Rock and Roll, and Vanity s insane behavior both as a coke whore and a minister make for some amusing anecdotes from the sleazy side of the spotlights.But, back to the album It is both a powerful concept album and a collection of hard rock gems The intermissions when segments of the diaries are read complement the flow of the songs and enhance the story I read in the Allmusic review of this album that Motley Crue fans would not like it Since I was never a fan, I thought that explained it Then I wondered why, if I liked this, was I not a Motley Crue fan So I looked through the Motley Crue discography and I found that I liked and remembered a bunch of their songs I have to admit that Vince Neil s voice is a little on the ragged edge of my taste envelope but overall I don t have a problem with them any Which is odd, because I thought I was supposed to stop liking metal when I got old.Recommnded songs Life is Beautiful , Van Nuys , Courtesy Call Recommended for hard rock or metal fans in general, Motley Crue fans, Queensryche fanssorry this turned into an album review, but they were released as companions

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    Yikes this book is a serious downer You d think the lifestyle of a big rock and roll star at the height of his stardom was nothing but luxurious decadence and fun times, right Well, it is and it isn t When you haven t dealt with your childhood pain, struggle with depression and a crushing loneliness and life on the road seems endless and empty and you self medicate with sex and heroin, well, things quickly turn into a nightmare Nikki Sixx, bassist and song writer for Motley Crue, hit it big in the 80 s He had it all Fame, money, girls, drugs, booze but he also developed an addiction that nearly ended his life and turned him into a raging, paranoid, dangerous guy Somehow he miraculously kept a diary in 1987 I don t know If I buy that or not but I just went with it because his story is so hard to stop reading In this diary, he details his self destruction, his depression, his ego and bad attitude and the horrible, reckless things he does when he s on drugs when he can remember It s not easy to read and it feels pretty brutally honest After each diary entry there are comments from his current day self and or others who were involved with him at the time, song lyrics, etc These comments expand on the entry and they are oftentimes terribly unflattering I have to say it was brave of him to put this out there.If you re even vaguely interested in the sexploits and exploits of life on the road and one man s devastatingly slow road to recovery you ll probably find this fascinating My only complaint was the black on red, white on red, white on black background print It hurts me ancient eyes If your glasses prescription isn t up to snuff, you might want to make a visit to the eye doc before tackling the print version of this book.

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    I don t know what it is about Motley Crue, but they re absolutely fascinating to read about Bassist founder main songwriter Nikki Sixx dug up these old diaries that cover almost every day of his life in 1987 When the band wasn t touring, Sixx was near death in his bedroom closet taking heroin, cocaine and other drugs nonstop After most entries are current anecdotes by many people in Sixx s life at the time band members and managers, girlfriends, family etc It s amazing Sixx is still alive after his many brushes with death His story makes drug addiction seem that much unappealing The rock and roll still seems pretty damn cool though.

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    I admit it I was a Motley Crue fan in the 80s I always had a crush on Tommy Lee though, and looking back on it I have no idea why except that Nikki Sixx scared the bejesus out of me Reading this diary now I know why.He just captured my heart by saying he was listening to the Thompson Twins and reading a Roald Dahl book He s just a big kid who got seriously twisted I realize he suffered from abandonment issues sand admits to clinical depression, but his actions seem so much like self medicating ADHD and bipolar Of course, the bipolar could have completely been drug induced He was just so impulsive and irrational even off the drugs Plus his artistic ability it just makes me wonder I m so glad there was a humor break though with the Canadian DJ show breakdown I laughed until I coughed.Sixx truly affected me with his writings I ve lived in the bottom of the pit, not from drugs, but I still felt unloved, unworthy, unwilling to continue to force my presence on others It s a long climb out The only doubts I had with the book regarded his relationship with his mother, Deana I didn t know who to believe her or his grandfather, Tom I lean toward Tom Addiction is a serious illness There is a genetic link I get my shopping addiction from my father I become quite delusional when it comes to how much money I have in my bank account when I m spending I won t divulge my financial history, just know it s precarious I m glad Nikki got help I truly hope he can stay sober.

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    I only give this 2 stars for having funny little details about Vanity and GnR This is not only a study in decadence but also a study in misogyny and white privilege Isn t Nikki a n Why can t he say that word Women Trouble didn t you know I feel like ranting.apparently you get to be a self indulgent prick if your father abandoned you and your mother left you with a grandmother grandfather that adored you Your life is so freaking hard.Really I don t know how you resisted a needle at infancy At anyrate, this is so white boy ART scene I could vomit.It is Dudley if he got famous.

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    My own personal hell dimension consists of Dawson Leery s crying face covering every surface while the audio of this book plays on a loop No lie nor hyperbole, this is the most misogynistic, self indulgent, whiny, piece of exaggerated material I have ever read And really, that s saying something since I read both Tucker Max and Anais Nin 1 We all have crappy parents and even crappier childhoods Anyone who tells you differently is either lying or part of the 1% Normal is an illusion And as far as Nikki s childhood.pssh, cracker don t know dysfunctional Know who had a messed up childhood Joan Crawford s daughter, any female in the middle east, and every second child conceived in China.2 I refuse to believe Nikki kept an accurate, well documented diary during his relevant years.3 Who over the age of 9 starts every passage with, Dear Diary NO ONE 4 To feign shock over the lifestyle of a rock n roller is ridiculous THAT S why you become a rockstar 5 Writing a memoir read narrating your shoddy flashbacks to a moderately talented ghost writer to wake up others to the lifestyle and hopefully deter them from following in your footsteps does not equate with I need to stay relevant so my dealer will finally start returning my calls Just sayin6 The absurd coloring of the pages made me ill, rather than make my inner glam rocker an oxymoron, by the way fist pump in solidarity 7 His mom should be ashamed by the way he talks treats women So, also, should any girl nostalgic woman who slept with him.

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    Welcome to my nightmare On December 23, 1987 Nikki Sixx, bassist from Motley Crue, overdosed on heroin and was pronounced dead, but was miraculously revived by paramedics with two injections of adrenalin to the heart The Heroin Diaries are his personal diary entries the year leading up to this day My bones were shakingmy heart was poundingI thought I was going to explode I m glad I have you to talk to, to write this downI tried to keep it all together, but then I gave in to the madness and became one with my insanity Dealing with depression and a troubling childhood on top of his addictions, The Heroin Diaries is a brutal and raw recollection of life in a downward spiral but was nothing less than fascinating Fascinating, in that he s still alive today December 23, 1987 was not his only encounter with death and certainly didn t prevent him from staying away from drugs completely afterwards but it set in motion the changes he undergoes to get his life under control I can t find a way out of this hole i would like to say to myself, If you re in a hole, put down the shovel, but I can t I burned through it in record time I was fascinated, appalled, and beyond shocked with each page This was a brutally honest depiction of the life of an addict, and I applaud him for having the strength to put this out there for all to see I loved the various pictures, illustrations, and especially the current statements from people that are still living that were witnesses to the events that took place Not what I would consider an easy read but is definitely worth your time.

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    I enjoyed reading the Motley Crue autobiography The Dirt so very much that I was interested in reading the individual band members tomes I started with my favorite Motley Crue member, Nikki Sixx Nikki is an extremely intelligent man and you will realize this after savoring his well written diary entries He was the most forthright and generous Crue member for literal contributions in The Dirt , so I expected nothing less from his 1987 diary This was the year he was strung out on heroin and overdosed on two occasions The book s artwork is sometimes hard to look at blood spattered and interspersed with pictures of Nikki and friends from that time period His diary entries are in the print of a portable typewriter I devoured the book during two sick days I spent at home The knowledge that Nikki is long recovered and successful today makes it bearable to read the depressing status of his life while addicted to drugs You will read about a young rock star in a beautiful mansion who spends a lot of his time unwashed, naked, hiding in a closet which contains his drug supplies and brandishing a gun because he thinks people are coming after him You will also read about the effect his unstable childhood had on his adult life As I read about Nikki s childhood, I marveled at the similarity of John Lennon s childhood Both sensitive, creative, and cast off to be raised by other family members while the real mother establishes a household with another man Meanwhile, the fathers disappear also leaving these children feeling unwanted and somewhat ashamed at the different family structure compared to other kids As they grow older, they are driven by their art and the chips on their shoulders and get involved with drugs They are successful, but it doesn t necessarily make them happy because their foundation in life has affected them so much Both men eventually made peace with pasts, swore off drugs, became loving parents and finally reached a sound maturity When I got to the end of Nikki s book when he was finally clean , I loved reading about all the good things that happened to him Twenty years clean, Nikki discovered these diaries in storage and decided to share them in his usual generous fashion to provide an example to kids of what not to do Hopefully, if kids or even adults thinking of dabbling with drugs read Nikki s diary it will have a sobering effect A portion of the proceeds from this book funds Nikki s charity Children Running in the Night which partners with Covenant House.

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    Where to start with this work of fiction..actually no like this work of I m gonna dupe my fans because I need the money To start with Nikki Sixx is a massive D Bag He s a 50 year old man and he has no deeper insight of himself or his past than he did when he was a 20 30yr old supposed massive junkie Alarm bells should have rung in my head when he tells the reader that if this book helps one person who is as messed up on junk as he was then releasing this book was all worth it Are you shitting me More like i snorted shot up all my money I made from my shitty glam band and the GFC is hit me hard and no one buys my out dated music any so I really need this money and I know that hardcore fans are fanatic enough to buy and believe this shit I don t believe for a second that he looks back at his wild days with man what was I thinking, I really needed help, I was so lost He thinks they were totally awesome and he spends the book glorifying and almost bragging about his addiction and behaviour For such a heavy and serious subject matter the tone of the book is light hearted and the voice is almost an amused roll of the eyes rock stars boys will be rock star boys No people drugs fuck up peoples lives and the lives around them, it KILLS people, it s not cool And its wrong for someone whom over people look up to god knows why to pretend to be telling a cautionary tale about drugs and the excesses and emotional turbulence that can lead to drug abuse, when in fact they are really glorifying drugs abuse because lets be honest all the cool party hard people take loads of drugs, all the cool famous people you look up to take drugs and really you just haven t partied hard unless you have a drug problem, sure you may die a couple times Nikki, people s organs don t shut down, then miraculously start up again, good story but, no but that s just an awesome story to tell people later on about how fucking hardcore you were back in the day And man, fuck rehab, rehabs for pussies I have no doubt that Nikki Sixx was strung out for most of his career , but the idea that he was still able to keep a diary throughout the whole process is complete bullshit, but I was able to humour this concept for half of the book until he wrote the lines apparently on tour in 1987 who knows, maybe someday I ll get this diary published, can you imagine that FUCK YOU NIKKI SIXX How stupid do you think I am How offensive can this douche be, its not bad enough you re selling people this work of fiction as a real diary and glorifying your drug abuse and pretending to be helping other lost addicts but with that line you are laughing in the readers face, my face I ll say it again, FUCK YOU So at that stage I closed the book , which thank god I didn t pay for and wiped my arse with it not really because it s on an e reader and I have plenty of softer toilet paper Screw you Nikki, you didn t get shit from me To be honest, it was getting tiresome anyway It was was getting very repetitive, the story arc goes something like this i shot up, I snorted, name drop, name drop, poor me, poor wealthy white man in a band me, shot up, debased some poor girls who s daddy didnt love them enough or molested them, poor me, all this fame and money is hell, shot up, drank, music, i love tommy, tommy, tommy, I knew slash before he was famous, I was the band, if it wasn t for my band there would have been no 1980 s, poor me, hate women, hate women, my band was better than everybody else s band, poor fucking me This guy is just boring and so damn arrogant, which is crazy because honestly does anyone over the age of 45 outside of America remember this band or this guy I only know of him because he was dating Kat Von D for a bit and for a time I thought Nikki Sixx was a woman And he writes the worst lyrics..seriously, he s no freakin poet All Nikki Sixx proves is that it must have been so easy to be in a hit band in the 80 s big hair check, feminine looking white guy check, looks ok in leopard print tights check, can do a high scissor kicks check, over bloating sense of self check, sad and tragic wrong side of the tracks, mummy daddy didn t love me past check, hatred for women check skin tones will work with glossy makeup, check Congratulations you ve got yourself a 1980 s platinum glam band Only read this book if you are a fanatic fan who is a delusional as Nikki Sixx, but seriously there are interesting delusional rock star books out there Donovan s and Anthony Kiedis s book come to mind.

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